Chapter 368 Bewildering Phantom Images

“Before, I said that since you didn’t directly target me, I didn’t have a reason to kill you. Now I finally have a reason.” Long Chen’s calm expression was replaced with endless iciness. He pointed Devil Decapitator at Yin Wushuang. “The fact that you schemed to entrap me pisses me off, but it wasn’t enough for me to kill you. But every dragon has a reverse scale, and if touched, it will completely infuriate them. Chu Yao is my reverse scale. Whoever dares touch her will have to face my, Long Chen’s, fury.”

Long Chen’s voice reverberated throughout the mountains like a divine oath. A terrifying killing intent spread, causing everyone’s spirits to tremble.

Looking at Long Chen’s back, Chu Yao’s eyes involuntarily turned wet again. It was as if she was seeing that same back from the capital that always stood in front of her no matter the danger.

Nowadays, Long Chen had grown even stronger. But that protective heart he had for Chu Yao hadn’t changed in the slightest. In fact, it had only grown stronger as time had passed.

“Hahahaha!” On the other hand, Yin Wushuang let out a long, icy laugh. She carried a sneer that said she felt Long Chen was beneath her dignity to kill. “Your, Long Chen’s, fury? Try not to say such incredible jokes out loud! Who do you think you, Long Chen, are?

“I, Yin Wushuang, come from an ancient family, possessing a bloodline from ancient times. Even in the entire supermonastery, other than brother Tianyu, who else can possibly suppress me?

“You, a small early Tendon Transformation brat, also dare say such brazen words in front of me? Do you really think you can stand on the same level as me?

“If you really think that, then I have no choice but to admit you really are stupid! The only reason I didn’t kill you last time is because it would stain my hands. But since you want to die, I, Yin Wushuang, will help you accomplish it!”

Yin Wushuang’s silver sword suddenly let out a soft cry, seeming to almost come alive. A powerful sword intent shot out and shook the land.

“Sword cultivator?!”

Long Chen was extremely shocked. Yin Wushuang was actually a sword cultivator. And based on her aura and will, she was an extremely powerful sword cultivator.

It was just that Long Chen didn’t understand how that was possible. Weren’t sword cultivators supposed to be disdainful, prideful existences? How could such a malicious woman, who only knew how to scheme all day, become a sword cultivator? The heavens really had been blind.

Yin Wushuang’s sword took a slanted position, and a terrifying sword intent shot out. It was as if there were countless invisible swords in the air for thousands of meters. Those swords seemed to be constantly cutting apart space, causing everyone to feel terrified.

All those spectators fled further. Just by taking her fighting posture, she was able to shake them to their cores. Then what would happen once she truly attacked? They didn’t want to end up getting caught in the shockwaves.

Behind Long Chen, Lu Fang-er and Chu Yao’s hearts also pounded. Yin Wushuang’s strength had far surpassed their expectations.

“She really is powerful. Then is what she said true, and other than Han Tianyu, no one else can suppress her?” Lu Fang-er’s face was pale with worry.

Previously, Long Chen had already told her that it was Yin Wushuang who had deliberately targeted him and set up that despicable scheme. Originally, Lu Fang-er had thought she was just someone who liked to make schemes and wasn’t necessarily powerful.

That was because experts didn’t like to use those contemptible schemes. They would rather use their greatest strength to resolve their problems.

However, now that Yin Wushuang had released her full aura, it caused everyone’s hearts to tremble. Just standing in front of her would require incredible courage. Then what about actually fighting her?

“What she said isn’t true. I don’t know and don’t care about whether or not Han Tianyu can suppress her, but in front of Long Chen, no one has the qualifications to say such arrogant words,” said Chu Yao worshipfully.

She had known Long Chen the longest. And the longer she knew Long Chen, the more terrifyingly powerful she felt Long Chen to be. He seemed just like an extremely calm well.

Only when you walked closer would you be able to see that this well was shockingly deep. In fact, it was practically bottomless.

Only when he encountered truly powerful experts would people realize Long Chen’s true strength. And when Long Chen released his full strength, he would always make people feel as if their blood was boiling and racing.

Long Chen casually rested Devil Decapitator on his shoulder. In the face of Yin Wushuang’s powerful aura, he didn’t show the slightest ripple of emotion.

He had long since been prepared. Although he had never fought with her before, Long Chen had already sensed that Yin Wushuang had reached this level.

“Come at me. Don’t be like a chattering, long-winded grandmother.” Long Chen shook his head.

Yin Wushuang furiously attacked. A sky full of sword-images superimposed and multiplied. She had already disappeared. The only thing remaining was a sky full of Sword Qi that surged at Long Chen.

As soon as she attacked, she struck like lightning. The two Chosen that had been beside Yin Wushuang both trembled. They most likely wouldn’t be able to receive even a single blow.

Although many people could be called Chosen or had reached the Chosen-level, they all knew the difference between them and Yin Wushuang was far too great.

The term ‘Chosen’ simply meant that they were a Favored who was more powerful than average. Most Chosen were only able to reach that level because they had maintained a perfect win record and thus possessed a stronger will.

Their sects went all-out to groom their powerful self-confidence and will. They would turn their unrivaled confidence into a kind of force field. In front of that will, their enemies would all be greatly suppressed.

But Chosen were not simply born at that level. They were all raised carefully by their sects through countless resources.

In order to make sure they didn’t lose that will, they secretly guarded them, not letting them fight with other Chosen. That was because if they were defeated, that would be a fatal impact to their undefeatable will.

So, they would all select opponents for them that were just a hair weaker than them. Through constant victories, they managed to raise their undefeatable will.

Although these two Chosen weren’t personally fighting with Yin Wushuang, just seeing her attack gave them a huge impact.

In front of experts on her level, they wouldn’t be able to receive even ten blows. In fact, they might even be instantly defeated.

As for Long Chen, seeing that Sword Qi, he actually exclaimed in admiration, “What a great sword technique! A sword in a person, a person in a sword, truly worthy of a slut[1]!”

He stabbed out Devil Decapitator into the mountain of Sword Qi crashing down on him. Devil Decapitator collided with Yin Wushuang’s true sword, emitting a ringing sound.

The sky full of sword-images disappeared. Yin Wushuang was forced several steps back. She was filled with shock.

As a sword cultivator, she was extremely confident in her sword skills. The sword technique she had used just now was called the Bewildering Phantom Images. She would create countless illusory sword-images that made it so no one could differentiate the real one from the fake.

Within the same realm, other than Han Tianyu, there had been no one who had been able to identify her real sword within her sea of fakes.

As long as her opponent mistook which one was real and went to block an illusory sword, her real sword would instantly slash onto their body. It was extremely vicious, and it had always been extremely effective.

It had to be known that when facing an expert on the level of Yin Wushuang, just resisting her aura would intimidate others.

When she attacked, her opponents would then have to find the real sword amongst millions of illusory ones. If they chose wrong, they would instantly suffer defeat. Under that kind of powerful pressure, there was no one who could stay completely calm and instantly find her real sword.

But Long Chen had done so easily. How could that not shock Yin Wushuang? She told herself it was a coincidence, definitely a coincidence. She once more waved out her sword, and the sky full of sword-images reappeared, slashing down on Long Chen.

Long Chen once more stabbed out, accurately landing on Yin Wushuang’s sword, forcing her back again.

“Bastard, how are you doing this?!” Yin Wushuang was no longer able to remain calm.

“To handle a slut, there’s no need for anything fancy. To handle a slut[2] move, I only need a single saber.” Long Chen rubbed Devil Decapitator’s blade, acting in a profound manner.

In truth, Yin Wushuang’s sword move was extremely bizarre, and within the same realm, there really were only a few people who could identify the true sword.

Even Long Chen was unable to find it. But he didn’t need to find it. The greatest taboo when fighting was to rely on your eyes. That was because your eyes could be easily deceived.

As long as you used divine sense to lock onto her sword, there was no way she could deceive you. However, Long Chen also hadn’t used divine sense. He didn’t need to do something so complicated.

He didn’t use his eyes, and he also didn’t use his divine sense. All he needed to do was sense which direction the threat was coming from and he could easily find the real sword.

For martial artists, as they grew more experienced, their senses would become much more perceptive. When fighting in groups, attacks aimed at their backs weren’t sensed with their eyes nor was there a way to constantly lock onto all weapons with your divine sense. Instead, they relied on their sense of danger.

Such a fighting method was all too common in the secular world. However, in the cultivation world, there were actually many people who didn’t know or didn’t use this method. That was because group battles in the cultivation world were extremely rare. Normally, all cultivators would fight one on one.

This was also a result of many cultivators having high cultivation bases, but having little combat experience. This sword technique Yin Wushuang had drilled in for many years was a boring game in front of Long Chen.

“Die!” Seeing that Long Chen didn’t reply properly, Yin Wushuang shouted in anger. Her silver sword once more filled the sky with sword-images. She refused to believe Long Chen was as strong as Han Tianyu. She would rather believe it had all been coincidental.

Yin Wushuang attacked three times, while Long Chen also stabbed out three times. Each time, Long Chen easily neutralized Yin Wushuang’s attack and forced her back.

The spectators were all filled with shock. Even up to now, they still didn’t understand how Long Chen had done this.

“Long Chen’s way too bizarre!”

“When did such a monster appear in the Righteous path?!”

All of them were shocked. In the entire supermonastery, Yin Wushuang’s name was second only to Han Tianyu and the very low-key Hua Biluo.

Even in the entire Righteous path, they were considered outstanding geniuses. But such a person was using such a powerful move and was still being continuously thwarted by some unknown brat. That was far too shocking to them.

“Although I don’t know what method you’re using, don’t get too pleased! I was just warming up. Now I’ll let you die at ease!” Yin Wushuang finally gave up on using the same move over and over again.

“As a peerless slut, I’m sure you have your own peerless slut moves. Come at me,” said Long Chen lazily.

Yin Wushuang’s eyes turned cold, and a blood-colored mark lit up on her forehead. A berserk aura instantly erupted out.

[1] Refer to the last chapter on how slut and sword sound similar.

[2] Another pun on sword and slut. ‘to handle a slut/sword move’

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