Chapter 365 Conflict

Long Chen, who had been walking away with Lu Fang-er, suddenly turned into a ray of light that charged into their group. He seemed like a provoked lion.

“Impudent!” Seeing Long Chen ignore her to charge into her group, Yin Wushuang angrily shouted and took out a silver-white sword which she stabbed forward.

Silver light flashed as Sword Qi swept out. It surprisingly formed a sword-net in front of her which blocked Long Chen.

“Fuck off!”

A roar rang out like thunder that shook the nine heavens. A golden saber cut across the void, bringing with it endless killing intent as it slashed into the sword-net.


Yin Wushuang had never, imagined that Long Chen was so powerful. His power surged over her in a mountain-crushing, sea-toppling manner. She was unable to block him and was directly sent flying.

After forcing back Yin Wushuang with a single slash, Long Chen didn’t hesitate, rushing straight at the Favored that had just insulted him.

That Favored felt as if he had been marked by a god of death, and his entire body turned cold. Although he had over ten companions by his side, he still felt incomparable terror.

Seeing Long Chen approach them, those disciples all released their powerful auras and attacked Long Chen.

A dense bloody scent filled the air. Those disciples hadn’t even realized what had happened when Long Chen disappeared.

They were horrified. They didn’t even know how he had done it, but somehow Long Chen had already killed one of them.

That person’s headless corpse collapsed to the ground, blood still spurting out of its neck and dyeing the ground red.

They hastily turned and saw Long Chen back in his original position. In his right hand was a saber that rested on his shoulder, while his left hand held a person’s head. Naturally, that was the head of the Favored that had just insulted him.

The head’s expression was twisted with intense terror. However, there was no longer life within those eyes anymore.

Long Chen released it, allowing the head to drop to the ground. He then kicked the head rolling towards them. All of them felt a chill in their hearts.

“If you want to provoke me, Long Chen, then come at any time. My price isn’t high: just leave your head behind.” Long Chen’s voice chilled them to the bones. It was as if his voice had come from the depths of hell.

“Long Chen, you are asking for death!” After being forced back by Long Chen’s saber, Yin Wushuang hadn’t even had a chance to stabilize herself before everything ended. Long Chen was too fast, and she hadn’t had a chance to save the Favored.

That completely infuriated her. These people were all her monastery’s disciples, and they were also her loyal subordinates.

They had been especially sent over from her family to protect her. That was why they didn’t call Yin Wushuang senior apprentice-sister but young lady.

For Long Chen to kill one of her subordinates with her right in front of him, that was no different from a slap in the face.

“Shut up. You idiot woman, don’t think I don’t know what shady business you’ve done. The only reason I don’t kill you right now is because you haven’t directly targeted me. If you dare point your sword at me now, I guarantee I will cut off your head. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it.” Long Chen’s expression was incredibly dark. His grip on Devil Decapitator tightened.

Long Chen did want to kill this vicious woman, but currently, he still hadn’t gotten to the bottom of everything that had happened. He couldn’t use a single person’s oral confession as absolute proof. That would be far too arbitrary.

But if Yin Wushuang dared to directly attack him, then he wouldn’t have any hesitation. If anyone wanted to kill him, they had to be prepared to be killed as well.

Yin Wushuang had turned green from anger and her chest was heaving. Glaring at Long Chen, that fury in her eyes looked as if it could melt steel.

She tightly clenched her sword. However, in the end, she decided not to attack. She took a deep breath and icily said, “Long Chen, I won’t kill you today because I want you to die to brother Tianyu. For you to die under my hands has no meaning.”

Long Chen flung Devil Decapitator randomly, flinging the blood high into the sky. He sneered, “I’ll accompany anyone at any time. If Han Tianyu’s neck feels itchy, I can help him out.”

“You…!” Yin Wushuang was furious. Long Chen’s words were far too arrogant. He actually dared say such things about the Righteous path’s number one expert, Han Tianyu.

Those disciples behind Yin Wushuang were also infuriated. They wanted to say something, but thinking of that person that had just been killed by him, all their curses were swallowed back down.

“I, Long Chen, have always followed the principle of if you don’t offend me, I won’t offend you. I don’t like causing trouble, but I also never fear trouble. If you want to target me, then come at me openly. Stop playing all your shameful, despicable games.”

After saying that, Long Chen didn’t even glance at Yin Wushuang. He directly brought Lu Fang-er away.

“Fuck, he pisses me off! I definitely won’t let this Long Chen have a good death!”

Seeing Long Chen’s figure disappear into the distance, Yin Wushuang clenched her teeth angrily. Just now, she had been on the verge of exploding. But in the end, she had still endured.

“Young lady, why didn’t you kill him?” asked a Favored.

Others might not know of the terror that was Yin Wushuang, but these people had followed her for many years. Other than Han Tianyu, there was not anyone in the same generation as her that they thought could defeat Yin Wushuang.

“No, I can’t kill him right now. Otherwise, all this work would have been for nothing. Right now, Long Chen’s reputation has been completely smeared. That wasn’t easy to do. I need brother Tianyu to personally kill Long Chen. One reason is to warn those idiots that our first monastery can’t be offended by just anyone. The second reason is because of those two women beside Long Chen. Once brother Tianyu kills Long Chen, they shouldn’t have the face to try and cozy up to him. Then I’ll have also defeated two powerful opponents in that way too,” said Yin Wushuang.

“Young lady is wise.” Those disciples all had admiring expressions.

“Long Chen is just one of my chess pieces. If I kill him personally, that’s just destroying my own piece. It’s not smart. So even though I’m pissed, I still need to control myself. What harm is there in letting Long Chen live for a little while longer?” sneered Yin Wushuang. “Let’s go. Let’s just act as if we didn’t see him.”

“Young lady, this…” One person pointed to the corpse of their Favored. 

“Just leave it here. Hmph, he wasn’t even able to block a single blow; he really has lost all my face. He deserved his death. Leave his corpse to rot in the wilderness.” A disgusted expression appeared on Yin Wushuang’s face. She quickened her footsteps, also entering deeper into the Forest of Darkness.

Long Chen was pulling Lu Fang-er forward. Neither of them spoke for a while. The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“Sister Fang-er, what do you think? Was I too softhearted?” sighed Long Chen.

“Softhearted? How come I can’t see any of that?” Lu Fang-er almost stumbled.

When Long Chen killed people, he didn’t even bat an eye. He was ruthless and merciless, so much so that it caused other people’s spirits to tremble. Even as his companion, she was still somewhat terrified.

For Long Chen to suddenly ask if he was too softhearted, Lu Fang-er really had no idea how to reply. She was afraid if she replied wrong, Long Chen might get angry.

“In truth, I always trust my intuition. I can practically guarantee that she was the one who came up with the scheme against me. But when I faced her, I really didn’t have the heart to viciously kill her. Instead, I have to find a reason before I kill her. So, I suddenly feel like I’m a bit stupid,” sighed Long Chen.

“I understand what you mean. Although you’re merciless when you start killing people, the majority of the time when you go on a rampage, it isn’t for yourself. Maybe you can easily forgive someone who hurts you or schemes against you, but you definitely won’t forgive anyone who hurts anyone by your side. I like that protective heart of yours. Hehe, Meng Qi really didn’t misjudge. A real man is someone like you who doesn’t care about temporary losses or gains but places the people by his side as number one,” laughed Lu Fang-er.

Long Chen paused slightly. “Now that you say it, it seems it really is true. Normally, when people try to scheme against me, I just give them a couple of slaps in the face and kick them a few times before letting them off.

“But if someone is unable to defeat me, and thus decides to target the people close to me, then I really will hate them. Sometimes, that hate doesn’t go away even after I kill them.

“I always thought there was some devil fiend inside my heart that goes berserk whenever I start feeling hatred. Sometimes, that makes me extremely afraid. I’m afraid that hatred will cause me to lose my way. Because when I become lost in my hatred, I turn into a fiend, a fiend that will extinguish the heavens and exterminate the earth.

“That’s why I’ve always been controlling my emotions. But as time passes, no matter what I do, there are always countless people charging at me, forcing me to kill them.

“If they want to come at me, then I’m not afraid. But when they aren’t capable of hurting me, they decide to hurt the people by my side. That really teaches me the meaning of true pain.

“After entering the secret realm, I swore that I would no longer hold back. I’ve found the more effective, most direct way to protect my people is to kill. I’ll kill until corpses are piled like mountains, I’ll kill until the rivers turn red from blood, I’ll kill until their hearts finally tremble. I’ll kill until they don’t dare to even think of targeting me. That way my friends should be safe.”

Hearing this from Long Chen, and seeing the maturity on his face that did not match up to his age, Lu Fang-er’s heart ached slightly for him.

Long Chen’s shoulders were carrying far too many things. People only saw his icy, merciless side, but they didn’t see this side of him that cared so deeply about his friends, who were his brothers and sisters to him.

“Long Chen, whether you become a hero capable of supporting heaven and earth, or you become a fiend with hands dyed red with blood, Meng Qi and I will always stand by your side.” Lu Fang-er held Long Chen’s hands.

“Hehe, thank you, sister Fang-er. I just don’t know how Meng Qi will react once she learns about my matters…” said Long Chen bashfully.

Lu Fang-er clearly didn’t understand Long Chen’s meaning, and she rolled her eyes at him. “Who asked you to be so fickle-hearted?”

Long Chen felt as if his face was scalding hot. But he had no way of saying that he just couldn’t control his emotions. Originally, he had hoped that Lu Fang-er would put in a good word for him with Meng Qi, but now he didn’t know how to ask for such a thing.

Seeing Long Chen’s face had turned completely red, Lu Fang-er laughed and rebuked, “Are you stupid? The cultivation world isn’t the same as the secular world. The goal isn’t to bear and raise children to carry on bloodlines. Why would Meng Qi feel sour about this? But let me warn you, if you have too many women by your side in the future, and if you aren’t able to maintain peace between them, then it really will become a complete mess. At that time, no one will be able to cultivate peacefully, and you will have real trouble.”

Lu Fang-er’s words let Long Chen relax a great deal. The women by his side were all good-natured. They should be able to get along.

A day later, the two of them had just reached the core region of the Forest of Darkness when explosions rang out in the distance. A powerful aura surged out, one which caused Long Chen’s expression to change.

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