Chapter 364 Yin Wushuang

Lu Fang-er had clearly not been expecting the four of them to suddenly attack them. Furthermore, this was obviously premeditated. They weren’t just targeting Long Chen, but both of them.

The Golden-Scaled Bull they were on collapsed to the ground when that powder hit it.

Before Lu Fang-er could even react, the four of their weapons were already whistling towards their vitals.

Only now did she realize these four were not some upholders of justice, but killers wanting to snatch their treasures.

The four of them moved extremely fast, coordinating very well to launch a vicious assault that had immediately sealed off any paths of escape. Lu Fang-er had no time to even form a hand seal.

She suddenly felt her waist tighten as a powerful arm wrapped around it. She soared up into the sky, out of the range of their attacks.

The four of them had just been about to kill the two of them. But they suddenly disappeared in front of their shocked eyes.

“So it was Yellow Bewildering Powder. No wonder.” Long Chen was slowly landing on the ground. He released Lu Fang-er, sneering at these four. “It’s no wonder you were able to easily kill a fourth rank Magical Beast. You were relying on medicine the entire time. Not bad. The Yellow Bewildering Grass is extremely rare, but you actually managed to obtain it. You must have had quite a few lucky encounters. Looking at how well you work together, you should have already killed quite a few people for their treasures.”

The four of them were all shocked, especially the head Favored. He had truly had a coincidental opportunity and managed to obtain a strand of Yellow Bewildering Grass in the outside world. That was something that had almost gone extinct in the outside world. Later, he had managed to find someone to refine it into powder.

This medicinal powder was extremely powerful, and even a fourth rank Magical Beast would fall unconscious for a breath’s time once they smelled it. That was the only reason they were able to easily kill a fourth rank Magical Beast.

Magical Beasts were unable to block the medicinal powder, and in truth, cultivators would find it even more difficult to defend against. However, they had seen that Long Chen was only at the early Tendon Transformation realm, while by his side was merely a physically weak Beast Tamer. So they hadn’t wanted to waste their precious medicinal herbs.

They first knocked out their Magical Beast, and then they wanted to instantly kill the two of them. However, in front of Long Chen, that cheap little trick was instantly seen through.

Having failed to kill them in one attack, they turned and fled. They were just ordinary Favored, and they didn’t have spiritual defensive treasures. If they really fought with a Beast Tamer, then her spiritual attacks would definitely kill them.

“How rude. You don’t even say goodbye?” sneered Long Chen. He suddenly moved, practically turning into a wisp of smoke, passing them in just a moment.

Because Long Chen had moved so quickly, that core disciple hadn’t even realized what was going on before Long Chen’s fist smashed into him.

Long Chen’s fist was so powerful that the core disciple instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

The remaining three Favored were all horrified, and they took out their weapons to fight.

Saber-light flashed, and two of them were cut in half, their mournful cries ringing out for hundreds of miles.

Three of the four of them had died in the blink of an eye. The remaining one was their leader. He was pale with terror.

His sword was constantly quivering. He wanted to attack, but he also didn’t dare. He wanted to run, but he didn’t dare do that either.

He suddenly knelt on the ground, his voice quivering as he said, “Senior apprentice-brother, we were blind and should not have offended you. Please spare my miserable life. I can offer all my treasures to you. As long as you spare me, I’ll give you everything I’ve stolen so far.” He took out over ten spatial rings and offered them to Long Chen.

Long Chen reached out and used Spiritual Strength to bring them to his hand. Seeing what was inside, a mocking smile appeared on his mouth. “You really were vicious. All these spatial rings were taken from Righteous disciples. Truly amazing.”

Although spatial rings were not split between the Righteous path and Corrupt path, just from what was inside the spatial ring, it was possible to tell what side the owner was from. Furthermore, Corrupt disciples all liked to carve a sinister fiend head onto their spatial rings.

“I really want to spare you, but if I spare trash like you, who knows how many people I’ll end up harming.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Senior apprentice-brother, please spare me. I’m not an evil person! The ones I killed were the evil ones,” begged the Favored.

“Whether or not you’re an evil person is something for the Yama King of Hell to care about. What I want to do now is send you to him.”

Long Chen grabbed the Chosen’s throat, and his terrifying spiritual qi instantly invaded his body. He didn’t dare move his body. In fact, he didn’t even dare speak.

“If you had known this day would come for you, would you still have acted like this? When you were killing others, did you ever have pity on them?”

That person’s begging didn’t move Long Chen. He closed his eyes. When he once more opened them, a small whirlpool had appeared over each of his eyes.


Lu Fang-er was shocked. Those whirlpools were made of Spiritual Strength and allowed one to go through another person’s memories.

Although this was a foundational soul art, and Lu Fang-er had already taught Long Chen the principles behind it, even she herself had never used it before.

One reason was because her soul energy wasn’t condensed enough, so she was unable to create such a powerful spiritual pressure that would allow her to examine other people’s memories.

The other reason she hadn’t used it before was that this soul art was extremely dangerous. The user’s soul energy had to be at least ten times greater than the other person’s, or if the counterpart used a spiritual attack while using this move, it would cause a powerful backlash to the user.

Not only was Long Chen capable of using this technique, but those whirlpools were also incredibly clear and stable. That was proof that his soul energy had reached an extremely condensed state.

If she didn’t know Long Chen wouldn’t trick her, she would really think that Long Chen had always been a powerful Beast Tamer and was just purposely feigning being a beginner.

As those whirlpools spun, the Favored became absent-minded, almost looking like an imbecile.

“Too terrifying! His first time using it and he can control it so easily, and he even controls it so well that he doesn’t harm the Favored’s soul,” muttered Lu Fang-er.

Soulsearch was an extremely barbaric soul art. There would naturally be a powerful resistance when you tried to forcibly probe another person’s memories.

But Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength had completely suppressed his counterpart’s soul, and even while probing his memories, he didn’t harm it. That required an extremely precise control.

“I see many faces aggrieved in death. I see many faces crying and begging. I see an endless thirst for life. Unfortunately, you mercilessly ended all those lives. Tell me, how am I supposed to spare you?” sighed Long Chen.

Originally, Long Chen had been planning on directly killing this person. He knew this Favored was definitely not some good person.

But a person’s death should always at least embody some kind of value. So, Long Chen now used him as an experiment to see just how amazing soul arts were. It was astonishing that it was possible to rifle through another person’s memories.

Although Lu Fang-er had already taught Long Chen how to use it, that was just a coarse explanation. But even though his usage of this technique wasn’t perfect, he still saw many scenes from this person’s memories.

Those were the deepest memories of this Favored’s life. And that was also why Long Chen saw so many miserable faces.

“I… I…” The Favored’s throat was clenched in Long Chen’s hand, his legs up in the air. He wasn’t even able to speak a single sentence.

“Don’t bother trying to say anything. Just pass on at ease. In your next life, don’t be so evil. If you don’t cherish other people’s lives, others have no way of cherishing yours.”


Long Chen snapped his neck. His Spiritual Strength also cut off his life force.

The Favored’s corpse fell to the ground, his eyes still filled with terror.

“Impudent Long Chen, you’re once more slaughtering the innocent!”

Long Chen had only just let go when an angry denouncement rang out. Long Chen turned to see over ten people, all of them crowding around a young woman.

That woman was tall and slender, with picturesque eyebrows and skin white as snow. Each one of her movements was beautiful, bringing with them an indescribable grandeur.

However, that slight lift in the corner of her mouth and that lofty gaze of hers made it look as though she was looking down on you. It broke the beautiful image.

There were over ten disciples behind her who were icily staring at Long Chen. The majority of their expressions didn’t contain disdain, but delight in Long Chen’s misfortune.

“The first monastery!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. These disciples were all wearing the first monastery’s robes, and the majority of them were all Favored.

Furthermore, that woman might have yet to release her aura, but that powerful, unrivaled will of hers made people feel as if a mountain was crushing their hearts.

Lu Fang-er hastily rushed to Long Chen’s side. She also placed her Golden-Scaled Bull, which had only just awoken, back into her spiritual space.

She was extremely cautious, as she could tell this woman was incredibly terrifying. Even at this distance, she felt a powerful pressure that made her breathe faster.

“I wouldn’t have expected that not only did you willfully slaughter the innocent, but you also tricked another woman to your side. Your perverted name really is not unearned.” That woman sneered when she saw Lu Fang-er stand by Long Chen’s side.

Long Chen frowned. “So, you should be that idiot Yin Wushuang!”


“You must be tired of living!”

“If you want to die, then just directly say so!”

Yin Wushuang didn’t even need to say anything. Those disciples behind her all furiously cursed back at him.

Long Chen’s gaze indifferently swept over those people, in the end lighting on Yin Wushuang. He shook his head.

“You and I had no enmity, but you decided to entrap me. Why?”

Yin Wushuang’s expression changed ever so slightly, but it instantly recovered to her previous icy expression. “Do you think you even have the qualifications to be entrapped by me? Don’t make me laugh to death. You clearly think far too highly of yourself. I have no need to explain myself to a notorious, perverted traitor.”

“You should focus more on yourself. There’s a good expression: all actions have consequences. Don’t regret it in the future.” Long Chen was too lazy to bicker with this woman. She was extremely powerful, and if they were to fight now, it would be very difficult for him to protect Lu Fang-er. He pulled Lu Fang-er and began to walk away.

“How presumptuous! You son of a bitch, has my family’s young miss said you could leave?” shouted a man from Yin Wushuang’s group.

Long Chen’s expression sank, and an incomparably dense killing intent surged out.

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