Chapter 359 A Resounding Slap In the Face


An extremely crisp-sounding and loud slap landed on the Corrupt Chosen’s face.

It went without saying that Long Chen’s face-slapping technique could be rated as practically unrivaled in this world. It was at the level of having its own perfected style.

Long Chen had carefully researched this skill in the past. Other than the crafty angle and easy, flowing posture, the reason his face-slaps had such a high hit-rate was because this attack didn’t contain any killing intent. If the attack’s aim wasn’t to kill them, then experts were unable to sense it coming as easily as they would an attack containing killing intent.

This was purely an attack used to humiliate others and entertain himself. But due to its special nature, its efficacy was amazingly high. Compared to physical wounds, the wounds that were left on the mind and heart contained much greater destructive power.

The Corrupt Chosen hadn’t even realized what was going on when he was sent flying by Long Chen’s face-slap. He flew through a high arc in the air, his body still rapidly whirling.

He was sent flying directly towards the Golden-Scaled Bull. The Golden-Scaled Bull didn’t even need an order. It quickly shot forward, piercing one of its horns at him.

That thick golden horn heavily smashed into the Corrupt Chosen’s back, emitting a bang.

This had happened so quickly that the Chosen had yet to even react. He hadn’t even been circulating his qi to protect himself. The power of that horn made him feel as if all his bones were about to break, and he vomited blood.

After vomiting that mouthful of blood, it still wasn’t over. He had been thrown into the air once again by that attack, and suddenly a huge figure shot towards him.

That was the Two-Tail Spirit Cat. It was extremely fast, and a pair of sharp claws shone with a cold light as they clawed down on him.

After being struck by that previous horn, the Corrupt Chosen had finally realized the danger he was in. He began to circulate his spiritual qi, and a spear appeared in his hands, which he used to block the Two-Tail Spirit Cat’s attacks.

Only now did the Chosen have a chance to see who it was that had attacked him in the beginning. But when he saw that it was Long Chen, his pupils shrank and he didn’t even hesitate. He instantly began to flee.

Originally, Lu Fang-er had already thought she was out of luck today, until a man had suddenly appeared in front of her and sent that powerful Chosen flying with a single slap in the face.

Then when that Chosen had seen who that man was, he had clearly been terrified and immediately fled.

Looking at that man’s back, Lu Fang-er felt a burst of familiarity. But before seeing his face, there was no way she could recognize him.

“How rude to leave without even saying goodbye. Little Snow, properly give him a send-off.”

Little Snow’s huge figure appeared in front of him, and he instantly opened his mouth, shooting out a wind blade.

At first, that wind blade was only several feet long. However, it quickly spun like a frisbee, and by the time it had flown out hundreds of meters, it had reached a length of three hundred meters. As it flew, the vegetation it passed all flew into the air behind it.

The Corrupt Chosen didn’t dare attempt to block Little Snow’s attack. He stamped down on the ground and jumped dozens of meters into the air, dodging the wind blade.

But he had only just dodged it when the wind whistled behind him. A deathly sensation of crisis filled him. He only had time to turn his head around.

Before he could even see what was happening, his body exploded, and blood filled the air. A Chosen had died just like that.

Following his death, a transparent Dao-mark slowly condensed in the air and flew into the heavens.

Lu Fang-er had seen it clearly. Little Snow had only used two attacks. The first attack had been dodged by him.

But the second attack had been sent out just behind the first attack. Little Snow had let out that second attack even before the Corrupt Chosen had jumped. To use two attacks to instantly kill a Chosen, that was practically a divine skill.

Just as Lu Fang-er was still shocked over having seen a Chosen die just like that, Long Chen slowly turned his head and smiled warmly to her. “Sister Fang-er, I hope you’ve been well since we last met.”

“It’s you? Long Chen?” Lu Fang-er practically couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that it was Long Chen who had appeared and sent that Chosen flying.

“That’s right. Sister Fang-er, you couldn’t have forgotten junior brother, right?” smiled Long Chen.

Long Chen still felt grateful to Lu Fang-er. Back then, it had been Lu Fang-er who had traveled thousands of miles to bring Little Snow to him.

Although Little Snow was Meng Qi’s gift, Lu Fang-er had had to fly three days without sleep or rest to bring Little Snow over. Long Chen had always remembered that favor.

“It really is you. Then this has to be… heavens, how could a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf advance to the fourth rank?!” Lu Fang-er finally recognized Little Snow as the little fellow she had brought to Long Chen back then.

Currently, Little Snow had already mutated and advanced to the fourth rank. His whole body emitted a powerful pressure. Even her fourth rank Magical Beasts were being well-behaved in front of him. They lay on the ground, not even daring to move in his presence.

“Hehe, Little Snow has also had his own opportunities. Come Little Snow, greet sister Fang-er. She was the one who traveled thousands of miles to bring you to me back then.” Long Chen patted Little Snow.

Little Snow’s mutation was something that involved the mysterious expert from the Spirit World. It wasn’t that Long Chen didn’t trust Lu Fang-er, but some things were best left unsaid.

“Wuwu!” Little Snow gently sniffed Lu Fang-er’s scent, appearing extremely intimate.

“Hehe, Little Snow says he remembers your scent,” explained Long Chen.

“It really is him!” Seeing that Little Snow really was that Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf from back then, she was still filled with disbelief. She was gently rubbing Little Snow’s fur when her expression suddenly changed. “You didn’t place a spiritual imprint?!”

Magical Beasts were all berserk existences. Without a spiritual imprint, they might rebel at any moment. Even with a spiritual imprint, no one could guarantee one hundred percent that the Magical Beast wouldn’t betray its master.

She had already noticed that Long Chen had summoned Little Snow out of his spiritual space. That kind of spiritual fluctuation was something she was all too familiar with.

And so she instantly realized Long Chen was relying purely on a mental connection with him. He had established a trust with this Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf and could communicate with him through their souls.

However, this kind of relationship was far too dangerous. If Little Snow one day rebelled and attacked Long Chen, he would definitely die. That was why Lu Fang-er was so frightened.

Long Chen shook his head and patted Little Snow’s large head. “Little Snow isn’t my housepet. He’s my partner, a partner I can trust with my life.”

“Wuwu!” Little Snow gently cried out, his eyes filled with warmth. He rubbed his head against Long Chen.

Feeling this close trust between Long Chen and Little Snow, Lu Fang-er’s eyes involuntarily reddened slightly. Her powerful Spiritual Strength allowed her to sense the relationship Little Snow had with Long Chen.

As a Beast Tamer, Magical Beasts were not just her tools for battle, but they were also her comrades. However, Magical Beasts were just too berserk. There was no way to get along with them. She could only use her powerful Spiritual Strength to enslave them, or there would be a constant threat of death from keeping them around her.

“You really are too similar to Meng Qi. Meng Qi is planning on finding some powerful Magical Beasts from this secret realm, and so while she was still outside, she actually released her original Magical Beasts,” sighed Lu Fang-er.

“Ah? Then without Magical Beasts to protect her, isn’t she in danger?!”

Beast Tamers without Magical Beasts were like snails without shells. They would become far too frail. That was especially dangerous within the Jiuli secret realm where dangers popped up left and right.

“It is very dangerous, but you don’t need to be worried. Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength is incomparably powerful. It’s no problem for her to protect herself,” comforted Lu Fang-er.

Long Chen was relieved to hear her say that. Lu Fang-er and Meng Qi were like sisters, and she wouldn’t trick him about this.

“But you, Long Chen, you really have caused me to see you in a new light. In just over a year, you’ve actually advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm. Even Chosen are not your match and can be easily killed. You really advanced quickly.” Lu Fang-er looked Long Chen up and down, filled with admiration.

“Hehe, that Chosen’s death was just Little Snow’s achievement, and since you brought Little Snow to me, this is really all sister Fang-er’s achievement,” laughed Long Chen.

“Aiya, this tongue of yours. During this time, you probably once more swindled quite a few women to your side,” laughed Lu Fang-er.

“Of course not!” Long Chen laughed awkwardly.

“In truth, Meng Qi has always been paying close attention to you. Within the Wind Spirit Pavilion, she constantly secretly gathered news of you. Eventually, she learned that you had joined the Xuantian Monastery. Later on, a couple things happened on our side and we stopped receiving news of you. I really never would have thought that you would grow so much in the Xuantian Monastery during this time,” said Lu Fang-er.

Back in Phoenix Cry, Long Chen had been but a small rookie at the Qi Condensation realm. Compared to Meng Qi, it really was a case of one being high in the heavens while the other was stuck on the ground.

But in just over a year, Long Chen had grown to the level where even Lu Fang-er had to look up to him.

Hearing that Meng Qi cared so deeply about him, Long Chen’s heart was filled with warmth. So she had always been thinking about him.

“However, Long Chen, it seems you’ve offended someone powerful. There are people who are constantly spreading a photographic jade of you,” said Lu Fang-er.

Long Chen’s expression darkened. Those idiots really had too much energy. They wanted him to be completely defamed, making it impossible for him to ever clear his name.

“They’re all just a bunch of idiots playing a shameless game.”

Long Chen told Lu Fang-er about what had happened and what he had learned. In truth, considering how the photographic jades had been cut off in the beginning and end of what had happened, anyone with half a mind would be able to tell that there was some secret behind-the-scenes.

But the Righteous path was filled with too many idiots. There were a few idiots who were even stupider than the rest and who were secretly adding fuel to the fire. The problem was only getting bigger.

Nowadays, the entire Righteous path had learned that Long Chen was a brazen sex fiend and that they were to capture or kill him.

“How could that Yin Wushuang be so vicious?! She’s trying to make your reputation sink and then kill you as a stepping stone for someone else!” Lu Fang-er was filled with rage when she learned the truth.

“A stepping stone? Hehe, then maybe I’ll try being a stepping stone once. Who will dare come to try to step on me?” A ruthless light shone in Long Chen’s eyes.

“Long Chen, you’re in an unresolvable trap! You’re being too passive about it.” Lu Fang-er was worried.

Long Chen had already stepped into someone else’s scheme. He would be chased by the entire Righteous path, and he wouldn’t even be able to retaliate, or that would sink him even deeper into their trap. He wouldn’t even have a chance to clear his name.

“I’ve already found a way to resolve my matters, so don’t worry. Sister Fang-er, can you tell me a bit about Feng Xiao-zi?”

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