Chapter 357 Who Let You Not Wear a Hat

Seeing that spiritual spear piercing towards him, Long Chen’s lightning spear streaked across the void and smashed into it.


In front of Long Chen’s lightning spear, senior apprentice-brother Qi’s spiritual spear was like an icicle and was mercilessly pulverized.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi’s expression immediately turned ashen. He vomited a mouthful of blood and became listless.

“Impossible!” Looking at that spear made of violet lightning, he was completely horrified.

Beast Tamers had two extremely powerful aspects: one was their ability to summon out powerful Magical Beasts to fight for them, while the other was their spiritual attacks that most people were unable to block.

Beast Tamers were classified as a kind of soul cultivator. They had powerful spiritual attacks that few could block. In fact, even those on the Chosen-level would have to run far away from Beast Tamers if they didn’t have any spiritual defense treasures.

If they were surrounded by powerful Magical Beasts and also had to deal with powerful spiritual attacks, they would definitely suffer.

That was why Beast Tamers had grand statuses and could not be provoked. However, senior apprentice-brother Qi’s powerful Spiritual Strength was completely destroyed by Long Chen’s lightning spear.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi’s attack had contained all his Spiritual Strength. Once it was destroyed by Long Chen’s spear, it caused a powerful shock to his soul.

“What kind of energy is that?!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi’s expression was extremely ugly as he looked at Long Chen’s lightning spear.

“Guess.” Long Chen naturally wouldn’t tell him. At the same time, he was greatly relieved inside. With his thunderforce, he wouldn’t need to fear spiritual attacks in the future. He would just need to be careful of sneak attacks.

Suddenly, the distant Rockscale Python charged over, biting at Long Chen. A bloody stench came from his huge mouth. At the same time, senior apprentice-brother Qi took that chance to flee.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi wasn’t a fool. Although he didn’t know the origin of the lightning in Long Chen’s hand, he could tell that it had an immense restrictive effect on his Spiritual Strength.

Of his three Magical Beasts, two were dead and one was half-dead. With his Spiritual Strength suppressed, there was no chance of him winning.

He had ordered this half-dead python to attack Long Chen so he could escape. He had sacrificed this fourth rank Magical Beast without hesitation.

Unfortunately, his escape didn’t go as planned. Long Chen had long since been prepared to stop him from running. As soon as the python attacked him, he saw through senior apprentice-brother Qi’s intentions.

His lightning spear stabbed forward, literally streaking through the air like lightning. It collided with the python’s mouth, and the python’s head instantly exploded.

After killing the python, Long Chen was just about to use the Netherworld Ghost Steps to catch up to senior apprentice-brother Qi. But suddenly, Little Snow opened his mouth in preparation to shoot out a wind blade. Long Chen jumped in fright and hastily pushed Little Snow to the side.

With his head tilted slightly to the side, his wind blade shot out, instantly flying by senior apprentice-brother Qi to land on the ground in front of him.


A terrifying wave of earth completely buried senior apprentice-brother Qi.

“Aowu!” Little Snow was clearly dissatisfied.

Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I know you didn’t want to kill him, and I know you held back. But you don’t know that Beast Tamers have different physical bodies than other cultivators. With your attack, at that distance, just the slightest bit of error would have killed him. Then there’d be nothing to play with.”

A Beast Tamer had powerful Spiritual Strength and was able to control powerful Magical Beast housepets. However, their fatal weak point was that their physical bodies were too fragile. They couldn’t endure a powerful attack.

That was why each Beast Tamer would possess at least one defensively powerful Magical Beast as a guard for themselves. Otherwise, if they were sneak attacked by someone, they would definitely die.

Although Little Snow had adjusted his attack, he had only adjusted it to the level that a normal Tendon Transformation expert wouldn’t die from it. However, if senior apprentice-brother Qi had been struck by it, then he would have immediately been sent off to his ancestors.

Long Chen quickly rushed forward and pulled senior apprentice-brother Qi out of the ground. Seeing how he appeared to be on his last breaths, Little Snow rubbed the ground with embarrassment.

“Hehe, don’t worry about it. In truth, I don’t really care that much about his life or death. I just want to ask him a few questions first.”

Long Chen fed senior apprentice-brother Qi a healing pill, and then like he was a dead dog, he pulled him toward the well.

With a crisp-sounding slap in the face, the intense pain awoke senior apprentice-brother Qi.

He saw in front of him a handsome face that had a smile that looked as if he had just been blessed by the heavens. It was a warm smile, one that could lift up the coldest hearts.

And yet senior apprentice-brother Qi couldn’t feel the slightest warmth from that smile. On the contrary, he felt goosebumps as if some demon was staring at him, just waiting to devour his life.

“What… what are you planning on doing?” Senior apprentice-brother Qi’s voice trembled with terror.

“Don’t worry. Although you wanted to kill me just now, I won’t kill you at this time. There are some things I want to ask you,” smiled Long Chen.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi edged backward, trying to maintain a distance from that fiendish face. His hand pressed into the ground, but then he suddenly realized something was wrong. He saw his right hand was completely bare, and his expression changed.

“You stole my spatial ring!”


A slap in the face was his response. The breaks in his bones, which had only just begun to heal from the medicinal pill, broke once more, and senior apprentice-brother Qi screamed.

“Stole? This ring was always mine!”

Long Chen furiously slapped him in the face continuously. However, he tightly controlled his strength since he was afraid of killing him.

“Who let you be so high and aloof?!”

“Who let you indiscriminately kill the innocent?!”

“Who let you have poisonous intentions in your heart?!”

“Who let you… who let you… who let you…?!”

In the end, Long Chen didn’t even know the reasons he was making up. With a final slap, he said, “Who let you not wear a hat?!”

His final attack made senior apprentice-brother Qi faint. However, he didn’t faint from the pain, but from anger.

Long Chen once more fed him a healing pill and then woke him up with a slap. “I’m going to start asking questions, and you answer me. If you refuse to answer or answer beside the point, you’ll get a slap in the face as a reward.”

Senior apprentice-brother Qi was both shocked and infuriated. “You’re provoking my Wind Spirit Pavilion! You’ll regret it, you-!”

Pow. His reply was a slap in the face.

“Just wait to die! My Wind Spirit Pavilion will never let you off! Even your monastery can’t protect you!” raged senior apprentice-brother Qi. Obviously, he had recognized Long Chen’s robes.

Pow, pow, pow, pow…

Long Chen didn’t say anything. As long as he talked back, Long Chen would give him a slap in the face. After over ten slaps, senior apprentice-brother Qi once more fainted.

“Aowu!” Little Snow was getting impatient to the side.

“Don’t be impatient! We’ll just wait and mess around a bit. Back in Phoenix Cry, this bastard actually attacked me without even saying anything first. The grudge from back then had to wait until now. Now that I can finally take revenge, just let me play for a bit longer. Let me see just how hard his bones are,” laughed Long Chen.

Little Snow wanted to directly kill senior apprentice-brother Qi to get it over with, but Long Chen really would hate to part with him so soon. Beating him wasn’t his goal; his goal was to beat him until he was convinced.

With another slap, senior apprentice-brother Qi woke up again. This time he was much more obedient. He had finally realized that he had run into a ruthless person. His background was unable to suppress Long Chen.

Furthermore, he felt a profound sensation of terror. He was truly afraid Long Chen would kill him and then erase any traces of his actions.

Long Chen smiled with ridicule. Even with that level of intelligence, senior apprentice-brother Qi was still able to live up to now. His luck really had to be heaven-defying.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t kill you, and I never break my promises. Let me repeat myself: when I ask a question, answer. Otherwise, we’ll continue this face-slapping game. In any case, this is just leisure time. I’ll just treat it as practice,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi shivered uncontrollably when he heard that. He didn’t resist in the slightest anymore. Whatever Long Chen asked, he would obediently answer.

From senior apprentice-brother Qi, Long Chen learned that the Wind Spirit Pavilion was actually extremely powerful, not at all inferior to the Xuantian Supermonastery. It was no wonder he dared be so arrogant.

The Wind Spirit Pavilion’s disciples were all soul cultivators, and they were basically all Beast Tamers. Although they had few disciples, each disciple was extremely powerful.

The Wind Spirit Pavilion had the same system as the monasteries. There was a head pavilion, as well as branch pavilions. The branch pavilion that he and Meng Qi were in had over four hundred and seventy disciples that had entered the Jiuli secret realm.

Hearing that Meng Qi had also entered the Jiuli secret realm, a fire burned within Long Chen. Although his interaction with Meng Qi had been short, as time had passed, his longing for her had only intensified.

Previously, he had thought he had just been attracted by Meng Qi’s immortal, fairy-like temperament and beauty, that it was a kind of attraction based on looks. However, later he realized that it was actually a profound love that came from inside his heart.

Although Meng Qi had gone to withdraw from the marriage back then, Long Chen didn’t hate her in the slightest. In fact, he found her to be extremely kindhearted.

At that time, he had been an ant-like person, while she had been a heavenly genius. And yet, she had felt so many misgivings about breaking off their engagement all because she was worried about his honor and reputation. She had used the most tactful and gentlest way to express her wishes.

Even Long Chen didn’t know just when he had begun to feel such love for her.

However, now he had learned an extremely displeasing bit of information. That was that the Wind Spirit Pavilion had a certain disciple with an extremely high status, Feng Xiao-zi. Within the Wind Spirit Pavilion, his position was equivalent to the Xuantian Monasteries’ top disciple, Han Tianyu.

Feng Xiao-zi and Meng Qi were both peak geniuses of their generation and had been termed the Wind Spirit Pavilion’s golden couple. 

That made Long Chen extremely uncomfortable, especially when he learned that Feng Xiao-zi was the Wind Spirit Pavilion’s young master. His background was extremely powerful, and it gave Long Chen a sensation of crisis.

Then he heard from senior apprentice-brother Qi that the pavilion master looked very favorably upon Meng Qi, and intended to play matchmaker for the two of them. Meng Qi had constantly been declining and trying to get out of it, however, under the pavilion master’s pressure, it seemed there was no way for her to refuse.

Fuck, you want to gang up on my fiancée? Do you think you can place your intentions on my woman?

Long Chen learned that Meng Qi had also entered the Forest of Darkness in search of opportunities. However, the Forest of Darkness was huge, and he had no idea where she was.

After asking some more, he realized senior apprentice-brother Qi knew nothing more that interested him. A brick beat him unconscious and also broke all four of his limbs. This was the same treatment he had given Jiang Yifan. Long Chen tossed a buck-naked senior apprentice-brother Qi down the well.

As for what those two naked men would do down in that well, Long Chen didn’t care. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with the two of them. In any case, he had already fed them medicines, and they didn’t dare yell. They should not even think about being able to leave for now.

Once more sealing the well, Long Chen patted his hands and began entering deeper into the Forest of Darkness.

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