Chapter 356 Violet Lightning Spear

“This Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf is mine!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi shot out a huge spiritual arrow at Long Chen.

This was something made of Spiritual Strength, and it appeared like water in the air. This was a soul art that took incorporeal Spiritual Strength and turned it into a tangible attack.

The reason Beast Tamers were powerful wasn’t just because of their powerful housepets. Their spiritual attacks were also terrifying.

This spiritual arrow was three meters long, appearing like a translucent spear that stabbed at Long Chen.

Long Chen punched out. His punch contained his powerful will, and it smashed apart the spiritual arrow.

However, although the spiritual arrow’s outer form had been destroyed, its spiritual attacking power had not weakened at all. A formless energy surged into Long Chen’s forehead.

A spiritual attack was specialized in attacking the soul, and outer forces were unable to affect it. It was impossible to use physical strength to block it.

That Spiritual Strength surged into Long Chen, and he immediately felt a burst of intense pain as if tens of thousands of needles were stabbing into him. He hastily circulated his own Spiritual Strength to defend.

Long Chen had no techniques when it came to how to properly use his powerful soul. He could only use the simplest and crudest defensive method to block the spiritual attack.

He involuntarily took a couple steps back, his face slightly pale. Although he had blocked it, he still felt immense pain.

This was the first time Long Chen encountered true Spiritual Strength attacks. They were extremely terrifying. It was no wonder senior apprentice-brother Qi, while only being ranked a core disciple in his sect, was still so arrogant.

Little Snow was connected to Long Chen’s mind and soul, so he immediately roared and attacked senior apprentice-brother Qi when he saw Long Chen was injured.

“Come be my housepet!” In the face of Little Snow’s charge, senior apprentice-brother Qi wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. In fact, a fanatical expression appeared on his face and he quickly formed hand seals. “First, let me erase your spiritual imprint!”

Following his hand seals, a bizarre mark appeared in front of him. It shot towards Little Snow and directly landed on his head.

However, senior apprentice-brother Qi was shocked to find that there was no reaction at all from Little Snow, and a huge claw smashed down on him.

“What?! There’s no spiritual imprint?” He had never imagined that Little Snow was a contractless Magical Beast.

His technique was used to erase Long Chen’s spiritual imprint. Beast Tamers had an understanding of Magical Beasts that others simply did not possess.

If the spiritual imprint of a contracted Magical Beast was erased, that would be a huge impact on the Magical Beast’s soul, and they would instantly faint.

Removing the spiritual imprint in this manner would cause a great deal of harm to a Magical Beast’s soul. A spiritual imprint on a Magical Beast was like a lock on a door.

Only the owner possessed the key. If they wanted to, they could remove their own spiritual imprint and grant a Magical Beast their freedom.

However, the more domineering method to remove that imprint was to use a powerful soul art and barbarically erase it. It was like taking a hatchet and forcibly cutting off the lock of a door. Naturally, that would badly damage the door as well.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi had already realized that Long Chen was only a dabbler and not a true Beast Tamer. He fundamentally didn’t understand the ways to use Spiritual Strength. It was unknown just what trick he had used in order to obtain this mutated Snow Wolf.

That was why the first thing he tried was to remove Little Snow’s spiritual imprint and make him lose consciousness. Then when Little Snow awoke, he would place his own spiritual imprint and make Little Snow his housepet.

However, Little Snow didn’t have a spiritual imprint. And yet, he had clearly seen Little Snow be summoned out of Long Chen’s spiritual space.

Before senior apprentice-brother Qi even realized what was going on, Little Snow’s claw ruthlessly smashed into him.


A shield suddenly appeared in front of senior apprentice-brother Qi’s body. That wasn’t a physical shield he was holding with his hand, but a shield formed from Spiritual Strength. It floated in front of his body and blocked Little Snow’s attack.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi retreated quickly after blocking his attack. He was completely bewildered.

“Fine. Since you don’t have a spiritual imprint, then I’ll help you gain one!” He once more formed hand seals. This time, his Spiritual Strength was completely activated, and a strange mark appeared behind him.

Long Chen recognized that as a character from ancient times: SLAVE. He wanted to enslave Little Snow. Killing intent surged out of Long Chen.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi seemed fanatical as he poured in more Spiritual Strength. Millions of threads began to shoot out of the SLAVE character, attempting to reach Little Snow.

Little Snow instinctively had a bad feeling and shot backward. He felt an extremely uneasy sensation when he looked at that character.

“Hehe, it’s useless! You’ve been locked onto by my soul so you can’t run! Just obediently become my housepet!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi smiled sinisterly. Currently, all he was focused on was Little Snow. He didn’t even glance at Long Chen.

From his previous attack, he could already tell Long Chen’s strength. Although Long Chen had a vast Spiritual Strength, he had no idea how to use it. He could easily kill him whenever.

However, he felt that killing Long Chen just like this wouldn’t be able to resolve the hatred he had for him, so he was thinking of subduing Little Snow and then using him to kill Long Chen.

To die to his own housepet, that was an interesting punishment. And so he chose to ignore Long Chen for now and focus on Little Snow.

Now that he was on guard, even if Long Chen wanted to sneak attack him, it would be useless. That was why he was brazen enough to ignore him.

Little Snow was panicked. No matter how he dodged, that huge spiritual imprint continued to attempt to trap him.

He even tried shooting out a wind blade, but it passed straight through that spiritual imprint as if it were smoke. It was sliced in half, but it quickly reformed.

“You can’t run!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi was watching Little Snow be entrapped by his spiritual imprint with zeal.

As a Beast Tamer, he was an expert at capturing Magical Beasts. As long as Little Snow was trapped by that spiritual imprint, he would never be able to escape.


Just as his spiritual imprint was about to reach Little Snow, a violet bolt of lightning slammed into it.

“AHHH!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi immediately screamed mournfully, sounding like a malicious spirit. He clenched his head and crazily rolled on the ground.

Long Chen apathetically lowered his hand. Just now he had used his thunderforce to destroy senior apprentice-brother Qi’s spiritual imprint.

He had long since heard of the power of Beast Tamers. If he didn’t have his own ways to protect himself, he would have instantly killed senior apprentice-brother Qi instead so that there would have been no way for him to counterattack with his special skills.

However, Long Chen had always been curious about the ways Beast Tamers attacked. That was why he had just been probing senior apprentice-brother Qi’s abilities. But that idiot had taken that to mean he was completely helpless and just waiting for death.

Long Chen’s thunderforce was something that came from lightning tribulation. It had an immense suppressive effect against Spiritual Strength.

As for senior apprentice-brother Qi’s slave imprint, it was the same as other ordinary spiritual attacks, and it was connected to his soul. That was the only way to use a steady flow of Spiritual Strength to control the Magical Beast.

That was why Long Chen’s attack caused such a heavy backlash to his soul. The amount of pain he was enduring now was a hundred times what Long Chen had endured previously.

He was feeling so much more pain because he had attacked Long Chen from outside his soul, while Long Chen’s attack had destroyed his slave imprint, which immensely impacted his soul from the inside.

The pain of the soul was tens of thousands of times greater than physical pain. Senior apprentice-brother Qi was rolling on the floor, suffering.

“Aowu!” Little Snow let out an angry roar.

“Don’t bite him. If you kill him in one attack, that’ll be letting him off far too lightly. For such a person, you have to play with them with a proper sequence, a good rhythm, and creativity, all so you can play them to death. Otherwise, how will you make it up to his parents who raised him while cleaning up his crap and piss?” Long Chen shook his head, disagreeing with Little Snow’s suggestion.

“Bastard, what was that?!”

Holding his head, senior apprentice-brother Qi struggled up, doing his best to endure the intense pain coming from his soul.


Long Chen spread out his hands, looking as if it were some secret that couldn’t be told to anyone. Just that appearance of his was worthy of needing a spanking.

“Both of you can die!” Senior apprentice-brother Qi roared furiously. He no longer cared about subduing Little Snow as a housepet. The space between his eyebrows split apart and blood flowed out. “Blood Soul Spear!”

A semi-translucent blood-colored spear slowly grew out of his forehead. The instant it appeared, it locked Long Chen and Little Snow in place.

Long Chen was shocked. Beast Tamers truly were powerful. He had never thought that crap-brother Qi had such a powerful move.

Even before it was fully formed, this attack of his had already locked down Long Chen’s soul. That powerful spiritual pressure was many times stronger than the previous spiritual arrow.

Terror appeared in Little Snow’s eyes. Magical Beasts had an innate fear of spiritual attacks. That was because Magical Beasts possessed extremely weak Spiritual Strength.

Although Little Snow had mutated, the kind of suppression that came from the depths of his soul still made him instinctively terrified.

Beast Tamers were able to control Magical Beasts not only because of their enormous Spiritual Strength, but also because of their countless techniques which were specialized against Magical Beasts.

The entire reason that senior apprentice-brother Qi had come to the Forest of Darkness was all because he wanted to see if he could subdue a powerful fourth rank Magical Beast or perhaps obtain a young Magical Beast.

Senior apprentice-brother Qi’s strength was limited. Those three Magical Beasts he had controlled were his limit. With his current level of Spiritual Strength, there was no way for him to control more. If one of those Magical Beasts launched a counterattack while his Spiritual Strength was stretched to its limit, he would be doomed.

That was why he had been planning on finding two new powerful fourth rank Magical Beasts within the Forest of Darkness to replace his current third rank Magical Beasts. That way his strength would greatly increase.

And if he could find an extra fourth rank Magical Beast, he also wouldn’t mind replacing his Rockscale Python, as its aptitude was not high. Although it was also a fourth rank Magical beast, in front of Little Snow, it was unable to endure a single blow. Right now, it was still lying powerlessly in the distance.


Terrifying Spiritual Strength reached a pinnacle, and his blood-colored spiritual spear shot out at Long Chen and Little Snow.

“Don’t be afraid, Little Snow. I’m here.”

Long Chen patted Little Snow gently. Extending his hand, a popping, rumbling sound appeared from the void, and a violet lightning spear appeared in his hand.

The instant that lightning spear appeared, heaven and earth changed color, the void began to quiver, and a berserk aura filled the surroundings.

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