Chapter 354 I Guess I’ve Finally Caught You

The Forest of Darkness was marked in red, indicating it was an extremely dangerous area.

It spread for millions of miles, and it was extremely gloomy. Adding on the dense vegetation that concealed all kinds of unknown Magical Beasts, a person might lose their life there at any moment.

The Jiuli secret realm had several well-known danger areas. The Forest of Darkness was said to be even more dangerous than the Misty Mountain Valleys.

That was because the Misty Mountain Valleys were simply filled with a terrifyingly thick mist. As long as you didn’t enter deeply into that mist, the danger level wasn’t necessarily high.

However, the Forest of Darkness was different. It looked like just an ordinary forest, but there were countless vicious beasts and poisonous insects hidden within it. Perhaps a single ant would be able to easily kill a Tendon Transformation expert.

All these fatal threats were hidden in places you couldn’t even see. Those threats might come out and take your life at any moment.

You could defend against dangers you could see. They weren’t dangerous. But the unseen dangers were the most frightening. By the time you realized you were in a perilous situation, you would already be dead.

However, the Forest of Darkness was extremely vast, and it was said there were countless relics from ancient times, as well as countless medicinal ingredients. In fact, it was said that there had been people who had obtained an unaging medicine.

Once someone consumed it, it was said they would never grow older, allowing them to maintain their youthful appearance. Even up to the day you died, you would never age. That was a treasure countless female cultivators would go mad for.

There were also legends that people had obtained heaven-defying treasures that were able to promote the level of a person’s Spirit Root. There were also stories of spirit medicines that were capable of roving around the forest. However, the best ones must be the legends that people had obtained immortal grass. Just a single whiff of it was supposed to allow someone to shed their mortal body.

In short, there were all kinds of legends and myths. But even though people knew these legends were exaggerated, they still caused people to go a bit crazy.

All the various large sects classified this as one of the top important places of the secret realm. So despite its fearful reputation, there were still countless experts who risked their lives to go there.

As for Long Chen, he had only just approached the fringes of the Forest of Darkness when he encountered three people. One of them was blocking the other two from leaving.

“I’ll say it again. Hand over your spatial rings and then scram.”

Long Chen’s eyes began to glow. That person was Jiang Yifan.

Previously, back when Yin Luo had chased him down and heavily injured him, it was this bastard who had taken advantage of it and almost taken his life. If it hadn’t been for that mysterious woman, he would have died to him.

Facing Jiang Yifan were two ordinary core disciples. Long Chen didn’t recognize their robes, and so they were probably from some unremarkable small sect.

These two were completely suppressed by Jiang Yifan’s aura.

“We’re all members of the Righteous path! You’re a powerful Chosen, but you’re making it hard on two ordinary disciples. Are you not afraid of ruining your reputation?”

“Now that you say that, you’re absolutely correct. Then for my reputation, I can only sacrifice the two of you.”

Jiang Yifan suddenly shouted icily, and his powerful aura exploded out. A palm smashed towards the two of them.

These two were just ordinary core disciples. In front of Jiang Yifan, they were unable to do anything. Just that single palm made them unable to move. They could only watch in horror as Jiang Yifan’s palm approached.

“Bastard, you definitely won’t have a good death!”

In front of that absolute power disparity, the two of them were filled with despair. One of them used his full strength just to be able to open his mouth and curse Jiang Yifan.

Jiang Yifan sneered, and his palm didn’t hesitate. He didn’t have any misgivings about killing disciples from smaller sects with no power.

He had already killeddozens of similar disciples. Furthermore, it seemed even ordinary core disciples had been quite lucky here. Their spatial rings had contained quite a few nice surprises for him. So this was already a habit of his.

“I’ll grant your wish.”

An extremely unremarkable brick came flying over from an odd angle, smashing into Jiang Yifan’s face.

Jiang Yifan had never imagined someone would sneak attack him at this time. Furthermore, the brick had come silently from his blind spot. There was no chance for him to block it.

Half his face caved in and he vomited a mouthful of blood, his teeth flying through the air.

Those two disciples, who had thought they were about to die, suddenly saw a figure flash over like a bolt of lightning, catch the brick, and then twist in midair to once more slam it into Jiang Yifan’s face.

Jiang Yifan had already been spinning through the air from the first blow. Now his spin was completely reversed, and he once more vomited a mouthful of blood.

However, this time, because of his high-speed revolving, it was like red fireworks were shooting out of his mouth. It was a bizarre kind of beauty.

“Long Chen…!”

Although he was spinning through the air rapidly, he was still a Chosen. He might be the absolute weakest level of Chosen, but he was still far stronger than regular Favored and thus he managed to recognize Long Chen even through the spinning.

“Do you think you can say my name?”

Long Chen’s brick repeatedly struck Jiang Yifan. The first thing Long Chen did was break his elbows and knees so that he couldn’t run.

It went without saying that this brick was quite effective. Long Chen could use it just as nimbly as his own fists, and when it was used in close-range combat, it was practically unblockable.


The sounds of Jiang Yifan’s bones breaking rang out. Even back when Long Chen had been in the Blood Condensation realm, he had still been able to completely suppress Jiang Yifan.

Now that he was at the Tendon Transformation, killing Jiang Yifan didn’t require any effort. However, killing him like this would be letting him off far too lightly. First, Long Chen broke all his limbs, and then he pondered on how he should handle this scum.

As Long Chen attacked Jiang Yifan—no, it should be as Long Chen played with Jiang Yifan, those two disciples who had escaped death didn’t even dare to move.

From the very first attack, Jiang Yifan’s body had still been floating in the air.

The only change was whether he spun clockwise or counterclockwise. Long Chen continuously swung out his brick, almost like he was hitting a spinning top. They were completely stunned.

“Hey, what are you two still doing here? The scene will get a bit bloody in a bit, and it wouldn’t be good for you to see it.” Only when Long Chen finally said something did they react.

The two of them took a deep breath and bowed deeply to Long Chen. “We’ll remember this favor of saving our lives.”

“What favor? Hurry up and leave,” prompted Long Chen.

The two of them glanced at each other. Once more bowing to Long Chen, they turned and rushed away. They were filled with appreciation, and Long Chen’s name was deeply carved in their hearts.

As for Jiang Yifan, he was beaten into a pulp and was constantly letting our miserable shrieks. His heart was filled with terror.

As soon as Long Chen had appeared, he had broken his limbs. He had no idea what method Long Chen was using, but he had severed all the meridians in his limbs. The only thing he could feel was pain.

“What are you fucking screaming about? Fuck your granny, don’t you like being arrogant? Taking advantage of when I was injured, you wanted to take my life? This time I’ll let you know who your grandpa Long Chen is!”

Thinking of how he had almost died because of this idiot, his fury completely exploded. If he died to an expert, then fine. But if he died to an idiot like this, then that would really be too vexing.

Long Chen alternated which side of Jiang Yifan he hit, making him continuously spin through the air.

In fact, Jiang Yifan almost seemed like a professional dancer, continuously dancing gracefully through the air. However, if there wasn’t so much blood flying through the air and there weren’t so many ghost-like wails, it would look more pleasant.

Although Long Chen had an urge to kill him instantly just like this, he held himself back. He wouldn’t let him off so easily.

Long Chen seemed to be striking him extremely hard, but each one of his blows was controlled extremely precisely. He crazily struck Jiang Yifan’s pain nerves while not aiming for anything vital.

Jiang Yifan continued to spin through the air while letting out his howls. Finally, after two hours, the world returned to calm.

It wasn’t that Long Chen had gotten tired. Nor was it that Jiang Yifan had gotten tired of screaming. Instead, it was because he had fainted. Jiang Yifan no longer looked human.

Who knew how many of his bones were broken now. He had been turned into a bloody pulp. Being proficient in the pill path, Long Chen’s comprehension of the human body had reached complete perfection.

He knew this bastard had fainted because he had gone past his pain threshold. This was an instinctive life-preserving reaction of his body so that he wouldn’t die from pain.

“This idiot, he really is soft. With your morality, you wouldn’t even be able to endure three Bone Eroding Needles.”

Long Chen snorted icily. Jiang Yifan really was trash. His pain tolerance was lower than even ordinary disciples.

He took out a bucket from his spatial ring and crushed a medicinal pill, dissolving it in the water. The water immediately turned black as ink. He poured it over Jiang Yifan.


An incredibly mournful music once more began to fill the air, a music that caused a person’s hair to stand on end.

A brick smashed across his face. Long Chen’s spiritual qi sealed Jiang Yifan’s throat. That sound was too ugly to listen to.

Jiang Yifan was temporarily turned into a mute. He was in so much pain that even his eyeballs were about to pop out of his head. His mouth opened, but no sound came out.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you like this. Those were all healing medicines. It’ll just hurt a bit is all.”

Long Chen laughed icily. He picked up Jiang Yifan and rushed forward, looking to find a suitable place to sort him out.

Suddenly, Long Chen saw a cave in the distance. More accurately, it should be called a well. It was a stone well that was around three meters wide and three hundred meters deep.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment. He took all the spatial rings Jiang Yifan had. A thought popped into his head to take his clothes as well, however, the clothes he had been wearing had been torn to pieces already, so he didn’t bother with those rags. He left him essentially clad in some torn threads and a pair of boots. Feeding him another healing pill, he threw him into the well.

“Little fellow, wait patiently for me at the bottom of the well. If you want to live, then don’t try shouting. Otherwise, your qi will explode within your meridians and you’ll die.”

After saying that, Long Chen found a large boulder. Picking it up, he found it was a suitable weight.

He used it to seal the well. He then examined the well. He confirmed there were a couple of cracks that would make it so Jiang Yifan wouldn’t suffocate. Only then was he ready to leave him here. In the future, he could come slowly to put him in order if he had the time. If he didn’t have time, then Jiang Yifan could just die in there.

Long Chen had just been about to leave when he suddenly sensed someone was staring at him. He turned back and was stunned. Did such coincidences really exist in this world?

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