Chapter 352 Only I, Mo Nian, Will Rise to Glory

That person was tall and sturdy, looking like an iron pagoda. Not a single hair grew on his head. Even though he was standing in a mountain forest, his head was like a shining full moon.

“Gu Yang!”

Long Chen smiled. He now ran into another familiar face other than Guo Ran.

He was gratified to see that Gu Yang was now emitting a powerful aura. A kind of Dao charm seemed to circulate around him.

Hehe, this little fellow’s not bad. He’s become a Favored.

That aura coming from Gu Yang’s body was unmistakable. However, Long Chen didn’t know just whose Dao-mark he had seized.

But Long Chen was happy to see that Gu Yang was now holding a golden spear, the same golden spear that had been taken from him by that fellow from the thirty-sixth monastery.

Currently, Gu Yang was hiding in the distance, looking in Long Chen’s direction with horror.

The Barbaric Wind Beast’s pressure made him feel like he couldn’t even move, and a cold chill reached deep into his bones. That man and white-colored wolf running ahead of it looked to be almost herding a large group of third to fourth rank Magical Beasts, scaring him witless.

Looking at that snow-white beast, Gu Yang naturally felt it was familiar. However, he didn’t know Little Snow had advanced to the fourth rank, and so he only felt it was somewhat familiar.

The other thing he felt was familiar was that masked man’s figure. An unyielding arrogance came from that body, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar it felt to him. However, he couldn’t be sure.

“Hey, little fellow, why are you staring at me like that? Anyway, I like your hairstyle, so I’ll bestow this thing to you.”

Gu Yang was stunned, just foolishly watching. Long Chen laughed and threw a wind spirit stone over to him.

Hearing that voice, Gu Yang immediately recognized that this person had to be Long Chen. Catching the wind spirit stone, he saw that Long Chen had already rushed off with his large army of Magical Beasts.

“Boss hasn’t died!” Gu Yang excitedly clenched the wind spirit stone. Other than the photographic jade of Long Chen killing a woman, Gu Yang had also seen one of Long Chen being chased by Yin Luo.

Although that photographic jade had been recorded from a great distance, Gu Yang had clearly recognized the two of them.

The majority of people all felt that the person being chased had definitely died. Although Gu Yang had confidence in Long Chen, he had only been in the Blood Condensation realm at that time, so Gu Yang couldn’t help but worry.

However, after hearing Long Chen’s voice, he naturally recognized him. Furthermore, who else but Long Chen would just throw over a treasure to him?

The main point that proved Long Chen’s identity was the fact that Gu Yang knew no one else who would do something so crazy. Who would possibly decide to play by running around with a terrifying fifth rank Magical Beast?

The fact that Long Chen was in good health caused his confidence to multiply. Watching as Long Chen disappeared into the distance, Gu Yang also continued on his own adventure.

Seeing that Gu Yang was fine also greatly improved Long Chen’s mood. Danger was omnipresent within the Jiuli secret realm. Any of them could die at any moment.

To be able to see one of his fellow disciples was one of the greatest possible boosts to his morale. He felt even more enthusiasm to get going.

“Mush! Mush…!”

Long Chen was constantly urging the Magical Beasts to continue fleeing. Billowing smoke sprang up for thousands of miles wherever Long Chen went.

The distant spectators were all stunned.

“Who is this person? How is he so terrifying?”

“Instead of searching for treasures, he decided to squander his time like this? If that monster behind him catches up, wouldn’t he just be forfeiting his life?” Some people shook their heads, not understanding what this person was doing.

A group of distant Corrupt disciples was being led by a Chosen. They icily watched. “Hmph, the Righteous path’s idiocy really is limitless. Just because they have a fast mount, they have the energy to do something like this? I bet this guy will play himself to death soon!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Ji is right. The Righteous path is just a pack of idiots. Whenever they see us, they’re like mice that have seen cats. Cowards.”

Another Corrupt expert immediately agreed with that surnamed Ji Chosen.

“Only our Corrupt path’s men are interesting. The Righteous path’s idiots are all impressive-looking but absolutely trash good-for-nothings.” An enchanting woman was holding the Chosen’s arm coyly.

“Hey, what’s going on? Those Magical Beasts are coincidentally coming our way!” Someone let out a startled cry.

“Shit, that’s not a coincidence. He’s purposely herding them towards us. Run!” The Corrupt Chosen looked down disdainfully on Long Chen and led his group away.

In truth, Long Chen wasn’t trying to just play around with these Magical Beasts. He was hoping he could draw out a Magical Beast on the same level as the Barbaric Wind Beast. Then he would have a high chance of escaping.

Magical Beasts were all very sensitive towards their territories. That was because their territories contained what they relied on in order to survive.

Whenever other Magical Beasts dared step into their territory, they would go all-out to kill them. That was especially true of Magical Beasts that were the same rank as them. They would assume they had come to steal their treasures, and so they would fight with their lives on the line.

If Long Chen could lead this group of Magical Beasts into the territory of a Magical Beast on the same level of the Barbaric Wind Beast, then that Magical Beast would definitely ignore these small fries and focus on the Barbaric Wind Beast. Then Long Chen could run away safely.

But he was disappointed that the strongest Magical Beast he had run into was only a Blue-spotted Storm Leopard at the peak of the fourth rank.

In the beginning, that beast had come out extremely arrogantly to face off against Little Snow. But then it had seen the Barbaric Wind Beast.

Against Little Snow, it had puffed up its body arrogantly in order to scare him off.

But then this immoral beast had gone from a tiger to a kitten and immediately turned to flee. That had angered Long Chen so much that he had directly cursed it. With just that little courage, how could it be considered a Magical Beast? What happened to its tyrannical nature?

Not a single Magical Beast he ran into dared to bark out a single sound in the face of the Barbaric Wind Beast. They had all fled with their tails tucked between their legs. Long Chen had wandered a whole loop without finding any opportunity to escape.

Just as he had been looking around for a way to shake off the Barbaric Wind Beast, he had suddenly noticed a group wearing Corrupt path robes. He had seen them pointing at him disdainfully. Although he couldn’t hear what they were saying, just looking at their idiotic expressions, he could tell they weren’t saying anything good.

He had already been holding back a stomach full of fire. Now seeing there were people who were actually provoking him and that they were from the Corrupt path, how could Long Chen overlook them? He guided his army of Magical Beasts to charge at them.

The funny thing to Long Chen was that those idiots actually hadn’t realized his intentions and had continued pointing at him.

Only when they were under a hundred miles away did their expressions change, and they began to flee for their lives.

However, they had clearly underestimated these Magical Beasts’ speed. Not everyone possessed Long Chen’s speed. If Long Chen hadn’t trained in the Netherworld Ghost Steps, he also wouldn’t be able to run faster than these four-leggers.


A miserable scream rang out as a Corrupt disciple was hit by a tusked porcupine, instantly turning into a bloody mist.

These Magical Beasts didn’t go out of their way to kill these Corrupt disciples. They were focused on fleeing from the Barbaric Wind Beast, and they only attacked when one of them ended up getting in their way.


“Save me!”

Miserable screams continued to ring out. At this point, there were hundreds of Magical Beasts in Long Chen’s army. They surged out like the tide, and the ground for hundreds of miles was constantly trembling.

“AHHH!” Suddenly, a woman’s blood-curdling shriek rang through the air. The enchanting woman that had been by the Corrupt Chosen’s side had been pierced through by the leg of a huge spider.

That spider had to be the size of a house, and its leg’s sharp end was like a small pillar, almost causing her body to split into two pieces.

She was a Favored with a powerful cultivation base. She had a tenacious life force, and she didn’t instantly die.

But that wasn’t necessarily fortunate. In fact, it could be considered extremely unfortunate as that spider’s leg had many sharp barbs. Once she was pierced through, she continued to stay on the leg and was unable to free herself.

Following the spider’s frantic fleeing, she was constantly flung up and down, causing her to vomit blood over and over.

“Senior apprentice-brother Ji… save me…” That woman used her last strength to cry out to the Corrupt Chosen who was fleeing. As long as he returned and cut off its leg, then since she was a powerful Favored, she would still have a chance to survive.

Unfortunately, that Corrupt Chosen, the one who was a true man in her eyes, seemed to have gone deaf and ignored her plea.

As that spider continued running, she was finally unable to endure any longer, and her body broke apart.

After that stampede of Magical Beasts, their group of over thirty Corrupt disciples now only had nine people who managed to avoid getting hit by any Magical Beasts.

This time, they had truly taken heavy losses. One reason was that those Magical Beasts had turned towards them too suddenly and that they hadn’t been prepared. The other reason was that these Magical Beasts were huge, and so it was extremely difficult to dodge them.

“You goddamn Righteous brat, if you have the guts, then take off your mask and tell us your name!” The Corrupt Chosen had escaped from the range of the Magical Beasts, his expression exceedingly ugly. He roared at the distant Long Chen.

“Are you talking to me? You don’t have the qualifications to see my true face. However, I can let you know my name. Stand firm. Don’t piss your pants once you hear my amazing name.”

As Long Chen continued driving the Magical Beasts forward, he also stood up and raised his left hand high into the air, taking an extremely eye-catching pose. A certain person popped up in his head, and he smiled.

“Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian, will rise to glory.”

His voice contained a special cadence and also contained a disdainful will that looked down on the nine heavens. Long Chen’s voice rang out loud and clear, and those hidden experts within thousands of miles heard it.

Hehe, Mo Nian, don’t you like being in the spotlight? Your brother will help you. There’s no need to thank me. Long Chen laughed. This time Mo Nian’s name would definitely rise to glory!

Ignoring how many people heard him, Long Chen continued driving the Magical Beasts forward. However, Long Chen’s luck really was so lacking that it was heaven-defying. Even after three days of travel, he hadn’t run into anything that dared face off against the Barbaric Wind Beast.

Just as he was starting to get anxious, he saw a tranquil lake ahead and celebrated. Abandoning his army of Magical Beasts, he urged Little Snow over to that lake.

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