Chapter 351 Speed and Enthusiasm


“Haha, Little Snow, you really are getting smarter and smarter.”

Little Snow had used his Spiritual Strength to suggest a method to get away, and this method instantly elevated Long Chen’s mood.

At the same time, he was amazed by Little Snow’s intelligence. Even higher ranking Magical Beasts only possessed a simple intelligence. They were definitely not so smart.

Magical Beasts were inherently brutal and bloodthirsty. They mostly acted only on instinct without ever thinking anything through. There were only a small portion of them with gentler temperaments. However, the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolves were not in that category.

Little Snow was very close to Long Chen emotionally, and he rarely ever expressed his own desires. He always listened to what Long Chen told him. 

However, surprisingly, Little Snow’s intelligence had clearly risen after advancing to the fourth rank, and he was able to think of ways to help Long Chen.

An example would be how he had helped Long Chen absorb the Wind Spirit Crystal into his spiritual space. If Little Snow hadn’t suggested that, Long Chen wouldn’t have thought of it.

The highest level a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf had ever reached was the peak of the third rank. Long Chen had never heard of a Magical Beast that was able to step over the barriers of their inherited bloodline.

However, Little Snow’s body had been changed by the Spirit World expert. Later, Long Chen had then refined a Xiantian blood essence pill to further transform his body. Such opportunities were incredibly rare, and they had finally allowed Little Snow to break out of his shackles and become a mutated Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf.

Ignoring the increase in his power, just the increase in Little Snow’s intelligence made it so he wouldn’t be inferior to any human.

Long Chen was still fleeing with all his might, while behind him was the Barbaric Wind Beast that was as large as a mountain. Its scaled body was tight on his heels.

The two of them had both reached their top speed now. However, Long Chen was unable to control wind energy. At this speed, the powerful air resistance slowed him down greatly.

As Long Chen fled, a line of dust rose wherever he passed, looking like a huge dragon speeding along, appearing incredibly spectacular.

But the Barbaric Wind Beast was still drawing closer. When it was ten miles away, it slowly opened its mouth, and a huge sphere made of wind energy began to condense.

Long Chen had been using his Spiritual Strength to keep track of every single one of the Barbaric Wind Beast’s movements. When it opened its mouth, its scales all flashed with light, and a terrifying wind energy surged towards its mouth.

That sphere was originally just the size of a fist, but as the energy contained within its scales was added in, it quickly grew, becoming several meters wide. A terrifying pressure caused space to tremble.

“Now!” Long Chen suddenly circulated his Spiritual Strength and summoned Little Snow out of his spiritual space. Before Little Snow had even landed on the ground, a huge wind blade shot out of his mouth at the sphere in the Barbaric Wind Beast’s mouth.

That sphere had just reached its energy-saturation point and had been just about to shoot out when Little Snow’s wind blade struck it.


It was like explosives had been set off. Little Snow’s wind blade was the trigger which caused the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attack to explode in its own mouth.

Even the void seemed as if it might erupt. The Barbaric Wind Beast was unable to keep running and ended up tumbling across the ground while letting out pained roars.

“Nice job, Little Snow!” This attack could be described as being perfect. This was all according to Little Snow’s plan, and this one attack was extremely effective. This had been even more effective than the explosive talisman Han Tianfeng had used previously.

Little Snow roared a reply, and Long Chen rubbed Little Snow with his hand. Wind energy brought Long Chen flying atop Little Snow’s back, and Little Snow shot off into the distance.

Little Snow had only just shot off when the Barbaric Wind Beast let out a heaven-shaking roar and once more chased after them.

However, this time Long Chen could see blood dripping out of its mouth. In fact, its mouth had been blown open by that attack, and he could even see its two frightening fangs that were several meters long.

“It really is attached to us,” sighed Long Chen. But with Little Snow taking Long Chen’s place to run, it gave him some time to rest. He just needed to keep watch over the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attacks.

Little Snow was not at all slower than Long Chen’s top speed. More importantly, Little Snow was specialized in running long distances and had much greater endurance than Long Chen. His speed wouldn’t necessarily decline even after running for a full month.

If Little Snow hadn’t been heavily injured before, then Yin Luo would not have been able to catch up to him with his speed.

Now that Little Snow’s injuries were all healed, the two of them no longer had to have any misgivings. They were crazily rushing forward, the wind whistling around them. However, the air resistance no longer posed any trouble.

“I actually forgot that Little Snow is also a wind attribute Magical Beast. Then that Wind Spirit Crystal should be of great assistance to him.” Only now did Long Chen recall that as a wind attribute Magical Beast, Little Snow had an innate control over wind energy.

Thinking of the mountain full of wind spirit stones in his spatial ring and that Wind Spirit Crystal in his spiritual space, Long Chen’s smile threatened to split his face apart.

“As I thought, greed is the greatest motivation for humanity to advance.” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Now it seemed he had tossed out the bit of wisdom that said a person couldn’t be too greedy.

The more daring a person was, the greater the gains they could make. Courage was money.

“As I thought, a person should be humane. A good person gets good rewards. I’ve finally learned how to have a humane heart.” 

Holding a wind spirit stone in his hand and sensing the pure wind energy coming from it, he had an infatuated expression.

If his words were to be heard by Zhao Mingshan or the other Chosen, they would definitely have to come back as ghosts to get their revenge on him.

Two powerful Chosen had died without even knowing how, all because he had ‘repaid enmity with kindness’. 

Two hours passed. They had traveled thousands of miles, but that Barbaric Wind Beast was still close behind them. It didn’t show the slightest signs of tiring.

However, what both gratified and disappointed Long Chen was that it no longer opened its mouth to attack and simply followed along. It would only occasionally let out an angry roar.

If it decided to foolishly attack a couple more times, then with Little Snow’s assistance, he could definitely toy this powerful beast to death.

But the Barbaric Wind Beast was smarter than that. Obviously, by not attacking, it was planning on making this a battle of attrition. It was healing its injuries while chasing. Furthermore, it possessed an enormous amount of wind energy, and so it wasn’t at all afraid of getting tired.

“Aowu!” Little Snow shot past two mountain ranges; his speed increased even more.

“Haha, I know you won’t lose to it. You’re always the best!” Long Chen lightly patted Little Snow’s back. Funnily enough, Little Snow usually had the temperament of a cute child and was extremely competitive.

“Little Snow, don’t push yourself too hard. That beast has a vast amount of energy. We’ll have to prepare for a battle of endurance,” warned Long Chen.

Long Chen noticed that the terrain was changing. There were more and more mountain ranges, and the short underbrush was growing taller.

He also saw tracks of other Magical Beasts; in other words, as they continued forward, they were very likely to enter the territories of other Magical Beasts.

If Little Snow went too fast and ran into them, then even if they were of a similar ranking to Little Snow, they might take the initiative to fight with Little Snow and Long Chen to protect their territories.

But then if they kept the pace a bit slower and maintained a distance of around five to ten miles from the Barbaric Wind Beast, then its terrifying aura would make it so that other Magical Beasts wouldn’t even dare take a look. 

Long Chen was sitting on Little Snow’s back as they rushed along. On the way, they ran into quite a few cultivators who were searching for various treasures or opportunities.

When they saw Long Chen, Little Snow, as well as that huge mountain-like Barbaric Wind Beast behind them, they all turned to stone.

The terrifying pressure coming from the Barbaric Wind Beast chilled them to their bones. Even though they were hundreds of miles away, they still felt as if their hearts were being squeezed.

“Just who is that? Is he playing with his life? How could he provoke a fifth rank Magical Beast?”

None of them had recognized the Barbaric Wind Beast, but they could all tell its rank from the pressure coming from its body.

“He’s wearing a baby mask? When did the Righteous disciples start acting like this?” A Corrupt Favored looked on in amazement from a distance.

The beaming smile on that baby mask made people feel like this person was definitely just playing around. But to play around with a fifth rank Magical Beast, he was definitely playing with his life.


As Long Chen and Little Snow were rushing along, a large figure appeared ahead of them. That was a three-horned monster yak. Its body was around a hundred meters long, and it emitted a much stronger pressure than Little Snow.

However, once it looked in Little Snow’s direction, it began to flee for its life. It would be more accurate to say that it had seen the Barbaric Wind Beast behind Little Snow. It didn’t even care about its lair, instead immediately running.

“Follow it, Little Snow! We need a little bit more enthusiasm here. Let’s make this more lively for everyone.”

Under Long Chen’s directions, the Magical Beasts in this area all fled from their lairs. Long Chen brought the Barbaric Wind Beast running all around, alarming all the Magical Beasts that were hiding within their territories. They all began to flee like stray dogs.

The distant experts watching this were all stupefied. The startled Magical Beasts were running in all directions, scaring these disciples into also fleeing frantically.

“Little Snow, do you feel a kind of high-spirited, excited feeling?” Seeing those beasts, all with their own powerful auras, being sent scattering over the hills because of the two of them, Long Chen involuntarily felt some pride.


“Hehe, as long as you like it! It really is too refreshing.” Long Chen laughed heartily. In any case, the Barbaric Wind Beast didn’t dare attack anymore, and so they were temporarily safe.

As they were rushing along, Long Chen suddenly saw a familiar figure standing in the mountains.

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