Chapter 350 Unrelenting Chase

By the time Han Tianfeng’s vision returned, he was horrified to see that the unknown person had disappeared, and replacing him was a large scale-covered claw that was even larger than a house smashing down on him.

He was shocked, infuriated, and panicked. He had no time to figure out what had just happened. Circulating all his power, a rock-like texture appeared over his arms.

His arms swelled and seemed to have been covered by a layer of rock. The sleeves of his robes exploded.

“Star Rock Arms!” Han Tianfeng roared, and the instant he used his ability, his arm strength multiplied by several times. His spear ruthlessly smashed into the Barbaric Wind Beast’s claw.


Even the distant Long Chen sensed the earth quiver intensely. But the most shocking thing was that the powerful Barbaric Wind Beast was actually forced back several meters.

Previously, Long Chen had intentionally used thunderforce to confuse Han Tianfeng. He didn’t want to face off against him directly, not because he was afraid of him, but simply because this wasn’t the right time.

Furthermore, Han Tianfeng was definitely terrifyingly powerful. Long Chen had no idea how many trump cards he possessed. He had no assurance of being able to beat him.

Using all opportunities and resources as your own was the way of the king. To use the least investment to make the greatest return was the smartest option.

Although Han Tianfeng had managed to block the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attack, he was also sent flying by its power. He smashed into the small mountain of wind spirit stones.

That powerful impact caused quite a few wind spirit stones to fly out. Han Tianfeng’s body trembled, and an unhealthy flush appeared on his face.

Long Chen also noticed that his rock-like arms had been cracked. Even with his Star Rock Arms, his arms were still bleeding.

However, Long Chen was still shocked by Han Tianfeng’s power. The Barbaric Wind Beast was a fifth rank Magical Beast, which was equivalent to the human Meridian Opening realm.

Moreover, the Barbaric Wind Beast was an overlord amongst fifth rank Magical Beasts, and other than the fact that it couldn’t control natural energy, it was practically a match for Xiantian experts.

The fact that Han Tianfeng could use his Tendon Transformation cultivation base to block one of its blows meant he was definitely an expert amongst experts.

Clap, clap, clap.

Han Tianfeng’s power aroused Long Chen’s applause. Only now did Han Tianfeng notice that baby-masked person clapping, causing him to turn green with fury.

He was just about to say something when he suddenly stopped breathing. A terrifying pressure had locked down on him. A huge tail was whipping towards him.

Han Tianfeng’s full strength attack had ended up injuring the Barbaric Wind Beast’s claw, which had completely infuriated it. Its tail was hundreds of meters long, and it lashed down on him like a divine whip.

The Barbaric Wind Beast had always been using its wind energy to attack. Its energy was located within its Neidan. In addition, its scales also possessed a terrifying amount of energy.

However, its strongest attacking tool was its tail. Even before it arrived, it had already caused the air to explode, and its terrifying pressure made it so Han Tianfeng could barely even move a finger.

In the face of that terrifying blow, Han Tianfeng was shocked. He was also infuriated, especially when he saw that baby-masked fellow just clapping his hands as if watching a play.

Seeing this attack arriving, Han Tianfeng was unable to even dodge. He clenched his teeth and took out another ancient talisman.

“Little brat, you better wait! I’ll fucking kill you!”

Just before the Barbaric Wind Beast’s tail was about to reach him, Han Tianfeng crushed the talisman in his hand, instantly disappearing from Long Chen’s eyes.

The scenery in front of Han Tianfeng changed. He appeared atop a large mountain. He hastily took out a map and compared it to the surroundings. A furious roar rang out.

“Bastard, you’re definitely dead!”

In that moment of crisis, he had activated an extremely precious random teleportation talisman. 

They were all life-saving treasures. He only had possessed two of them. One of them was a close-range teleportation talisman, while the other was a long-range teleportation talisman.

Once such talismans were crushed, they would instantly teleport you to a location a set distance from where you activated it.

The close-range teleportation talisman had a range of around three thousand miles. As for which direction, that was up to luck.

As for the long-range teleportation talisman, it had a range of greater than thirty thousand miles.

He had originally been planning on using the short-range teleportation talisman. However, in his panic, he had ended up taking out the wrong one.

Looking at the map, he realized he was currently around forty thousand miles from the Misty Mountain Valleys.

Even if he rushed back at his full speed, it would still require several days for him to make it back there. More importantly, this was the Jiuli secret realm, and it was filled with countless dangers. He was unable to rush around so brazenly.

And if he were to travel carefully, then it would take over a month for him to reach the Misty Mountain Valleys again. By that time, it would be far too late.

He had been planning on using the short-range teleportation talisman, which should have allowed him to return to the Misty Mountain Valleys quickly. Perhaps he could have guarded the outside to wait for that fellow to come out or perhaps gather some sort of benefits. In any case, he would have been able to do something.

But now there was nothing he could do. He wouldn’t be able to obtain any treasure, and two of his recently acquired loyal followers had died. The most infuriating thing was that he had no idea who had done this.

“AHHH!!! Once I find out who you are, I’ll definitely tear you apart piece by piece!!!”

Han Tianfeng looked up at the sky and let out a furious roar. The fury in his voice seemed to be enough to set a mountain aflame, and his handsome features were twisted into a malevolent expression.

While Han Tianfeng was releasing all his fury, feeling as if he might explode, Long Chen was stunned by Han Tianfeng’s shocking methods.

“That ground beetle really does have money. He even had a teleportation talisman.”

Teleportation talismans were not ordinary talismans. They required a talisman grandmaster who was above the Xiantian realm to create.

Creating talismans was similar to alchemy in that different talismans had different difficulty levels to create.

Talisman experts all hated creating teleportation talismans the most. One reason was because of the high failure rate, while the other reason was that it required an incredibly high level of Spiritual Strength. Thus, teleportation talismans were something that couldn’t necessarily be bought with just money.

In any case, Long Chen had heard that the cheapest teleportation talismans were sold for at least tens of thousands of spirit stones. In fact, some were priced in the hundreds of thousands. To the poor, pauper Long Chen, he didn’t even bother finding out the exact price, as he was afraid it would give him too big of a blow.

This was the first time Long Chen encountered someone using teleportation talismans. Along with his shock, he also felt a kind of injustice as if all the good stuff in the world had been taken away by pigs.


Since Han Tianfeng had disappeared, the Barbaric Wind Beast’s tail ended up smashing into the small mountain.

The mountain was like a bamboo shoot that had been severed, and it was sent flying at Long Chen. He was delighted; this was the moment he had been waiting for. He shot into the air, placing a large hand on the flying mountain.

All of Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength flowed out, and this small mountain that was formed of countless wind spirit stones disappeared in midair.

If Long Chen had been by himself, then absorbing such a mountain would definitely have been almost impossible without much more work.

However, now that it had been severed and was in midair, he used the same principle as he used back when he had gathered the forging table from the ancient tomb. This was much easier.

Even so, Long Chen felt the majority of his vast Spiritual Strength disappear in order to absorb this huge entity. A slight pain filled his head.

In any case, he had at least managed to gather the treasure.

Having obtained all these wind spirit stones, Long Chen had no choice but to thank the Corrupt Chosen he had killed previously.

Long Chen hadn’t possessed as large a spatial ring as he had. From the Corrupt Chosen, he had obtained a spatial ring that possessed a space of a cubic mile.

After obtaining that small mountain, Long Chen didn’t tarry any longer. He immediately scampered away. The Misty Mountain Valleys no longer held anything that was worth him sticking around.

Long Chen might want to leave with his happy memories of this place, but the Barbaric Wind Beast wasn’t so willing to let him go. It let out a furious roar, and suddenly shot at him.

Terrifying spheres of wind blades constantly destroyed the mountains around him. Long Chen was fleeing miserably, constantly dodging.

This was the first time Long Chen began to feel some gratefulness toward the Corrupt path. If it hadn’t been for Gui Sha, then without the agility and speed of the Netherworld Ghost Steps, he would have long since been eaten alive.

“A marker!” Long Chen suddenly sensed one of the Spirit Guide Pills he had buried and began rushing in that direction.

Long Chen rushed as fast as he could while dodging the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attacks. He didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless as it was too terrifying. If he was struck, he would definitely be at least heavily injured, if not dead.

The Netherworld Ghost Steps was an extremely exquisite technique, and it was at an especially high-level when it came to sudden changes in direction. He was like a phantom and was saved by this technique several times.

Suddenly, light appeared in front of him, and the mist began to fade. Long Chen no longer needed to rely on his divine sense to see his surroundings.

Now that he had left the mountain valleys, Long Chen began to take larger strides, speeding along like a bolt of lightning, appearing a hundred miles away in just an instant.

“Eh? Who is that? What terrifying speed!”

“He’s wearing a mask, so I can’t tell. Heavens! Did he just come out of the Misty Mountain Valleys?!”

There were some people in the vicinity who caught a glimpse of this masked man rushing out from within the Misty Mountain Valleys. But wasn’t it said that if you entered the Misty Mountain Valleys, you would never be able to leave?

The ground began to rumble, the mountain valleys swaying intensely as if there was an earthquake. All their expressions changed.

A powerful wind shot out, and a huge figure rushed out, chasing after Long Chen and crossing dozens of miles in the blink of an eye.

All of them turned lifeless. After a long moment, someone rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he had just seen.

“Just who was that?”

In a single breath, Long Chen crossed a thousand miles. He had already pushed his speed to his peak, but the Barbaric Wind Beast behind him was drawing ever closer.

“This time it’s really troublesome.” Long Chen began to swear inside. Sure enough, a person couldn’t be too greedy. If he had fled as the Barbaric Wind Beast had attacked Han Tianfeng, he would have long since strutted away from it.

Just as Long Chen was racking his brain for ideas on how to escape the giant monster behind him, Little Snow’s voice rang out within his spiritual space.

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