Chapter 349 Han Tianfeng Vomits Blood

Han Tianfeng had hidden himself very securely. From the intense tremors, he could tell the Barbaric Wind Beast was currently chasing someone and heading in his direction.

A cruel sneer appeared on his face. He wanted to see just who dared use him as a tool.

At this moment, he heard a noise coming from the other side of the mountain valley. He hesitated about whether or not he should sneak over to look.


Suddenly, the mountain valley behind him exploded. It happened so quickly and out of nowhere that he didn’t even have time to raise any defenses. A large portion of the mountain slammed into him from above, causing him to vomit a mouthful of blood.

“A pity it was slightly slanted.” Long Chen’s divine sense had seen it extremely clearly. If the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attack had been just a few meters lower, Han Tianfeng would have been instantly killed.

With the mountain valley in front of him pierced through, Long Chen shot through the opening without hesitation.

When he ran above where Han Tianfeng was buried, he even viciously slammed his foot down before continuing forward.

Han Tianfeng, who was buried by rubble, felt a huge force transmit through the ground and shake his organs, causing him to vomit another mouthful of blood.

Although the previous attack from the Barbaric Wind Beast hadn’t struck him directly, it had already shaken his internal organs. Now adding on Long Chen’s intentional blow with his foot, his injuries were exacerbated.

However, as a top expert, despite being buried under the rubble, his divine sense still locked onto Long Chen.

Although he was unable to clearly see Long Chen’s figure, he could tell it was a person, which proved that his guess had been right and that someone had been using him.

“This fucker!” Han Tianfeng shook with fury. How could he, a grand Chosen, have ever endured such frustration? How could he not tell that Long Chen’s kick to the ground was intentional?

In his fury, he recklessly charged out of the rubble and stuck out his head, just happening to see Long Chen’s figure disappear.

“Monastery robes!” Han Tianfeng ground his teeth. He had recognized the robes, but the mark of the monastery number was on the front, and he couldn’t see it.

So he had actually been used by a monastery disciple?! He was about to go berserk. There was actually someone in the monastery who would treat him like this?!

Just as he was about to explode from anger, a huge claw descended, and he instinctively pulled his head back into the ground.


The ground quivered and Han Tianfeng felt as if a mountain had fallen on him, causing him to vomit another mouthful of blood.

When he dizzily stuck his head out of the ground again, he felt as if all his bones had been broken. He vaguely managed to see the Barbaric Wind Beast’s huge figure wildly rushing out of his range of vision.

“AHH!!! Intolerable!” Han Tianfeng clenched his teeth furiously. Previously, he had been stepped on by Long Chen, and now he had even been viciously stepped on by the Barbaric Wind Beast.

If he didn’t know that this Barbaric Wind Beast had already reached full maturity, and there was no way to tame it, he would have thought those two had purposely worked together to humiliate him.

“Bastard! I won’t let you off like this! I’ll definitely find out who you are, and when I do, I’ll tear you apart!” Han Tianfeng viciously swore.

Han Tianfeng began to follow in the direction where Long Chen had left. He chased for over a hundred miles when he heard a distant rumbling that was quickly approaching him.

“They’re returning? Hmph, are you going to let me see who you are this time?” Han Tianfeng looked around and saw a good place to hide himself behind a boulder. He hid and waited.

But he was disappointed to see that whoever it was that was fleeing from the Barbaric Wind Beast wouldn’t pass through here. Their path was two mountains over, and he didn’t dare go over to look.

If he appeared, then that might very well draw the Barbaric Wind Beast’s fury. Just as he was hesitating about whether or not to switch locations, the ground trembled, and he was delighted to see that this time, that fleeing person was getting closer.

He was definitely getting closer. Much, much closer.


The mountain beside Han Tianfeng once more exploded. Before he had even realized what was going on, he was buried. Only this time his injury was even more severe, and he vomited three mouthfuls of blood.


After vomiting those three mouthfuls of blood, he felt the ground above him sink again, and a violent energy pressed down on him.

Han Tianfeng once more vomited a mouthful of blood. But before he could even get angry, an even greater pressure descended from above, and he felt as if his body might explode.

Hastily circulating his spiritual qi, he stubbornly withstood the pressure, feeling as if he might instead explode with rage. This time was the exact same as last time, except now his injuries were even worse.

Crawling out of the ground, he noticed that the two of them had already disappeared before he could get a glimpse of them.

“You goddamn bastards, just wait for me!”

Angry veins bulged across his forehead. However, he still maintained his reasoning and didn’t go chase after them.

“Is that bastard doing this intentionally?” Doing his best to suppress his rage, he calmed himself down to consider what had happened. This was definitely too coincidental. “This bastard very likely possesses some unknown way to track down my location. Tch, I can’t continue like this. I should first go back to those wind spirit stones.”

Han Tianfeng absolutely refused to believe that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was powerful enough to cover such a huge distance.

He also refused to believe a disciple’s Spiritual Strength could reach the level that even he was unable to sense it.

So, he assumed that Long Chen must possess some sort of treasure on him that was allowing him to keep track of the surroundings, which was also why he would dare enter the Misty Mountain Valleys.

Once he had thought of all that, he calmed down greatly. He no longer bothered trying to figure out who that person was. As long as they didn’t die, he would find out their identity sooner or later. The Wind Spirit Crystal was more important. Consuming a healing pill, he began rushing back to that place.

Long Chen had brought the Barbaric Wind Beast to attack Han Tianfeng twice, but its attacks had missed him, causing Long Chen to sigh regretfully.

At the same time, he cursed the Barbaric Wind Beast for not being accurate enough. However, that was not something he could control. He could only continue running.

In truth, the Barbaric Wind Beast’s top speed was definitely greater than his. However, these mountain valleys criss-crossed like a maze, and there was no way for it to release its full speed. All it could do was furiously roar and continue chasing.

“Oh? As the saying goes, if you worry about something, it’ll happen. That little fellow is actually going back. Tch, I’m working so hard, yet this fellow’s being lazy. My treasures aren’t so easily taken by others. You’ll have to come and do some work with me.”

Long Chen started rushing back to that mountain of wind spirit stones. This time, Long Chen was essentially going in a straight line because the Barbaric Wind Beast’s attacks had already destroyed the original mountains.

Long Chen was rushing back at his top speed, but the Barbaric Wind Beast was even faster. The two of them were like two bolts of lightning returning to their original location.

Back in that spot, Han Tianfeng was glaring at the mountain of wind spirit stones. Seeing that the top portion of it was gone, he was both shocked and infuriated.

Although he had been prepared for this sight, seeing that top treasure disappear, he was still unable to suppress his fury.

“You better wait for me! I’ll definitely make you spit out my treasures!” Han Tianfeng furiously ground his teeth.

However, while he temporarily couldn’t obtain that Wind Spirit Crystal, this mountain of wind spirit stones was still a huge treasure. If he gathered them all, he would instantly become the richest disciple of all the monasteries.

These wind spirit stones were more than what the first monastery could possibly save up in tens of thousands of years.

Compared to ordinary spirit stones, these wind spirit stones were much more precious. The market price was around three ordinary spirit stones for one wind spirit stone. Furthermore, wind spirit stones rarely went on the market.

Although a portion of this mountain had been cut away, the remaining portion definitely contained tens of millions of wind spirit stones. With that kind of wealth, who could possibly compare to him in terms of money?

With that kind of wealth, he would be able to raise a huge army and entice all kinds of geniuses. He would no longer be suppressed by his big brother.

Han Tianfeng had been carefully scrutinizing this mountain of wind spirit stones and pondering on how to absorb the whole thing into a spatial ring when the ground began to rock and he heard a whistling wind behind him.

He hastily turned back to see a person shooting over at this place like an arrow. The dozen miles between them would be crossed in just the blink of an eye.

“Bastard, how dare you use me?! Die!” Han Tianfeng was both startled and infuriated to see that this fellow was extremely crafty. He had torn off the marking representing which monastery he came from.

These robes only showed that he was an ordinary core disciple of a monastery. Furthermore, the most hateful thing about him was that he was wearing a mask to conceal who he was.

If it had just been an ordinary mask, Han Tianfeng wouldn’t be so irritated. But this bastard was actually wearing a large baby-head mask[1].

That smile of the baby mask was clearly a naked taunt. Thinking of everything he had experienced because of this fellow, Han Tianfeng’s hair was standing on end from anger. A dirt-yellow spear appeared in his hands, and he stabbed it at Long Chen.

This spear somehow gave off the sensation of being incredibly heavy as if the land around it was supporting it with some kind of special energy. Even the space around it seemed as if it might explode in the face of the spear’s pressure.

In response to that spear, Long Chen also took out a large hammer.


The ground shook. Long Chen’s hammer was instantly sent flying, disappearing from sight.

After sending his hammer flying, for some reason, Han Tianfeng suddenly had a bad feeling. Seeing the smile of that baby mask, his expression changed.

“Shit.” He finally realized what was wrong. The reason he had sent his hammer flying wasn’t because he was stronger, but it was this fellow’s intention . All his energy had been spent on sending that hammer flying, and now this unknown fellow had arrived right in front of him. A ball of violet lightning appeared in Long Chen’s hand.

The instant that ball of lightning appeared, the void began to shiver, and a terrifying pressure shot out.

“Here, a gift. Don’t be courteous.”

Thunderforce exploded out, causing all of heaven and earth to tremble. Anyone in range would have been blinded by the light.


Han Tianfeng used his spear to block this attack. Although he wasn’t able to see, he was able to use his intuition to block the lightning ball.

Blocking it, he felt numbness course through his body. Furthermore, the light was too blinding and he couldn’t see.

In a short moment, Han Tianfeng recovered his vision just in time to see a huge, scaled claw smashing down on him.

[1] If you want to be creeped out, look up 娃娃的面具

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