Chapter 347 Terrifying Barbaric Wind Beast

“Damn, this Wind Spirit Crystal is stuck to the mountain.” Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen were using spiritual qi to protect themselves from the wind. But when they tried to move the Wind Spirit Crystal, which was as tall as they were, they found that they were unable to budge it.

Wind Spirit Crystals contained wind energy, and so its weight wasn’t actually that heavy. And yet, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to displace it. It was as if it were growing out of the mountain.

“Then how about we cut it down?” A sword appeared in Zhao Mingshan’s hand.

“No!” Down below, Han Tianfeng’s expression changed and he hastily stopped them. “You absolutely cannot. If you end up attacking the Wind Spirit Crystal and activating the energy inside, we’ll all be dead.”

As a Chosen from the first monastery, Han Tianfeng’s knowledge surpassed other Chosen, and he was aware of some taboos regarding this Wind Spirit Crystal.

If the two of them used their spiritual qi to attack it, then that would make an opening for the violent energy inside it, and it would be like a flood erupting out of a dam. The terrifying energy would instantly annihilate anything within thousands of miles.

That kind of terrifying energy was something even Xiantian experts would be unable to block. As for the three of them, they would instantly be turned to dust. That was why Han Tianfeng had been so scared when he saw Zhao Mingshan take out a blade.

“Then what should we do?” Zhao Mingshan didn’t dare move, never having expected the Wind Spirit Crystal to be so terrifying.

But when he looked down, he saw that Han Tianfeng’s expression was paper-white, his eyes filled with terror. “You… you two…”

The two Chosen were startled. What had happened for a top expert to become so speechless?

“You two… behind you…” Han Tianfeng finally stuttered out.

The two hastily turned to look behind the mountain. But when they saw that huge figure, they instantly turned stiff.

A huge head was right in front of them. Because it was too huge, they couldn’t even see what its body looked like.

Two eyes that were as large as houses stared at them. The icy light shining from them made the two Chosen feel as if they had landed in an icehouse.

Hurry up and run you idiots! Seeing that those two idiots were still stunned, Long Chen involuntarily felt some worry.

These two idiots! What kind of time was it for them to be daydreaming? They had to be holy warriors amongst idiots. For them to not immediately run in the face of a fifth rank Magical Beast, were they waiting for it to say hello?

Long Chen didn’t really care about their lives. In fact, that hatred he had felt towards them had also lessened greatly. What he wanted was that Wind Spirit Crystal.

That Wind Spirit Crystal contained extremely clear wind mysteries, and if Tang Wan-er could comprehend those, she would definitely be able to soar in power.

Although neither he nor Tang Wan-er had ever expressed certain kinds of feelings towards each other, they both knew they were present in each other’s hearts. These kinds of feelings didn’t need to be expressly spoken.

To obtain this Wind Spirit Crystal, Long Chen had forced himself to lay down his hatred and gift these people his wind spirit stones. Ah, he really had sacrificed a great deal for Tang Wan-er.

But these two idiots were still just staring blankly at this time. If they were instantly killed by this Barbaric Wind Beast, wouldn’t all his efforts have been wasted?

“Run!” Han Tianfeng roared, and without even thinking about it, he turned and fled. He had recognized the Barbaric Wind Beast.

As for Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen, they finally recovered from their terror and began to flee with all their might.

The Barbaric Wind Beast watched as they jumped off the mountain and rushed several miles away. Then it suddenly opened its mouth and a large wind net shot out.

“Nice! It purposely waited to attack to avoid damaging the mountain.” Long Chen had seen through the Barbaric Wind Beast’s intent.

The Barbaric Wind Beast’s mouth opened to a size of dozens of meters. The wind net it shot out was highly condensed and didn’t end up changing shape as it shot out.

The wind net was like lightning, instantly arriving behind the three of them. Seeing that they couldn’t get away, Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen all erupted with their greatest strength, runes lighting up all over their bodies. Their swords slashed out behind them.

The distant Long Chen was horrified by what he saw. Their weapons instantly exploded when they collided with the wind net.

The wind net wasn’t impacted in the slightest. It directly swept over the two of them, making them explode into pieces.

In front of that huge net, these two powerful Chosen were like ants without the slightest ability to resist.

That gave Long Chen a fright. At the same time, he rejoiced that he hadn’t dared to go provoke that Barbaric Wind Beast.

“To dare challenge the Barbaric Wind Beast, these two really were brave.” Seeing the sky full of blood mist, Long Chen muttered some praise. Unfortunately, those two had already died, and they didn’t get to hear Long Chen’s sarcasm.

Han Tianfeng was horrified to see the two people behind him be instantly killed. Since he couldn’t get away, he suddenly roared, and countless runes appeared between his hands. He slammed them down on the earth.

“Great Earthen Walls!”

Following his shout, Long Chen was surprised to see a dirt-yellow mark appear on his forehead. A total of nine walls of rock shot out of the ground.

Each one of those walls was three meters thick and thirty meters tall. Runes glowed with a metallic light on them. They appeared incredibly sturdy and emitted a powerful pressure.

Even though he was an enemy, Long Chen had no choice but to admire him. Han Tianfeng truly was terrifying. Long Chen had never before seen such a high defensive ability.

At the same time, he understood that Han Tianfeng possessed a defensively powerful earth attribute energy.

That terrifying wind net smashed into the nine barriers and completely destroyed them before continuing onwards at Han Tianfeng.

Han Tianfeng roared and formed a strange hand seal. Suddenly, the ground beneath his feet split open like a gaping maw and swallowed him.

The terrifying wind net slammed into the earth. A huge crater blew open, and even Han Tianfeng was sent flying from the ground.

However, after those nine walls, the wind net had lost over half its energy. Hiding underground, he had only received a small portion of the remaining force.

Even so, Han Tianfeng turned pale with fright. If he hadn’t thought of this idea at the last moment, he would definitely have been at least heavily injured.

As soon as he shot out of the earth, he frantically fled. Such a powerful ancient Magical Beast was not something he could handle.

Seeing that it hadn’t killed Han Tianfeng in one blow, the Barbaric Wind Beast suddenly opened its mouth. However, this time it didn’t spit out anything, but inhaled.

“Not good!” Long Chen was startled. Although the Barbaric Wind Beast wasn’t purposely targeting him, its terrifying attractive force still affected him. Long Chen felt his body begin to float up. He stabbed Devil Decapitator into the rock, holding on tightly.

That terrifying attractive force increased over time, and Long Chen felt as if he were in a raging flood of water that was trying to pull him over. The only thing keeping him from flying out was Devil Decapitator.

“Fuck, this monster’s too terrifying!” Long Chen cursed inside. That mouth wasn’t even pointed at him, but he still felt he was close to flying over.

He could only bitterly endure. If he dared use his spiritual qi, that might alert the Barbaric Wind Beast. Then he really would be screwed.

As for Han Tianfeng, he had fled less than a mile when he felt his body become light, and he involuntarily flew back.

The Barbaric Wind Beast’s mouth was pitch-black and was covered with sharp teeth. It appeared sinister and chilling.

Han Tianfeng had no ability to resist in midair. He quickly began to fly towards the Barbaric Wind Beast’s mouth.

If he was swallowed, then there was zero chance he would live. Clenching his teeth, a dark gold rectangular piece of paper suddenly appeared in his hand.

That yellow paper was around two inches wide and half a foot long. Bizarre lines were drawn on top of it that caused the space around it to fluctuate.

“Talisman!” Long Chen had been carefully paying attention, and the instant he saw Han Tianfeng take out that paper, he was filled with shock.

Talisman experts could use their powerful Spiritual Strength to use specialized talisman liquid and paper to create talisman seals that could release terrifying effects.

Talisman experts were extremely rare, much, much rarer than alchemists. Medicinal pills were everywhere in the cultivation world, but there were very few talismans. The majority of talismans were all in the hands of the large sects. Frankly speaking, only rich powers were able to afford them.

That was because talismans were one-time use items. Even low-level talismans cost thousands of spirit stones. Long Chen’s monastery did not possess such luxury goods.

So seeing Han Tianfeng pull out a talisman infuriated Long Chen. Perhaps that was a classic hatred towards the rich.

Han Tianfeng let go of the talisman. Due to being so light, it was instantly pulled into the Barbaric Wind Beast’s open mouth. He then formed a hand seal.


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