Chapter 346 Using Kindness to Repay Enmity

“Who’s there?!”

Han Tianfeng’s shout gave the other two a fright. They both took out their weapons warily.

But nothing happened. The only thing they saw was the endless mist.

With some embarrassment, Han Tianfeng suddenly said, “Maybe I was too sensitive. This is the Misty Mountain Valleys, and other than us three, there’s no way there’s anyone else.”

However, he had just sensed an extremely indistinct killing intent. His expert intuition had caused him to suddenly shout.

Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen’s nervous expressions caused him to feel a bit embarrassed. He felt he had maybe been a bit too nervous.

“Haha, it’s ok. All this means is that brother Tianfeng is cautious. That’s how an expert should be.” The two of them hastily laughed to cover up that awkward atmosphere.

However, inside, they felt this was a bit strange. They were in the depths of the Misty Mountain Valleys. Whoever dared enter here was just sending themselves to death.

As the three of them suspiciously hesitated, Long Chen had already withdrawn several miles. He couldn’t help being somewhat amazed. Han Tianfeng was definitely extremely powerful.

He had been suppressing his emotions, not letting his killing intent surge out of him. But when he had heard them place their intentions on Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, his anger had leaked out slightly.

That was just an extremely slight change, but it had still drawn his attention. This person was definitely stronger than what Long Chen had expected.

It was no wonder he dared compete with his brother. Even if he wasn’t capable of defeating him, they should both still be on the same level. They were much, much stronger than ordinary Chosen.

“Should I kill them now?” Long Chen rubbed Devil Decapitator. Holding the hilt, he had an urge to immediately start up a large fight.

But then he shook his head. “A martial artist must have a cultivator’s heart and be humane. I swore back then to become a supreme scoundrel. Killing people like this is wrong.

“I need to have a powerful a heart and forgive my enemies. That is the most honorable thing to do. I need to try using kindness to repay enmity.

“Although I know this is hard, I still have to try it at least once. For my grand goal, I should bring out my full effort.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth. Since he had said it, he would do it. He took out a wind spirit stone, calculated in the wind direction, and sent it flying.

Those three who were slowly advancing while searching for medicinal herbs suddenly felt a change in the air and looked to the front. They saw a stone flying towards them.

Han Tianfeng reached out his hand and caught it. He hastily looked in the direction it had come from, but all he saw was mist.

“Who is it?!”

Zhao Mingshan was the first to summon the courage to shout. After all, their vision range did not surpass three hundred meters here, which was a bit spooky.

“You don’t need to shout. This wasn’t thrown by a person.” Han Tianfeng shook his head.

“If it wasn’t a person, then who did it? A ghost?” 

Han Tianfeng was too lazy to respond to them. He carefully examined the stone in his hand and couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“Wind spirit stone?” As someone from the first monastery, Han Tianfeng was experienced and knowledgeable. He naturally could recognize it.

As for the other two Chosen, they could tell that this wind spirit stone had to be important from Han Tianfeng’s expression.

“How could there be wind spirit stones here?” Han Tianfeng was filled with ecstasy. “This stone wasn’t thrown by someone but sent flying by some kind of natural energy.”

Long Chen had sent this wind spirit stone flying through the air using his Spiritual Strength. Once it had reached a certain speed, he had released it.

Due to the wind energy inside these stones, they were able to float in midair for a certain amount of time. If nothing stopped them, it was more than possible for them to fly thousands of miles. That was also why Xu Yang had managed to find one even on the outer fringes.

The wind spirit stone had been flying purely on its own natural energy by the time it reached Han Tianfeng, and that was why he felt that it hadn’t been thrown by a person.

“This place actually has wind spirit stones! Look closely around and use your Spiritual Strength to carefully search for similar stones!” ordered Han Tianfeng.

“There’s another one here!”

Although they weren’t alchemists, they were Chosen, and their innate Spiritual Strength was not low. They could easily spread it out for one or two dozen meters.

“There’s also one here in the ground. Heavens, this really is a wind spirit stone!” Zhao Mingshan couldn’t believe his eyes as he held a wind spirit stone.

“Damn, I really never thought these mountain valleys contained wind spirit stones. We probably missed a lot of them on the way because we weren’t paying attention.” The other Chosen sighed, but it was too late for regrets.

This discovery filled them all with regret. But going back the way they had come just for wind spirit stones wasn’t too efficient. It was better to continue onwards.

“Ah, there’s wind, and it’s a very bizarre wind.”

The three of them had continued several miles onwards and had also obtained several more wind spirit stones when they suddenly felt fluctuations in the air.

Another wind spirit stone shot through the air. However, this time it was flying higher up in the air. Zhao Mingshan had hastily jumped up to catch it.

“I understand. These wind spirit stones were blown out by the wind from deeper within these mountain valleys! Let’s go take a look!” Han Tianfeng was shocked by this discovery, and the three of them quickly rushed in deeper.

Long Chen had long since entered deeper within the mountain valleys. Occasionally, he would use his Spiritual Strength to throw out some more wind spirit stones. He sighed in relief when he saw that he had finally led them on the right path.

He had spent thirty wind spirit stones, all to feed these dogs. No, he couldn’t put it like that, or Little Snow wouldn’t be happy.

Well, in any case, as a person, he had to have a charitable heart. This would have to count as one of his good deeds. Now that the three of them were already on the right track, Long Chen was no longer so charitable and began to rush in deeper.

Once he reached the area with that small mountain made of wind spirit stones, Long Chen looked around and found a narrow opening on the side of a mountain valley. This little opening faced the opposite direction of where the three of them would eventually enter from, so they wouldn’t be able to see him from there.

“The heavens really are helping me.” Long Chen celebrated and carefully moved towards that opening. Once he was inside, he was extremely satisfied with his position.

This spot was very concealed, and he could stealthily sneak peeks over to the entrance from here. He could also see that terrifying Barbaric Wind Beast behind the mountain.

The Barbaric Wind Beast was still lying there with its eyes closed, seeming deeply asleep. 

Long Chen had just hidden himself when the three of them arrived here by following Long Chen’s guidance. Seeing that mountain of wind spirit stones, as well as that huge wind spirit stone on the top, the three of them all turned lifeless.

“Wind… Wind Spirit Crystal!”

Han Tianfeng was filled with disbelief, and a fanatical expression appeared in his eyes. Even his voice trembled slightly.

Long Chen was startled. So this thing was actually called a Wind Spirit Crystal. As expected, those who came from powerful backgrounds had more knowledge of such things.

“This is a legendary Wind Spirit Crystal?” Finding such a treasure, Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen felt as if they were dreaming.

“This Wind Spirit Crystal contains terrifying energy. However, as long as we don’t end up activating that energy, we’ll still be able to gather it. Let’s go get it first,” said Han Tianfeng.

“Brother Tianfeng, let us do it.”

Seeing that treasure, the other two Chosen knew that this Wind Spirit Crystal would belong one hundred percent to Han Tianfeng.

If they dared try to get a share of such a treasure, Han Tianfeng would definitely immediately turn hostile and kill them.

The two of them were both smart and wouldn’t do something so stupid. No matter how good a treasure was, they still needed their lives to enjoy the treasure.

Since they obviously wouldn’t be able to obtain the treasure, they could at least display their loyalty. Obtaining Han Tianfeng’s trust was the most tangible benefit.

Han Tianfeng nodded in praise when he saw that the two of them were so sensible. These two subordinates of his were pretty smart and worth raising.

However, in order to avoid any unexpected mishaps, he followed behind the two of them. But he also maintained a certain distance to display his trust.

When they were three hundred meters from the mountain, even while holding heavy weapons, they were still unable to stay steady in the face of the wild gales. The two Chosen had to release their full auras to continue.

However, Han Tianfeng hadn’t done anything. Even without releasing his aura, he was still able to steadily advance.

“As expected, he really is powerful. Furthermore, his cultivation technique is a bit special.”

Long Chen could see all of this clearly from his hiding spot. Although Han Tianfeng hadn’t released his aura, his spiritual qi was rapidly circulating in his body.

Long Chen could sense that there was a strange energy being released from Han Tianfeng’s feet that was keeping him solidly attached to the ground. It was as if he had grown roots, and the wind was unable to move him.

Long Chen kept a close eye on the huge Barbaric Wind Beast. However, what infuriated him was that this huge lump of meat was still sleeping.

“Fuck, what time is it and you’re still sleeping?! Your treasure’s about to be stolen!” Long Chen started to feel some worry.

The two Chosen had already reached the bottom of the mountain of wind spirit stones. But the Barbaric Wind Beast still hadn’t woken up.

“What the hell, are you hibernating or something? Hurry up and wake up! If I had known it would be like this, I would have already taken it!”

Han Tianfeng saw that the other two Chosen had practically gone crazy with delight and were currently gathering those wind spirit stones that made up the mountain.

“Ignore the wind spirit stones and go collect the Wind Spirit Crystal.”

Those wind spirit stones were all stuck to each other, and separating them was time-consuming. That was why Han Tianfeng spoke out in a displeased tone.

The two Chosen couldn’t help but feel a bit dissatisfied. They knew this huge Wind Spirit Crystal wouldn’t be theirs, so these wind spirit stones were their only harvest. However, since Han Tianfeng had already given them the order, they had no choice but to give up collecting them. They began climbing up the mountain.

Seeing that the two of them would reach the top of the mountain in a short time, Long Chen was completely infuriated. He stealthily took out the golden page. It seemed he would have to wake up the sleeping beast.

The two Chosen were just about to reach the peak as they bitterly resisted the terrifying wind energy being released by the Wind Spirit Crystal. As for Long Chen, he was just about to activate his Spiritual Strength.

At that moment, two large eyes slowly opened. The vertical pupils in those eyes twinkled with a dreadful light.

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