Chapter 345 The Black Hand Scheming Behind the Scenes

“Are you absolutely sure that Long Chen died?”

“I’m sure. We personally saw it. He was buried in an ancient tomb, so we can’t be wrong. But we really have no choice but to admit this fellow was practically a monster. Although he had clearly just broken through to Tendon Transformation and hadn’t even reached the first Heavenstage, he was able to fight against three of us. Without that Corrupt idiot, just the two of us might have been killed by him.” Thinking about that battle, Zhao Mingshan still felt some fear.

When Long Chen had finally released his full power at the end of their fight, they had all felt a terror that came from the depths of their souls.

They were both Chosen and had a spiritual perception that surpassed others. Long Chen had definitely been too terrifying. They had both felt that Long Chen could easily suppress them.

That was something they had never even dreamed of. So thinking of how they had treated Long Chen like an easy target, they couldn’t help but sweat coldly.

“Then that’s really a pity.” Han Tianfeng sighed. “A while ago, I received a secret transmission and had been preparing to personally test that Long Chen.”

“Brother Tianfeng, don’t you think personally handling him would be making too big of a fuss?” Zhao Mingshan didn’t understand.

Although the two of them had never seen Han Tianfeng fight, it was said that his combat strength was second only to his brother Han Tianyu. His strength had reached an unimaginable level.

Although the three of them were all classified as Chosen, the two of them were well aware that when it came to strength, the two of them were unfit to even tie his shoes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t suck up to him so much.

“You two are unaware of it, but I received reliable information that the Corrupt path’s number one expert, Yin Luo, secretly ran over to the gathering area of our monasteries in order to kill Long Chen,” said Han Tianfeng.



The two of them were filled with disbelief. How could the Corrupt path’s number one expert take the risk of invading the Righteous path’s territory to kill Long Chen?

“This information is absolutely true. That’s why I feel some doubt that Long Chen really did die in that tomb. Back then, Long Chen was only at Blood Condensation, but he still had the ability to escape from Yin Luo. And when you three then encountered him, he had reached Tendon Transformation. So I’m not at all shocked that the three of you were unable to defeat him. However, I still do not believe that he was buried in a tomb.”

At this time, the two Chosen both felt cold sweat dripping down their backs. They now realized that the two of them had managed to luckily snatch their lives back from the hands of the Grim Reaper.

Just who was Yin Luo? He was praised as the number one expert of the Corrupt path, a once-in-a-thousand-year genius. Amongst Chosen of the same realm, there were none who had managed to receive more than ten of his blows. He had defeated countless experts.

But such a figure had personally gone to chase after Long Chen? The two of them looked at each other, each seeing the other person’s terror. “Then is the story true? Long Chen really cut off Yin Luo’s leg?”

Han Tianfeng nodded. “It should be true. However, the person truly fighting Yin Luo was a top genius who came from another prefecture. Long Chen only managed to do that because of him.”

They had all heard the story of Long Chen’s fight. However, they had almost died laughing when they heard it.

It would be a complete joke for a Blood Condensation rookie to defeat a Chosen on the same level as Han Tianyu. Even an idiot wouldn’t believe such a joke.

But now there were all kinds of indicators that implied it was true. If Long Chen really had such accomplishments, then he was definitely incredibly powerful and bold.

“That fellow was definitely terrifying. However, the two of us can swear to the heavens that we personally saw him get buried within the tomb.”

Zhao Mingshan was worried Han Tianfeng wouldn’t believe him, and so he told him about everything that had happened on that day. In the end, he couldn’t help but sigh, “The two of us were really unlucky. In the end, we didn’t gain anything but ended up covered in wounds. Furthermore, even after killing that Corrupt Chosen, we didn’t get his spatial ring or even his head. Just thinking about it infuriates me.”

“It really is regretful. That golden page and the forging table were definitely treasures. Perhaps it recorded some kind of inheritance.” Even Han Tianfeng felt it was a pity. “Long Chen was lucky to die. Otherwise, I would have personally let him taste the flavor of defeat, and in the end, my brother would kill him. Speaking of which, you should tell your subordinates to keep their mouths shut about this. Don’t tell anyone that Long Chen died because of you two.”

“Why not? We aren’t afraid of the 108th monastery’s revenge. We were already planning on letting our anger loose on them.” Zhao Mingshan didn’t understand.

Long Chen’s monastery was the weakest existence in the supermonastery. No one cared about them. Furthermore, Long Chen’s ‘wicked actions’ had already been recorded, and everyone had seen them. The 108th monastery would be helpless about it. If they wanted to interfere, that would just be inviting humiliation, which was actually something they longed to see.

The distant Long Chen was using his divine sense to observe all of this. He smiled icily. Even though he was ‘dead’, they were still continuing to target him.

“Ah. Even people as clever as you sometimes have your foolish moments.” Han Tianfeng looked as if the two of them had let him down. 

He continued, “The matter of targeting Long Chen was ordered by the higher-ups, but the actual plot was engineered by senior apprentice-sister Yin Wushuang.

“The original plan was just for Long Chen to die in here, but later, she changed her mind. She wanted Long Chen to be seen by all as a wicked villain, all so that Long Chen could die to my brother, allowing him to seem like the embodiment of justice. That was the best way for my brother to win glory.

“You two ended up making Long Chen die outside that plan. The one you should be afraid of isn’t the first monastery. You ruined senior apprentice-sister Yin Wushuang’s plans. You should understand a woman’s temperament. If she ends up being narrow-minded, you really won’t have a good end.

“As for her background, I’m sure the two of you should be aware of it. Even my first monastery can’t provoke her. In fact, even the entire supermonastery has to treat her family with great importance, and they won’t easily offend them.

“If she were to learn about this matter, she would definitely be displeased. And if she were truly infuriated, then even your sect leaders wouldn’t be able to interfere.

“Although she might not openly do anything to you two, it would definitely be unfavorable to your future growth. In this world, only my brother can control her slightly. However, whether or not my brother would want to speak out for you two is not something I can guess.

“If I hadn’t felt that we were tied by destiny, I also wouldn’t have bothered warning you. In this manner, I have also slightly offended senior apprentice-sister Yin Wushuang.”

In the distance, Long Chen heard all of this completely clearly. Although he had already guessed some of this, he hadn’t thought these idiots were so brazenly targeting him.

It was no wonder he had felt that this scheme had been prepared extremely meticulously. He had only just entered the secret realm when he encountered people who had framed him. That was no coincidence.

Even if Long Chen hadn’t run into that woman, there would have been more traps for him. Those had been prepared long before entering the secret realm.

Before this, Long Chen had suspected the thirty-sixth monastery. But he had always felt the thirty-sixth monastery shouldn’t have possessed so much power, and that the first monastery should have been supporting them.

However, now he realized that the first monastery wasn’t just supporting this, but were the main ones who wanted him to die.

The most hateful person of all would have to be that slut Yin Wushuang. She even wanted to use him as a stepping stone for Han Tianyu, to use his death to raise Han Tianyu’s fame. That woman was definitely too vicious.

“Many thanks for the warning, brother Tianfeng. The two of us can’t thank you enough.” The two Chosen hastily bowed.

If Han Tianfeng hadn’t warned them, they really would have been screwed. If they offended Yin Wushuang, no one from the first monastery would speak up for them. Then all their efforts just now would have been wasted, while the most fearful thing would be that woman’s revenge.

“You don’t necessarily have to be afraid. Although my current strength is still slightly inferior to my brother, that’s just because I’m a year younger,” said Han Tianfeng. His voice contained an unwillingness to be inferior.

How could Zhao Mingshan not understand his meaning? He was clearly asking them to be loyal to him. In the future, he would most likely become his brother’s rival.

Ever since ancient times, no one was willing to be number two, not even to their flesh and blood brother. No one was willing to forever stay in a person’s shadow.

“Don’t worry brother Tianfeng. The two of us swear to follow you. If we break this vow, let our bodies be torn apart and our bones be crushed to dust,” the two of them solemnly swore.

To the two of them, just being able to get closer to the first monastery was enough. It didn’t matter who it was exactly. Following Han Tianfeng would definitely not cause them to suffer. In fact, it was an enormous opportunity.

Han Tianfeng smiled with delight. “Good. In the future, your matters will be my matters. If you have any difficulties, don’t be afraid to tell me about them.”

Han Tianfeng had long since begun secretly cultivating his own group. In the future, he didn’t want to always hear that he was the number one genius Han Tianyu’s little brother. He would make everyone remember his name, Han Tianfeng.

Now he had two more Chosen in his alliance, raising his confidence further. “My big brother is skilled in everything, but he’s excessively conceited about his looks. He believes every woman would crawl all over him. Hmph, back then when he saw Long Chen with those two women, the envy and greed he tried to cover was unable to escape me. This time, I’ll snatch those two women and make them my slaves. Hehe, that’ll be my first challenge to my brother.”

“Then congratulations, brother Tianfeng! With your looks and talent, those two sluts can be drawn in with a wave of your hand. As long as you ask, won’t they throw themselves into your embrace? Hahaha!” The two Chosen hastily sucked up more.

The distant Long Chen was clenching his fists, killing intent surging within him. These bastards really had to have a death wish.

“Who’s there?!”

Han Tianfeng suddenly shouted and turned in his direction.

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