Chapter 344 Barbaric Wind Beast

That was no mountain, but a huge head. It was around a hundred meters tall and was dirt-yellow, which caused it to look like a small mountain.

Looking behind that head, Long Chen saw that its body had to be at least a mile long, and its huge body was covered in scales.

Each scale was the size of a round table, and they were covered in cyan vein lines. Long Chen could sense a powerful wind energy coming from those scales.

“A body like a lizard, scales like a python, four pillar-like legs, and six toes on each foot. Is this the legendary Barbaric Wind Beast?”

Long Chen’s heart shook. Such a beast only existed within ancient texts. It had already gone extinct in the outside world. But he had ended up running into it here.

It was said the Barbaric Wind Beast was an extremely rare wind attribute Magical Beast that had great control over wind energy. It was said to be an overlord amongst Magical Beasts that was unrivaled within the same realm.

“It still hasn’t formed a heaven-mark, so it hasn’t reached the Xiantian realm. Most likely it has reached the fifth rank.”

When Magical Beasts reached the Xiantian realm, in other words, the sixth rank, a very clear mark would appear on their foreheads. That was called a heaven-mark, and it was easily distinguishable.

As for this Barbaric Wind Beast, it hadn’t reached the Xiantian realm, but just looking at its terrifying form, it had to have reached the fifth rank. That was a monster on the same level as Meridian Opening realm experts.

However, this level of Magical Beast was something that would cause a headache even for Xiantian experts. There was zero chance that someone like Long Chen could handle it.

Although he was confident in his strength, that wasn’t stupid arrogance. He didn’t have the slightest urge to try and provoke this fifth rank Barbaric Wind Beast.

He saw that this Barbaric Wind Beast was in some kind of special state. It seemed it was ignoring everything happening around it.

“It’s absorbing the wind energy to cultivate!” Long Chen suddenly realized why it hadn’t done anything to him. At the same time, he sighed regretfully. With such a powerful beast guarding it, it seemed there really was no hope of him obtaining that huge wind spirit stone. He could only give up.

In order to not alarm it, Long Chen withdrew as quietly as he could. Only when the mountain of wind spirit stones blocked its vision of him did Long Chen finally sigh with relief.

“A man who is never content is like a snake that tries to swallow an elephant. I’ve already obtained this many wind spirit stones. It should be enough.” Long Chen consoled himself. “But is it really enough?” Long Chen couldn’t help but feel greed towards that huge wind spirit stone.

“Fuck, stop trying to tempt me! I won’t look at you” Long Chen directly closed his eyes. You wouldn’t want what you couldn’t see.

But even after closing his eyes, his divine sense still probed that wind spirit stone. In fact, his divine sense allowed him to ‘see’ it even more clearly than his eyes. That huge wind spirit stone possessed an incredible destructive energy.

“Ah… you really are trying to make me go crazy. Long Chen, you blockhead, if you provoke this Barbaric Wind Beast, you’ll definitely die. You definitely can’t do something so stupid!”

Long Chen was practically roaring inside his head. Finally, it was with his greatest willpower that he managed to withdraw down his original path.

After several miles, he reached the valley he had come in from. As long as he went through here, he would lose sight of the wind spirit stone.

But it seemed Long Chen had been bespelled, and an irresistible force pulled him to a stop. He couldn’t help but turn back to look.

“Greed is a sin. Greed is a sin. Greed is a sin. Important things have to be said three times.”

Long Chen sighed. With supreme willpower, he started going down another path. Since he couldn’t fight for that huge wind spirit stone, then he’d go searching for some more of the smaller wind spirit stones.

Perhaps the heavens had heard Long Chen’s complaints, or perhaps it was just that it had been too long since people had come here. After just a couple dozen miles, Long Chen obtained over ten thousand wind spirit stones. That consoled him slightly.

“Huh? There are people ahead.” Long Chen had gone down two mountain valleys when he sensed an anomaly. Although his line of sight did not extend even three hundred meters here, his divine sense had a range of over a mile. He managed to sense three figures slowly advancing.

“It’s Zhao Mingshan!” Killing intent suddenly filled Long Chen.

Of those three people, one was Zhao Mingshan, while the other one was also the other Chosen who had attacked Long Chen in the ancient tomb.

As for the third person, he was an extremely handsome young man wearing white robes.

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. That person’s aura was extremely powerful. His cultivation base had reached the ninth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, and each of his movements contained the mannerisms of an expert.

“This fellow is extremely strong.” Long Chen sensed a great deal of pressure from this person. Apart from Yin Luo, he had rarely ever encountered such a thing. That was enough to prove that this fellow was extremely powerful.

For some unknown reason, Long Chen felt as if he were somewhat familiar. But he was sure he hadn’t seen this person before.

These three were carefully advancing, searching for medicinal herbs. But Long Chen noticed that they completely ignored a wind spirit stone that lay in the underbrush. He sneered. They really were idiots.

“Brother Tianfeng, this time it’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, the two of us wouldn’t dare to enter the Misty Mountain Valleys,” said Zhao Mingshan gratefully. The other Chosen also nodded, trying to curry favor.

“It’s nothing. You’re both allied with my first monastery, and we keep watch over and defend one another. There’s no need for words of politeness,” said the handsome man lightly.

“As expected, brother Tianfeng is generous and open-minded! Just this kind of bearing is enough to completely convince me that brother Tianfeng is a model example of our Righteous path!” flattered Zhao Mingshan.

Just listening to that made Long Chen’s hair stand on end. He had seen shameless people but never someone this shameless. He was actually able to say such boot-licking words out loud?

At the same time, Long Chen became even more curious towards this man’s identity. So he belonged to the first monastery. The first monastery was truly extremely powerful.

As he used his divine sense to examine him, Long Chen found him to be more and more familiar. Suddenly, Long Chen clapped himself on the leg, finally realizing why he seemed so similar. He was seventy percent similar to the monasteries’ number one expert, Han Tianyu.

“The Han family’s two genius brothers are the envy of who knows how many families. With brother Tianfeng and your big brother Tianyu’s talent, the fact that you came to our supermonastery is a blessing for the supermonastery,” exclaimed the other Chosen in admiration.

As Long Chen had thought, this was Han Tianyu’s little brother. No wonder they seemed so similar. A pair of Chosen brothers was definitely an amazing thing for the first monastery.

Han Tianfeng was a year younger than his brother Han Tianyu. His talent was just a hair lacking in comparison to his big brother. His name was famous within the first monastery.

“The most amazing thing is that brother Tianfeng had the ability to enter the Misty Mountain Valleys all on his own but still brought us two inconveniences with him to share in the wealth. That truly makes me incredibly moved. Once we leave, this junior brother will definitely give half the precious herbs I gather to brother Tianfeng. Please brother Tianfeng, don’t refuse.” Zhao Mingshan continued to boot-lick.

Before entering the secret realm, Han Tianfeng had accidentally obtained a tool that looked similar to a chessboard.

It was able to record a person’s path as they traveled. It was most likely a measuring tool from ancient times, and such a thing had practically already disappeared from the outside world.

The first thing Han Tianfeng had thought of after obtaining this treasure was the Misty Mountain Valleys. The Misty Mountain Valleys had now become a treasure house for him.

However, before he had entered the valleys, he had been delayed by a couple of things. When he arrived, he had coincidentally run into these two.

After Zhao Mingshan said he would give Han Tianfeng half his gains from here, the other Chosen also hastily said the same thing, causing some admiration to appear on Han Tianfeng’s face. However, he feigned being displeased. “By saying that, are you looking down on me? I brought you two in because I look favorably upon your talent and want to be friends. How could I covet your treasures?”

“We know that brother Tianfeng is a heroic figure of our generation, and these medicinal herbs are probably nothing to you. However, if you refuse to take them, then the two of us will really be unable to set our minds at ease. So please brother, let us feel better about ourselves and reluctantly take them,” said Zhao Mingshan sincerely.

Only then did Han Tianfeng sigh, “Ah, you two, is it worth all this bother? I suppose I have no choice but to be shameless and accept them. But remember, I also have my bottom line. I will accept at most half! If you give me more, this brother of yours will end up becoming hostile.”

“No, no, we definitely won’t do that! As expected, brother Tianfeng is loyal to his friends! We really admire you,” said the two of them hastily.

Their alliance with the first monastery was a secret one. However, before entering the secret realm, their Elders had all told them that no matter what time it was, they had to place their priority on maintaining a good relationship with the first monastery. They definitely could not offend them.

Zhao Mingshan and this other Chosen were both very astute. Although doing this was slightly painful, if Han Tianfeng had not brought them in with him, they wouldn’t have been able to obtain anything at all. They were at least keeping half the precious herbs they gathered for free.

More importantly, they would be able to form a good relationship with Han Tianfeng. Once they returned to their monastery, they would definitely obtain even more rewards. Then they really would have made a huge profit.

If they had refused to offer Han Tianfeng a portion, Han Tianfeng would not have asked for them. But that would have offended him, and once they all went to cultivate in the supermonastery, the first monastery would perhaps show them some extra attention, making things hard for them. That was definitely not what an astute person would do.

Hearing their conversation, Long Chen almost puked. The practices of the Righteous path had practically become rotten to the core.

Geniuses didn’t focus on bringing out their potential, instead focusing on scheming against each other to stand above them.

It was no wonder the Righteous path, despite being several times the number of the Corrupt path, would still be suppressed by the Corrupt path.

They were all a bunch of old idiots raising a bunch of young idiots. This pattern had already been set in stone, and it heavily impacted their growth.

Those with talent were suppressed by those without any talent. Those talentless idiots didn’t have a cultivator’s heart and focused on maintaining their position. Each day, all they knew how to do was fight internally, doing their best to hinder other people’s cultivation. They didn’t cultivate themselves, instead making it so others couldn’t cultivate.

So these disciples, who had only just stepped onto the path of cultivation, had already been infected by those rotten customs.

Long Chen already detested the Righteous path more than the Corrupt path. The Corrupt path had killed countless members of the Righteous path, but all the Righteous path did was secretly suppress their own people to death. The only reason they hadn’t been exterminated by now was their numbers, which also included countless talented and ambitious geniuses.

“Are you absolutely sure that Long Chen died?”

After determining how the loot would be split, Han Tianfeng suddenly asked a question that caused Long Chen’s ears to perk up.

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