Chapter 343 Huge Wind Spirit Stone

Long Chen arrived in front of that skeleton. Whatever clothes it had been wearing had long since rotted, and its bones had also been badly damaged by erosion. He couldn’t tell whether this person had been from the previous generation or even earlier.

But the thing that surprised Long Chen slightly was that one of its fingers was gone now. That was the finger that usually wore a spatial ring.

“This person’s spatial ring was taken away, and from the markings, it seems like it happened very recently. These footprints are new. There were more people who entered?”

Long Chen was slightly surprised. Other than himself, it seemed that there were more people who had also entered this deeply into the Misty Mountain Valleys.

He carefully examined the footprints. It looked as if there had been multiple people, perhaps around two or three.

“Looks like I’m not the only one with a secret technique to enter here.” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Since he could enter, he supposed it wasn’t surprising for others to also have their own secret techniques to enter. It seemed like it wouldn’t be so easy to get all the treasures here for himself.

Just as he was sighing sorrowfully, he heard a whistling in the wind, and out of nowhere, something shot at Long Chen like a cannonball.

Taken by surprise, Long Chen hastily dodged. Only when the attack passed him did he realize it was actually a rock.

“Wind spirit stone?” That rock was the exact same as the wind spirit stone Xu Yang had shown him. His hand quickly whipped out and caught it.

When he looked in the direction it had come from, he saw that it was completely misty. He couldn’t tell where exactly this wind spirit stone had shot out from. However, he couldn’t sense any killing intent.

That made sense. If someone really was aiming to kill him, they wouldn’t be such a blockhead and use such a precious wind spirit stone as a surprise attack.

“Then does that mean there’s some strange formation that is shooting out stones?”

Observing the wind spirit stone in his hand, he noticed that it was around the same size as the one Xu Yang had shown him. However, he could clearly sense that the wind energy contained in this one was slightly purer.

Xu Yang had said that he had found his wind spirit stone on the fringes. Then were these things flying out from a deeper region?

“Another piece.” Long Chen’s divine sense spread out, encompassing a region of several hundred meters. He immediately noticed another fluctuation identical to the one coming from the wind spirit stone in his hand.

Rushing over there, he saw a wind spirit stone lying beneath a bunch of weeds.

“There’s more over here!” Long Chen celebrated. He found another wind spirit stone located in the ground.

These things would be heavenly treasures to Tang Wan-er. If she could comprehend some of the mysteries contained within these wind spirit stones, her wind blades would become even more terrifying.

Long Chen even began to regret that he had been solely focused on the medicinal herbs this entire time. Who knew how many wind spirit stones he had missed while advancing this far.

But it wasn’t too late. Spreading out his Spiritual Strength, Long Chen began to gather both medicinal herbs and wind spirit stones.

Eventually, he entered a side path. Long Chen saw some marks that showed at least one other person had recently come in this direction.

“This person probably didn’t even recognize some of these medicinal ingredients and didn’t notice these wind spirit stones.”

Long Chen found a total of eight wind spirit stones. Although he also noticed that there were several parts of the ground that had just been excavated, he still found more than ten precious herbs. Whoever had gone by probably hadn’t recognized them.

Long Chen once more buried a Spirit Guide Pill and began to go in another direction. He’d rather not collect other people’s leftovers.

As he entered deeper, he found more and more precious herbs. Over ten thousand herbs had filled the majority of his life ring. That made Long Chen as happy as a beggar who had found a treasure house.

After three days, even Long Chen didn’t know how many valleys he had walked through. In any case, he had found over a hundred types of rare herbs that had completely filled his life ring. He had no choice but to move some of the lower value herbs into a spatial ring.

Within a spatial ring, those herbs would quickly die. That caused Long Chen some pain.

When it was still alive, the price of a medicinal ingredient would be at least twice what it would be if it were dead.

That was because many large sects had their own medicinal fields. These precious herbs could be sold to them as seedlings.

Those sects would pay several times the price for living herbs they didn’t have so they could grow them in their sects.

That was an investment. Although they’d lose out at first, as time passed, perhaps in dozens or hundreds of years, that herb would begin to flourish and multiply. Then they would continue making a profit forever. It could be said to be a small investment for a huge profit.

That was why rare herbs were priceless treasures in the outside world. Each time such a rare herb appeared in the world, it would cause a clamor amongst the large sects.

Unfortunately, Long Chen had no way around this. His life ring’s space was limited and couldn’t store that many herbs. Placing some of his precious herbs into a spatial ring, Long Chen’s heart dripped blood.

Over these days, Long Chen had not only obtained rare herbs, but he had also obtained one hundred and thirty wind spirit stones. That was a shocking number. As he continued forward, he had found that the quality of the wind spirit stones had continuously increased.

“Huh? What is this wind energy?” Long Chen suddenly stopped with a perplexed expression. He could feel the wind, but the mist wasn’t moving at all. That was extremely bizarre.

Another wind spirit stone shot out of the mist at Long Chen. Long Chen raised his hand and caught it. When the wind spirit stone collided with his hand, his hand was forced back slightly.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was slightly surprised. Since advancing to Tendon Transformation, his physical strength had reached an abnormally powerful level. Even a full blow attack from a core disciple was unable to make his hand twitch in the slightest. It could be seen how much force had been behind this wind spirit stone.

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to sense that the energy within this particular wind spirit stone was several times purer than the ones he had obtained before.

Even just by holding it, the air around it cleared up. That was how powerful the energy inside it was.

“There’s definitely something odd up ahead.”

Long Chen put away the wind spirit stone and continued forward. The further he went, the stronger the wind became.

The light breeze became stronger, eventually becoming a whistling gale that made it hard for Long Chen to even keep his eyes open.

There was no longer any vegetation around the mountain valleys. But Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few spirit stones lying on the ground.

There were dozens of them in view. Long Chen was ecstatic and began to crazily absorb them into his spatial ring.

“I’ve definitely struck gold this time!”

His divine sense spread out, and he found that there were hundreds of wind spirit stones within the range of his divine sense. That almost made Long Chen shout excitedly.

The forceful wind energy contained in these stones also had very broad uses as energy stores in addition to being useful to wind attribute experts.

These were the best sources of energy for flying instruments. However, only those who were stupidly rich possessed flying instruments that were powered by wind spirit stones.

Even the Xuantian Supermonastery wasn’t that powerful. They definitely wouldn’t use such precious stones on a transportation tool.

In this area, Long Chen gathered over eight thousand wind spirit stones in just half a day. By now, he almost felt as if he were dreaming.

But although he was excited, as he continued forward, the wind grew stronger, and he was forced to use his spiritual qi to protect his body.

These terrifying gales could easily destroy city walls. Due to the continuous wind in this region, the ground was completely bare and sleek like a mirror. Even the two sides of the valley were completely bare. At this point, nothing was able to stay on the ground or walls. There were no longer any spirit stones here.

However, Long Chen still continued forward. He wanted to see just what was going on. Where was all this wind coming from?

Several miles in, Long Chen wasn’t even able to stay standing on his own in the face of this wind. He had no choice but to take out Devil Decapitator. He borrowed its weight and power to keep himself steady.

Another mile in and the wind was like blades, cutting apart Long Chen’s robes. Even with his powerful physical body, Long Chen still felt great pain from this wind.

However, at this point, he saw a certain scene. Even with his fearless nature, his expression still changed.

At the end of a valley was an open space around thirty miles wide. At the center, there was a mountain around three hundred meters high.

This mountain looked like a stalagmite, shooting out of the ground like a bamboo shoot. What was terrifying about it was that it was made of countless wind spirit stones.

It looked as if countless wind spirit stones had been piled up here and then half-melted to form a solid body, appearing incredibly bizarre.

The most eye-attracting thing was that there was a large, shining entity at the top of it that was releasing all the gale winds.

The instant he saw that entity, Long Chen stopped breathing. That was a huge wind spirit stone.

Other than its size, the only thing different about this huge wind spirit stone was that it was completely translucent, looking just like a diamond. Terrifying wind energy was being released by it.

It had to be at least the size of a table. Even from miles away, Long Chen still felt an intense pressure. This thing was extremely dangerous.

Long Chen suspected that if he were to even approach it, he might be turned to pulp by that terrifying energy.

“Are you serious…”

He couldn’t help but feel depressed inside. To be able to see a treasure like this but not be able to obtain it, that was definitely a torment.

However, it was definitely too terrifying. With his current strength, there was no way he could obtain it.

But to just give up on it was definitely not Long Chen’s style. How could he allow a treasure to be left so lonely here? That would definitely be blasphemy, and Long Chen wouldn’t allow that to happen.

He slowly approached it. However, when he was just a mile away, the pressure had increased to an unbearable level.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen decided not to press it any further. He turned around, but on the way, something caught his gaze.

“Huh? There’s another mountain here?”

Long Chen was stunned. Behind the mountain of wind spirit stones, there was another smaller mountain.

But when Long Chen saw what that small mountain was, his face instantly turned as pale as paper.

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