Chapter 341 Beheading A Chosen

Space shook as the sky was filled with saber images that seemed like an angry sea. This was the first time Long Chen had used his full strength since advancing to Tendon Transformation.

Since his opponent already knew he was Long Chen, testing blows were already meaningless. He no longer held back, and the full strength of his physical body was brought out.

The Corrupt Chosen was horrified. This one attack of Long Chen’s had sealed all of heaven and earth, and an aura that seemed to look down disdainfully on all the world soared out of him.

Most terrifying of all was that the will contained in Long Chen’s saber caused all of heaven and earth to change color, a will that caused all things to bow down in front of it. That was a kind of will to destroy the heavens and exterminate the land.

In front of that will, the Chosen felt as if he were no more than an ant facing off against a god. He felt incredibly miniscule and powerless.

He watched as Long Chen’s saber approached. It seemed like a heavenly blade that was coming to destroy the world. He was actually unable to flee, and he was filled with terror.

As a Chosen, this was the first time he had felt such a feeling when facing someone in the same realm. That shocked and infuriated him.

“Blood Soul Sacrifice!” The Corrupt Chosen’s forehead split apart, and a red light shot out to light up his saber.

His saber began to emit a demonic light, and an endless blood sea appeared behind him.

The instant that blood sea appeared, he entered his strongest combat state, causing the sea to crazily surge.

“DIE!” His blood-colored saber ruthlessly slashed onto Devil Decapitator.


The ground was unable to bear that kind of power and instantly collapsed. But both their sabers were still tightly locked onto each other.

The Corrupt Chosen’s expression was as malevolent as a ghost, and his eyes were completely red. He was grinding his teeth furiously as he glared at Long Chen.

On the other hand, Long Chen didn’t display any emotion. His saber continued to face off against his opponent’s.

“As I thought, not all Chosen are on the same level as Yin Luo.” Long Chen shook his head. Devil Decapitator’s crystal core suddenly lit up.

That crystal core came from a fifth rank Magical Beast. Combined with the runes on Devil Decapitator, as long as he supplied enough spiritual qi, it would allow Devil Decapitator to release an extremely great power.

Before he had reached Tendon Transformation, his spiritual qi had been very limited. He had had to cherish each strand of spiritual qi, and he never activated the crystal core’s power.

That was because the amount of spiritual qi required to activate the crystal core was equal to the amount exhausted by the FengFu Battle Armor. No matter how powerful the crystal core was, there was no way it could compare to the power of the FengFu Battle Armor.

However, now that the amount of spiritual qi he had was over ten times greater. He no longer needed to be so thrifty and could finally squander some of it.



The instant he activated the crystal core, the Corrupt Chosen felt as if a huge mountain was crushing down on him. Originally, Devil Decapitator had already cut a notch into his saber. Now that Long Chen released this terrifying strength, his weapon was no longer able to endure it and was cut in two.

That Chosen reacted instinctively, retreating the instant his saber broke. However, Long Chen’s saber still cut across his chest, causing blood to spurt out.

If he had been half a step slower, Long Chen’s saber would have directly cut him in two along with his saber. Whether it was the Righteous or Corrupt disciples, seeing that blood flowing out of the Corrupt Chosen’s chest, they all turned lifeless.

A grand Chosen was unable to receive a single blow from Long Chen. Who would have imagined such a result?

It was obvious to anyone that this Chosen had released his full strength and that he was clearly extremely powerful.

But this person, who was so strong that none of them could even get close to him, had been thwarted by Long Chen multiple times without even having the strength to fight back.




Blood was slowly dripping from his wound now. That sound was as loud as a drum in this silent crowd, heavily smashing into everyone’s hearts.

Long Chen swung Devil Decapitator up. He praised Cang Ming inside. Although the material Devil Decapitator was made of wasn’t that great, and although many small nicks had been smashed into it due to the hammers from the passageway, the craftsmanship that had gone into Devil Decapitator had reached a pinnacle. Even though it was in its broken state, Devil Decapitator was still much stronger than other disciples’ spirit weapons.

Other than in the face of those ancient weapons from the tomb, Devil Decapitator had never been damaged. That was enough to prove how exquisite Cang Ming’s skill was.

“Let’s go.”

What no one expected was that the Corrupt Chosen actually called for everyone to turn and flee. Wasn’t the Corrupt path said to be unafraid of death? And this was a Chosen speaking!

“You want to leave?” Using the Netherworld Ghost Steps, Long Chen was like a phantom, instantly appearing in front of them with a single step. He slashed out his saber.

The Corrupt Chosen had clearly not expected Long Chen to possess such bizarre footwork. Long Chen appeared in front of him out of nowhere, and he hastily took out a staff.

The staff’s runes lit up, as it was also a spirit weapon. But the instant it met Devil Decapitator, it exploded. The Chosen was sent flying and vomited blood.

While he was still in midair, Long Chen appeared behind him like some kind of specter, flashing Devil Decapitator once more.

Blood shot out, as a head flew into the sky. Everyone let out startled cries. A Chosen had died just like that.

Although everyone had already seen that this Chosen was not Long Chen’s match, they had never expected a powerful Chosen to be killed so easily.

Even if a Chosen couldn’t defeat their enemy, they should have at least been able to flee. And yet, the power difference between this Chosen and Long Chen was so high that he didn’t even have that chance.

His lifeless corpse fell to the ground. Personally seeing a generation’s Chosen die just like this stunned everyone.


Seeing their Chosen die, the other Corrupt disciples were finally completely terrified and fled.

To flee efficiently, they should have scattered in all directions. That way at least a portion of them would have been able to get away.

Unfortunately, this was a mountain valley, and they could only run in one direction. As a result, using the Netherworld Ghost Steps, Long Chen caught up to them in an instant, and in just a couple of breaths, all of them were cut down.

As for the Righteous disciples, they were all just foolishly watching. They had seen people being killed, but they had never seen someone massacre people like Long Chen. Core disciples, Favored, they were all cut down with a single, effortless blow.

Most terrifying of all, each slash of his saber didn’t have any technique behind it. They seemed like random swings. But those Corrupt disciples were all unable to dodge for some reason. All they could attempt to do was to block it, and the result of trying to block Long Chen’s saber was his blade cutting through their bodies.

From the very start, Long Chen had seemed like a death god harvesting lives. He seemed so relaxed and contented as he cut down these Corrupt disciples.

And most terrifying of all was how focused he seemed on cutting them down. He almost seemed like a hardworking gardener who was carefully pruning or weeding. Just looking at this scene gave others chills.

His expression was always calm. But this kind of expression was even more terrifying than the savage expressions of the Corrupt disciples.

After killing all those Corrupt disciples, Long Chen gathered their spatial rings and strutted away.

Seeing Long Chen disappear into the distance, many people collapsed on the ground, their clothes completely drenched in sweat.

Too terrifying! Too intimidating! Too savage!

Such descriptions continuously echoed throughout their minds. Long Chen was at least ten times more ruthless than Corrupt disciples.

Long Chen’s ruthlessness was something hidden in his bones that rarely appeared, while the Corrupt disciples’ ruthlessness was something they always revealed in order to intimidate others. They wanted to become more and more ruthless.

But it seemed Long Chen’s ruthlessness was something innate. It was just that he usually kept it suppressed. But once it erupted, he would instantly become a merciless death god.

“Don’t you feel like it’s a little strange? Would someone as powerful as Long Chen really try to rape a woman?” Someone couldn’t help but pose this question.

“What a joke. Such a person kills Chosen like killing pigs. He can get any woman he wants.”

“If he made a public announcement saying he wanted women, who knows how many of them would come begging…”

“Those photographic jades that were spread around are definitely fishy. Probably, someone was trying to frame Long Chen.” Someone finally made this guess.

There were immediately several people who nodded. First, not even talking about Long Chen’s appearance, just from that ruthless, domineering fighting style of his, people could tell he was an unyielding, prideful man. He would definitely disdain to do that kind of thing.

“I knew it from the very start. The instant I saw that photographic jade, I knew that someone was pulling strings behind the scenes. Otherwise, why would they spread so fast?” One person stood up and spoke with great wisdom and foresight.

“Fuck, what kind of fake hindsight knowledge is this? Even if you want to boot-lick, you have to do it in front of the person. For you to do it now, are you trying to embarrass yourself?” ridiculed some people.

“What do you mean, fake hindsight knowledge? From the very start, I knew something was fishy, and that’s why I wasn’t so stupid as to go provoke him.”

As soon as he said that, two angry snarls rang out. “Fuck off! If you want to randomly fart around, I’ll beat you to death!”

The two people talking were the two Favored who had attacked Long Chen for justice and chivalry, taking the place of the heavens to punish him. As a result, they had almost been crushed to pulp by him.

That person’s last line was clearly an insult directed at the two of them. Most infuriating of all, the person speaking was just a measly core disciple.

“You want to beat me? Just you two? Tch, if you dare fart like that a second time, then I’ll show you that you people aren’t as amazing as you think you are!” That person icily glared at the two of them. Obviously, he wasn’t afraid of these two Favored who were half dead.

“Shit, the Dao-marks!”

Just as people were discussing this, someone shot towards the Corrupt disciples’ corpses. The Chosen and the two Favored’s Dao-marks had already floated out of their bodies. Everyone immediately rushed over to fight over them.

After killing that Chosen, Long Chen had finally gained a better understanding of his current strength. That put him much more at ease, and he continued deeper into the mountain valleys.

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