Chapter 339 The Power of a Brick

“A spirit stone? No, it’s a bit dark, and there’s some sort of powerful energy inside it.”

Long Chen couldn’t help being a bit curious towards this thing in his hand. Its outer shape was similar to a spirit stone, but it wasn’t translucent. Instead, it was pitch-black.

It was around the size of a baby’s fist. There were powerful spiritual qi fluctuations coming from within, but those fluctuations were completely different from ordinary spirit stones.

“No, it’s a wind spirit stone!” Long Chen was startled. Wind spirit stones were extremely rare. They contained powerful wind attribute energy. More importantly, they contained the mysteries and profundities of wind.

A wind attribute expert would be able to absorb the energy from within, and while doing so, they would be connected to the true mysteries of wind. That would be a huge assistance to their cultivation.

“Yes, this is a wind spirit stone. I managed to accidentally obtain it from an extremely windy area. Once I recognized it, I immediately ran, but as a result…” Xu Yang hatefully glared at the Favored’s corpse.

Despite being so careful, someone had still noticed some clues and chased after him. This Favored hadn’t even known what he had obtained. Just because of a gut feeling, he had chased him in order to kill him and steal his treasures. That was truly hateful.

If he hadn’t run into Long Chen, Xu Yang would have already become a rotting corpse in this wilderness. However, now, he had not only managed to keep his life, but he had also profited by becoming a Favored. His gratefulness to Long Chen could no longer be expressed through words, and so the only thing he could do was offer up this treasure.

“Brother Long, you have to take it, or I really won’t be able to return your favor,” said Xu Yang completely sincerely.

Although this wind spirit stone was precious, it was not more precious than his life. Then adding on that he had also become a Favored, he really owed Long Chen far too much.

“This thing’s not bad, but I don’t want it.” Seeing Xu Yang’s expression change, Long Chen waved his hand and continued, “This thing isn’t useful to me, and I can also tell that you have wind attribute energy, which is the only reason you were able to run for so long.”

“Brother Long… I…”

Long Chen cut him off. “It’s fine. I was just doing what I wanted. I’m not actually so kindhearted and virtuous. I just didn’t like that little fellow’s pretentious mouth. In any case, I pretty much understand what’s going on inside there. You keep this and do your best to increase your strength. Otherwise, you might die at any moment in this place.”

After saying that, Long Chen pressed the wind spirit stone back into Xu Yang’s hand and left. In just a short time, he disappeared from Xu Yang’s gaze.

Tightly clenching the wind spirit stone, Xu Yang’s gaze was filled with worship. Long Chen’s magnanimity and imposingness had completely won him over.

He didn’t dare tarry any longer and left to find a hidden place. He needed to stabilize his Dao-mark and refine this wind spirit stone.

As for Long Chen, this was the first time he felt a trace of warmth for Righteous disciples since entering the Jiuli secret realm.

It wasn’t the entire Righteous path that was broken. However, the majority that Long Chen encountered were all a bunch of idiots filled with evil tricks.

Furthermore, these idiots were the ‘outstanding elites’ of the larger sects. Could it be that larger sects were just concentration camps for idiots?

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Those lofty and aloof fellows all used their noses to look down on people while also harboring all kinds of wicked intentions inside. Instead, it was those who came from more impoverished origins that were more magnanimous and virtuous.

Long Chen believed that if he had saved a disciple from a large sect, that disciple might not even consider it a big deal. In fact, he might even believe he was entitled to be saved due to his status. People saving him was simply as it should be. All he would do is perhaps toss out a little reward and leave.

Furthermore, if you saved him once, you would have to continue saving him in the future. Otherwise, if you didn’t help him the second time, he would consider you a bad person and hate you.

“It’s you, Long Chen?”

Long Chen had advanced almost a hundred miles when the number of people ahead of him had suddenly increased. There were many people here who were slowly advancing, and as soon as he arrived, several monastery disciples recognized him.

“He’s Long Chen?”

“The one the first monastery sent out an arrest warrant for?”

“He looks like someone who puts on airs, but who would have thought he was actually a sex fiend?”

Quite a few people were cautiously watching and whispering from a distance.

The ones to stop him were two powerful Favored. The two of them were wearing monastery robes, one from the eighty-seventh monastery and one from the ninety-second monastery. 

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, how dare you swagger around here? Hurry up kneel in repentance,” roared one of the Favored.

The two of them hadn’t been purposely sent to target him by the first monastery. But as members from the top one hundred monasteries, they naturally felt incomparably powerful in comparison to those from the last place monastery.

They had also seen that photographic jade of Long Chen killing that woman. But that image was only of him killing her and contained nothing from before or after. They had no idea about Long Chen’s true strength.

So, as soon as the two of them saw him, they immediately put on a chivalrous act, taking the place of the heavens to punish Long Chen.

“Die, you perverted traitor!”


The Favored that was shouting was directly sent flying by a slap from Long Chen. His body rapidly spun in the air in a beautiful arc, and with his teeth flying through the air, it somehow managed to be extremely aesthetic.

Long Chen’s face-slapping technique had already reached the level where he would be able to start up his own sect around it. Even if the Favored had been on guard, he still wouldn’t have been able to dodge.

Even the distant disciples who were cautiously watching were stunned now. A powerful Favored had been slapped flying the instant he walked up?

The other Favored only reacted a moment later. He quickly unsheathed his sword, but he only got it out halfway before the handle was kicked by Long Chen, causing it to return to his sheath.

That person was startled, and before he even realized what was going on, a large hand slapped across his face.

With a muffled groan, he also flew through the air, following the exact same arc as the previous Favored. In fact, even the speed at which he revolved through the air was the same.

This time, everyone was truly flabbergasted. Two powerful Favored were like naughty children in front of Long Chen. This was not even a fight.

Even the two Favored were dumbfounded. They hadn’t even realized what was going on before they had been slapped. Crawling up from the ground, their heads were a complete mess, and they felt like they might faint.

Their heads only became clear after a couple of breaths. Looking from the stunned Righteous disciples to the smiling Long Chen, their fury immediately erupted.

“I’ll kill you, Long Chen!”

The two of them roared at the same time and charged at Long Chen. Sword Qi surged out of their swords and completely enveloped him.

These two powerful Favored were bringing out their full strength now. Their sword arts were profound and their strength was not at all lacking compared to other Favored.

Previously, some people had felt so astonished by the fact that they had been randomly slapped flying by Long Chen that they thought these two were perhaps core disciples who were faking being Favored by wearing their robes.

Favored from the monasteries all had an extra mark on their robes compared to core disciples to differentiate their status. That was a symbol of their strength.

There were always a few people who only had the power of a core disciple but wore the robes of a Favored in order to intimidate others. At first, they had assumed these two must be like that.

But now that they were attacking, everyone realized just how powerful they were. This kind of attack would be something difficult even for a Favored to receive.


Two muffled sounds rang out with two screams. The sword images faded and two figures miserably flew back.

When those two figures finally tumbled to a stop and people saw their faces, their jaws dropped.

A strange impression had been made in the center of their faces. Their noses had caved in deeply, and their faces were practically deformed as they dripped blood.

People turned in horror to look at Long Chen. They saw a brick in his hands as he slowly shook his head.

Seeing that black brick, and then the impression left on both of their faces, they all made the connection.

“As I thought, not everyone’s faces are as large as Zhao Mingshan’s. Ordinary people don’t have such a big face.” Long Chen’s words were very quiet as he was just talking to himself. And yet, these experts all heard it clearly. 

Outsiders didn’t react to what he said, but several of the monastery disciples were completely stunned. Zhao Mingshan? He was a grand Chosen. He had been slapped by a brick as well? Then just what kind of monster was Long Chen?

“You bastard Long Chen…!”

The two of them had their heads deformed, but their brains hadn’t been completely crushed. To be humiliated in front of so many people like this was worse than being killed.

“You’re still cursing me?” Long Chen coldly snorted and shot forward, appearing in front of the two of them in an instant. The brick in his hand began to smash down on the two of them rapidly.

Bang, bang…

Those bangs were all accompanied by miserable screams. Occasionally, the sound of bones breaking also rang out. The spectators all felt their hearts pounding as a chill ran through their bodies.

“You curse me as being a perverted traitor…”

Bang, bang…

“Who is the perverted traitor?”

Bang, bang…

“You’re all perverted traitors!”

Bang, bang…

Each time Long Chen cursed them, he would ruthlessly smash the brick down on the two of them. He was very fair, splitting up the beating evenly between the two of them.

Now the two of them were completely covered in blood, their limbs broken. They were letting out howls and wails, sounding like two pigs being killed.

“Please stop beating us! If you keep going, you’ll kill us! Grandpa Long Chen, we were wrong, spare us…”

In front of Long Chen, the two of them had no ability to resist. They had practically gone insane from fury. They didn’t even know how they had lost.

But Long Chen’s brick was too cruel. If this continued, they would definitely die, so they could only admit defeat. Now they were really afraid. The kind of people that were most afraid of death were those who normally acted grand and lofty, only to cover up the weakness in their hearts.

Bang, bang…

“Did I say you could talk? Who do you think I am? How could I have such stupid grandchildren!”

He continued beating them with the brick for a while before finally stopping. Since they had already submitted, he asked them a few questions to learn who had sent them to do this.

But he was disappointed to find that these two idiots had only come to seek fame. No one had incited them to do this.

“Hahaha, the Righteous path really is fun. Even a dog fighting dogs is so lively!”

Suddenly, a group of people walked out from the mountain valley in front of them, causing everyone’s pupils to shrink.

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