Chapter 337 Continuing Forward

“Hehe, boss, this hammer is a remnant of that senior’s life. It has its own spirituality. I’ve used my will and sincerity to move it, and now it is willing to be controlled by me.” Guo Ran looked at the hammer in his hand with reverence.

“Then wouldn’t you be able to use this terrifying hammer to smash apart all your enemies?” Long Chen was filled with disbelief.

Although he felt that Guo Ran’s words were incredulous, the proof was right in front of him. He had no choice but to admit this world really possessed all kinds of strange matters.

This hammer was twice the weight of Devil Decapitator. If someone was struck by it, then even if they were a Favored, they would be crushed to death.

Guo Ran shook his head. “This hammer isn’t a warhammer for fighting. It is a crafting hammer. Even if I were to die, I wouldn’t use it to fight.”

The current Guo Ran seemed almost hallowed and divine. Compared to his usual mischievous self, he seemed like a completely different person.

Long Chen was unaware that true Forging Masters had their own beliefs towards their forging tools. They usually possessed two hammers, one for fighting, and one for crafting. They definitely wouldn’t mix the two.

“Well, although you still aren’t a true Forging Master yet, that show-off manner of yours is still impressive,” sighed Long Chen.

“Hehe, of course. Otherwise, how could I muddle along with boss?” Guo Ran laughed, returning to his old self.

Long Chen shook his head. This little fellow had definitely been possessed by a ghost just now or something. This was the real him.

“I also obtained a mystical page. Can you gain anything from it?” Long Chen took out the golden page. Perhaps the ghost possessing Guo Ran’s body would be able to figure out something from it.

Unexpectedly, Guo Ran looked over it and shook his head. “I can’t tell what this is. This looks like runes but also don’t look exactly like them. It’s too strange for me to understand.”

Since Guo Ran didn’t understand what it meant, did that mean that this item had nothing to do with forging? But then why would it appear on that inner coffin?

Since he couldn’t figure it out, Long Chen placed it into his robes for now. He had no way of absorbing it into a spatial ring.

When he wasn’t using Spiritual Strength to control the page, it was just like an ordinary sheet of gold without any attacking power.

“Do you have any plans? I’m thinking of going to get some revenge on those damn bastards. They almost got me killed. I’ll definitely pay them back properly for that.”

Guo Ran hesitated for a moment before saying, “Boss, I want to go into seclusion.”

“Seclusion? Here?”

“Yes. The secret realm has countless opportunities, but I don’t have the strength to fight for them. Staying by your side will just hold you back. Right now, I have a good forging table and crafting hammer. I also have so much of that special material. I’m thinking of refining it and making a set of armor I’ve conceived in my head,” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen thought about it and agreed that this was probably his best option. Guo Ran’s cultivation path was different from others. Going out to experience slaughter had no meaning to him anymore.

“Good idea. Since you want to forge something, I’ll give you some more material.” Long Chen threw over a spatial ring.

When Guo Ran saw what was inside, he let out a sharp cry. “No way boss! You even managed to bring all of this out?”

Guo Ran saw a small mountain of weapons in the spatial ring. There were arrows, spears, hammers, hatchets, etc. They were all the weapons that had been inside the passageway of the tomb.

“You have to be thorough when cleaning up a battlefield. Naturally, I wouldn’t waste them. These things are made of excellent material. They even managed to turn my Devil Decapitator into a sawtooth saber, so they should be useful to you. Also you can take this thing too.”

With a wave of Long Chen’s hand, a huge pillar three hundred meters long appeared on the ground, shaking the land. This pillar was so thick it would require several people to wrap around it. It was also so heavy that it half-sunk into the ground.

“Boss, were you a building demolisher in a past life? You even brought this back.” Guo Ran was stunned.

He naturally recognized this pillar as one of the ones that had been supporting the tomb. He hadn’t imagined that Long Chen would even bring it out as well.

“Only after you left did I realize this pillar isn’t made of stone but a kind of metal. I don’t think this metal exists in the outside world. Well, do you want it?”

“I want it, but how am I supposed to use something this big?” Guo Ran felt a bit helpless in the face of this huge pillar. There was no way he could smelt it when it was this big.

With some light swishing sounds, in front of Guo Ran’s stunned eyes, a golden light flashed and cut the pillar into small pieces only a foot long.

Furthermore, when those pieces collapsed on the ground, Guo Ran saw they were all neatly cut into cubic pieces.

“Boss… this…” Guo Ran was completely dumbfounded. What could possibly be so sharp?

“This is the ability of the golden page.” Long Chen trusted Guo Ran completely, so he didn’t conceal anything from him.

“Amazing! With that page, boss, you’ll definitely be like a tiger with wings!” praised Guo Ran.

Long Chen put away the golden page and asked, “On that day, did you hear where they went?”

Previously, Guo Ran had said that he had stealthily eavesdropped on Zhao Mingshan and the others. He had personally seen them kill the Corrupt Chosen once they had fled the tomb.

“They didn’t say where they were going. But I saw them going in that direction.” Guo Ran pointed. “Boss, since they’ve already framed you, maybe you should lie low for now? Otherwise, more and more people will be deceived and try to capture or kill you,” said Guo Ran worriedly.

Whoever had set this up was definitely extremely hateful. They had intentionally framed Long Chen, and then later they had continuously added fuel to the fire, causing Long Chen to become a wanted criminal for the entire Righteous path.

If Long Chen dared strike back, then that would cause him to sink even deeper into that enemy’s plot. But waiting was also not a solution. Even once he left the secret realm, it would be difficult to avoid the severe punishment of the supermonastery. This scheme was incredibly vile.

“There’s nothing to worry about. If they want to target me, then I’ll just kill them,” said Long Chen lightly.

“But a lot of those people were duped. They don’t know the truth,” said Guo Ran.

“So what? If someone wants to kill me, then they better be prepared to be killed. As for whether they were tricked or not, it has nothing to do with me. They all have eyes; they all have heads. They are all capable of distinguishing the truth on their own.

“If they really fall for another person’s trap and are used as tools, that just means they’re stupid. I don’t care if they’re idiots; as long as they want to target me or the people beside me, then I will kill them.

“It doesn’t matter how many or how strong they are. From today onwards, I’m going to kill. I’m going to kill so much that they prostrate themselves before me. I’ll kill until they learn to fear me.” Dense killing intent surfaced within Long Chen’s eyes.

Those strange dreams had caused him to feel even more pressed. It was like some threat was quietly descending. If he didn’t urgently increase his cultivation base before that, he and the people beside him would all be annihilated.

He didn’t care about the life or death of those idiots targeting him. For the people beside him, he didn’t mind becoming a merciless fiend.

“But boss, if you do that, wouldn’t you be jumping into the palm of your enemies?” Guo Ran was worried.

“Brother, cultivation is a path of no retreat. Since I’ve stepped onto it, I won’t turn back. Those schemes and tricks are not the correct path. In the face of true strength, they are insignificant, like transient clouds.

“When it comes to intelligence, I wouldn’t lose to those idiots. But why do I not use schemes to target others?

“That’s because I might get dependant on using smarts, and no longer depend on my strength. That might cause me to lose my courage and my Dao-heart that is unafraid of death.

“Those people who spend all day thinking of schemes and such? Those people do that because they don’t have enough confidence in their strength. Such people are unable to walk far on the path of cultivation.

“If they want to use schemes, that’s fine, but I have no time to waste on playing such games with them. They don’t even have the qualifications to be my enemies.” Long Chen patted Guo Ran on the shoulder confidently.

Long Chen’s words immediately caused Guo Ran to have a realization. Long Chen walked an undefeatable Dao. He had to have absolute confidence in himself.

It was like how his own goal was to become a crafting god. He had to maintain his own confidence. If his confidence was shaken, it could lead to a destructive impact in the future.

“Boss, I understand now. Since you’ve put it like that, I’ll tell you the truth. Those bastards were discussing how to secretly send out an arrest warrant for me in order to take the materials I have on my body. But most hateful of all, they think that you’ve died, so they want to take out their anger on the other disciples of our monastery,” said Guo Ran.

The most hateful kind of people were the ones who, being unable to take revenge on their real target, decided to take their revenge on the friends and family of their real target.

Long Chen nodded. This kind of action was not odd at all considering those bastards’ temperaments.

He had already grown accustomed to these kinds of matters. The Righteous path’s disciples were truly most skilled at inner strife.

Even that Corrupt Chosen, who had only just worked together with the other two Chosen for a short while, had ended up losing his life to those two ‘comrades-in-arms’. That was enough to show how strong Righteous disciples were in that aspect.

That was why Long Chen had already given up on these Righteous disciples.

If he were with them, all that would happen was that he would be stabbed in the back. They had no ability when it came to handling others, but when it came to poisoning their own people, they were true experts.

Long Chen had long since seen through that nature of the Righteous path, and he had no thoughts of changing it. He had no heart to try and change such things. Right now, what he wanted was to get stronger, and whoever tried to stop him, he would kill.

After conversing with Guo Ran a bit longer, Guo Ran suddenly said that he wanted to go into seclusion within the ancient tomb. He wanted to pay his respects to the master of the tomb.

Thus, Long Chen brought Guo Ran to the little tunnel he had made. Once he went in, Long Chen found some vegetation to cover up the entrance and left.

The direction he went was the same direction Zhao Mingshan and the others had gone. Long Chen had made a mistake in not killing them within the tomb. He definitely would not make that mistake a second time.

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