Chapter 335 Being Duped

“FengFu Battle Armor!”

The three Chosen were appalled to see Long Chen’s saber somehow manage to send that terrifying stone pillar flying.

Those stone pillars were made of an unknown material that was shockingly hard and heavy. Anyone who was struck by them had been crushed to paste. In fact, it was a stone pillar that had smashed apart the outer coffin, the outer coffin that had been so tough that even hammers had been unable to cause any damage to it.

Such a tremendous pillar had been sent flying by Long Chen’s saber. But since Long Chen had knocked it back, it ended up impacting the other pillars, causing a chain reaction, and all the stone pillars quickly collapsed.

Once the stone pillars toppled, the ceiling was unable to endure anymore and completely collapsed.

Long Chen’s expression changed. If he didn’t flee now, he would be buried alive here.

He saw that the three Chosen had already snuck into the passageway. He didn’t dare tarry, and he rushed over. But as soon as he approached, three different weapons attacked him.

Long Chen furiously brandished Devil Decapitator. Its crystal core even lit up this time, bringing its power to an unprecedented level.


Long Chen’s attack instantly destroyed their three weapons. Furthermore, they were sent flying out, going from the bottom of the passageway to the top in an instant, crazily vomiting blood.

The three of them were horrified. Never had they imagined Long Chen was so powerful. But turning back to look, they saw the passageway was already buried by rubble, and Long Chen hadn’t managed to follow them out.

They didn’t have much time to celebrate and quickly fled for their lives.

Even the outer caves were collapsing with the tomb. The three of them wildly rushed out, looking like three miserable stray dogs.

They were fortunate that they had already left behind marks for the right trail. Even as they fled, the tunnels behind them collapsed. Those collapsing tunnels almost looked like the mouth of a human-eating monster that wanted to devour the three of them.

Suddenly, light appeared in front of them, and they all celebrated. That was the exit.

The three of them shot out of the cave. Behind them, the mountain peak completely sunk. They had just barely managed to avoid being buried alive.

Having just escaped from that danger, the Corrupt Chosen hadn’t even had a chance to sigh with relief when he felt a burst of pain as one sword and one saber stabbed through his back.

“You two…”

The Corrupt Chosen turned in shock and fury at the two people behind him.

He had never imagined that after just narrowly escaping the death, these two would immediately betray him. He could feel his life force rapidly fading, filling him with shock, anger, and regret.

The Corrupt path’s seniors had long since heavily warned him to never, ever cooperate with the Righteous disciples. When they encountered Righteous disciples, there was only one word: kill!

Originally, he had thought that with his powerful strength and innumerable trump cards, he could easily toy with these weaker, cowardly Righteous disciples.

But now he realized he had been wrong, very, very wrong. The craftiness of the Righteous disciples had far surpassed his expectations.

“What are we doing? We’re the Righteous path’s disciples, grand warriors of justice! Eliminating evil and defending our values is our sacred mission! Kill them all!” ordered Zhao Mingshan. The Righteous disciples, who had been flabbergasted by the change in events, raised their weapons against the Corrupt disciples.

Previously, they had all been apprehensive about the Corrupt Chosen. Now that he was heavily wounded and weak, who would give up on getting an advantage?


Zhao Mingshan and the other Righteous Chosen both charged at the Corrupt Chosen. They didn’t give him any time to heal. They didn’t even give him a chance to consume medicinal pills.

In just a couple of exchanges, that Corrupt Chosen was on the verge of defeat. He might lose his life at any moment.

“Contemptible Righteous path, I curse you all!”


Once he realized that there was no chance of getting away, the Corrupt Chosen cursed them and self-detonated.

Although he had been fighting fiercely and had even taken mortal wounds, his Dantian had still contained an abundant amount of spiritual qi.

Due to his intense resentment, he detonated his Dantian without any hesitation. A Chosen’s self-detonation was terrifyingly powerful.

A huge crater over a dozen miles wide formed in the ground around him. Zhao Mingshan and the other Chosen hadn’t expected him to be so unyielding. He hadn’t begged for forgiveness, nor had he tried to flee.

The two of them had been the closest, and they had been sent flying, wildly vomiting blood. The majority of their bones had broken, and they were extremely miserable.

After coughing up more blood, Zhao Mingshan just barely managed to sit up, his face ashen, his eyes practically spitting flames.

The other Corrupt disciples were all dead at this point. Less than half of the monastery disciples were still alive. As for the other Righteous disciples, they had long since fled.

“What are you all waiting for? Are you all dead men? Do you not know what to do?!” Seeing these idiots just foolishly looking at him, Zhao Mingshan began to curse them.

A Favored quickly ran over and took out a medicinal pill for him.

Zhao Mingshan directly slapped that person in the face and cursed, “You fucking idiot, I’m not crippled! I don’t need your boot-licking! Hurry up and go find that bastard’s spatial ring!”

The Favored was furious at being slapped, but he didn’t dare release that on Zhao Mingshan. He led everyone to go searching. But inside, he began to curse every single damn member of Zhao Mingshan’s family.

“How fucking vexing. Even after all that work, we didn’t gain anything.” The two Chosen both consumed healing pills. They were furiously watching the disciples searching.

This time, they hadn’t obtained anything, but many of their disciples had died. Furthermore, they were now heavily injured.

“All the good stuff inside the ancient tomb was taken by Long Chen and that Guo fellow. Long Chen’s dead in the tomb, so there’s no way for us to get it,” sighed the other Chosen.

Although Long Chen had some shocking treasures on him, there was no way they could reach him when he was buried so deeply. This dirt here wasn’t the same as the outer world. It was incredibly dense.

Even if they were to dig until the secret realm closed, they still might not be able to reach where Long Chen’s corpse was buried. So they could only give up on Long Chen’s treasures.

“That brick he used should be the bricks used to pave the ground of the ancient tomb. It’s a very rare metal. I bet that Guo fellow has quite a few of them. If we find him, we might be able to get some benefits at least.”

Zhao Mingshan nodded. “What if we can’t find him?”

The other Chosen smiled sinisterly. “Then we’ll just offer a bounty and put him on the list of wanted criminals. We’ll say he was Long Chen’s lackey who slaughtered disciples from the same sect. We can make up any accusation we want. As long as that brat shows his face, he’ll be attacked by all our people. As long as we offer some incentive as a reward, we’ll be able to get all those precious materials from his body. It’s a pretty good investment.”

“Not a bad plan. But if we can’t find him, fuck, I really won’t be able to swallow this rage. Tch, the best option is to release this rage on the damnable 108th monastery. If I don’t exterminate them all, I won’t be Zhao Mingshan!” A vicious light shone in Zhao Mingshan’s eyes.

The other Chosen also nodded. But then he sighed regretfully. “Who would have thought Long Chen would be so terrifying. The entire time he was fighting with us, he wasn’t using his full strength. He was obviously using our subordinates to open the coffin and bring out the treasures. How insidious.”

In truth, they had misjudged Long Chen. Long Chen had actually made a mistake this time. In all his plans and assumptions about the coffin, he had never imagined it to have no traps.

According to common sense, the coffin should have at least had some poison gas or hidden arrows. At the very least, there should have been some sort of trap.

That was why Long Chen hadn’t done anything to try to personally open it. One reason was because he was worried about the danger, and the other reason was because it was too troublesome. His other intention was to test his strength since he had advanced to Tendon Transformation.

Perhaps it was because that era had been too peaceful, thus, there had only been a set of mechanisms that would only be able to stop stupid beasts. Perhaps the owner had never imagined there would be people to come and smash apart their coffin.

There hadn’t been the slightest trap throughout the entire process. If Long Chen had known that before, he would have probably slaughtered them all instantly. Then he wouldn’t be buried in the tomb.

“It’s too bad about that golden page. It was definitely a priceless treasure. There might even have been some heaven-startling secrets written on it,” sighed Zhao Mingshan.

The other Chosen agreed. Although they hadn’t gotten a good look at the golden page, the aura that had come from it was enough for them to determine that it was a priceless treasure. It must have something amazing recorded on it.

“It’s all Long Chen’s fault. Just thinking about him gives me a stomach ache. Those brutes from the 108th monastery better not let me see them. If I don’t slaughter them, I won’t be surnamed Zhao!”

“Let it go. That’s the second time you’ve said that. Look, that little fellow’s coming over. They should have found something.” The other Chosen saw a person rushing over.

“Reporting to senior apprentice-brother Zhao, this is for you.” That person carefully handed over a small object.

Seeing that thing, Zhao Mingshan’s expression grew darker. This was the shattered remnant of a spatial ring.

That Corrupt Chosen had been incredibly vicious. Before self-detonating, he had even destroyed his spatial ring.

Spatial rings contained special spaces. Once they were destroyed, the contents within it would disappear into the chaotic void, disappearing completely.

Zhao Mingshan’s expression grew incredibly ugly, looking like someone whose whole family had just died. This time, they really hadn’t made any harvests.

But they were helpless about that. After glancing at the collapsed tomb, Zhao Mingshan and the others all left furiously.

Three days after they left, a small amount of ground at the top of the tomb sunk in, and a large hand emerged.

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