Chapter 334 Golden Page

That piece of paper was only the size of a palm. Lines covered the entire page, and as soon as it appeared, an incredibly ancient air radiated off of it, filling the entire room. At the same time, a powerful spiritual pressure shot out as well.

This sudden change stunned everyone. After pausing for just an instant, everyone crazily charged towards the page.

“Fuck off, it’s mine!”

Although the tomb was already beginning to collapse, everyone, whether they were from the Righteous or Corrupt path, was now charging at the golden page. Blood splattered everywhere.

All of their eyes had reddened. Anyone who was in front of them, whether it was someone from the same path or opposing path, would be attacked by them.

The three Chosen were the furthest from the coffin. As for Long Chen, because he had taken the forging table, he had then retreated further away to avoid being attacked. So it was the regular disciples who were the closest to the coffin.


One person was the first to reach the golden page. He had just laughed and been about to say something to an expert from the monastery when his hand was directly cut off by someone’s saber.

This first person was actually from the same monastery as Zhao Mingshan. His plan had been to announce that this treasure now belonged to Zhao Mingshan, and so no one could fight over it.

However, he had underestimated people’s greed. After his hand was cut off, he only managed to get out half a wail before he went silent.

A sword had already cut off his head. Someone behind him had been irritated that he had been blocking the way, and he had directly killed him in one attack. Surprisingly, the one to kill him was also a monastery disciple.

But that disciple was smart and had long since torn off the markings on his robes. He had also applied something to his face so no one could recognize him, leaving no evidence.

The entire room was a complete mess now. The tomb was constantly quivering, and it was pouring dirt from the ceiling.

That dirt was not ordinary dirt. It was as hard as steel, and sometimes huge portions of it would collapse at once, instantly killing any core disciple it landed on.

But all that was not able to stop the fervor. This inner coffin was a normal size one; in other words, this coffin was the one that really contained the tomb owner’s corpse.

And this golden page that had been laying on top of this coffin was definitely a treasure amongst treasures. Even the Corrupt disciples became greedy, and they also joined the struggle.

In just a couple of breaths, this golden page passed through several hands, and over ten disciples had already died.

The three Chosen wanted to join the fight over it, as that golden page was definitely invaluable.

But they were also unwilling to give up on killing Long Chen. If they allowed Long Chen to escape while fighting for the treasure, that would definitely fill them with regret.

But if they lost the treasure in order to kill Long Chen, that would also be regretful. For a moment, they didn’t know what to do.

They only watched as those disciples struggled, while also dodging the large slabs of earth falling from the ceiling.

The tomb was shaking with more intensity as time passed. Even standing was getting difficult.

Another stone pillar collapsed, smashing into the crowd. Tens of people were instantly turned to pulp.

Suddenly, a figure charged into the crowd, and a terrifying Sword Qi swept through the remnants.

Several people were instantly killed by that Sword Qi, one of them being a powerful Favored.

“It’s the Corrupt Chosen!”

Someone let out a startled cry. They all realized now that the Corrupt Chosen had charged into their midst, going straight for the Favored who was now holding the golden page.

That page was extremely odd, and it could not be absorbed into a spatial ring. They could only hold it.

“Save me senior apprentice-brother Zhao!”

The Favored with the golden page immediately turned pale when he saw the Corrupt Chosen coming to kill him.

Right now, he was completely focused on blocking the attacks from several other Favored. At the same time, he also had to pay attention to the sneak attacks from others. That was already extremely taxing for him. If a Chosen was added into the mix, he would definitely die.

“Bastard, how dare you go back on your word?!” raged Zhao Mingshan, charging at the Corrupt Chosen.

The Corrupt Chosen was just about to reach the Favored and kill him when a terrifying aura locked onto him. If he wanted to kill the Favored, he would need to receive a full-strength attack from Zhao Mingshan, which would at least heavily injure him, if not kill him.

Naturally, he chose to block Zhao Mingshan’s saber. He sneered, “I only agreed not to interfere with what was inside the outer coffin. I didn’t say anything about the treasures of the inner coffin.”

“Blood Figure Devours Souls!” He suddenly spat a mouthful of blood onto his sword, and a terrifying aura shot out.


All the Righteous disciples suddenly began to scream, feeling as if their heads were being stabbed with needles. Even Favored were not able to bear it.

Favored were clenching their heads tightly. As for core disciples, they were bleeding from their seven apertures[1]. Their souls filled with immense pain as if countless ghouls were devouring their souls. Their bodies were trembling intensely, and they lost any ability to fight.

The Corrupt disciples weren’t affected in the same manner. Instead, under the influence of that Spiritual Strength, they became even more savage, crazily assaulting the Righteous disciples.

The two Righteous Chosen were startled. They hadn’t expected the Corrupt Chosen to possess such a bizarre technique. They were able to just barely block that energy, but they still felt some pain in their souls.

They finally realized the Corrupt Chosen had been holding back this whole time and had just been using them. From the start, he had been planning on devouring the two of them when the time came.

The Favored holding the golden page finally wasn’t able to endure it, and his arm was cut off by a Corrupt disciple.

The hand with the golden page flew into the air. The three Chosen all reacted by directly jumping up to grab it.

But the instant their hands were about to touch that page, it suddenly escaped and flew in a certain direction.


The three of them were all shocked. They saw the page was flying towards Long Chen’s hand.

“Courting death!” The Corrupt Chosen roared and his body suddenly twisted. He somehow took a step in midair, springing forward and grabbed the golden page.

“Hehe, the treasure is mine-!”

The Corrupt Chosen’s smile had only just appeared when blood suddenly splashed.

The golden page had cleanly cut his hand in half as it continued flying towards Long Chen.

All of them were shocked, even Long Chen. How could this small page so easily pierce through a Chosen’s hand?

The reason everyone had been fighting for it wasn’t because they had realized that the material of the page was special. They had just assumed it was made of normal gold.

The real treasure had to be lines that were written on it. Those were very likely immortal characters that recorded an unrivaled cultivation technique or a heaven-startling Battle Skill.

Even in all that fighting, none of them had realized that the paper was special. Only Long Chen had felt a faint spiritual calling to that page.

Long Chen had been constantly waiting for an opportunity. And just now, that opportunity had come, and he had used his Spiritual Strength to draw the page towards him.

But when his Spiritual Strength touched the page, he realized the page seemed to possess an extremely great thirst for Spiritual Strength.

Under the urging of his Spiritual Strength, that page was like an obedient puppy. A faint light had shone from it and it had directly flown over to him.

When that Corrupt Chosen had first managed to grab it, Long Chen had thought his plan had failed. He had just been about to start fighting when that page directly cut apart the Chosen’s hand and continued flying towards him.

Long Chen was delighted and surprised. This golden page was definitely a true treasure.

“It’s a soul item?!” The Corrupt Chosen was filled with disbelief. “Get back here!” 

His Spiritual Strength immediately surged out to grab the golden page.

The golden page suddenly paused in midair before reaching Long Chen. Sometimes it would pull a bit towards Long Chen, sometimes it would pull a bit towards the Corrupt Chosen, seeming like a tug-of-war.

“You want to compete with me in terms of Spiritual Strength?”

Although he didn’t know what secrets were contained within this golden page, Long Chen knew that it had a certain affinity with Spiritual Strength.

His mind-sea shook, and an enormous Spiritual Strength surged out. That hesitating page instantly shot in Long Chen’s direction.

Long Chen easily received it. It felt as if it was an extremely delicate, thin layer of gold. It was only the size of a palm, but there were countless lines on top of it. They didn’t look exactly like words, but they didn’t look like drawings either. Instead, they seemed extremely similar to runes.

It was very light in his hand. In fact, it was so light he almost didn’t even feel it. It was like gold but not gold, like paper but not paper. It was extremely bizarre.

“Hand it over!”

Three figures charged over at Long Chen. The three Chosen were no longer holding anything back at this point, and their auras completely exploded out, marks appearing on their foreheads.

Three weapons attacked Long Chen at the same time. These were full-strength attacks now. They wanted to kill Long Chen before the tomb collapsed.

Long Chen swung out Devil Decapitator with his full might, clashing with their three weapons.

With an explosive sound, a terrifying energy directly broke apart the tomb. Previously, it had just been dirt falling. Now, the ceiling really was collapsing.

Due to the various pillars supporting it, there were some portions that didn’t collapse immediately. But the pillars were already starting to fall one by one. Those broken pieces were terrifying as they smashed down.

At this time, the other disciples no longer had any more wishful thinking and all fled for their lives.

As for Long Chen, under their three combined blows, he was sent flying back. His expression greatly changed, as he was flying in the opposite direction of the exit.

His foot had just touched the ground when a huge pillar collapsed, falling down on him. It was too late to dodge.

“FengFu Battle Armor!”

A star suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and a terrifying aura surged out. His saber slashed out at the stone pillar.

[1] The seven apertures here refers to the two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and mouth.

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