Chapter 333 Forging Table From Ancient Times


One of them had to have activated some sort of mechanism, as the huge lid suddenly began to slide off, revealing what was within.

Rumbling rang out as a huge object rose out of the coffin.

That was a huge table that radiated light. Although it had been sealed for who knew how many years, it still shone as brightly as if it were new.

The table was piled with tools. A grand aura came from them as if they were alive.

“Forging table!”

All of them were stunned. So this coffin didn’t contain a corpse. It was just a huge forging table.

“There’s a weapon!” Someone with sharp eyes saw that there was a shining hammer on the table.

That hammer wasn’t very large. Its head was around the size of a plate, while its handle was around two feet long.

As soon as they looked at that hammer, their hearts began to pound wildly. That hammer gave them all a sense of boundless pressure.

Suddenly, some of the Righteous disciples who weren’t from the monasteries were unable to hold back any longer and charged at the forging table.

But before they could even approach, they were cut down by a Favored from the monastery.

“This belongs to the Xuantian Monastery. Anyone who dares try to fight over it will be cut down mercilessly!” shouted one of the Favored who followed Zhao Mingshan.

Although none of them were Forging Masters, such an ancient forging table could fetch them a hefty reward if they offered it to the supermonastery.

A forging table wasn’t easy to split up, but it would be easy to split up the rewards. Right now, the strongest party was the one that contained Zhao Mingshan and the other Righteous Chosen.

This forging table’s rewards would be split between the two of them, but they would naturally split a portion with their subordinates.

As for the disciples from the other monasteries, whether or not they would be able to obtain anything depended on the two Chosen’s moods.

Even the Corrupt disciples had their eyes redden when they saw that forging table appear. Such an ancient item would be even more valuable than a regular forging table.

This forging table might allow a skillful Forging Master to gain insights into the forging of ancient times. That would be a huge gain.

According to historical records, the ancient people’s wisdom was as boundless as an ocean. Whether it was in terms of cultivation techniques, Battle Skills, forging items, or pill refining, they had all been in a golden era back then.

For some reason unknown in the current era, everything had declined. It was as if the civilization of the ancient times had been cleanly cut off from the current era.

In the last ten thousand years, cultivators had constantly investigated the vestiges left from ancient times.

There were various secret realms, and cultivators had gradually managed to obtain more and more treasures from within them. Many of those treasures perplexed people, as those things were incomprehensible with the knowledge of the current era.

After many years of research, people had gradually managed to gain some insights from those ancient treasures. Now they hoped to gain more items from the ancient times to research so that they could bring the brilliance of the ancient times into the current era.

As for this forging table, they couldn’t tell its exact value, but it was very likely a priceless treasure.

The Corrupt disciples were practically burning with greed. The Favored that was leading them stealthily glanced at the Corrupt Chosen, and seeing him shake his head ever so slightly, he held them all back.

Despite knowing that this was most likely a Forging Master’s tomb, Long Chen was still startled by this forging table. However, this was also reasonable.

Whether it was alchemists or craftsmen, people in those kinds of professions were all extremely proud.

The tools they used the most were all usually brought with them to their tombs. It was very rare for them to pass them down to their disciples.

But Long Chen had expected the tomb’s master to have only left behind a portion of the tools here, or perhaps some masterpieces they were especially proud of. He was surprised to see that the owner had left behind the entire forging table.

A fire burned in Long Chen’s heart. He knew that if Guo Ran saw this forging table, he would definitely go all-out risking his life to fight over it.

Although the forging table had already appeared, Zhao Mingshan and the other two Chosen didn’t let up and were still attacking Long Chen. They weren’t in a hurry to grab it.

The two Righteous Chosen were extremely confident. Right now, the monastery disciples outnumbered every other party, and many of them had relationships with the two of them. The two of them were definitely the strongest party present, and no one would be able to fight over it with them.

As for the Corrupt Chosen, they weren’t afraid of him. The only reason they hadn’t fought with him previously was because they hadn’t seen the treasure yet. If that Corrupt Chosen really did go back on his word, they would definitely have an all-out fight with him.

With the two of them as well as so many monastery disciples, they had no fear of anyone. So, Zhao Mingshan and the other Righteous Chosen’s first thought was to work together with the Corrupt Chosen to quickly kill Long Chen.

Long Chen was just too powerful. If it was just the two of them, then since they weren’t able to use their full strength, they wouldn’t be able to keep Long Chen tied down. If he were to flee, that would definitely infuriate them.

Their intense battle was something that the others were only able to watch. Some of the random Righteous disciples occasionally glanced at the forging table with unwillingness and helplessness.

But they could only sigh. They even regretted ever coming into this ancient tomb. They hadn’t obtained anything.

They wanted to leave, but the Corrupt disciples were guarding the passageway. They didn’t dare to try and get them to open a path for them.

Perhaps their reply would be the pointed end of many weapons. The Corrupt disciples were only temporarily cooperating with the Xuantian Monasteries’ disciples. They weren’t cooperating with the other Righteous disciples.

So they couldn’t leave, but staying was also useless to them. They were only able to foolishly watch as spectators.

“Gu Qi, go collect that forging table.” Zhao Mingshan realized that they weren’t able to subdue Long Chen in a short time. To be safe, he told a trusted Favored to gather the forging table.

Gu Qi was a powerful Favored, and he quickly followed Zhao Mingshan’s orders. However…

“What the fuck, this forging table is too heavy. I can’t gather it.” Gu Qi tried several times, but he was unable to move the forging table into his spatial ring.

Spatial rings were profound and mysterious existences that allowed you to put objects into another space. But it required the user to at least be able to pick up the object and also required powerful Spiritual Strength.

This forging table was three meters tall, fifteen meters long, and six meters wide. There were also various instruments that were built into the forging table. None of them could even estimate just how heavy it was.

Gu Qi tried moving the forging table with all his might. But the forging table only quivered ever so slightly. In fact, it was impossible to tell if it was even quivering without looking closely.

“Then first put away the hammer,” said Zhao Mingshan.

He had also seen that other than the forging table, there was also a hammer that was definitely a treasure. Otherwise, there was no way an inanimate, unliving object could give them such a huge pressure.

“Why bother? Why don’t you let me take his place.” Long Chen smiled and suddenly slashed out his saber with even greater power than before. The three of them were forced back several steps. In that instant, Long Chen vanished from their sight.


Zhao Mingshan had only just realized Long Chen had disappeared when he had a bad feeling and called out a warning. However, it was too late.

Gu Qi’s hand had just been about to touch the hammer when he felt a chill on his neck. Then, heaven and earth began to spin around him.

From his viewpoint, he was spinning around. He saw many people’s horrified gazes directed at him. He saw a golden saber. He also saw a familiar body. But that body didn’t have a head on it. Blood was spurting out of its neck.

He heard Zhao Mingshan’s warning, but that sound seemed to come from incredibly far away. Just as he suddenly realized what had happened, he descended into eternal darkness.

“Long Chen, you’re courting death!” Zhao Mingshan had never imagined that Long Chen possessed such bizarre footwork. That had allowed him to instantly kill Gu Qi.

Long Chen smiled coldly and grabbed the hammer. Wow, it’s twice as heavy as Devil Decapitator.

Long Chen didn’t have time to carefully examine it. He quickly placed it into his spatial ring and then tried to absorb the entire forging table.

“Go to hell!”

Suddenly, the wind blew on his neck, and a terrifying attack came from behind him. Long Chen didn’t have time to absorb the forging table. He hastily dodged to the side.


A terrifying ray of Saber Qi smashed into the forging table. This time, Zhao Mingshan was truly infuriated. He had used his full strength in this attack, not caring about any of the consequences.

The power behind his saber had cut a huge scar into the ceiling. The entire tomb was almost cut in half, and the tomb rocked intensely.

The incredibly heavy forging table was actually knocked flying by the saber. Long Chen quickly appeared in front of it.

“Haha, thank you, thank you!”

Seeing that huge forging table smashing at him, Long Chen surprisingly laughed and raised a single hand to grab it.


Zhao Mingshan and the others instantly had a bad feeling.

The instant Long Chen’s hand touched the forging table, it disappeared. It had been absorbed into his spatial ring.

One special property of spatial rings was that they could only absorb objects that had left the ground. The majority of people thought that meant you needed to pick up the object in order to store it into the spatial ring.

But in reality, as long as the object had left the ground, then with a powerful enough Spiritual Strength, it was also possible to absorb it into a spatial ring.

Long Chen had originally thought that he would have to waste some effort to absorb this forging table into his spatial ring. Who would have thought Zhao Mingshan would be so smart and send it directly to him as a gift?

The entire tomb began to rumble because of Zhao Mingshan’s attack. It felt like an earthquake, and a huge amount of dirt began to pour from the ceiling. Portions of the ceiling even began to fall.

“This place is about to collapse! Hurry and run!”

Following that shout, the Righteous disciples all fled to the passageway. Even the Corrupt disciples were a bit flabbergasted now. If this place collapsed, then they would all die.

Seeing the Righteous disciples charging over at them, they didn’t know whether they should kill them or run.


Suddenly, a huge pillar collapsed, directly crushing two unlucky fellows to death.

Furthermore, this pillar had also coincidentally fallen onto the huge coffin. That huge force caused the coffin to burst apart.

After the coffin burst apart, everyone suddenly saw a smaller coffin appear from within. That coffin had a golden page on its lid.

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