Chapter 331 One Versus Three

“Want to die? Then come!”

Long Chen smiled coldly with Devil Decapitator resting on his shoulder. His aura was steadily climbing as if a volcano was storing up energy. Once it erupted, it could destroy the world.

In Long Chen’s eyes, there was no one he wouldn’t kill, whether they were from the Corrupt or Righteous paths. It didn’t matter what kind of reasoning they had. If they dared try to kill him, killing them wouldn’t give him any grief.

The three Chosen were looking at him guardedly. From that previous testing exchange, they could all tell that Long Chen was extremely terrifying.

The most terrifying thing about him wasn’t his current self, but what he would become in the future. Once he matured, he would be on a completely different level than them.

The Corrupt Chosen didn’t wish for the Righteous path to gain another Han Tianyu, while the two Righteous Chosen didn’t wish for another person to appear above them. That was especially true since that person was an enemy.

By now, they had both received orders not to target Long Chen anymore. Their orders were to leave killing him to Han Tianyu, giving him another glorious achievement.

But the circumstances were forcing them. They couldn’t care too much about those orders. If they wanted the treasures of this tomb, they had to kill Long Chen.

“Corrupt disciples, we’re withdrawing from the fight over treasures. Guard the passageway. Today, we’re only killing,” ordered the Corrupt Chosen.

“Yes!” A powerful Favored took charge of the remaining Corrupt disciples, leading them to guard the passageway tightly.

Seeing the Corrupt disciples really had given up on the coffin delighted the Righteous disciples. Zhao Mingshan cast a glance at one of the Favored behind him.

That Favored was from the same monastery as Zhao Mingshan. He immediately understood Zhao Mingshan’s meaning and went to handle the coffin.

“Long Chen, this place was originally a tomb. Did you come in just to give yourself a burial site?” sneered Zhao Mingshan.

“This place’s feng shui really is not bad. What a beautiful sky, what soft earth; in the summer it won’t leak, in the winter it won’t freeze. But I picked this place for you. Although having dogs buried with him might offend the owner of the tomb, at least you’re all dogs with your own prestige, so I’m sure he won’t get too mad at me,” retorted Long Chen indifferently.

The three Chosens’ expressions grew uglier. Long Chen’s mouth really was too vicious. The attack strength behind his mouth was not the least bit inferior to his fists.

“Long Chen, I’ll definitely make you live a life worse than death!” Zhao Mingshan was the first to attack, his saber slashing down, causing ripples in the air. Those ripples were caused by space not being able to handle the pressure.

Chosen were simply that powerful. Their attacks were extremely condensed, without the slightest power leaking, which made them extremely terrifying.

“Your dream is pretty grand, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve it in the end!” Long Chen’s spiritual qi circulated quickly, and Devil Decapitator slashed down on Zhao Mingshan.


With an ear-ringing explosion, the entire tomb shook. Zhao Mingshan was forced back by Long Chen’s powerful strength.

In terms of raw power, now that he had reached Tendon Transformation, Long Chen was at least one level above Zhao Mingshan. After forcing him back, Long Chen had a general sense of his current power level.

Devil Decapitator cut a profound arc through the air, still containing some of the remaining momentum from the previous blow to slash at the other Righteous Chosen.

That person had long since been prepared, and his sword went to meet Long Chen’s saber, quivering in an odd manner.

The instant their weapons met, his sword’s quivering increased, and Long Chen felt a large portion of his power being dissipated.

Most startling to him was that this person’s sword was like a magnet, drawing in his saber and not letting him pull it back.

This was his first time seeing such a bizarre technique, and due to his surprise, he ended up suffering a disadvantage.

He was forced off balance, leading to an opening.

As for his three opponents, they were Chosen who had already experienced over a hundred battles. The instant that opening appeared, they pounced on him.


The Corrupt Chosen’s sword stabbed at Long Chen’s waist as quick as lightning, leaving him with no time to dodge.

His sword was particularly special. It was as wide as the palm of a hand, over three feet long, and the sharp sides were covered with barbs that looked incredibly malevolent. It was made of some unknown material, but it was completely red, emitting a sinister air. Even before his attack arrived, the scent of blood filled the air.

Most frightening of all was that his sword seemed to hold thousands of vengeful spirits. The instant he attacked, Long Chen felt as if he was being assaulted by countless ghouls.

These kinds of weapons were termed corrupt weapons by the Righteous path. They were evil weapons created through secret techniques of the Corrupt path.

The majority of Corrupt disciples used such weapons. However, the strength of these weapons was not only related to the materials it was made of.

More importantly, there were runes carved onto the weapon. Whenever such a weapon killed a person, a portion of that person’s resentment would be absorbed.

When a person was about to be killed, they would be filled with unwillingness, fury, terror, essentially a mass of negative emotions.

As for these corrupt weapons, they were able to absorb those negative emotions. The more they killed, the more powerful they became.

Who knew just how many people each Corrupt Chosen had killed. Their weapons would all release that powerful resentment whenever they attacked, and that resentment was able to instantly break down the mental defenses of ordinary Favored.

Even though he didn’t purposely target them, even the two Righteous Chosen were now affected by the Corrupt Chosen’s attack, feeling a prickling pain in their souls.

Even the two of them were affected, so it was obvious how much worse it was for Long Chen who was being targeted by the weapon.

The two Righteous Chosen were alarmed. This Corrupt Chosen was more powerful than they had expected, and their guard raised against him.

Long Chen was shocked by the spiritual attack contained within this corrupt sword. However, his Spiritual Strength was extremely powerful. Despite never having learned any particular soul techniques, the impact of this spiritual attack wasn’t that great against him.

At this moment, Long Chen’s saber was still being sucked onto that person’s sword. Just as everyone thought Long Chen was about to be killed by the corrupt sword, a brick appeared in Long Chen’s other hand, and he placed it at his waist, blocking the sword.

The Corrupt Chosen’s attack was extremely powerful. Long Chen’s body shook, and he was knocked back. It also allowed him to escape from that person’s almost magnetic sword.

“Hehe, this brick really is not bad. It’s unimaginably hard!” Long Chen put away the brick. This time he had really made a profit. Even if he couldn’t obtain anything else from this place, just the mountain of bricks in his spatial ring was enough to make him feel like he had struck gold.

Guo Ran had already said that these bricks could be continuously purified. Once they were tempered a hundred times, their power would multiply by dozens of times.

This precious material had been treated by the owner of the tomb as just ordinary bricks. 

It was too bad he had no idea how the mechanisms in the passageway were made. Otherwise, he would definitely cut off and take all those weapons. Those were all on the spirit weapon level, and in terms of material, they were probably even better than Devil Decapitator. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have caused so much damage to Devil Decapitator.

Those thoughts instantly passed through Long Chen’s head. He cast a glance to the Righteous disciples and saw them doing their best to open the coffin.

There were dozens of disciples using heavy weapons to constantly smash the lid. Working together, the lid had been pushed seven inches to the side now. It was finally possible to see how the coffin had been put together.

The lid had some odd grooves that perfectly fit into the rest of the coffin. There was no way to flip it open, so they could only continue sliding it aside.

However, it was still unclear just what kind of stone this coffin was made of. It was actually as heavy as a mountain, and dozens of core disciples along with several powerful Favored were only able to slide it off ever so slowly.

Seeing that scene, Long Chen sneered. He saw that the disciples pushing the lid were all monastery disciples. Those Righteous disciples who weren’t from the Xuantian Monasteries were all only watching to the side.

From their nervous expressions, it was obvious they were unwilling inside. They knew that even if there was a treasure inside, it wouldn’t be theirs. It would be taken by the more numerous and more powerful monastery disciples.

But they were also unwilling to leave just like that. So they dithered here. If the treasure really was absolutely heaven-defying, then even if they had to risk their lives, they would still have to try and see if they could obtain it.

Although Long Chen had only glanced over for an instant, he immediately grasped what they were thinking.

Devil Decapitator shook, and Saber Qi filled the room. This time, Long Chen took the initiative to attack the three Chosen.

Previously, he had almost suffered greatly due to being caught off guard. Now he wanted to see just what level his strength had reached.

All of his spiritual qi poured into his saber. Devil Decapitator lit up like it was alive, and a terrifying will immediately locked down on the three of them.

“Furious Sea Saber!”

Long Chen’s aura erupted out, and a sea of saber images appeared around him. They were incredibly fast, instantly enveloping his three enemies.

The three of them were both startled and furious. They were startled that Long Chen’s saber arts had reached such a terrifying level.

But they were also furious that Long Chen was looking down on them. He actually used a group attack Battle Skill against them. 

Battle Skills used for group attacks were never used in one against ones. Due to their larger range, the power was scattered, and if used against someone on the same level, it would cause you to suffer greatly.

Furthermore, it wasn’t a one against one but a one against three. Yet, Long Chen was still using this kind of group attack Battle Skill. That was an absolute humiliation for the three of them.



“Go to hell!”

The three of them furiously roared at the same time. Their weapons lit up as their auras exploded, all of them meeting Long Chen’s sea of attacks head-on.

Continuous explosions rang out and qi waves exploded out, shaking the entire tomb. The walls and ceiling of the tomb were starting to crack.

That caused everyone’s expressions to change. Sand and dirt was already flowing from the ceiling now. If it collapsed, all of them would be buried alive here.

Four figures were crazily exchanging blows in a flurry. Other than those people focused on opening the coffin, everyone was looking in horror at this battle!

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