Chapter 330 Want to Die? Then Come!

“As expected, Long Chen, you didn’t die!”

The three Chosen’s expressions were extremely ugly when they saw Long Chen smashing a brick into the coffin.

Guo Ran had caused two Favored to die and then ignored them. Then the lightstone had been taken away, causing the passageway to become completely dark again. They had no idea what Guo Ran was doing. But thinking of the possibility of Guo Ran finding a pile of riches and throwing them into his pocket, they were all filled with pain.

However, they had had to endure it. With the terrifying mechanisms set up, perhaps only Chosen had a chance of passing through.

However, that chance wasn’t necessarily high. A slight mistake would cause them to die. To risk their lives without even seeing any treasure was stupid.

So the three Chosen had been unwilling to test it out. As for the Favored and other disciples, that went without saying. Those two Favored that had been tricked by Guo Ran had only lasted for a couple of breaths before being killed miserably within the passageway. Who would dare try it again?

And so all the disciples had been waiting up there, suffering endless torment. Each breath had felt like an hour, but they were also unwilling to leave just like that.

But later, they began to hear loud noises from inside. That had been the sound of Long Chen and Guo Ran collecting the bricks.

Hearing that noise, their hearts began to burn. Although they couldn’t see what was going on, that was most likely the sound of Guo Ran collecting treasures.

They had become like agitated ants, clenching their teeth and glaring down the passageway. But they didn’t have the courage to barge in.

Finally, when Long Chen started using the brick to smash the stone coffin, shaking the entire tomb, there had been someone who hadn’t been able to hold back any longer. He felt as if he was going crazy.

There was someone inside getting treasures, while they were like idiots, standing outside the treasure house. That feeling nearly drove them insane.

“Fuck it!”

He had finally thrown a lance into a wall of the passageway. That naturally activated the mechanisms.

But this time, the mechanisms only half activated and stopped midway. Despite how cleverly the mechanisms had been set up, the tomb had existed for too long. The passage of time had still affected them slightly.

With some portions of the mechanisms having degraded, then adding on the crazy impact Long Chen had caused the passageway, the mechanisms were now half broken.

As a result, everyone now saw that in truth, the mechanisms were only able to activate partway. They were all jammed, unable to do anything. After killing those last two Favored, it seemed the mechanisms had finally been unable to bear any more impacts. As long as they went down carefully, they wouldn’t be struck.


One of the Righteous core disciples suddenly let out a cry as someone threw him directly into the passageway.

The one to throw him was a Corrupt Favored. None of the Righteous disciples showed any anger at one of them being used as an experiment. Instead, seeing that he was completely fine after reaching the bottom, they all celebrated and charged through.

The fastest ones were the three Chosen. No one else dared to compete with them.

Those three people had arrived just in time to see Long Chen smashing a huge coffin with a brick.

“Kill them!” ordered Zhao Mingshan furiously. He charged at Long Chen, his terrifying aura causing the entire tomb to tremble intensely. His fist smashed at Long Chen.

The other two Chosen also went to attack Long Chen after a pause.

They had decided to first kill Long Chen and take his treasures before investigating what the other treasures were.

“Guo Ran, you run away in the mess. Wait for me somewhere far away,” Long Chen whispered stealthily to Guo Ran. Then, with a cold shout, he raised a brick to receive Zhao Mingshan’s fist.


The entire tomb rocked. Zhao Mingshan felt a burst of pain on his fist, feeling as if his wrist had almost broken.

The next thing he knew, Long Chen was smashing a brick at his head at an incredible speed.

Zhao Mingshan was shocked by that brick. But he didn’t have the time to be shocked. Long Chen’s attack speed was inconceivable, and he hastily tried dodging back.

However, he had still underestimated Long Chen’s speed. That brick managed to clip Zhao Mingshan’s forehead.

Although it wasn’t serious, the powerful force caused him intense pain. If it had been a Favored, they probably would have had their head split open from it.

A large bump appeared on Zhao Mingshan’s head, almost looking like a bizarre horn.

Feeling that bump, Zhao Mingshan was infuriated. In his carelessness, he had ended up wounded, and in an extremely humiliating manner.

“Die!” Zhao Mingshan took out a dark gold saber and slashed it down on Long Chen.

At this time, the other two Chosen also arrived. They were both startled by Long Chen’s combat strength.

Although they had heard Long Chen was extremely strong, he had clearly just broken through to Tendon Transformation. His aura had yet to stabilize, and he couldn’t even count as having reached the first Heavenstage.

And yet, in their very first exchange, he caused Zhao Mingshan to suffer. Long Chen was clearly not as easy to deal with as he appeared.

“Everyone be careful. That brick in his hand is a powerful treasure!” warned the other Righteous Chosen.

Hearing that, Zhao Mingshan was extremely grateful. That ‘warning’ was just to cover up his embarrassment at having lost out to Long Chen.

Long Chen sneered and was too lazy to expose them. He put away the brick and summoned Devil Decapitator. Devil Decapitator was now covered in nicks from passing through the mechanisms in the passageway.

Long Chen was filled with killing intent towards these three Chosen. Previously, he had almost died because of them.

He roared, his voice like heavenly thunder in their ears. Devil Decapitator swung out at the three of them.


The entire tomb rocked. Sand and dirt began to rain from the ceiling.

Long Chen was forced back dozens of meters, but he was filled with excitement.

After advancing to Tendon Transformation, his strength had completely transformed. He was now able to control his physical strength even more precisely.

The three Chosen were shocked. Even the three of them working together had been unable to injure Long Chen. Instead, they were knocked back a couple of steps because of his power.

In other words, Long Chen should be on the same level as them when they all used their full strength, despite the fact that they had a huge advantage due to their cultivation bases which were all in the late Tendon Transformation realm.

“We can’t leave Long Chen alive!” The Corrupt Chosen now fully understood why Long Chen had been ranked number two on their must-kill list, second only to Han Tianyu.

His talent was too terrifying. Once he matured, then it would definitely be Han Tianyu who was ranked second to him.

“You two, as long as we are able to kill Long Chen, then the Corrupt path will not take a single piece of this tomb’s treasure,” offered the Corrupt Chosen.

Hearing that, the two Righteous Chosen were shocked. They instantly understood that he was offering a reward for Long Chen’s head. However, inside, they cursed the Corrupt path for being idiots and not knowing how to be subtle.

“How could we members of the Righteous path work together with someone despicable from the Corrupt path? The reason we want to kill Long Chen is to remove a scourge from our Righteous path, not because we’re working with you. Stop spouting nonsense and kill him,” said Zhao Mingshan.

He was saying this to emphasize that he had no relation with this Corrupt Chosen. Working with Corrupt disciples was an intolerable crime for Righteous disciples.

That Corrupt Chosen sneered in ridicule. The Righteous disciples were forever a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites.

“You guys go capture that little brat. Remember, I want him caught alive- eh? Where’d he go?” The Corrupt Chosen suddenly realized that Guo Ran had somehow disappeared now.

“Reporting to senior apprentice-brother, he… fled,” replied a Corrupt disciple with an unnatural expression.

“Fled? How did he get away so fast?” The Corrupt Chosen couldn’t believe it.

“He… that bastard’s too crafty.” All of them were looking at each other. One of the Corrupt disciples finally summoned the courage to explain.

Guo Ran had known that he wasn’t able to help Long Chen here with his little strength. Instead, he would hold him back.

So, the instant Long Chen struck Zhao Mingshan with a brick, he took advantage of everyone’s attention being focused on Long Chen to stealthily slip away into the passageway.

However, in the end, he was still noticed by a few Righteous disciples. They had immediately raised their weapons and charged at him.

At that time, Guo Ran had suddenly taken out a strange cylinder, and a rain of needles had shot out over a huge area. More than a dozen people had been hit.

All those needles had poison on them, and those who were hit all consumed antitoxin pills.

However, they had then had to stop and circulate their spiritual qi to suppress the poison and force it out. That was because they realized their antitoxin pills were unable to completely suppress the poison.

Taking advantage of everyone’s panic, Guo Ran had already succeeded in getting up the passageway. He had taken out some ball and thrown it down the passageway, where it had exploded into a cloud of smoke so thick that they couldn’t even see their own hands.

Those disciples who had started chasing him had all retreated, afraid that the smoke also had poison or that Guo Ran would shoot more poison needles from within.

By the time the smoke dissipated, Guo Ran had long since disappeared. None of them had really cared about Guo Ran getting away, as they just considered him a random weakling.

But now that this Chosen asked about him, they immediately felt apprehensive.

The expressions of all the Chosen were ugly now. They didn’t care about Guo Ran’s life, but it was very likely Guo Ran was holding a portion of the treasures from the tomb. In fact, he could be holding the majority of them.

However, he had already run, and it wasn’t likely for them to be able to catch up to him. The three of them now focused completely on Long Chen.

Long Chen lazily rested Devil Decapitator on his shoulder, indifferently looking back at the three of them.

“Want to die? Then come!”

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