Chapter 326 Terrifying Mechanisms

“Boss, I feel like there’s an extremely large opportunity for me in this ancient tomb.”

“How do you know?” Long Chen was a bit flabbergasted.

“Look boss, on these murals, the leading role is mostly this elder creating something. I think this ancient tomb is very likely the tomb of a Forging Master. Craftsmen usually bring their life’s experiences and insights with them to their tomb, not even leaving them to their disciples,” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen nodded slightly. Guo Ran’s thinking was reasonable. Even since ancient times, craftsmen all liked to hold back their trade secrets.

Most grand figures had all kept some of their learnings private and brought them into their tombs or even coffins. This led to later generations losing out on many cultivation techniques and Battle Skills.

Later, many people set their eyes on those ancient tombs. Of course, it was only possible to disturb the tombs of people without descendants.

If you were to dig up the coffins of people’s ancestors, that would be an unforgivable offense. No one would do something like that.

But it was an absolute fact that the majority of experts liked to do something like this when they died. They would bring the things they were most proud of in their lifetime to their coffins.

Sometimes when an inheritance had been severed, it was possible to enter an ancestor’s tomb to revive that inheritance.

As for this ancient tomb in front of them, it had to come from a shockingly distant past. If this tomb’s master had left behind their inheritance, it would definitely be amazing.

Long Chen felt that Guo Ran’s inference was very likely. He couldn’t help being a bit disappointed.

That was because he had seen the image of those nine stars twinkling in the sky. He thought that perhaps he could find some clues about the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art inside the tomb.

But Long Chen realized that other than that one mural with the nine stars in the background, the other murals were all entirely related to forging items.

This ancient tomb’s master was most likely a Forging Master, and the murals were most likely in commemoration of his work.

Long Chen had no interest in forging items, but Guo Ran was now pretty much obsessed with it, so this really was a huge opportunity for him.

The two of them continued examining the murals. Now the people inside the lounge had been split into three parties: the Righteous party, the Corrupt party, and Long Chen’s party.

Although Long Chen and Guo Ran were just two people, no one dared look down on them in the slightest.

“Oh? There’s a circle in this mural.”

Suddenly, a Righteous disciple saw an extremely unremarkable circle in one of the murals.

That circle was the eye of a ferocious beast in the mural. However, the beast was extremely lifelike, and so it was a bit odd for its only eye to be so perfectly round.

In the beginning, no one had noticed that oddity, as this kind of beast had already gone extinct in the outside world. None of them had even heard of it. They had all just assumed this beast’s eye was just like that.

However, these people had been searching for several days now without finding any major clues. Thus they had begun to pay attention to the smaller details and finally found that this eye was a bit strange.

Getting even closer, he realized there was a button in the center of the eye. That person lightly pressed on it.

Suddenly, the ancient tomb began to violently shake. Everyone’s expressions changed. If the ancient tomb collapsed, they would all definitely die.

The ground at the center of the lounge suddenly split open, revealing a large set of stone stairs going straight down.

For such a passageway to appear all of a sudden, both the Righteous and Corrupt disciples instantly charged over.

But they had only gone in a couple of steps down when holes suddenly appeared on the walls and countless arrows shot out, instantly taking over ten lives.

The passageway was only three meters wide, and in such a narrow space, there was nowhere to dodge. Furthermore, with people charging in behind you, there was no way to retreat. Thus, all of them that had entered had been turned into hedgehogs.

All of them had thought that the treasure would be right past this hole, and they were afraid of others reaching it first.

However, the people who had thought that were comparatively weak. The stronger people hadn’t been afraid of others getting there first, as even if others obtained it, they could still take it from them.

Now that this had happened, everyone retreated, looking at this opening in shock. They now realized that they couldn’t even see the bottom of this hole.

Both Long Chen and Guo Ran were sneering. Did this group of idiots think that the craftsmen owner of this tomb would be so foolish?

If there really was an inheritance, how could they not leave trials or traps for people? Did they think it was so easy to rob tombs?

There was definitely a correct way to get to the true treasure. Without using that method, there would be all sorts of mechanisms to activate that would kill you.

Suddenly, one of the experts took out two round shields, placed them around himself to form a ball, and tried rolling down.

“What a good idea!” 

This method caused everyone’s eyes to brighten. As long as they tightly covered their entire bodies, they had no need to fear these arrows.

But they had only just prepared themselves to copy this person when he let out a miserable scream.

Everyone saw that he had been fine for the first while. But at the sixty-meter mark, the walls stopped shooting arrows. Instead, they shot javelins.

Those javelins were over an inch thick and extraordinarily sharp. That person’s shields had been like eggshells in front of those javelins, and he had instantly died.

But at least he could count as dying happily. Up to this point, he was the one who had the record for entering the farthest.

Now that this had happened, all of them were dumbstruck. Unless it was a shield on the spirit weapon level, that kind of attack was unblockable. 

But the materials to make spirit weapons were precious, and they were usually used for attack items. Few people made defensive ones.

Furthermore, you would need two of them. Without two of them to protect you, there was no chance of you passing.

“Boss, do you have any ideas?” Guo Ran was starting to feel itchy just looking at those powerful mechanisms.

“This tomb’s master probably wasn’t a particularly amazing figure. I should be able to send you in,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, how can you tell that this tomb’s master wasn’t so amazing?”

“Because those mechanisms on the walls are all triggered by touch. In other words, as long as a person doesn’t touch the ground, you won’t trigger the walls to attack you,” said Long Chen.

“If you don’t touch it, then doesn’t that mean you’d have to fly?”

“Yup. As long as you can fly, you’ll be able to pass. In other words, these mechanisms are only useful on those at the Xiantian realm and below. Above the Xiantian realm, it’d be possible to transform spiritual qi into wings and just fly down. 

“Furthermore, that passageway is only a thousand meters deep, and it seems there are a total of nine different sets of mechanisms, going from weak to strong.

“So I can deduce this tomb’s master wasn’t a top expert. The tombs of top experts wouldn’t concentrate all the traps in one place like this. They would set up countless checkpoints, each checkpoint having different traps.

“Furthermore, you’ve also seen that the maze of the tomb wasn’t particularly complicated or large. It’s possible to tell the master’s status,” explained Long Chen.

Guo Ran nodded. This tomb’s specifications didn’t correspond with the status of top experts. He was a bit disappointed. “Then is this all worthless?”

“You’re wrong. This should make you happy. If this really was the tomb of a top expert, then just with our weak cultivation bases, wouldn’t going in be no different from giving away your life?” laughed Long Chen.

Guo Ran’s eyes immediately brightened. That was very true. How could the tomb of top experts be so easily disturbed?

“So even if there’s an opportunity in front of you, you have to first have the right fate for it. This opportunity should be perfect for you,” said Long Chen.

No matter what kind of person this tomb’s master had been, if there really were treasures inside, they would definitely be amazing for all of them at their current level.

As for whether there really was treasure at the bottom, that was a gamble. It was a gamble that could take their lives.

But cultivation itself was a gamble. Sometimes luck was more important than strength.

Miserable screams were continuing to ring out, as some people were still unconvinced and continued trying various methods to enter. But they all failed, leading to one ending.

All those who failed lost their lives. It was extremely cruel. 

It was just like what Long Chen had said. Unless you were above the Xiantian realm and could fly, you wouldn’t be able to enter.

Suddenly, one of the Corrupt experts sent out a flying claw and pulled up one of the javelins.

That flying claw’s chain was very long and was able to go down a hundred meters. But that was its limit, as it couldn’t grow longer.

“Wow, this material is comparable to a spirit weapon.” The Corrupt disciples all let out surprised cries when they examined the javelin’s material.

This javelin weighed several thousand pounds. When they tried stabbing it into the ground, a hole was instantly pierced into the stone.

They were all stunned. They all looked at the walls of that channel. There were no marks at all.

These spears had all shot out of the walls to collide with the other side of the wall. But there was not the slightest damage on the walls. Wouldn’t that mean the material of this channel was even harder?

Even the stone wall was a treasure. Then just what kind of treasure was at the bottom? They all burned with passion to find it.

“Do you think we could continuously touch on the triggers and make the mechanisms use up all their ammo? Once they’re exhausted, wouldn’t we be able to pass?” One of the Righteous disciples’ eyes lit up.

“Idiot, did you think the designer was as stupid as you? How could they not plan for such a simple method? Even if they shot so much that the entire passageway was filled, the mechanisms still wouldn’t run out. Then at that time, how will you even go find the treasure?” ridiculed a Corrupt disciple.

“You…!” The Righteous disciple was infuriated and wanted to curse him, but looking at how savage he looked, he bit his lip and swallowed his words back down.

“Stop crapping all over the place. This isn’t the latrine. Let your grandpa Guo show you what a heaven-startling method is.”

Guo Ran’s extremely arrogant words rang out, causing everyone’s gazes to fall on him.

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