Chapter 325 Shocking Both Paths

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, now that death has arrived for you, you actually have the heart to look at murals? If you’re smart, you’ll hurry up and kill yourself right now!”

That voice came from a powerful Favored. He looked extremely young, and yet his eyes were filled with haughtiness.

Long Chen didn’t even glance at him. He was still completely engrossed with the image of the nine stars, and it was as if he hadn’t even heard him.

“Long Chen, are you deaf?!” That person was furious that Long Chen was ignoring him. He took a couple of steps forward and shouted even louder.

Only now did Long Chen slowly awaken from his stupor. Looking at that man, he shook his head, sighing. “An ill star is hanging above your head. That means you’re fated to die. How regretful, to die at such a young age.”

Long Chen wasn’t some virtuous saint. And even a saint probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate being insulted and provoked like this.

“Courting death! People say you’re very strong; then let me do my own assessment!”

That Favored snorted and took a step over. A mark lit up on his forehead, and his powerful aura erupted.

That Favored was from the eighteenth monastery. His cultivation base was powerful, and he was well-known even amongst Favored. That made him extremely arrogant.

Previously, he had heard people talking about Long Chen, raising him as a figure almost comparable to Han Tianyu.

That provoked his arrogant heart. Although none of the Righteous disciples wanted to struggle over number one with Han Tianyu, many of them thought that if he was taken out of the equation, they could easily contend for the top spot.

The eighteenth monastery had many connections to the first monastery and had also been told to give Long Chen some special attention in the secret realm.

This Favored had originally thought that he would have a chance to show-off by handling Long Chen. But then, suddenly there came new orders to temporarily not do anything to Long Chen.

That news had irritated this Favored. However, he hadn’t thought of doing anything in particular to oppose it. But now that he had encountered Long Chen today, he was extremely irritated with Long Chen’s domineering nature.

Ever since entering this place, he hadn’t even glanced at any of them. Whether it was the Corrupt disciples or the Righteous disciples, it was like none of them were worth his attention. 

“Guo Ran, prepare yourself,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t worry boss, I’ve long since been prepared. As long as you give the order, I’ll immediately attack.” Guo Ran had already shown his attitude. He had long since found these idiots to be displeasing.

“Ah, forget about it. It seems you didn’t understand what I meant.” 

Long Chen shook his head and didn’t bother with Guo Ran anymore. To the Favored who was now accumulating energy, he said, “A young person shouldn’t be impulsive, or you’ll lose your life.”

That Favored’s expressions darkened. Long Chen’s tone was like he was an experienced and wise senior teaching a junior.

“Die you perverted traitor!”

He didn’t wait any longer. He shot over right at Long Chen, his sword cutting through the air. Even space was being cut apart by his sword.

This attack of his was extremely powerful, causing quite a few disciples’ expressions to change. They would not be able to block this sword.

That descending sword suddenly paused in midair. A hand had tightly grabbed it.

Seeing Long Chen use a single hand to easily grab hold of that Favored’s sword, everyone was completely stunned.

That Favored’s sword was a spirit weapon and extraordinarily sharp. It was something that could cut apart metal and jade, capable of slicing a mountain in half.

But Long Chen’s hand had caught it easily. Even the Chosen were shocked.

That Favored was the most surprised. Although he had yet to use his full strength, he had never imagined there to be someone in the same realm who dared to use his bare hand to catch his sword.

Even Chosen wouldn’t dare to do that, right? But Long Chen had. Furthermore, he had done it in such an apathetic manner.

That caused that Favored to fly into rage out of humiliation. He thought Long Chen was intentionally humiliating him. He didn’t believe he could really receive his sword barehanded.

He assumed Long Chen must be using some kind of transparent defensive glove or perhaps some kind of defensive ability.

“As expected, after advancing to the Tendon Transformation realm and experiencing the increase in my strength, my body has also become much stronger and harder to injure. That lightning tribulation really is the best way to temper the physical body. Although my body can’t compare to spirit weapons, with just a little bit of skill, I can catch a blade barehanded,” Long Chen thought to himself. He was extremely satisfied with his current strength.

They were all silent. The majority of them were thinking the same thing as that Favored: Long Chen had definitely used some kind of defensive technique. They didn’t believe he could receive that Favored’s weapon with his bare hand.

As for that Favored, he struggled to retrieve his sword, but after pulling three times, he realized he was unable to move it in the slightest from Long Chen’s hand. His face was already turning purple from trying.

“You perverted traitor… let go…” cursed that Favored.

Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out. Everyone was horrified to see his sword had been broken in two by Long Chen’s hand. Just like that, Long Chen flipped the upper part of the sword and slashed it forward, his movements as fast as lightning.

A head flew into the sky, blood spurting several meters into the air. All the Righteous disciples were dumbfounded.

Only when a head fell dozens of meters away did that headless corpse slowly fall to the ground.

The sound of it falling wasn’t loud, but it shook all their hearts. Whether it was the Righteous disciples or the Corrupt disciples, they all felt a chill inside.

They had all killed before. When it came to viciousness, no one was able to compare to Corrupt disciples.

But even the Corrupt disciples felt a chill on their necks now.

Long Chen’s method of killing people had been too clean and efficient. Most terrifying of all, there was not the slightest expression on his face. It was a terrifying calmness.

That kind of calm indifference was more terrifying than a savage expression. Long Chen had killed a powerful Favored without batting an eye.

Even Guo Ran was dumbfounded. Although he hated the idiots from the Righteous path, no matter what, they were all members of the Righteous path.

He had thought Long Chen would beat this person half dead, break his limbs, and then knock out all of his teeth.

He had never thought Long Chen would publicly kill someone so directly. That was a grave crime.

“Long Chen, you dare kill disciples from the same sect?!” One of the Righteous disciples was pale with fright, but he still tried to act strong.

Long Chen icily looked over at everyone and smiled coldly. “No matter if you are from the Righteous path or Corrupt path, remember, don’t provoke me. I’m busy. I don’t have the time to be entangled with you. If you want to reincarnate earlier, then come at me now.”

His words immediately caused an uproar from both paths’ disciples. This claim was far too arrogant!

“Hmph, a brat who doesn’t know how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is. With your ability, you dare brag arrogantly-” started one of the Corrupt disciples.


The broken sword in Long Chen’s hand shot out, directly piercing that person’s heart.

That kind of speed was incomparable, and most importantly, Long Chen hadn’t shown any signs before he suddenly struck.

It had happened so suddenly, that it didn’t give anyone time to guard against it.


That disciple’s jaw dropped. He only managed to say a single word before toppling to the ground.

“Idiots from the Corrupt path, you should do your best to take it easy. Whether my mood is good or bad, it’d be better for you to not appear in front of me. And try especially not to fart in front of me, as then I’ll kill you,” said Long Chen.

The Corrupt disciples were infuriated, and they all took out their weapons.

Long Chen didn’t look at them, instead continuing to examine the murals. This was a humiliation, a naked humiliation of disregarding them.

The Corrupt path’s sole Chosen was tightly clenching his fists. A terrifying light was shining in his eyes.

“Senior apprentice-brother, it’s not advantageous for us to fight here. Searching for treasures is more important,” advised a Corrupt Favored.

The current situation in the lounge was extremely strained. Their Corrupt disciples had fewer numbers, but they had just barely managed to suppress the Righteous disciples slightly.

They had provoked them several times, even killing several of their disciples. Although the Righteous disciples had been infuriated, they were all uncooperative.

That was especially true of the two Chosen. They were ignoring everything else, instead doing their best to preserve their energy. They wouldn’t easily take action.

Over half the Righteous disciples came from the Xuantian Monasteries, and while they seemed like a cohesive group on the outside, in truth, they were all selfish individuals.

Long Chen’s arrival had broken this equilibrium. But the Corrupt disciples had not expected that these Righteous disciples seemed to have some sort of great enmity with Long Chen. Instead of joining hands, they had actually begun to fight.

In this strained situation, whether it was the Righteous or Corrupt disciples, no one wished to go all-out against Long Chen, as that would end up benefiting the other party.

The Corrupt Chosen also understood that reasoning. However, he was unable to swallow his rage. Long Chen was just too arrogant.

“Fine. Long Chen, hopefully I’ll have a chance to experience your power later to see if you’re really deserving of being so arrogant!” 

Whether or not they fought, he had to at least get some words in. Otherwise, if he was suppressed in terms of imposingness, that would affect his group’s morale.

“Whenever you want to go reincarnate, come find me.”

Long Chen still didn’t even glance at him. Long Chen’s ability to infuriate him really was amazing. As the Corrupt Chosen almost exploded, his fists creaking from how hard he was clenching them.

But he still didn’t do anything to Long Chen. No matter what the result was, if he fought Long Chen, he would end up losing out.

This ancient tomb was filled with odd mysteries. Fighting all-out here wasn’t smart, so he could only endure it.

Seeing that the fierce Corrupt disciples didn’t dare to do anymore, the Righteous disciples also didn’t continue with Long Chen. They all turned to examine the murals, hoping to find the mysteries of the ancient tomb.

“Boss, I feel like there’s an extremely large opportunity for me in this ancient tomb,” Guo Ran said to Long Chen.

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