Chapter 324 Not Distinguishing Right and Wrong

Blood splattered.

Guo Ran jumped in fright and immediately took out the cylinder he had just put away. He saw that at some unknown time, a spear had appeared in Long Chen’s hands.

The end of that spear had firmly stabbed into a man’s stomach. That man was holding a saber above his head. He was still frozen in his attacking posture.

The man looked in disbelief at his stomach. Blood was slowly flowing out from around the spear.

Long Chen’s spear twisted, and a powerful force erupted from the spear, instantly turning the man into a pile of mincemeat.

“It’s a Corrupt disciple. Take his spatial ring and let’s keep going.” Long Chen flung the blood off his spear indifferently.

With a random wave of his hand, he had killed a Corrupt core disciple, his expression so indifferent that it was like he had killed a rabbit. No, not even a rabbit. Perhaps an ant would be more accurate. Long Chen’s expression didn’t change at all.

Guo Ran could clearly sense that after Long Chen had advanced to Tendon Transformation, his will had completely transformed. It was even fiercer than before.

Seeing how gingerly and disgusted Guo Ran was while he fished out a spatial ring from that pile of flesh, Long Chen was a bit embarrassed. “Next time I’ll try to hold back a bit.”

“Why would there be a Corrupt disciple lying in wait here? Why isn’t he searching for the treasures?” Guo Ran didn’t understand.

“His strength was average, and he couldn’t beat the people inside. If he was a bit careless, he could even lose his life there. It was better for him to ambush people here. If his luck was good, he might have been able to catch some fat sheep,” said Long Chen.

“Since he ran into boss, I’d say his luck wasn’t that good,” laughed Guo Ran.

“Well, his appearance is still a warning to us. Those corpses we ran into were all from the Righteous path. Most likely there were a couple of powerful Corrupt disciples who came in,” said Long Chen.

On the way, they had run into over a dozen corpses, all of which were Righteous disciples. Furthermore, the way they had died was extremely bitter. Whoever had killed them had been extremely vicious, and it was obvious it had been done by Corrupt disciples.

Long Chen didn’t dare be careless. Although his vision wasn’t any better than Guo Ran’s, his soul’s divine sense had taken the place of his eyes to see everything almost a mile around him clearly.

They continued around another three hundred meters when the path once more diverged, this time into three separate tunnels. Long Chen carefully examined the imprints here.

Although Guo Ran hadn’t left anything special here, Long Chen was still able to distinguish a difference between the paths to pick the path that only had footprints going in, not out.

“This one.” Long Chen pointed to the path on the right. The two of them continued. At this time, the cave was already pitch-black. Guo Ran was essentially blind.

Not everyone had powerful Spiritual Strength like Long Chen. And even with Spiritual Strength, not everyone was able to condense divine sense. Only pill cultivators were blessed with that advantage.

They continued for over a mile. That desolate, ancient air was growing stronger. Suddenly, light appeared in front of them.

They had arrived at a large lounge. This lounge was extraordinary and was at least four thousand meters wide. There were four pillars in the lounge that had ancient lines carved into them.

On the walls of the lounge were dozens of murals. But due to how much time had passed, the majority of them had become damaged. However, some of them were still intact.

When Long Chen and Guo Ran entered, there were hundreds of people carefully searching around the lounge.

There were dozens of corpses on the ground now, and their blood was still warm. They had clearly died not long ago.

The lounge’s people were split into two sides. Eighty percent of them were wearing the robes of the Righteous path.

Amongst those Righteous disciples, almost half of them were wearing robes of the Xuantian Monasteries. When they saw Long Chen enter, many of them appeared shocked.

As for the Corrupt disciples, there were only fifty to sixty of them. They were all gathered together, closely examining the murals on the wall. They didn’t even deign to look in the direction of the Righteous disciples who outnumbered them four to one. They were filled with contempt and ridicule for them.

In comparison to the Corrupt disciples, the Righteous disciples looked much more nervous, as they carefully paid attention to their surroundings.

There were several holes in the lounge. From the look of them, they seemed freshly dug. Most likely the two sides had noticed something good and fought over it.

However, of the corpses on the ground, only one was a Corrupt disciple; the rest were all Righteous disciples. Obviously, the Righteous path hadn’t ended up with any advantage despite their numbers.

“Long Chen, you haven’t died?”

When Long Chen and Guo Ran entered, there was no reaction from the Corrupt path. Instead, it was the Righteous path’s disciples who looked at him with shock, especially those disciples from the Xuantian Monasteries.

Evidence and claims of Long Chen’s ‘fiendish actions’ had been encouraged by someone behind the scenes, and practically all the supermonastery’s disciples were aware of it.

Even other Righteous disciples mostly knew of it. But the rumors also said that Long Chen had been chased after by Yin Luo. According to common sense, even if Long Chen had a hundred lives, Yin Luo would still have ended up killing him. Yet, somehow, Long Chen had now appeared in front of them completely healthy.

The Corrupt path’s disciples were a bit alarmed to hear Long Chen’s name. There was a Chosen amongst them with black hair that trailed over his shoulders. His eyes were like golden lanterns, and his aura surged like a sea. His eyes narrowed slightly at this time.

He was an extremely powerful expert in the Corrupt path. Although news of Yin Luo’s humiliating defeat back then had been suppressed by the higher-ups, his Elders had still stealthily told him about it due to him being a Chosen.

That wasn’t in order to humiliate Yin Luo but to warn the other Chosen. This is what it meant for there to always be people more talented than you, for there to always be a heaven beyond the heavens. In his negligence, even a genius like Yin Luo had ended up suffering.

However, that man might be shocked inside, but he didn’t reveal any expression on the outside. He simply continued examining the murals.

That was because he saw the attitude the Righteous disciples treated Long Chen with. They did not seem friendly at all.

Long Chen didn’t even glance at that person. To Long Chen, the Corrupt disciples were his enemies, while the Righteous disciples were not necessarily friends. They were just a bunch of trash.

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, you fiend, how do you even have the face to live in this world? Today we’ll take the place of the heavens for you!” One of the core disciples stood up righteously and pointed at Long Chen sternly.

Guo Ran’s fury immediately ignited. This group of idiots really was hateful. Did they not see all the Corrupt disciples that should be their real enemies?

They didn’t go provoke them, instead delighting in this internal strife. They were typical models of people who bullied the weak but feared the strong. Seeing how they had cowered in the face of the Corrupt disciples, it was obvious they were afraid of them.

But as soon as he and Long Chen walked in, it was like they had stepped on their tails. They even adopted this kind of hypocritical righteous act as a justification to denounce Long Chen.

“Fuck, what perverted traitor?! All your family’s ancestors must have been perverted idiots! You just believe anything anyone tells you? Are your heads filled completely with crap? Are your eyes used to eating other people’s crap?!” cursed Guo Ran.

Just who was Long Chen? He was a god in the hearts of the 108th monastery’s disciples. Guo Ran might be the closest brother to Long Chen, but that didn’t affect the worshipful feeling he had for Long Chen. How could he accept someone insulting Long Chen in front of him?

“Courting death! You’re the fucking idiot who doesn’t know right and wrong! There is irrefutable evidence of Long Chen’s wicked sins! You still dare refuse to admit it?! Now that you two perverted traitors have run into us, don’t even think about walking out alive! Your sins are so great that today we’ll take the place of the heavens to kill you!” Another disciple righteously raged at them.

“Take the place of the heavens?! Who do you think my boss is?! You think he would do such despicable things? As long as someone had eyes, they would be able to see that this was all just a set-up. There was clearly someone plotting against Long Chen. Do you not even know that you’re just a bunch of tools?!” raged Guo Ran.

“Stop quibbling. Even if you embellish your words even more, it won’t conceal your crimes. Did you think just a couple of words from you would be able to dupe us? You really are an idiot. We have ironclad proof. Did you think we’d believe your idiotic nonsense?” sneered one of them. His disdain could not be more obvious.

Guo Ran was about to explode from anger. He wished to immediately take out his Voidbreaker Crossbow and kill this group of idiots.

The true enemies were right there, but they had to make things hard on their own people. And they even upheld this act of justice. His teeth were hurting from how hard he was clenching them.

“You’re just a pack of cowards who bully the weak. There are so many Corrupt disciples over there, but you don’t dare challenge them. They’ve killed so many of your people, that now it seems you’re pissing yourselves in fear. You have two Chosen and thirty Favored, which is ten times your opponents. But instead, you’re like terrified children. With only that little ability, you say you’re taking the place of the heavens? It seems you’re taking the place of the heavens to piss!” said Guo Ran disdainfully.

Guo Ran’s words immediately provoked a hail of curses from the Righteous disciples.

“Brat, you’re courting death!”

“What does an idiot like you understand?! This is called strategy!”

“You perverted traitor, you both deserve the death penalty, yet you dare utter such arrogant words?!”

For a moment, all the Righteous disciples were busy throwing curses at them.

“Guo Ran, come over and look at this mural.” While Guo Ran had been sparring with words, Long Chen hadn’t even glanced at them. He had gone to a mural and had simply been looking at it this entire time. Now he suddenly called out to Guo Ran.

Guo Ran couldn’t be bothered with these idiots. He immediately went to Long Chen’s side to look at the carving.

This was a scenic stone carving. It had been preserved extremely perfectly. It showed an elder holding a hammer that was raised high, ready to pound down.

It was an extremely simple image, but both Guo Ran and Long Chen noticed the background more.

In the beginning, it had been difficult to tell, but careful examination revealed that there were nine stars twinkling in the heavens.

Those nine stars were revolving around one huge star. The blue dome of the heavens was peaceful and auspicious.

Most shocking to Long Chen was that when he saw the background, he felt a sorrowful feeling. For some unknown reasons, tears started to appear in his eyes as if this image had provoked some kind of memory.

Guo Ran also saw those stars, but the thing he focused on was different from Long Chen. He was completely focused on the elder’s hammer.

More accurately, he was looking at the arc and movement of that hammer. Although the swing seemed random, it contained profound laws. The two of them were just standing in front of the mural, stunned.

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, now that death has arrived for you, you actually have the heart to look at murals? If you’re smart, you’ll hurry up and kill yourself right now!” An extremely dislikable voice came from the Righteous disciples.

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