Chapter 322 Get Down to Business

Time had passed quickly. It had already been a month since the Jiuli secret realm had opened. Who knew just how many experts had entered.

People had spent years exploring the Jiuli secret realm. There were seven entrances, with the Righteous path controlling three, and the Corrupt path controlling four.

But there weren’t really just seven, because the Jiuli secret realm was extremely mysterious, and it was said to hide itself in a separate space from reality.

There were many smaller entrances in the Su Prefecture and the surrounding prefectures. Those openings were controlled and hidden by some smaller powers.

However, those smaller entrances were at most able to accept a couple of dozen people before closing. So, in addition to those powers hiding them well, the major powers didn’t care about them enough to fight over them. 

So there would always be countless experts entering the Jiuli secret realm each time. Those people who slipped in through the smaller entrances were all looked down upon by the other members of the Righteous path.

But even if they were considered weaklings, they still had to wear insignias on their robes that proved they were disciples of the Righteous path.

With that insignia, they would be chased and killed by the Corrupt path, but without it, they would be chased by disciples of both the Righteous and Corrupt paths.

After this many years, almost all disciples were aware of which parts of the Jiuli realm were controlled by the Righteous path, and those disciples wouldn’t normally run into the Corrupt path’s territory.

Now that it had been a month since the Jiuli secret realm had opened, there were rumors of quite a few disciples having good luck and gaining good treasures.

There was a rumor of someone who had obtained a precious medicinal ingredient used to refine seventh tier medicinal pills. If they were to give it to their sects, they would obtain an enviable reward.

There was also apparently someone who had obtained the eggs of an ancient Magical Beast. That would allow the possessor to breed more of them. There was also someone who had obtained a miraculous jade pendant that, when activated, allowed them to see an immortal performing a sword-dance.

In any case, whether those rumors were true or not, each day, there would be a huge number of miraculous stories passed around.

These kinds of rumors weren’t very trustworthy. But there were several matters that had alarmed the entire Righteous path, and there were few who didn’t know about them.

The first matter was that a Righteous disciple, the Xuantian Supermonastery’s 108th monastery’s core disciple Long Chen, had assaulted a female disciple of the same sect.

When he failed to rape her, he had ended up killing her in a rage. By chance, two people had just happened to be walking by and used photographic jades to record him.

As a result, those two justice warriors had infuriated Long Chen and been killed by him, and their proof had been snatched away.

However, the moment Long Chen had been about to destroy the proof of his lewd actions, someone else had appeared to protect the proof, going all-out to block Long Chen.

But Long Chen was too powerful and had consecutively killed three Favored, then gone crazy and chased after anyone who knew about the matter.

In the beginning, many people hadn’t believed it. But when people revealed the photographic jades, everyone finally had to accept one fact: Long Chen was a sex fiend.

It was said that Long Chen’s lewd actions had infuriated the entire Righteous path, and now he was someone that the Righteous path had to kill in order to get justice for that poor woman.

The second matter was related to the first matter. That was that the Corrupt path’s top expert Yin Luo, the one as equally famous as the Righteous path’s number one expert Han Tianyu, had entered the Xuantian Monastery’s territory to massacre disciples of the Righteous path.

Furthermore, what was unexpected to everyone, was that Yin Luo had actually focused entirely on that sex fiend Long Chen.

As a result, Long Chen wasn’t a match for him and had to flee in a panic. No one knew for sure whether he was dead or alive, but the majority of people guessed that Long Chen had already met his end.

Some people were sneering at him, thinking that Long Chen had committed so many sins that even the Corrupt path was unable to put up with it.

There were also people who thought that the fact that Long Chen had died under the Corrupt path’s top expert was letting him off lightly. If he was still alive, he would definitely be tortured to death by the Righteous path’s disciples.

Other than these two matters, there was one more matter. A mysterious dried up well had appeared on the edge of the Jiuli secret realm, and it was filled with a terrifying destructive will.

Some people guessed that some sort of amazing treasure had been born there. But as for whether that treasure had been taken away by someone or not, no one knew. Everyone had their own guesses.

In the depths of the Jiuli secret realm, there was a beautiful woman looking at a photographic jade with a pleased smile.

“They did very well. This way, Long Chen will never be able to wash away his accusations no matter what he does. Hopefully, he wasn’t killed by Yin Luo. It’d be best if he is personally killed by brother Tianyu.”

That woman was precisely the Chosen who had been by Han Tianyu’s side, Yin Wushuang. She was one of Han Tianyu’s faithful worshippers.

“If Long Chen were to die under brother Tianyu’s hands, then those two women probably won’t have the face to stick around brother Tianyu.” Yin Wushuang smiled.

In her eyes, Han Tianyu was the incarnation of perfection. There was not one woman who could resist his charm.

That was why she especially despised Hua Biluo who had ignored Han Tianyu. In her eyes, Hua Biluo was pretending to be aloof in order to attract Han Tianyu’s attention.

Women were all selfish like that. Although there was no lack of females fawning over Han Tianyu, Yin Yushuang considered herself to be the most beautiful of them all.

However, now she had a feeling of crisis. Not only did Hua Biluo appear, but Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, who were even somewhat more beautiful than Hua Biluo, had also appeared. That had immediately put her on guard.

That was especially true of Tang Wan-er. Although she hadn’t become a Chosen disciple, she was clearly emitting a powerful will on the same level as a Chosen.

So, seeing Long Chen fall into a trap delighted her extremely. Putting away the photographic jade, she said to a Favored:

“Send down the order to our people to temporarily not do anything to Long Chen.

That Favored awkwardly said, “But the assistant sect leader told us that we had to kill Long Chen as soon as we got a chance…”

“Hmmm?” Yin Wushuang frowned, and she icily said, “Don’t try to use the assistant sect leader to control me. If he irritated me, then I wouldn’t even give the sect leader any face. Just do as I say. If there are any consequences, they will fall on me.”

That Favored still wanted to argue some more, but looking at Yin Wushuang’s gloomy expression, he swallowed his words.

He knew that Yin Wushuang’s background was extremely powerful. Even the sect leader had to treat her extremely courteously. Therefore, he didn’t dare to offend her.

“Get those people to secretly increase Long Chen’s fame. I want it so that he is an evil fiend beyond redemption in the eyes of the Righteous path. That way when brother Tianyu kills him, it’ll satisfy everyone. That’ll get the most value out of Long Chen. Don’t waste this opportunity, understood?” A fierce light shone in Yin Wushuang’s eyes.


That person didn’t dare retort and obediently left. He conveyed Yin Wushuang’s orders to their people.

If Long Chen really died to a couple of powerful Chosen now, then Yin Wushuang would think that he was either disobedient or incapable, and that would be a disaster for him.

With her fierce temperament, he would definitely not have a good ending. He hastily spread the word.

After handling the matter of Long Chen, Yin Wushuang smiled and disappeared from this area, continuing to enter deeper into the Jiuli secret realm.

The news of Long Chen becoming a sex fiend had reached the ears of all the 108th monastery’s disciples. Those disciples didn’t even need to think about it to know this was someone’s attempt at smearing Long Chen.

Gu Yang had directly beaten up the disciple who had spread this news to him.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? With boss Long Chen’s character, why would he go force such a woman? Fuck, even if that woman threatened Long Chen, Long Chen wouldn’t reply to her!”

Compared to Gu Yang’s fury, Guo Ran had been completely unperturbed. He used a medicinal pill to exchange for one of those photographic jades and stealthily hid himself to slowly appreciate it.

“Flat chest, a small butt, seedy eyes, a fat stomach, chubby legs, and a bucket-sized waist? Ha, no wonder boss didn’t even glance at her. She’s not at all boss’s taste. What a bunch of idiots. They wanted to target boss, but they weren’t even willing to put out any good bait. Tch, unprofessional, extremely unprofessional!” Guo Ran indignantly raged. “If it was me, I definitely would have picked a beauty like Hua Biluo. Then I guarantee boss would definitely take the bait.”

“Oh really?”

“Tch, of course! My boss is someone who will become incapable of moving as soon as he sees a beauty…” Guo Ran got halfway before realizing something was wrong, and turning back, he stiffened.


That person behind him was Long Chen. At this time, Long Chen was disdainfully shaking his head at him.

“Little fellow, when are you going to grow up a bit? You didn’t go out to test your luck, instead secretly hiding yourself here to admire that photographic jade?”

Once Long Chen had advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm, he knew he couldn’t waste any more time. Although the Jiuli secret realm remained open for a full year, time was still extremely pressing due to how large the secret realm was.

Since he started using the Netherworld Ghost Steps, Long Chen’s speed had reached a shocking level.

In three days, he had traveled fifty thousand miles. As he had been traveling, he had suddenly sensed a familiar aura.

Advancing to Tendon Transformation had made Long Chen completely transform. His spiritual perception had become much sharper.

In practically the first instant, he recognized that aura to be Guo Ran’s, and he had followed it to this concealed mountain cave.

This fellow had been secretly hiding within this cave, admiring that woman’s performance. He had even been gesturing enthusiastically as he talked to himself. Long Chen really had a desire to give him a beating.

This scoundrel hadn’t gone to find any opportunities in the secret realm, instead doing something so shameless here.

“Boss, you’ve advanced! Congratulations!” Being caught in the act, Guo Ran was completely red and hastily put away the photographic jade.

“Don’t give me any of your nonsense. Can you not do anything proper? It’s already been a month, but have you obtained anything?” Long Chen ignored Guo Ran’s attempt at changing the subject.

“It seems this photographic jade is my only harvest.”

As soon as he said this, Guo Ran saw Long Chen’s face turn dark and hastily added, “But boss, I found a huge secret! I don’t have the strength to take it for myself, so I was helpless! Now that boss has returned, I’m sure us two brothers can get to business.”

“You aren’t tricking me?”

Long Chen was somewhat suspicious. This little fellow wouldn’t intentionally trick him in order to hide his embarrassment, would he? Yes, Guo Ran definitely would do something like that.

“I swear, it’s definitely big business! Boss, let’s go right now. If we’re too late, the treasure will be taken by others.”

After saying that, Guo Ran pulled Long Chen in the direction of an eerie valley.

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