Chapter 321 Advancing to the Tendon Transformation Realm

Long Chen suddenly had all his pores open as a sense of mortal danger filled him. He raised his head in horror to see a meter-thick bolt of lightning smash down on him, looking like a huge spear thrown from the heavens.

Long Chen hastily circulated all his spiritual energy, at the same time, pouring all his own tribulation thunderforce throughout every single part of his body. He raised both arms to protect his head.


That huge bolt of lightning ferociously slammed into Long Chen. Long Chen felt as if it was some huge hammer, and pain wracked his body. Even with his powerful physical body, his skin was tearing apart, blood pouring out.

Long Chen was filled with shock and fury. This level of thunderforce was enough to instantly kill any Tendon Transformation Favored.

To use such terrifying thunderforce to attack him, the heavens were clearly trying to completely exterminate him. That filled Long Chen with fury.

He was becoming more and more sure that the heavens really were blind. There were so many evil people that went unpunished, and the heavens even gifted them Dao-marks.

When it came to himself, although he didn’t consider himself to be some virtuous good person, it wasn’t like he was really a vile fiend.

And yet, the will of the heavens refused to tolerate him. It was like the heavens found him to be displeasing, and without giving any reasons, had to completely obliterate him.

“Fuck these damn heavens! You loathe me? Well, I loathe you too! Sooner or later, there will definitely come a day where I overturn these blind, damnable heavens!”

Long Chen roared up at the thunderclouds. A will soared out of Long Chen’s heart, a will to sever all shackles, a will to destroy the nine heavens and ten lands.

Long Chen had gone crazy from fury. He felt incomparably stifled. The will of the heavens had really infuriated him. But to kill him would not be so easy.

At the same time as Long Chen’s fury sparked and his unbending will erupted out, the instant he swore to one day overturn the heavens, within the depths of the Jiuli secret realm, a huge mountain peak which had been standing for who knew how many years and had always been silent, suddenly became covered in fine cracks.

This huge mountain peak that was tens of thousands of miles in diameter was now covered in cracks, and from within those cracks, a faint glimmer of light shone through. At the same time, an indistinct aura was slowly rising as if some kind of thing had been awakened.

Following Long Chen’s furious roar was even more berserk lightning. Nine of those thick thunderbolts slammed down on him.

At this time, Long Chen was covered in blood, his skin split open to reveal the flesh underneath. His flesh had now turned black, and even bone was sticking out at his shoulders, appearing extremely terrifying.

And yet, Long Chen’s expression did not contain any pain. Instead, his expression contained only fury and craziness as he ferociously glared at the thunderclouds up in the sky.

“You’re unable to kill me! I, Long Chen, swear to one day topple you!” At this time, Long Chen no longer held any respect or gratitude to heaven and earth. All he had was a deep hatred.

For some unknown reason, as this hate flourished within him, it felt as if he had somehow realized his life’s goal, and his will became even stronger.

After sending down nine consecutive attacks, the thunderclouds above appeared to have been provoked by Long Chen, and they seemed to almost have become angry.

The thousands of miles of clouds began to churn, and violent thunderforce began to gather at the center.

Lightning lit up the nine heavens, its power capable of destroying the dome of the sky. A destructive aura was constantly climbing. Suddenly, up in the sky, a huge eye made of lightning appeared, looking like a huge sun that lit up the entire world.

Even people millions of miles away could see that distant light. Those disciples, who were busy searching for opportunities, now turned to look over with shock.

“Heavens, what is that?!”

“Is that the birth of a top treasure?!”

They made all kinds of guesses. Despite the huge distance, they were still able to sense that terrifying destructive will.

Beside a mountain stream, there was a woman standing on the crown of a huge tree. She had an elegant figure, a white veil covering her face, and her eyes contained a soul-stealing beauty.

This was the woman who had saved Long Chen. She was filled with shock.

“This is heavenly punishment! Who attracted such a terrifying heavenly punishment? And this direction… was it him?”

Suddenly, the light within the sky shot down like a meteor. That mysterious woman trembled slightly.

That wasn’t her trembling but the entire mountain shaking. Looking in that direction, she muttered to herself:

“I had a strange feeling the instant I saw him. Looks like that fellow should be extremely odd. Haha, seems I made quite the profit this time.”

After some unknown amount of time, Long Chen woke up and vomited a mouthful of blood. Pain wracked his body, and he couldn’t hold back a moan.

He felt as if his entire body was falling apart, and the intense pain was like needles stabbing every part of his body.

Taking a deep breath, he did his best to raise his head. This movement, which normally was completely effortless, was incomparably difficult at this time.

Looking up, he saw a round tunnel. He was stuck deep in a hole in the ground. He could see that the thunderclouds in the sky had already disappeared, and the original dusky sky had returned.

“Hehe, good. This time you didn’t kill me, so next time I’ll… topple you… cough.”

Long Chen instantly coughed up more blood. His current injuries were frightening. There wasn’t a single part of him that was uninjured, and even his clothes had been destroyed by that lightning.

His entire body was charred black. Long Chen caught a whiff of roasted meat coming from his body.

“Hmm, from the scent, I’d say I’m around eighty percent cooked…”

Long Chen clenched his teeth and mocked himself. He was now in his weakest state. Even just moving a finger was incredibly difficult.

Ignoring the immense pain, he pushed off a bunch of broken rocks that were covering his hand and touched his spatial ring. A drop of liquid filled with life energy appeared.

This was the last drop of the Spirit World expert’s gift to him. As long as he consumed it, all his terrifying injuries would heal quickly.

However, Long Chen hesitated, and in the end, he put it back in his spatial ring. Instead, he took out a pile of healing pills and a qi recovery pill.

That was his last drop. Although his injuries were severe, they weren’t life-threatening.

It was best to just use ordinary medicinal pills to heal. Although it was slow, Long Chen estimated that after this much time, most people had already moved far away from this place. The chance of them returning to check this place was low.

And even if someone returned, it would take a day or two. He had time to heal.

Absorbing those medicinal pills, he used his Spiritual Strength to quickly send the medicinal energy to his injuries. 

However, his injuries were really too terrifying. His body had practically turned mushy from being struck by lightning. Bone was sticking out in some places, and everything was scorched.

However, he was pleasantly surprised to see countless new thunderforce runes in his blood now that were circulating energetically.

“Hehe, I guess being struck by lightning also has its benefits.”

He was comforted upon seeing those terrifying thunderforce runes in his blood.

These runes were not from ordinary thunderforce, but tribulation thunderforce. They contained an endless destructive will. The two were not on the same level.

Long Chen’s original thunderforce had already been extremely powerful. But from how easily this tribulation thunderforce had devoured it, it was easy to see how terrifying this new tribulation thunderforce was.

The most exciting thing for Long Chen was that he could clearly sense his spiritual qi was no longer the same as before.

After receiving the baptism of the lightning, his spiritual qi had become even purer. It was at least ten times more pure than when he had just advanced.

However, Long Chen didn’t feel as if he owed the lightning tribulation. These benefits were things he had obtained from his own effort. That lightning tribulation had purely been trying to kill him.

One day later, his wounds had healed slightly and some of his flesh had started to grow back.

Although he couldn’t fight at this time, he could just barely move his body. He didn’t dare tarry any longer. Taking out two ordinary swords, he used them as ice-picks to climb out of the hole he was in.

Long Chen was at the bottom of a hole that was at least thirty miles deep. It took him six hours to climb out of it.

These six hours of climbing caused quite a few of his injuries to flare up again, but Long Chen endured it.

After climbing out, Long Chen quickly left. He was incapable of fighting. Even an ordinary core disciple would pose a fatal threat to him.

After walking for a day, Long Chen found a hidden mountain cave. Confirming it was an abandoned cave without any Magical Beasts, Long Chen recuperated at ease.

Long Chen’s decision really had been correct. Less than half a day after Long Chen had climbed out of the hole, people began to arrive.

But after searching around for a while, they didn’t find any tracks. That was because Long Chen had already used medicinal powders to erase his scent and bloodstains.

Time passed quickly. Half a month later, the cave Long Chen was in suddenly exploded, and a fierce aura soared out.

“Hahaha!” Long Chen raised his head to the sky and laughed loudly. A terrifying spiritual qi overflowed from his body, crushing all the rocks around him.

Wild gales swirled around him, heaven and earth rumbled, and a formless will soared out into the dome of the heavens, a will that disdainfully looked down on all.

“Tendon Transformation realm, hehe, I’ve finally reached you!”

Sensing the vast energy in his body, Long Chen was fanatical. He finally experienced just how powerful the Tendon Transformation realm was.

The tendons that were connecting his bones and muscles were a silver white color and were at least a hundred times stronger than they had been in the Blood Condensation realm.

Only when the tendons were strong enough could the physical body release more power. That was why it was said that the Tendon Transformation realm harmonized the qi of Qi Condensation and the power of Blood Condensation. Long Chen felt that just his physical strength had multiplied by dozens of times.

Most importantly, his tendons had grown more powerful. That would allow Long Chen to be more flexible and agile. Furthermore, his meridians had also widened by ten times as well.

In other words, when he fought, his spiritual qi would go to where he needed it faster, and he would no longer need to wait so long to accumulate energy.

Long Chen took a single step and suddenly appeared several miles away.

“Hehe, as expected, the Netherworld Ghost Steps can only be practiced in the Tendon Transformation realm.”

Long Chen had long since been ready to use the Netherworld Ghost steps. He had already practiced the circulation of qi many times; it was just that he always had to stop at the end due to the pain in his meridians.

Now when he tried, that pain had disappeared, filling Long Chen with confidence. Now he would no longer suffer whether it was in terms of speed or strength.

Looking at Little Snow in his spiritual space, he saw that he was still unconscious. His wounds were quickly healing, and it wouldn’t be long before he woke up.

“Hehe, Yin Luo, now it should be my turn to go looking for you!”

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