Chapter 320 Running Into Lightning Tribulation Again

“It’s finally come.”

Long Chen was incomparably grave. Although he had been prepared, he had always had the foolish hope that maybe last time had just been an accident.

That wishful thinking instantly evaporated now. Before he had even finished advancing, the thunderclouds in the sky had already completely gathered and finished their preparations.

Furthermore, heaven and earth seemed to have formed shackles, and space had seemingly solidified.

A powerful pressure exploded out, and a berserk will also suppressed Long Chen.

That kind of will came from all of heaven and earth. Long Chen could instantly tell that he had been isolated. He was being rejected by the world.

It was like he wasn’t a part of this world as if this world’s laws had to mercilessly wipe him out. How could one person possibly face off against a whole world?

“As expected, you really are blind! There are so many idiots around me, but you don’t make it hard for them, instead targeting me! Fine, come at me! See whether or not I’m afraid of you!” Long Chen was filled with endless fury. He could already sense that the world did not accept him.

If you want to exterminate me, why would I need to be respectful and grateful to you? You want to kill me, Long Chen? Come and try it!


Long Chen activated his FengFu Star to its max, continuously compressing his spiritual qi. This was a kind of quantitative to qualitative change.

For normal cultivators, at this time, the Dantian’s spiritual qi would compress, going from being a clear gaseous form to being a mist-like form. 

Compared to other people’s advancement, the difficulty of Long Chen’s advancement was probably a thousand times greater. That was because other people could compress their spiritual qi within their Dantians.

That kind of compression was extremely natural and focused. However, Long Chen had to rely on his FengFu Star’s energy to compress all the spiritual qi that was spread throughout his meridians.

If he had a true Dantian, then like others, he could compress his spiritual qi at one point. Unfortunately, he didn’t, so he had to undergo his compression throughout his entire body. It was a good thing that he had been stuck at the peak of Blood Condensation for so long, as his spiritual qi had long since reached its highest limit.

Once he had entered the Jiuli secret realm, that spiritual qi also began to absorb the primordial air, allowing it to finally undergo a qualitative change.

As his spiritual qi began to change, Long Chen could see that it began to go from its gaseous state to many miniscule granules.

As those granules appeared, Long Chen felt the strength of his spiritual qi rapidly increasing.

Long Chen felt his aura climbing higher and higher, and a pillar of qi soared up into the sky from him.

The ground beneath his feet began to crack, and he felt the transformation of his spiritual qi reach a pinnacle.

As his spiritual qi transformed, the black clouds above his head also became increasingly thick and wide. Now those thunderclouds had covered a region of three thousand miles around him.

In an instant, the entire sky darkened. Within those dark thunderclouds, everything was deathly silent for a moment.

But behind that calm was hidden a destructive will and a power that could destroy the nine heavens.

As for the place that Long Chen was at, the ground wasn’t able to hold up to that terrifying pressure and began to sink.

“Fuck, so you really do want my life!” 

In front of that terrifying power, Long Chen’s face turned green from fear. Compared to that power, he was incredibly minute.

Even a Xiantian expert would be destroyed in the face of this will.

Long Chen thought of how the Spirit World expert had warned him that the first heavenly punishment only targeted his will.

That was why after the first heavenly punishment, Long Chen’s will had far surpassed his peers’. Even Xiantian experts were unable to completely overwhelm him with their wills.

This time, that destructive will was over ten times stronger than last time, which allowed Long Chen to understand a certain possibility.

If he hadn’t had the success of passing the first heavenly punishment, allowing his will to become much stronger, then right now, just this will would be able to kill him. It was something that would cause a person’s mind to collapse, turning them into an imbecile.

Perhaps during each lightning tribulation, he would have to temper himself and benefit from it. Otherwise, there was no way he could pass the next lightning tribulation.


Long Chen’s spiritual qi completed its transformation. A powerful wave of qi soared up into the clouds.

The silent sky immediately began to rumble. The sky full of clouds formed a huge vortex, with the center of that vortex pointed straight at Long Chen.

Suddenly, a rain of purple lightning poured down at Long Chen, each thunderbolt around an inch thick.

“Fuck, just the first wave is so ferocious!” Long Chen cursed inside. He could sense that this heavenly punishment would be different from the last one. It would definitely not end with just one attack. He knew this kind of thunderforce was unblockable with any weapon or tool. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he wouldn’t dare to use any such item.

If he ended up using some kind of cheat method this time to pass, then once the next, more powerful lightning tribulation came, he would definitely die.

Long Chen could only rely on his physical body to resist. At the same time, he thought of an extremely brazen idea.

That torrential lightning caused the ground dozens of miles around Long Chen to sink and crack.

Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood. That thunderforce was too terrifying, and its berserk power instantly caused him an injury.

This thunderforce was different from the natural thunderforce Long Chen had absorbed before. This was tribulation thunderforce.

To compare the two of them, the thunderforce Long Chen had absorbed before was like a gentle sheep, while this thunderforce was a berserk Magical Beast. This new thunderforce bored through his skin, crazily wreaking havoc on his body.

Long Chen actually allowed that violet thunderforce to run amok in his body. He was using his own thunderforce to devour it.

Long Chen was surprised that as soon as his thunderforce met that tribulation thunderforce, let alone devouring it, it actually fled the instant it encountered it. Instead, the tribulation thunderforce was like berserk dogs, devouring his own thunderforce.

Long Chen was stunned. This was too terrifying. That thunderforce that he had raised for so long was unable to endure a single blow. It really had been arrogant of Long Chen to hope that this thunderforce could help him cross this heavenly tribulation.

“If this continues, I’ll definitely die. I have to refine this tribulation lightning.”

“Spiritual Defensive Armor!” Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength and spiritual qi crazily surged out. His spiritual qi formed a set of armor around his body.

This was an Earth class Battle Skill that Tang Wan-er had made him learn. Tang Wan-er had said it was always good to have more skills. Learning an extra ability couldn’t harm him. Tang Wan-er had bought this Battle Skill for herself and then taught it to Long Chen, equivalent to cheating the system. Ah, it really was impossible to change a woman’s nature.

At this moment, Long Chen was extremely grateful to Tang Wan-er. Although this layer of armor was unable to completely block the invasion of this thunderforce, it was at least able to isolate a portion of it outside of his body. That was enough for him.

Long Chen was planning on using his body to capture the thunderforce that had already invaded his body. This spiritual armor would keep him somewhat isolated from the thunderforce outside so he could focus entirely on that.

“Be refined!” roared Long Chen. Forming a hand seal, his Spiritual Strength poured into his body, crazily attacking the thunderforce.

In this respect, Long Chen had plenty of experience. This was how he had done it several times before. However, this time wasn’t entirely the same.

Previously, he had only refined ordinary thunderforce, while now he was attempting to refine tribulation thunderforce that contained a destructive will. It was almost a hundred times more difficult.

This time, Long Chen really did go all-out. He didn’t hold back the slightest bit of his Spiritual Strength. This tribulation wouldn’t give him too much time. He had to subdue this thunderforce as fast as possible.

The tribulation thunderforce that was inside his body was isolated from the outside. Now it was as if he had closed the doors and was beating a pack of wild dogs.

However, these dogs were really too ferocious. Even without further reinforcements, they still refused to submit. They continuously collided with his Spiritual Strength within his meridians, causing bursts of pain throughout his body.

“This still isn’t good enough. This is turning into a battle of attrition!” Long Chen was extremely anxious inside. According to this speed, he would need at least two hours to subdue them.

But the lightning tribulation above his head would not give him that much time. When the second wave of thunderforce crashed down on him, it would be even stronger than this first wave.

At that time, there was no way his spiritual armor would be able to block that much thunderforce. Once more thunderforce flooded his body, all his effort would be wasted.

“I have to think of something!”

As he used his Spiritual Strength to suppress the thunderforce from devastating his body, he was also examining any changes in it.

“Aiya, I really am stupid!”

Long Chen suddenly noticed that his original thunderforce was hiding within his blood, not daring to come out.


Long Chen used his Spiritual Strength to drive the tribulation thunderforce into his blood.

The instant that thunderforce entered his blood, his original thunderforce runes began to flee as if a cat had been thrown into a pile of mice.

As if by instinct, the tribulation thunderforce went around devouring the fleeing thunderforce. In other words, it was consuming Long Chen’s original thunderforce runes.

After it swallowed some of them, Long Chen noticed that the tribulation thunderforce’s berserk nature had mellowed out slightly. By the time all his original thunderforce runes had been devoured, the tribulation thunderforce had formed a kind of warm affinity for his blood.

“As expected, if you want to capture prey, the best way is to use bait.” Long Chen laughed.

His original thunderforce runes had been nourished by Long Chen’s blood for so long. Now that this tribulation thunderforce had absorbed them, they also formed a dependence on Long Chen’s blood, and they no longer resisted.

Long Chen took advantage of this to hook his Spiritual Strength into the tribulation thunderforce and found he could now easily control it.

He had finally succeeded. Long Chen was filled with excitement. He began to slowly reduce the spiritual armor’s power, allowing some new thunderforce to gradually enter. He used his newly controlled thunderforce to devour the raw thunderforce.

Long Chen was delighted to see that under this continuous devouring, his thunderforce was becoming much stronger, and the rate at which it devoured more thunderforce increased.

It was just like rolling a ball of snow. The larger it was, the faster it would collect more snow. Violet thunderforce runes now formed within Long Chen’s blood.


Just as Long Chen was greedily absorbing that tribulation lightning, rumbling came from the sky and the torrent of lightning faded. Taking its place was a completely straight pillar of lightning that smashed down on Long Chen.

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