Chapter 318 A Weakened Tiger Can Die to a Dog

Long Chen was too exhausted and his spiritual perception had fallen greatly. His reaction was slow, while that person was clearly an expert. He only noticed him when his attack was about to reach him.

That merciless attack was aimed straight for his heart from behind. This person was clearly trying to kill him in one attack.

Long Chen reacted instinctively, pushing off from the ground. He sprang forward like he was shot out from a spring, instantly opening up a distance of thirty meters.

He felt a burst of pain from his back. A large hole had been opened up there. That attack had just been the slightest bit off from piercing his heart.

Only now did Long Chen have a chance to look back and see a blue-robed man looking at Long Chen with surprise.

He was obviously surprised by Long Chen’s reflexes. His stealth skills were extremely high, and he specialized in assassinations. But Long Chen had dodged his sneak attack.

“Someone from the twenty-seventh monastery? Who are you?” Long Chen’s killing intent soared. He didn’t even know this bastard. They had no enmity, and they were also members from the same sect, but he had shamelessly launched a sneak attack on him. His vicious attack had clearly been aiming to kill him.

“The person who will kill you.”

Seeing that his first attack hadn’t killed him, that man’s sword shook and countless sword images filled the sky. At the same time, his aura completely erupted out. He was surprisingly a powerful Favored.

Long Chen snorted and raised Devil Decapitator. He swung out at a slanted angle that coincided with an opening.

That Favored was surprised by how sharp Long Chen’s attack was. He had just seen that Long Chen was completely exhausted. He had clearly been like an arrow at the end of its flight.


That Favored’s sword was sent flying the instant it collided with Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator.

Long Chen was startled. He really was exhausted, with less than a tenth of his normal physical strength remaining, and his spiritual qi completely exhausted. Otherwise, he could kill such a person with a single blow.

That Favored couldn’t help being shocked by how terrifying Long Chen’s strength was. 

He was just about to turn to flee when he paused to icily say to Long Chen:

“Little brat, today you’ll definitely die.”

After that one exchange, Long Chen felt as if heaven and earth were spinning around him. The divine drop of life that the Spirit World expert had left for him was only able to heal his injuries. It was unable to replenish his exhausted spiritual qi.

Now his spiritual qi was exhausted, and his physical strength was also overdrafted. He felt as if he might collapse at any moment.

However, Long Chen didn’t display his weakness. He was completely spent, but if he let his opponents see that, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

“Oh really? How come I don’t believe you?” Long Chen stuck his saber into the ground.

Seeing Long Chen only talked without doing anything, that Favored became even more confident. “Hahaha, Long Chen, there’s no need to force yourself. Your spiritual qi fluctuations are incredibly weak. Do you think I’m an idiot who can’t see that you’re already at the point of death? I’ll have a battle of attrition with you right now. Let me see just how long you can last. Once you can’t continue anymore, I’ll cut your head off.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. “I don’t have any enmity with you. Why do you want to kill me?”

“You don’t need to worry too much about that. In short, you must die.” The man shook his head. He then once more retreated a couple of steps, staying on guard against Long Chen. Obviously, he was afraid of Long Chen giving him one final counterattack before death.

Long Chen was quickly thinking. According to reason, running into this person was just a coincidence. He shouldn’t know what had happened before.

In other words, this person wanting to kill him had nothing to do with that photographic jade.

Then thinking of those three people before that had set him up, Long Chen thought of a certain possibility.

“If you want to kill me, it won’t be as easy as you think. Don’t throw your life away in hopes of obtaining some benefits. That would really be stupid,” sneered Long Chen.

“Hahaha, a man will risk death for riches. Sometimes only great risk will bring great rewards,” replied the Favored.

Following that man’s reply, Long Chen was now sure that those three people’s schemes and this person’s sneak attack were not a coincidence, but premeditated. 

Even if that woman hadn’t gone to frame him, there would have been many more ploys waiting for him. This plot had been set up before they had entered the secret realm.

Once he thought of that, Long Chen’s mind immediately became clear. Even an idiot would have realized that there was someone controlling this behind the scenes.

Amongst the monasteries, the one who hated him the most would have to be Luo Bing. But her rotten temperament was known to all, and she didn’t have the ability to control this many disciples.

That woman and the two core disciples, as well as the Favored he had killed, were all from higher-ranking monasteries.

Then adding in this Favored from the twenty-seventh monastery, and assuming this wasn’t all just a coincidence, the person behind the scenes would have to be someone from the top monasteries.

As for why they hadn’t sent disciples from the lower ranking monasteries against him, it wasn’t that they couldn’t control them, but that they looked down on them.

If all his reasoning was correct, then there was only one existence that could have such influence and had enmity with the 108th monastery. 

“Haha, good, there are so many enemies that you do nothing to, instead deciding to scheme against me!”

When he reached that point in his thoughts, Long Chen clenched his teeth and killing intent exploded out of him. If I don’t teach you a lesson this time, it seems you’ll never learn!

“Long Chen, right now you’re on your last legs. Stalling for time has no meaning. I’ll give you a chance to kill yourself. That way you’ll at least be able to have an intact corpse. Otherwise, if you wait to die by my hands, hehe…” The Favored laughed coldly, his threat obvious.

Long Chen laughed, his smile incredibly icy. Since it was like that, there was no need for more words. It was time to kill!

Taking a deep breath, he circulated the last strand of spiritual qi within him and charged at the Favored.

The Favored had just been thinking of how to provoke Long Chen into fighting when Long Chen suddenly appeared right in front of him. He stabbed his sword out in panic, aiming for Long Chen’s chest.

This kind of attack was extremely simple and effective. Normal people would all go to dodge, which would give him an opportunity to flee.

Unfortunately, he had never met Long Chen before. Long Chen didn’t even glance at his sword. At this time, that divine life drop’s energy had yet to fade from his body.

Even if his heart was pierced, he wouldn’t die. It would quickly heal. All it would do was hurt a bit.

As for Devil Decapitator, it was slashing down on the Favored, flabbergasting him. This was clearly a suicidal attack.

He naturally didn’t wish to die with Long Chen. It was already too late to dodge, so all he could do was to take back his sword to block.

However, he had made a fatal mistake. He had been unable to block Long Chen even when they had exchanged blows on equal grounds. How could his panicked, last-minute block do anything?

There was no suspense. Devil Decapitator sent his sword flying without slowing down, cutting his body in two.

“No, no, I don’t want to die…”

The Favored’s upper body was crawling away, filled with terror.

“When you killed others, did you ever care about their begging?”

His saber slashed out, and a head flew into the air. At the same time, a Dao-mark started to soar into the sky.


Long Chen’s saber once more swung out. Although it was just an ordinary blow, it contained Long Chen’s furious will.

Even such an idiot was worthy of the heavens’ blessing? Since this Dao-mark was so blind, it could disappear forever.

Under Long Chen’s saber, that Dao-mark was broken into pieces, fading away forever.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, it looks like enemies really are fated to clash. I actually ran into you here.”

Another excited voice, which also contained endless resentment, rang out.

Long Chen hastily looked over, his pupils shrinking. That man was looking at Long Chen with rancor. 

He was precisely the top expert of the thirty-sixth monastery, Jiang Yifan.

Back in the 108th monastery, he had used his strongest techniques but was still almost crippled by Long Chen.

Later, with the first monastery’s assistance, Jiang Yifan had not only recovered from his injuries, but the first monastery had also gifted him a precious medicinal pill that had allowed him to enter the late Tendon Transformation realm.

After recovering, Jiang Yifan had not forgotten the humiliation that Long Chen had given him for one moment. He wished to flay Long Chen’s skin and tear out his muscles.

That was because ever since then, those disciples who had previously looked at him respectfully now looked at him with odd expressions, making him furious enough to kill.

Originally, Jiang Yifan had been thinking of finding Long Chen for another challenge. Since his strength had advanced, he had been hoping to wash away that humiliation. He had actually been searching for Long Chen in this region for a while now.

After not finding him after so long, he had thought Long Chen had already gone deeper into the secret realm and so he had already given up. He was delighted to suddenly run into him now. In fact, that delight practically made him go crazy.

“Long Chen, die!” Jiang Yifan rushed over to Long Chen and roared, punching out. 

Long Chen took a deep breath. He wanted to circulate his spiritual qi, but he realized his FengFu Star didn’t contain even a single strand of spiritual qi anymore.

Seeing that fist smashing into him, he could only raise Devil Decapitator, using his physical strength to block.


The webbing of his hand split apart, with blood pouring out. He was sent viciously flying through the air.

“Haha, Long Chen, what happened to your arrogance? Why aren’t you continuing being arrogant? How did you end up becoming a dead dog now? Just die already!” Sending Long Chen flying with a fist, Jiang Yifan was incredibly excited. He quickly caught up to him and punched out again.

Long Chen had only just crawled up from the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. He felt the world darkening around him, his eyelids becoming too heavy to keep open.

He knew that after these repeated battles, he had finally reached his limit. He was about to faint.

But he couldn’t faint, or he would never wake up again. His vision had already turned black, but he still used his sense of touch to raise Devil Decapitator.


Long Chen felt that his arms had been broken in several places, and he once more flew back. He was no longer able to hold back and descended into complete darkness.

Am I really going to die like this? How stupid!

Just as Long Chen was descending into total darkness, he just barely felt as if he was being embraced by someone, and he also seemed to hear the unpleasant sound of Jiang Yifan cursing.

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