Chapter 317 Voidbreaker Crossbow’s Power

Suddenly, a huge arrow shot straight at Yin Luo.

That arrow was three meters long, looking like a spear. There were many grooves on it, and as it flew, there was practically no sound. It was a ghostly arrow.

“Crap!” By the time Yin Luo sensed it, that huge arrow had almost reached his torso.


That huge arrow shot straight through Yin Luo’s shoulder. The power behind it directly broke Yin Luo’s spiritual qi protection and pulverized his shoulder.

Long Chen was delighted and looked into the distance to see Guo Ran holding a crossbow on a mountain ten miles away.

During the previous months, Guo Ran had consumed all the medicinal pills Long Chen had specially refined for him. His cultivation base had already reached the sixth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation.

Furthermore, Long Chen had given him medicinal pills that had strengthened his physical body. Now he was able to use his crossbow without feeling any pressure.

Back when Long Chen and Yin Luo had started fighting, Guo Ran had immediately recognized that familiar aura and rushed over.

He had arrived just in time to see Long Chen being chased by Yin Luo. He had hastily taken out his crossbow, and after calculating Yin Luo’s speed into the equation, he had shot out his practically divine arrow.

Although Guo Ran didn’t possess a powerful martial strength himself, his crossbow was something he had personally made, and now he was able to control it down to the slightest detail.

That allowed him to break Yin Luo’s shoulder. And that was only because Yin Luo was so powerful. If it had been a random Favored, they would definitely have been killed by Guo Ran’s arrow.

Guo Ran couldn’t help but feel regretful that he hadn’t killed Yin Luo with his arrow. If he could have used a single arrow to kill a once-in-a-thousand-year genius, his name would definitely have spread like wildfire.

“Nice!” Long Chen gave Guo Ran a thumbs-up. Guo Ran’s arrow really had been perfect. His angle and timing had all been perfect, and it had been impossible to defend against it.

Any Chosen might have died to that kind of attack. That was because even Long Chen hadn’t noticed the arrow until it had arrived.

Yin Luo’s shoulder was badly mangled, and even his bones were visible.

The Voidbreaking Crossbow and its arrows were extremely terrifying, causing Yin Luo to sweat in fright. If his reaction had been slightly slower, his chest would have been pierced straight through.

Although he wouldn’t die from that, he would have instantly lost all of his combat ability. He would only have been able to flee miserably.

A faint sound like that of a housefly’s buzzing rang out as another huge arrow shot at Yin Luo.

This arrow shot out like lightning, but the sound of it flying was incredibly minute. Even Yin Luo was shocked.

However, this time he was prepared. No matter how fast this arrow was, it was unable to threaten him.

His spear swung and destroyed the arrow. He icily glanced at Guo Ran for a moment before ignoring him to continue chasing after Long Chen.

Long Chen was already several miles away. In his eyes, killing Long Chen was more important than anything else.

Yin Luo was extremely fast. Despite being covered in blood and that heavy injury to his shoulder, his speed was still greater than the injured Little Snow. He quickly caught up to them.

Guo Ran once more shot out an arrow, but it was still broken by Yin Luo’s spear. Guo Ran knew that his Voidbreaking Arrows were only powerful in terms of sneak attacks. Once someone was on guard, it no longer posed any threat.

That was especially true against a powerful Chosen like Yin Luo. His arrows were unable to even slow him down now.

“Yin Luo, you idiot, you dare charge into our Righteous path’s territory?! Are you challenging the entire Righteous path?!”

Seeing Yin Luo ignore him to chase after Long Chen, as well as how Little Snow was covered in blood and Long Chen’s grave expression, Guo Ran knew this wasn’t a good situation.

He shouted out as loudly as he could in order to draw over the experts in the vicinity. It would be best if he could draw over Han Tianyu, as then, Yin Luo would be done for.

Yin Luo’s expression sank. Currently, he was just a hundred meters away. Taking a deep breath, the illusory figure behind him disappeared, and a terrifying energy filled heaven and earth.

“Crap, this bastard’s once more using natural energy!” Long Chen was startled. This feeling was far too familiar. That was a power only Xiantian experts were capable of using.

Last time, when Yin Luo had used this kind of power, he had almost obliterated Long Chen and Mo Nian.

As soon as Long Chen saw this posture, he immediately ordered Little Snow to get as far away as possible, while he himself jumped off.

In midair, he pointed Devil Decapitator up at the sky. His divine ring appeared once more, a star floated in his eyes, and all his power poured into his saber.

“Split the Heavens!”

Long Chen’s saber struck down while Yin Luo was still accumulating energy. If Yin Luo managed to complete that preparation, then he and Little Snow would definitely die.

And so Long Chen had instantly decided to interrupt him while he still could, releasing his strongest attack.

Yin Luo’s expression changed when he saw Long Chen attack him the instant he began to accumulate energy. Long Chen really was too crafty. He clenched his teeth furiously, he had no choice but to activate his attack before it was complete. However, this was already enough.


The two weapons collided, and it was as if heaven and earth were being torn apart. Even a hundred miles away, it was possible to feel the earth trembling intensely.

Long Chen flew back like a shooting star, flying straight across the ground for miles while vomiting blood that even contained some of his broken organs.

Long Chen hastily swallowed a healing pill. He quickly rushed back to Little Snow, who had been waiting for him, and Little Snow quickly began to flee away with him.

Tightly holding Little Snow’s fur, Long Chen felt as if all of his bones were about to collapse, and he once more vomited blood.

The attack Yin Luo had used just now was actually ten times stronger than the one he had used last time in the Righteous and Corrupt battle. If Long Chen hadn’t interrupted him before it had reached its peak, causing it to contain less than half its power, he would definitely have died.

This meant Yin Luo’s control over his Xiantian essence blood had greatly improved. That kind of power was far too terrifying.

Long Chen felt as if all his organs had been broken to pieces. That healing pill he had swallowed was actually unable to suppress his terrifying injuries.

Clenching his teeth, he took out a drop of that vivid green liquid and swallowed it. Only then did his broken organs begin to heal.

“I get it now. That bastard’s attack contained natural energy, which brought with it a trace of the will of the heavens. Ordinary medicinal pills do not have much effect on such wounds.”

An attack containing natural energy was just too terrifying. It was no wonder everyone under Xiantian was said to be an ant in comparison. Yin Luo had only managed to control a shred of his Xiantian essence blood to control that slight amount of natural energy.

At this time, Long Chen was filled with gratitude towards that Spirit World expert. The gift she had given him really was too precious.

It had now saved his life as well as the lives of the people around him several times. However, after all this time, he was down to his final drop of her divine life liquid. He would definitely have to properly preserve this last drop. It was something that could save his life.

The sky full of dust finally dissipated, revealing Yin Luo’s pale face. His entire body was now covered in blood.

Long Chen’s last attack had caused him to receive a heavy backlash. That backlash further worsened his countless injuries.

But it was like Yin Luo didn’t sense any pain. He tightly glared in the direction Long Chen had fled.

“You were lucky this time. Next time, I’ll definitely tear you apart piece by piece.”


Yin Luo’s spear once more swung out, destroying a silent arrow. He stared icily in the direction of a certain mountain and made a throat-cutting gesture before quickly leaving.

He was now covered in wounds and had lost too much blood and qi. He currently didn’t even possess thirty percent of his regular strength.

Furthermore, he could sense seven or eight powerful auras quickly approaching. During normal times, he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of them. But now he could only run.

Only a couple of breaths after Yin Luo had left, over ten figures appeared in this place, looking at the huge crater that had been left in the ground.

“What a powerful pressure, and what powerful will! There were definitely Chosen fighting here,” said someone who was also a Chosen gravely.

This place was a complete mess. The leftover will here was enough to make him feel a heavy pressure.

“Even after the fight has ended, the leftover will is still so powerful. They were definitely top experts. Could it be that Han Tianyu fought here?”

“Just now I heard someone shout Yin Luo. Could it be that he really came here? Yin Luo fought with Han Tianyu?”

“Impossible. Han Tianyu has already entered deep into the Jiuli secret realm in search of good opportunities. Why would he waste his precious time here on the edges?” One of them had personally seen Han Tianyu rushing deeper into the Jiuli secret realm, so he knew it was impossible for him to be here.

“Then who was it? How curious.” More and more people were appearing now, and they were all looking at that crater with shock.

The distant Guo Ran disdainfully looked at those people and shook his head. Boss really was right. The Righteous path’s disciples, no matter what level their cultivation base, are really a bunch of good-for-nothings.

I’ve already shouted that Yin Luo has appeared here. And all of you who appeared earlier clearly saw Yin Luo’s figure as he fled. You just don’t dare chase him.

Now you act like you’re guessing who fought. Is your skin made of leather? I don’t believe any of you doesn’t know just who Yin Luo is.

“A group of terrified cowards.”

Guo Ran viciously spat on the ground, putting away his Voidbreaker Crossbow. Since his boss had fled, he felt relieved and decided to think of a way to find his own opportunities.

Little Snow crazily fled for a thousand miles before finally being unable to continue and collapsing on the ground.

Long Chen hastily took out a heap of healing pills and fed them to Little Snow. Little Snow had lost too much blood and would definitely need to rest for a while.

“Don’t worry, the crisis has already passed. Just rest in the spiritual space and heal your wounds.”

Long Chen placed Little Snow inside his spiritual space. It wasn’t just Little Snow who needed to recuperate; Long Chen also needed to rest. His injuries were quickly recovering, but after that intense fight, especially after using Split the Heavens, all of his spiritual qi had been used up.

He had only just taken a couple of steps when he felt a wave of exhaustion batter him. This was no good. He had no time to find a suitable place to rest. He prepared himself to just rest right here.


Just then, a harsh shout rang out and Long Chen’s heart tightened. A sharp aura locked down on him.

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