Chapter 316 Illusory Bone Robe

Space trembled intensely, and a huge figure appeared in front of Long Chen. As soon as that figure appeared, it opened its mouth and spat out a foot-long sphere at Yin Luo.

That sphere released an ear-piercing sonic boom. If you were to carefully look at it, you would see that this sphere was composed of millions of tiny wind blades that were so small, they could barely be seen with the naked eye.

Those countless wind blades were surrounding the center of that sphere. At the center was a lava-like liquid that was quickly revolving.

Of course, that figure was Little Snow. Long Chen had long since told Little Snow to be ready. Little Snow had already stored up enough energy, and as soon as he appeared, he released a powerful attack.

That sphere was one of Little Snow’s inherited techniques. It was his most powerful attack. This was the first time Little Snow had let out a full-strength attack since advancing to the fourth rank.

Yin Luo hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such a move, and being caught off guard, his spear hadn’t managed to block it. It was now about to hit him in the chest.

“Illusory Bone Robe!” A phantom-like figure instantly wrapped around Yin Luo, and it looked as if he had been wrapped in densely packed bones.


Little Snow’s attack exploded when it collided into Yin Luo’s body. In that instant, millions of wind blades surged out in all directions.

“Crap!” Long Chen was shocked that Little Snow’s attack was so terrifying. Those wind blades didn’t differentiate between enemies or himself. If he was struck, wouldn’t he be turned to mincemeat?

Just as Long Chen was preparing to circulate his energy to defend himself, Long Chen’s vision darkened.

“Little Snow!” He suddenly realized that Little Snow had put him inside his own mouth.


Long Chen suddenly felt his entire body shake, and Little Snow seemed to be tumbling through the air. Long Chen tightly held onto one of Little Snow’s teeth. After several breaths, Little Snow opened his mouth, allowing Long Chen to see what was going on again.

“Little Snow!” Long Chen jumped out and the first thing he saw was Little Snow covered in blood, many cuts having opened up on his body.

Obviously, even Little Snow himself was unable to block his own terrifying attack. Little Snow was more of a long distance fighter, and his own defensive strength was unable to compare to his attack strength.

“Good move, really, really a good move!” A voice rang out from between clenched teeth. Long Chen turned to look in the direction of the voice with shock.

At this time, the sky full of dust had finally faded. An area of several miles had been turned to powder by Little Snow’s attack.

In the distance was a man covered in blood, sinisterly staring at Long Chen. That person was Yin Luo.

Yin Luo’s clothes had been cut to pieces by those terrifying wind blades, and there were countless cuts all over his body. There was not one inch of his skin that was whole.

His handsome face was covered in wounds, and his lips had been ferociously torn open. When he opened his mouth, you could see all his teeth, a terrifying image.

Yin Luo was both startled and infuriated. Even in his dreams, he had never imagined that Long Chen was a Beast Tamer capable of controlling a fourth rank Magical Beast with only a Blood Condensation cultivation base.

Beast Tamers had powerful Spiritual Strengths. They were able to open a spiritual space and place spiritual marks on Magical Beasts to make them their slaves.

The terror of Beast Tamers did not need to be doubted. But no matter how powerful a Beast Tamer was, they all had one fatal weak point. That was that other than their powerful Spiritual Strength, they had essentially zero attacking power.

Their physical bodies were all extremely weak. That had been a fact that had never been contested in all of history.

Back during the Righteous and Corrupt battle, Yin Luo had been sneak attacked by Little Snow, but at that time, he had never suspected that Little Snow was connected to Long Chen.

Long Chen’s body was abnormally powerful. How could such a person possibly be a physically weak Beast Tamer?

None of Long Chen’s trump cards had ever startled Yin Luo. Only this Beast Tamer status of his was out of his expectations.

If he hadn’t cultivated the Illusory Bone Robe, a secret technique of the Corrupt path, in the past few months, he would already be dead. 

He had previously tested the power of his Illusory Bone Robe. Even a full force attack from an eight-temper Bone Forging expert was unable to do anything to it.

But that incredibly firm Illusory Bone Robe was only able to block less than half of Little Snow’s attack before exploding.

Originally, he had been planning on crushing Long Chen like he was a bug. But now he had almost died to him. How could he not be infuriated?

“DIE!” Yin Luo roared, and a black rune lit up on his forehead. His injuries were actually quickly healing at a rate visible to the naked eye. His spear once more smashed down at Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily went to block. He was horrified to realize that Yin Luo had now used some sort of secret technique to temporarily suppress his injuries. His strength hadn’t dropped in the slightest.

That spear of his contained a mountain-crushing strength. Long Chen was unable to block it and was sent flying back, crashing into Little Snow’s body.

Then Little Snow was also picked up and sent flying by that terrifying strength. Long Chen vomited blood. Now the difference between him and Yin Luo was too wide.

Even with the FengFu Battle Armor and divine ring, he was unable to block Yin Luo’s berserk power, and his internal organs were all heavily injured.

Little Snow also wasn’t much better off. That explosion of wind blades had covered him in wounds due to being too close. Some of his injuries went down to the bone. If the cuts on his abdomen were any wider, it would be possible to see his insides.

Defense was Little Snow’s weak point. The main thing was that Long Chen had underestimated Little Snow’s attack strength, which had caused this mishap.

“Little Snow, let’s run!” Long Chen suddenly jumped on Little Snow’s back, using his Spiritual Strength to communicate with him. They were currently unable to defeat Yin Luo. If this continued, they would definitely be the ones to die.

Although there were dozens of Righteous disciples watching to the side, Long Chen didn’t hope for them to come to help. The fact that they also hadn’t moved to attack him was already enough for him to count his blessings.

Watching the situation and finding an opportunity to run was the way of the king. Although the will in his soul didn’t want him to run, Long Chen wouldn’t let himself be controlled like that. He was Long Chen, not a Pill Sovereign. He didn’t care about face. He cared about living.

If they did fight it out until the end, it would definitely end in their deaths. Little Snow shot out like a bolt of lightning, fleeing five miles in an instant.

“You want to run? It’s not that easy!” Yin Luo snorted and with a single step, he suddenly appeared close behind them. His speed was absolutely alarming.

Long Chen had thought that with Little Snow’s speed, they would be able to quickly throw off Yin Luo.

He had never imagined Yin Luo could use some sort of footwork to raise his speed to this level. He was not at all inferior to Little Snow.

If Little Snow was still in his peak condition, he would be quite a bit faster than Yin Luo. But right now, Little Snow was covered in injuries. That was greatly impacting his speed.

As for Yin Luo, he was using some sort of secret technique to suppress his injuries. He was quickly catching up.

Long Chen felt a chill. If Yin Luo caught up, then they really might be doomed. With a wave of his hand, a blue ball of flames appeared in his hand.

That flame quickly grew larger as Long Chen poured in more of his flame energy.

When that ball was finally a foot long, its terrifying temperature caused space to warp. The vegetation he passed by was instantly turned to ashes.

“Pill Blaze Swallowing Mountains!”

That ball of flames now contained all of Long Chen’s Pill Flame energy. It flew back at Yin Luo who was close behind, the ground it passed by instantly turning black.

“An ant’s little technique!”

Yin Luo snorted and summoned out that Illusory Bone Robe. He also smashed his spear at that ball of flames.


The flames instantly exploded, and a terrifying wave of heat shot out, broiling all the land for a mile. Even the air seemed to ignite.

That terrifying blaze enveloped Yin Luo, but Yin Luo’s Illusory Bone Robe still kept it blocked on the outside. It was unable to cause him any injuries.

That flame might be powerful, most likely posing a fatal threat to core disciples, but to Favored, it couldn’t count as much, let alone Yin Luo, a Chosen amongst Chosen.

However, Yin Luo knew Long Chen was extremely crafty and didn’t dare be careless. So he had ended up wasting some spiritual qi rather than allowing that flame to reach his body.

But then realizing that the flame was just an ordinary beast flame and posed no threat to him, Yin Luo couldn’t help but snort. Before the flames even scattered, he charged out through the front.

In his eyes, this was just Long Chen’s deathbed struggle. He was just stalling the inevitable. But as soon as he charged out of those flames, his eyes immediately popped open.

A thirty-meter-long lightning spear had suddenly appeared in front of him. A destructive will came from it that caused Yin Luo to feel a chill.

Now he realized why Long Chen would use such a beast flame to attack him. That useless attack of his had been a set-up for this real attack.

Everything had occurred too quickly. He had only just charged out of the flames when that lightning spear reached him. He had no time to dodge, so he could only rely on his own spear to block.


That lightning spear smashed heavily into Yin Luo’s spear. At that instant, it completely exploded, and its berserk thunderforce went to devour Yin Luo.

“AHH!” Yin Luo let out a miserable scream. He could block out energy, but he was unable to block thunderforce. After all, Long Chen’s thunderforce came from heaven and earth, and it was extremely berserk.

Yin Luo had originally used a secret technique to suppress his injuries. The instant that berserk energy swept over him, he was unable to suppress them anymore. Those old injuries all opened, his blood splattering.


Yin Luo had gone completely crazy. Long Chen’s lightning spear had been too powerful. 

If it had been at an ordinary time, it wouldn’t have posed any real threat to him. But at this instant, it caused him to be unable to hold back his injuries. If he couldn’t kill Long Chen in a short time now, he wouldn’t have the energy to chase him, and his attempt to kill him this time would have failed.

Forcibly enduring the intense pain wracking his body, Yin Luo roared angrily, and all his energy exploded out. His speed was pushed to its peak as he rushed at Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked over and over again. Yin Luo really was too terrifying. Now that Yin Luo was just a moment away, he could only face him head-on. He took out Devil Decapitator, prepared to undergo a final fight.

Suddenly, a huge arrow shot straight at Yin Luo.

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