Chapter 315 Battling Yin Luo

That man was precisely Yin Luo. With his black robes billowing back, he looked like a devil who had climbed out of hell. The current Yin Luo appeared even more frightening than before.

“Long Chen, are you not going to say anything after seeing your old friend?” Yin Luo smiled. But that smile was extremely icy, and his voice was like icicles stabbing their ears, causing people to feel a chill in their bones.

Just by standing there, even though he was almost three hundred meters away, those Righteous disciples all felt fear and trepidation, each of them retreating further back.

Even the Favored were unable to stop themselves from retreating. They could sense a heaven-toppling hatred that was soaring out of him.

“Yin Luo, you’re not bad. After only a couple of months, your third leg has grown this long!”

Long Chen was also surprised by Yin Luo’s appearance. Yin Luo’s aura was nothing like it had been back then; it was much stronger.

But towards enemies whose hatred of him had sunk into their bones, Long Chen followed one rule: if he could anger them to death with one sentence, he definitely wouldn’t use a second.

“Yin Luo?!”

Those Righteous disciples were all shocked, their eyes filled with terror.

Yin Luo’s name was something all the Righteous disciples knew. Back then, they had heard that a top expert had appeared in one of the Righteous and Corrupt battles.

The 108th monastery had asked for help from the first monastery, and the first monastery had sent a Chosen.

However, through some backdoor channels, it was leaked that this Chosen had been alerted by a secret letter from the first monastery that had stopped him.

It was said that the first monastery must have heard the rumor of an incredibly powerful disciple appearing in the Corrupt path, a once-in-a-thousand-year genius.

Such a figure was someone only an expert on the level of Han Tianyu could fight. However, back then, Han Tianyu had been in seclusion and couldn’t go out fighting.

That Chosen had then made a random excuse, arriving after the battle had ended. Of course, that was not accidental, but completely deliberate.

That had been the first monastery’s order. They all knew just how terrifying experts on the same level as Han Tianyu were. The 108th monastery’s life and death meant nothing to them, and they didn’t want to lose a Chosen.

That was also why later when Tu Fang had gone to make a complaint, the first monastery had spread out its hand and completely suppressed the matter.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that was one hundred percent. There were many curious people, and that was especially true of those bored people with nothing else to do. They had all managed to figure out what had happened behind the scenes.

Apparently, someone named Mo Nian had appeared during that battle to block Yin Luo.

However, later, when they had heard that Long Chen and Mo Nian had worked together to defeat him and even sever one of his legs, everyone had just laughed it off as a joke.

The main thing was that what had happened in the battle had also been secretly suppressed by Ling Yunzi. He didn’t want Long Chen to be too eye-catching, as that could end up harming him.

But after that battle, there was no one in the Righteous path who didn’t know Yin Luo’s name. He was someone on the same level as Han Tianyu, a top expert amongst Chosen, someone who had never met anyone in the same realm who could block more than ten of his blows.

This man in front of them was the Corrupt path’s top expert, someone who could kill core disciples like killing chickens. How could they not be frightened?

Even Favored would be slaughtered in front of Yin Luo.

They wanted to run, but they were also a bit unwilling. After all, they were the Righteous path’s experts, people with their own prestige and face. They couldn’t run in terror.

They told themselves they couldn’t run. And yet, their feet didn’t listen, and they were constantly retreating until they were a mile away.

But hearing Long Chen’s reply filled them with shock. Were the rumors true and Yin Luo’s leg had been severed?

“Your mouth is still so dislikable. Are you trying to purposely infuriate me?” Yin Luo stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, looking icily at Long Chen.

“Don’t make yourself up to be some lofty god. A god wouldn’t throw their pasty-ass leg on the battlefield.” Long Chen disdainfully looked back at him. He disliked these kinds of arrogant, show-off displays that didn’t even have any content.

He knew that he wasn’t able to run anymore. The only thing to do was to fight all-out.

“Hmph, now that you don’t have Mo Nian’s help or that woman’s secret art, I want to see just how many of my attacks you can block!”

Space buzzed, and an illusory figure appeared behind Yin Luo. It looked like a devil god was possessing his body, and the ground shook intensely.

Although Yin Luo hated Long Chen, he didn’t look down on him. The reason he had rushed over to this Righteous path’s entrance area the instant he had entered the Jiuli secret realm was to see if he could run into Long Chen.

And apparently his luck was practically a defiance of the heavens. As soon as he had arrived in this area, he had sensed the fighting and immediately noticed Long Chen.

Although Long Chen was still at the peak of Blood Condensation, he didn’t dare look down on him in the slightest. If he wanted to kill Long Chen, he would have to do it as fast as possible.

Otherwise, if they fought for too long, they would attract too many experts of the Righteous path. Even if he was more conceited, he wouldn’t arrogantly go fight the entire supermonastery’s elites.

If he ended up drawing over Han Tianyu, then although he wouldn’t fear him in a one on one, he would still definitely die if he were surrounded by a huge group of Chosen. So, his aura instantly leaped to its peak.

Long Chen also didn’t dare be careless. At the same time as Yin Luo released his aura, Long Chen also summoned his divine ring, and a star appeared within his eyes.

Long Chen suddenly realized that summoning out the FengFu Battle Armor within the Jiuli secret realm was different from the outside world. Here, it was like heaven and earth were blessing him, and his strength increase was even greater than if he was in the outside world.

The instant he summoned out the FengFu Battle Armor, a terrifying aura erupted out, forming a pillar of light that soared into the sky, parting the clouds. Anyone within a thousand miles could see it.

“Heavens, how terrifying!!”

Those Righteous disciples who were a mile away looked at it in shock. All this, just from the two of them releasing their auras.

Heaven and earth were already starting to warp. The ground beneath their feet was covered in cracks that instantly spread out for hundreds of miles.

After being impacted by an immense pressure from the two of them, those disciples once more retreated. At the same time, more and more disciples were drawn over to this scene.

The two of their auras were crazily climbing, giving off the sensation of two ancient monsters roaring at each other, trying to suppress the other.

But Yin Luo was shocked to see that he, someone at the grand ninth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, was unable to use his aura to suppress Long Chen.

This particular aura was essentially a person’s qi supplemented by their will. It formed a kind of spiritual pressure. It was the greatest technique to suppress people without even fighting.

Long Chen’s cultivation base was far, far weaker than Yin Luo’s. But his will was seemingly boundless, and it was almost like a sword that aimed to pierce through the dome of the sky, nothing being able to block it.

Long Chen used his will to supplement his qi, managing to block Yin Luo’s aura. However, he was only able to withstand Yin Luo. It was impossible for Long Chen to suppress him instead.

Yin Luo’s hatred of Long Chen had already reached the peak. Without killing Long Chen, he would be unable to wash away the humiliation of having his leg severed. He had been planning on crushing Long Chen in body and soul, wanting him to feel endless despair, to crush him like crushing an ant.

In order to achieve this desire, in the past few months, Yin Luo had crazily increased his cultivation base, raising it to the ninth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation.

But now he found that all his bitter work, his suffering day and night, the use of all kinds of poisons to strengthen his tendons, was still unable to allow him to suppress Long Chen who was only at Blood Condensation. His fury completely exploded.


Yin Luo suddenly took out a golden spear that looked exactly the same as his old one. However, the runes covering it made its aura even more powerful than before.

Other than having his leg severed, the thing that infuriated him the most was that even his weapon had been lost.

His sect had had to specially request a Forging Master to work day and night to make this new spear in time for the Jiuli secret realm.

This spear had cost a huge amount of precious resources. Just the spearhead had four high ranking Magical Beast crystal cores embedded in it. All of them were used to increase its weight.

This spear weighed one million eight thousand pounds. Once its runes were activated, drawing out the energy within those crystal cores, that spear’s weight would further increase by thirty percent.

Last time, Yin Luo had been at a disadvantage because of his weapon’s weight. This time he wouldn’t make the same mistake. His spear streaked through the air, screaming as it smashed at Long Chen. It was as if that spear could break apart the very world.

Long Chen had never been this grave before. Yin Luo was now even stronger than last time.

Stamping down on the ground, Devil Decapitator swung out in a profound arc. During that arc, Long Chen’s own strength was increasing, going past just his physical strength.

This was an extremely profound circulation technique he had learned from the Violet Gale Saber. It allowed his own strength to stack up over and over.

But he also needed to carefully calculate where his saber would land. The instant his saber reached its target, that superimposed energy would reach its peak and burst out.


Devil Decapitator slammed into Yin Luo’s spear. The ground completely exploded, and a huge wave of earth instantly swept out for a hundred miles.

Those distant, spectating disciples were instantly buried by that terrifying wave of earth. In fact, some of the weaker core disciples directly fainted from the impact.

The instant Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator collided with that spear, he was sent flying back, his saber leaving his hand.

Long Chen felt as if his organs were flipping inside of him, and he tasted sweetness in his throat, almost vomiting blood. That one attack instantly caused a severe internal impact.

Yin Luo was too strong. Now that he was even more powerful than before, Long Chen was unable to block a single one of his attacks, even with the FengFu Battle Armor’s increased power.

That made Long Chen feel a burst of helplessness. He had now been thrown far off. If he didn’t break through soon, he would definitely die here.

“Hmph, taste another one of my attacks.” Yin Luo shouted, raising his spear again. This time, all the runes on his spear lit up, and it brought with it a terrifying pressure as it smashed down on Long Chen.

Long Chen coldly snorted and formed a hand seal in front of him, his Spiritual Strength spreading out.

“Little Snow, come out and kill him.”

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