Chapter 314 Courting Disaster

Long Chen turned to look in the direction that voice had come from, and as expected, he saw two identical faces sneering at him.

These two were Bo Shidong and Bo Shixi, the two that Guo Ran had termed as ‘worthless good-for-nothings’. With their extremely hateful faces and their incredibly loathsome voices, Long Chen couldn’t forget them even if he wanted to.

Last time, they had sunk to a new low and actually cursed Tang Wan-er obscenely. As a result, they had nearly been killed. Now, they were lively and healthy again in front of Long Chen.

“Hehe, how surprising. I never thought that you, Long Chen, were actually a perverted traitor. Then let me see just what is recorded in this for you to want to murder people to silence them.”

One of them touched the photographic jade, and an image appeared in midair. That scene was Long Chen pointing his spear at the throat of a woman who was in rags and practically naked.

That woman’s expression was miserable, while Long Chen’s expression was icy-cold, not caring the slightest bit about that woman’s pitiful begging.

Seeing that image, those two twins immediately lit up and laughed.

“Hahaha, what a good thing. You brothers quickly make copies of this photographic jade and spread it so that all the Righteous disciples can clearly see the face of the perverted traitor.”

At this time, there were already six or seven disciples who had also arrived, looking at Long Chen in astonishment. Bo Shidong threw that photographic jade to one of them.

Long Chen recognized that disciple as a core disciple from the thirty-sixth monastery who had come to provoke them. He had been the first to battle, and as a result, he had almost pissed himself in terror as he fled.

Receiving that photographic jade, he was delighted and rapidly took out more photographic jades, touching them to the photographic jade to duplicate it.

That person made several copies in just a single breath, and he was also crazily laughing at the thrill of vengeance.

Obviously in his eyes, this photographic jade was even more satisfying than physically injuring Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Was this the will of the heavens? Why did these senseless idiots with nothing better to do always go find trouble for him?

“Long Chen, hahaha, this time you’re dead!”

The two twins were absolutely delighted. They weren’t just delighted that Long Chen would now die in the secret realm, but more so because once everyone left the secret realm, these photographic jades would absolutely humiliate the 108th monastery.

“I don’t know whether I’ll die or not, but you two definitely will. I, Long Chen, will swear today that anyone who dares target me will have their blood spray.”

At this time, Long Chen was on the edge of going berserk. He was fed up with these senseless idiots harassing him. If this continued, then his cultivation would be continuously held up.

Long Chen urgently needed to grow stronger to deal with that future crisis. These idiots were intentionally slowing him down.

Long Chen took a single step, charging at the two of them. Devil Decapitator appeared in his hand, and endless Saber Qi filled the sky.

One saber slashed out, startling all of heaven and earth. A terrifying will soared out. That saber not only contained Long Chen’s energy, but it also represented Long Chen’s furious killing intent.

Those two twins were horrified to realize that Long Chen was even more terrifying than last time. This saber of his froze all of heaven and earth, locking them tightly in place.

The two of them shouted out at the same time, and two brand new shields appeared in front of them. Those shields were covered in countless shining lines that emitted a powerful pressure.

BOOM! The two of them were horrified to find that their incomparably hard shields were far too weak in front of Long Chen’s attack.

Their two shields exploded like porcelain, while Long Chen’s saber didn’t slow down at all, directly slashing onto their bodies.



Their screams were cut short. The power in Long Chen’s saber had directly turned them to mincemeat, their blood filling the air.

Suddenly, two Dao-marks started to fly into the sky. However, they were cut down by Long Chen’s saber. Long Chen’s will actually destroyed them in one blow.

“Dao-marks? You really are blind. You went to go assist these two idiots? Were you trying to assist evil?” sighed Long Chen.

There were over ten Righteous experts who had rushed here at this time. They had all been scared stupid by Long Chen’s terrifying saber blow.

Although those two twins had been weaker individually amongst Favored, the two of them were extremely good at working together. Within the supermonastery, they were the only twin Favored, and so almost everyone recognized them.

Now that they saw Long Chen kill them both in one blow, they were filled with horror. That disciple who had been crazily duplicating the photographic jade was so frightened that he instantly fled.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to chase him.

He had already seen through the folly of these Righteous disciples. He didn’t have the energy to go play such senseless games with them.

That would waste his valuable time. He had already vowed to himself. From today onwards, anyone who dared block his way would only have one fate: to be killed by him.

“Long Chen, you dare kill Righteous disciples like this. Are you not afraid of being punished?!” raged one core disciple.

Long Chen indifferently glanced at him, and that core disciple’s body instantly tightened, feeling as if some harsh aura had locked him in place. He felt a sensation of death fill him, and he instantly forgot how to breathe.

After glancing at him, Long Chen didn’t say anymore before walking deeper into the secret realm.

“Long Chen, you contemptible, shameless, perverted traitor! You mercilessly slaughtered disciples from the same sect and want to just leave?!”

The commotion here had already drawn over many disciples, and a Favored now shouted out.

There were over forty core disciples here, as well as seven Favored, all looking at Long Chen in shock.

Long Chen suddenly stopped and looked at everyone. “This is my first and final warning. Don’t provoke me. You’re all no longer children. You’re all grown-ups who have the ability and responsibility to distinguish right and wrong. If you don’t bother caring about right and wrong and decide to raise your hand against me, I will not be merciful again.”

After saying that, Long Chen turned to leave.

“Impudent! Even a shameless, perverted traitor dares say such arrogant words! What are you all waiting for? Kill this pervert traitor together to get rid of a calamity for the Righteous path!” This person unsheathed two swords and rushed at Long Chen, his swords stabbing at Long Chen’s back.


Long Chen didn’t even look back. Devil Decapitator swung out behind him.

That person was a Favored, but he had come later and hadn’t seen Long Chen kill the twins.

Furthermore, he was practically driven crazy with envy when he remembered the scene of Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, two absolutely peak beauties, intimately holding Long Chen’s arms.

How did a Blood Condensation brat end up being that arrogant? Thus, he was immediately infuriated now that Long Chen stopped everyone with just a single warning. He assumed with him leading them, there would be more ‘justice warriors’.

Unfortunately, it seemed he hadn’t noticed that not one of the people behind him had rushed forward with him.

The instant Long Chen’s saber swung out, heaven and earth were sealed tight, and a berserk, destructive will instantly descended. He immediately realized he had been looking to die.

That kind of undefeatable will was something only Chosen could possess. Now he finally remembered the rumors that Long Chen had a Chosen’s fighting strength.

“Crossed Swords!” That person was actually extremely powerful. Even while being enveloped by Long Chen’s will, he was still able to steady his nerves. His swords swung out in an arc.

A huge cross appeared in front of him, heavily smashing into Long Chen’s saber.

But that person was horrified to see his powerful attack was completely shattered in front of Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator. His saber didn’t stop at all before reaching his chest.

Blood and flesh exploded. That Favored was killed just like that.

A translucent Dao-mark began to float up into the sky, wanting to flee.

Devil Decapitator once more swung out, and that Dao-mark instantly exploded, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

Long Chen was really too vicious. Not only did he kill people, but he also destroyed their incomparably precious Dao-marks.

If ordinary core disciples could obtain a Dao-mark, they had a ten percent chance of becoming a new Favored.

Long Chen naturally knew that. However, these idiots in front of him weren’t worthy of him leaving that opportunity to them.

Long Chen’s saber had struck out without any mercy, shocking everyone. He killed a Favored without batting an eye, not even looking at him! What kind of arrogance was that?

Of course, not everyone here was an idiot. Although they had all seen that image from that photographic jade, they hadn’t seen the whole video. They had been dubious about what had really happened.

And now they personally saw just how powerful and proud Long Chen was. Would he really have such lewd intentions towards a woman, especially one who, in truth, was only ordinary looking?

Long Chen had warned them, telling them to distinguish what was true or false on their own. Quite a few people were already able to tell that there was probably some unknown scheme going on around Long Chen.

However, in any case, the fact that Long Chen had repeatedly killed Righteous disciples meant he wouldn’t be able to flee.

No matter what reasoning he had, killing three Favored was a crime he would never be able to wash away.

After killing that Favored, Long Chen, who hadn’t turned back from start to finish, once more continued walking.

Suddenly, clapping rang out along with a voice that Long Chen was very familiar with.

“Not bad, not bad. Long Chen, you’ve once more gotten a bit stronger. It was worth it for me to spend so much of my valuable time to find you.”

Everyone was startled. At some point, a black-robed, gloomy man, whose black hair fell to his shoulders, had appeared in the distance.

That man seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, and no one had realized he had been there until now.

“Corrupt path?”

When they saw that blood-colored, bone-shaped marking on his robes, all their expressions changed. Their hearts involuntarily pounded, and they all retreated a couple of steps.

Even Long Chen’s pupils shrank when he saw who it was. His right hand tightened on Devil Decapitator.

“Yin Luo.”

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