Chapter 313 Contemptible Entrapment

“Save me!!!” 

Just as Long Chen was walking forward, a ragged woman suddenly rushed over at Long Chen in complete panic.

The woman looked to be around twenty years old and appeared quite seductive. With her robes turned to rags, her chest was half-naked, revealing her incredibly deep cleavage. Her jade legs were also showing through those rags, a sight that made it hard for people to breathe.

When that woman saw Long Chen, she lit up with joy and rushed over to him, quickly wrapping her arm around Long Chen’s arm.

Perhaps it was because she was too frightened, but she didn’t seem to notice her bare chest tightly pressing onto his arm. 

She begged, “Senior apprentice-brother, please save me! Someone’s trying to kill me!”

“Oh? Who’s trying to kill you? How come I don’t see anyone?” Long Chen looked into the distance and didn’t see anyone.

The instant Long Chen turned to look, that woman’s terrified expression vanished to be replaced with a sneer.

A chilling dagger appeared in her hand, and she went to stab it into Long Chen’s chest.

“I advise you not to move. If you do, I won’t hold back.” Long Chen’s voice was icy-cold.

That woman suddenly felt a sharp pain on her throat. At some point, the spear in Long Chen’s hand had lightly pierced her throat.

As for her, she had only just taken out her dagger and it was still far away from Long Chen’s body. Long Chen would have more than enough time to kill her and then still dodge her dagger.

That woman’s expression changed. But in an instant, she put on a lovely, pitiful expression. Dropping her dagger, she begged, “Please senior apprentice-brother, forgive me!

“I had everything stolen from me by two monastery disciples! Even my pure body was stolen away! I was embarrassed and angry, and that’s why I wanted to kill you, to vent. I’m also a victim!”

After saying that, she began to cry miserably, a sight that would make anyone feel sorry for her.

But Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit moved. He icily said, “Do you think I’m an idiot? Just by looking at you, I can tell you’re still a virgin. You actually have the nerve to spout such wild lies? Are you looking down on me?”

Just who was Long Chen? He had merged with a Pill Sovereign’s memories and knew the body’s meridians like the back of his hand. How could it be possible for him to not notice if a woman was a virgin or not?

“Ah…” That woman clearly hadn’t expected Long Chen’s vision to be so perceptive. He wasn’t at all like some spoiled young master. She had immediately been seen through.

“Speak. Why did you want to kill me.”

“I… I… I should die, I was consumed by my greed. Please forgive junior sister. Due to the fact I’m a woman, can you please spare me this once? Junior sister is willing to give anything to you. Even if senior brother wants junior sister’s body, junior sister is willing,” begged that woman.

Who knew whether it was intentional or whether it was just her trembling, but the majority of her ragged robes now fell down even lower, and her entire upper body was laid bare to Long Chen.

Seeing that, Long Chen could immediately feel a certain desire of his begin to awaken, but he instantly suppressed it.

“Even with death before you, you still want to play this little game. Your Spiritual Strength is still circulating, waiting for me to relax so you can suddenly kill me. Unfortunately, you’ve overestimated your seductiveness. But that’s fine too. Now we can end this quicker.” Long Chen’s spear pierced forward ever so slightly.

“No, Long Chen, don’t kill me!” That woman was finally truly terrified. She could sense Long Chen’s bone-chilling killing intent.

“As expected, you know who I am. Hurry up and talk. My patience has a limit.”

“In truth, I…” That woman was somewhat hesitant as she stuttered.

Long Chen was about to say something to get her to hurry up when two figures suddenly appeared, running over to them.

“Long Chen, you contemptible, shameless, perverted traitor! You dare rape a beauty in broad daylight! Tch, how are you a member of our Righteous path?! Hurry up and release this junior sister!” shouted one of them.

Before Long Chen could say anything, that woman shouted, “Senior apprentice-brothers, save me! This Long Chen is a bestial-hearted traitor! I refused to be humiliated, and so he actually wanted to kill me!”

“Long Chen, hurry up and release that junior sister! I’ve already recorded your pervertedness on a photographic jade. Do you want this video to be released to the public?”

Those two were both core disciples wearing robes of the monastery. That mark on their chest had a number 45 written on it. In other words, these two were from the forty-fifth monastery.

Long Chen smiled. “Were you all colluding?”

That woman sneered and pulled up her robes, covering her chest. “If you’re smart, you’ll take away your spear you shameless, perverted traitor.”


Long Chen’s spear left that woman’s throat. She had just smiled when she felt a burst of pain from her chest. Long Chen’s spear had pierced her chest instead.

That woman looked at her chest in shock and disbelief. She felt her life rapidly fading.

“You really are all idiots. You came to target me without even knowing what kind of person I am. Did you not know that I never submit to threats?”

Long Chen icily stared at that woman. With his intelligence, would he really not be able to see through their little ploy?

Those two core disciples were clearly one team with that woman. That woman first acted like some weak, helpless woman, using her half-naked body to draw Long Chen’s attention.

If he was the inexperienced young master type, he would have been drawn to her body and then directly killed by her sneak attack.

However, since Long Chen hadn’t fallen for it, the woman had then started putting on a play. But that had also been seen through by Long Chen. Now, these two disciples came to use their photographic jades to threaten Long Chen to release her.

It went without saying that this ploy of theirs was extremely vicious.

If Long Chen let the woman go, they would still spread a portion of that photographic jade’s video out to the public in order to ruin Long Chen’s name. 

If Long Chen instead killed her, that would be even worse. Even if Long Chen could survive to the end of the Jiuli secret realm, he would still be heavily punished by the supermonastery.

That was why that woman had dared mock Long Chen. She didn’t believe he would do anything to her.

Unfortunately, she really didn’t understand Long Chen. Long Chen had never once bowed down to any threat. He might be afraid of other things, but he wasn’t afraid of trouble.

He flung that woman to the ground. By that time, she was already dead, her eyes listlessly looking up at the sky, filled with confusion and unwillingness.

“Long Chen, you berserk sex fiend! We’ll definitely punish you! Once we announce this to the whole world, you’ll be chased down and killed by the entire Righteous path!” One person roared at him, but he had already turned to flee.

The other person was also the same. But they were smart, and they didn’t flee in the same direction. They had heard Long Chen had the ability to fight Chosen, and so they weren’t a match for him.

Long Chen had to choose which one of them to chase, and which one of them to let go. Then, in his hesitation, he would lose any chance to catch up to either one of them.

Long Chen snorted, and without even thinking about it, he charged at one of them. That person was extremely fast, but he had only gone less than a mile when Long Chen caught up to him.

That core disciple suddenly turned rigid as he was locked down by a terrifying murderous aura.

Long Chen’s spear pierced right through his body, the terrifying force within it causing his entire body to explode.

Long Chen caught the photographic jade that had been in his hand and instantly crushed it to pieces. Then he didn’t pause at all before charging at the other disciple.

After this time, that core disciple was already several miles away. As he ran, he also shouted:

“Long Chen, that perverted traitor, has wickedly killed a woman of the Righteous path! He also wants to kill others to silence them! Everyone, quickly come look!”

As a core disciple, his voice was extremely loud, and it could be heard clearly for hundreds of miles.

Long Chen’s expression changed ever so slightly. He sensed quite a few auras quickly rushing over in this direction.

There were several of them whose auras were stronger. They should be Favored. He had to kill this bastard before those people arrived, or they would have succeeded in smearing him.

Long Chen quickly increased his speed, shooting out like an angry arrow. That person was horrified to see Long Chen’s spear piercing right at him, and he quickly raised his weapon to block it.


His weapon instantly exploded and he also vomited out blood as he was knocked back.

In front of Long Chen’s terrifying strength, that core disciple was practically unable to block a single blow.

Long Chen instantly appeared in front of him, his spear stabbing down.

A huge hole was pierced through his abdomen, and he flew back into a brush, instantly dying.

And yet, even as he had died, he had continued clenching that photographic jade in his hand. Long Chen quickly went up to grab it. But the instant his hand touched the jade…


Two harsh attacks went straight for Long Chen’s chest and back. They were so fast that their attacks almost arrived at the same time as that voice rang out.

Those attacks were incomparably quick. They contained a terrifying power. Long Chen instinctively dodged to the side, and the two attacks collided, causing an explosive sound.

Long Chen didn’t have the time to see who was attacking him. He needed that photographic jade. He reached out his hand.

But a huge claw suddenly snatched that corpse before Long Chen could grab it.

Long Chen was startled by that huge claw and immediately punched out.

“Scram!” A different huge, metallic claw attacked him from the back.

Long Chen was infuriated. He had to swing his fist to block this other claw.

That claw was sent flying, but that delay was enough for the other claw to bring away that corpse along with the photographic jade.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, today us brothers will see just how you die!” An incredible loathsome voice caused Long Chen’s killing intent to skyrocket.

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