Chapter 309 Han Tianyu

“We’ve arrived?”

Long Chen looked around him. This was an extremely large plaza. There were over a hundred groups present.

Those groups were in a semi-circle around the center of the plaza. Long Chen noticed that there was a certain design under each of those groups.

After carefully examining them, Long Chen noticed they were archaic characters for numbers, going from number one to number 108.

All of them suddenly realized that they were actually the last to arrive. The only open area was the spot numbering 108.

Their arrival immediately attracted attention from the others. Some gazes were curious, some were indifferent, but the absolute majority were disdainful.

And yet, when they sensed their auras, that disdain became amazement.

Of their 108th monastery, Tang Wan-er’s cultivation base was the highest. A couple of days ago, she had advanced to the seventh Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, and her aura was shocking to these people.

Other than Tang Wan-er, the others were also extremely powerful, their auras like sharp, unsheathed blades that made it so others didn’t dare look at them directly.

“Huh? Someone at Blood Condensation?” Some people finally noticed Long Chen. Although he had been hiding amongst the other core disciples, there were still people who noticed him.

There was no way around it. Long Chen’s cultivation base was the lowest of everyone present. It was impossible to hide.

“He is that rumored ‘Chosen’? Tch, what shocking boasting. Even if you beat me to death, I wouldn’t believe he could fight an eight-temper Bone Forging expert.” A core disciple’s sneer rang through the air.

“I heard he was supposed to have defeated Jiang Yifan? I bet that was just a complete lie. With Jiang Yifan’s status, he probably was too lazy to even meet with such a person. He probably felt even explaining the lie would be too disgraceful for him,” added on another person.

Although they were talking quietly, it rang out clearly in all these experts’ ears.

At the first monastery’s position, there was a certain extraordinary, handsome man who was surrounded by several beautiful women, similar to how stars flocked around the moon.

That man was acclaimed as the number one expert within the monasteries, a Chosen amongst Chosen, Han Tianyu.

“That person is Long Chen? He looks like he might have a couple of tricks, but he’s incredibly lacking compared to big brother Tianyu.” A pretty woman beside Han Tianyu indifferently glanced at Long Chen.

That woman was slender with an alluring waist. When combined with her not-bad-looking face, she could count as a beauty.

But her chest was completely flat, a surface so flat that not even a housefly would be able to rest there. That caused her to lose a bit of her seductive beauty.

Han Tianyu shook his head. “Junior apprentice-sister Yi, saying it like that is a mistake. This Long Chen is extremely strong. Those rumors are not necessarily false.”

That woman was called Yin Wushuang. She was also a Chosen, however, she had only just been given that title.

She was precisely the one who had become a Chosen the day after Tu Fang had been told there were no more Chosen positions to give out. 

Yin Wushuang was an extremely powerful Favored, and she also had an incredibly powerful background. She had only just joined the first monastery.

However, she wasn’t the same as other disciples. She had joined the first monastery expressly because of Han Tianyu. She was one of his worshippers.

Han Tianyu was acclaimed the strongest junior expert of the Xuantian Supermonastery. He possessed a confident kind of handsomeness, and he had countless female worshippers. Yin Wushuang was one of them, and she was one of the more obsessed members.

“Brother Tianyu, you really are too modest. The current him is definitely unable to block even three of your attacks.” Yin Wushuang smiled.

Han Tianyu shook his head. “The fact that he could defeat an eight-temper Bone Forging expert with his cultivation base means he really is very powerful. But if I were to attack him at this point, that really would be bullying. I’ll wait until he advances to Tendon Transformation. Perhaps then he’ll interest me a bit. As for now… haha.”

Although Han Tianyu appeared a calm and indifferent person, he emitted an unconcealable arrogance. That kind of arrogance had an incredible effect on these young women just awakening to feelings of love.

“Haha, brother Tianyu, sister Biluo has been staring at Long Chen this entire time. It seems she’s a bit interested.” Yin Wushuang’s gaze suddenly turned to the group beside them.

Right beside the first monastery was the second monastery. Within the entire supermonastery, only the second monastery was able to slightly contend against their first monastery.

But in the past thousands of years, they had only ever taken the first ranking once. 

Although they were suppressed by the first monastery, the second monastery also had an extremely profound foundation. They might be able to surpass the first monastery at any time.

The second monastery was the only one truly capable of contesting against the first monastery, and the second monastery’s strongest disciple was Hua Biluo.

Hua Biluo was extremely mysterious. She had always been hidden by the second monastery. Only recently had she been revealed to the outer world.

It was said that Hua Biluo was the second monastery’s secret weapon and was extremely powerful. However, none of them knew how powerful she was, as not even the second monastery’s disciples had ever seen her fight.

Han Tianyu frowned slightly. Hua Biluo had an elegant figure. Her long hair fell to her waist, her willowy eyebrows spread out lightly, and a dazzling brightness came from her phoenix eyes. She was curiously gazing at the distant Long Chen.

With that kind of beauty, there was no man who didn’t admire her.

Even Han Tianyu felt his heart beat faster when he looked at her beauty. Yin Wushuang’s words irritated him slightly.

But he didn’t display it, merely smiling slightly. “It’s no wonder she’s curious. Anyone would find it curious that a little fellow only at Blood Condensation would be able to enter the Jiuli secret realm.”

“Oh really? Ok then. If sister Biluo had instead become interested in that little fellow’s face, that would make brother Tianyu hurt.” Yin Yushuang easily saw through what he was really thinking.

Han Tianyu merely smiled without saying anything. But there was clearly a bit of unhappiness in his eyes. Hua Biluo’s actions truly dissatisfied him.

Who knew whether she had done it intentionally or not, but that beauty Hua Biluo hadn’t even looked at him once since arriving. She had even acted as if she hadn’t heard his courteous greeting, causing him a bit of anger.

But as soon as Long Chen arrived, she immediately focused on him. Although he knew that should just be curiosity, it still dissatisfied him.

“Let’s go to our position.” Ling Yunzi obviously was already accustomed to this kind of jeering, and he brought them away.

Long Chen and the others looked back at those gazes. Not only was there dislike and contempt, but there was also a great deal of provocation.

They thought back to what Long Chen had just said before. The Righteous path’s people were all just a bunch of rats—meek when they were weak, but then tyrants when they could be. When they saw their own people, they would look down on them disdainfully, but as soon as they saw those savage Corrupt disciples, they’d flee into the wind.

Tang Wan-er saw that in those groups, there was always one person who was surrounded by beauties at the front. That made it obvious that those people at the front were the lead disciples of their groups.

Tang Wan-er cast a stealthy glance at Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu’s icy face reddened slightly, but she still nodded.

Long Chen had been walking amongst the other core disciples in a very low-key manner when a burst of fragrance appeared, and two soft arms wrapped around his arms, pulling closer towards him.

Long Chen instantly stiffened, looking at Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu in shock. He had no idea what they were doing. Why were they suddenly acting so affectionate?

“Don’t say anything, and don’t let your imagination run wild. This is just to win some honor for our monastery.” Tang Wan-er quietly whispered to Long Chen while holding his arm.

At this time, Tang Wan-er’s face had a shy bashfulness to it, and a beautiful, charming light shone in her eyes. That kind of look could make a person melt.

As for Ye Zhiqiu, when that trace of redness appeared on her icy face, that made her beauty even more irresistible.

Being escorted, arm-in-arm, by two beauties, Long Chen practically forgot how to walk.

Gu Yang and the others immediately understood what Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were doing, and they respectfully opened a path for them to walk to the front.

Just at this moment, Guo Ran took out a gong and smashed a hammer onto it, releasing a loud sound.

After striking the gong, Guo Ran then took out two huge banners, one saying Silence, the other saying Step Back.

Glancing at the solemn Guo Ran, Long Chen had an urge to throttle him. All his face had been thrown away by him today.

As expected, whether it was the disciples or even the sect leaders, they were all stupefied as they watched Long Chen’s procession.

Ling Yunzi smiled and didn’t say anything. If his kids wanted to make some noise, he would let them.

When Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu walked to the front of the group with Long Chen, quite a few women’s eyes lit up.

Although Long Chen was handsome, he was still slightly inferior to Han Tianyu in that aspect. However, Long Chen possessed a certain wildness that he did not.

Seeing that dangerous, mysterious wildness, it felt as if Long Chen was an untamable leopard, causing people to feel that he was both dangerous, as well as beautiful. They had an urge to attempt to subdue him.

However, most people weren’t thinking of that. That was because most of the ones present were men who wanted to kill Long Chen and take his place.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were both top beauties, and the most amazing thing about them was that their beauty was completely different. The two of them contrasted with each other perfectly, and combined, that level of beauty shook their souls and made it so they were unable to breathe.

Each man present felt their envy practically drive them insane. Some of them were able to restrain that envy, but there were some who weren’t able to hold back, and their eyes turned green from their envy.

Even the usually indifferent Han Tianyu revealed some envy in his eyes. Only now did he realize both Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were also exceptionally beautiful, not at all inferior to Hua Biluo.

Because they had to go to the 108th position, they had to walk past every single one of the other groups.

When they walked in front of the first monastery, Long Chen sensed something and turned to glance at Han Tianyu. However, at this time, Han Tianyu was sitting down with his eyes closed.

“This person is extremely powerful.”

That was Long Chen’s first thought. He sensed an incredible pressure from Han Tianyu’s body. He also felt an indescribable threat.

Once he arrived at the second monastery, he saw a beautiful woman wearing apricot-yellow robes. She smiled slightly at Long Chen.

Long Chen was a bit startled and based on courtesy, he was about to return a smile when he felt a sharp pain from his waist.

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