Chapter 307 Little Snow Breaks Through



Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was finally unable to stop it. His pill furnace instantly exploded, and the force sent Long Chen flying.

“Damnit.” Long Chen felt an urge to cry. He had really underestimated that Xiantian blood. As a result, he had made too many mistakes, causing this failure in the end.

“Wait!” Long Chen suddenly rushed forward. A hundred meters away, stuck in a bush, there was a fist-sized medicinal pill.

“I succeeded?” Long Chen couldn’t believe his eyes. This fist-sized giant pill had a red halo of light on top of it. Bursts of medicinal fragrance filled his nose, but there was a slight bloody smell coming from within it.

“It’s actually high grade.”

Long Chen carefully examined this giant pill. This was his first time refining a giant pill.

In Long Chen’s memories, there were very few medicinal formulas for giant pills, and they were extremely difficult to refine. He was startled to see his crazy and foolish method had ended up succeeding.

The formulas for giant pills in his memories were all for the seventh tier and higher medicinal pills. As for this giant pill in his hand, it was obviously not able to compare to those.

He didn’t know what tier this giant pill had reached, but the fact that he had managed to condense it meant that the Xiantian blood’s essence had been fully activated, and it would have at least ten times the effect.

That was the most terrifying aspect of pill cultivators. Most rare medicinal ingredients had their own special effects. But if you were to directly eat them, you would only be able to absorb perhaps twenty percent of the medicinal energy.

The rest of the essence would all be wasted. But after an alchemist’s purifications, as well as the support of other medicinal ingredients, then the medicinal ingredient’s effect would be multiplied once it was refined into a pill.

However, in this era, most pill formulas were passed down from ancient times. The current era’s alchemists were only refining medicinal pills in accordance with those old pill formulas. All they knew how to do was follow, without being able to innovate.

For the tests to advance alchemists tiers, the test was often to refine a medicinal pill. However, they often did not tell you the exact proportions of medicinal ingredients to use for that pill. That made those tests incredibly difficult for most alchemists.

If the proportions were wrong, then it could easily cause a furnace explosion or just result in a bunch of trash pills. Furthermore, if they perhaps used the wrong medicinal ingredient, then it would be absolutely impossible for them to refine the pill.

Long Chen had used his crazy imagination to theorize this medicinal pill from the principles contained within his Pill Sovereign memories. He had theorized that he should be able to succeed. But in truth, the chance of him succeeding had been less than ten percent.

Furthermore, since he had refined a giant pill, the difficulty had increased by a hundred times. The fact that he had successfully refined this giant pill meant that Long Chen’s prayer had worked: the heavens really had been blind.

“What powerful essence. Can this thing really be consumed?”

Seeing the forceful energy within that giant pill, Long Chen couldn’t help being worried.

A giant pill wasn’t as simple as just being large. The medicinal essence contained within it was at least dozens of times greater than an ordinary medicinal pill. In Long Chen’s memory, most giant pills weren’t directly consumed.


At this time, Little Snow walked up to Long Chen. Looking at that giant pill in his hand, he let out a quiet growl.

“Yes, I succeeded in refining it, but this thing has already surpassed my expectations. There’s probably at least dozens of times more medicinal energy than I expected.” Long Chen was at a loss.

He had refined this for Little Snow. The instant he had seen that Xiantian expert’s blood, he had thought of Little Snow.

With a Xiantian expert’s blood essence refined into a medicinal pill, it would definitely greatly increase the power of the physical body.

Of course, that kind of crazy energy was very difficult for a human body to contain. The only exceptions were perhaps those like Wilde and Long Chen with their powerful physiques.

But while Long Chen didn’t consider himself to be a picky eater, he really didn’t think he could eat a medicinal pill refined from a human’s blood.

However, he wouldn’t feel the slightest bit bad about giving it to Little Snow. However, he had been thinking of refining an ordinary pill at first. Now that he had refined a giant pill, Long Chen had a headache.

A giant pill contained dozens of times more energy than medicinal pills of the same rank. Normally, that was a good thing. But now it wasn’t. Long Chen was afraid Little Snow wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Little Snow once more growled.

“You really want to try?” Long Chen was extremely nervous. “This thing is very dangerous. Not only was it based on a Xiantian expert’s blood, but it’s also a giant pill. If anything goes wrong, you could lose your life.”


Little Snow growled, his eyes filled with determination. He repeatedly growled a couple of things to Long Chen.

Long Chen was silent for a long time. With his connection to Little Snow’s soul, the two of them could communicate.

Little Snow was saying that as Long Chen grew stronger, he also needed to grow stronger to protect him.

Long Chen tightly hugged Little Snow’s head, rubbing his soft fur.

Little Snow let Long Chen stroke him for a while before growling once more, his gaze falling on Long Chen’s hand.

Clenching his teeth, Long Chen prayed, “Fine. Hopefully, the heavens will bless you and you’ll succeed.”

This time Long Chen didn’t dare make any jokes about the heavens. He really was worried about Little Snow. However, Little Snow said he had to eat that giant pill. Even if he died, he wouldn’t care.

Long Chen knew that Little Snow was extremely intelligent. He knew that if he still didn’t advance any further, the chance of him ever helping Long Chen would be extremely low. Eventually, he would end up becoming a burden.

In order to accompany Long Chen in growing, Little Snow was willing to take this extremely risky chance.

Little Snow swallowed the giant pill in one gulp. Less than a breath of time later, all his fur suddenly stood on end.


A berserk aura shot out, and the ground beneath his feet cracked. A terrifying wave of qi shot out.

Even Long Chen was forced back several steps by that wave of qi. Little Snow was incessantly quivering now.

Little Snow let out an angry roar, but that roar was also filled with endless pain. Long Chen was horrified to see Little Snow’s white fur turn red.

That was because blood was pouring out of his skin. That Xiantian blood was too powerful. It was actually rejecting Little Snow’s blood.

The two types of blood were fighting fiercely inside Little Snow’s body. The process was extremely painful, and although Little Snow had long since expected it, he couldn’t hold back his angry roar.

Little Snow was unable to refine that Xiantian blood’s essence. It was too powerful, and it was crazily expelling Little Snow’s blood.

If this continued, then Little Snow’s blood would leave his body before he could refine that giant pill’s energy, and he would die.

Long Chen suddenly jumped onto Little Snow’s back. Placing his hand on Little Snow’s body, a firm energy poured into his body.

“I’ll use my Spiritual Strength to help you resolve the energy within the medicinal pill. Refine it bit by bit!”

The medicinal pill had yet to completely dissolve in Little Snow’s body, but he was already unable to bear it. If that continued, Little Snow would definitely die.

Long Chen’s spiritual qi blocked the giant pill’s energy from spreading any further. At the same time, his Spiritual Strength surged out and suppressed that berserk Xiantian blood, not letting it wreak havoc in Little Snow’s body.

This was like setting up a large dam to hold back a flood. He would only allow the energy to flow through slowly enough that Little Snow could handle it.

Receiving Long Chen’s help, Little Snow immediately felt it become much easier. With Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength suppressing it, that berserk blood calmed down a great deal.

Little Snow took advantage of this time to refine that blood essence. That blood essence was already ownerless at this time, and after an initial period of struggle, it lost all its energy and was finally absorbed by him. 

After six hours, that blood essence had been all absorbed by Little Snow, and Long Chen finally let out another portion of energy for Little Snow to absorb.

Only then did Long Chen relax slightly. Luckily, he had reacted quickly and this crude method was effective. Otherwise, it really would have been dangerous...

However, using spiritual qi and Spiritual Strength like this was extremely taxing on Long Chen. That was because a giant pill contained far too much energy, and even he found it hard to keep it controlled.

This was the first time Long Chen saw just how terrifying a giant pill was. That incredible amount of energy was shocking.

By the third time he released more energy, he felt that his Spiritual Strength was already flagging.

Right now, the giant pill still had over half of its energy left. If he wasn’t able to continue, they would only be able to give up.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that the Xiantian blood essence within the giant pill contained a trace of that Xiantian expert’s will. Although it had been refined into a pill, that trace of will hadn’t been eradicated.

By using his Spiritual Strength to hold that giant pill’s energy back, Long Chen was essentially using his Spiritual Strength to face off against that trace of Xiantian will. That was why it was so exhausting.

Bitterly enduring as long as he could, when Long Chen finally let a fourth portion of energy through, the giant pill’s energy suddenly erupted out of his control.

Long Chen was sent flying by a terrifying energy, and he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Little Snow!!!” Long Chen’s voice cracked. That kind of terrifying energy could easily kill Little Snow.

But when Long Chen saw Little Snow, he was shocked to see that he was fine.


The ground beneath Little Snow’s feet caved in. Long Chen was still in midair, and he was once more sent flying higher from a terrifying wave of qi.

When he was finally over a hundred meters away, Long Chen climbed up from the ground to look at Little Snow in shock and delight.

Little Snow was now emitting a terrifying pressure that even made it difficult for Long Chen to breathe. The space around him seemed to be compressed.

Suddenly, Little Snow let out a heaven-shaking roar, and a berserk energy shot out, causing the world to shake.

“You advanced?!” Long Chen couldn’t believe his eyes. Little Snow was now emitting a berserk aura that even intimidated Long Chen.

Little Snow rushed at Long Chen and intimately rubbed his head on Long Chen a couple of times.

“Hahahahaha! Excellent, Little Snow, you really advanced! Hehe, now when we join hands, we’ll definitely do some good work in the Jiuli secret realm!” Long Chen raised his head to the sky and laughed.

Little Snow’s body hadn’t grown larger after advancing this time. In fact, he had shrunk, now only being fifteen meters long. But the pressure coming from him was shocking.

However, Little Snow had only just advanced. The giant pill had still left many internal injuries in his body. Long Chen gave Little Snow a bunch of healing pills and had him return to the spiritual space to heal.

When Long Chen returned to the monastery, he didn’t bother trying to cultivate. He just calmly waited for a certain day.


A melodious bell rang throughout the entire monastery. The day of the Jiuli secret realm’s opening had come.

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