Chapter 306 Xiantian Blood Giant Pill

“Don’t make a fuss Little Snow. It’ll be over in a bit.”

Little Snow had once more started to rub his large head over Long Chen’s body, making it so Long Chen couldn’t focus on the medicinal ingredients.


“I’ve already said this is something important that’ll affect your future! Stop messing around for now.”


“I know, I missed you too! Ah, fine, one more hug and then stop!”

Long Chen gave Little Snow one last hug as well as a peck on the head. However, Little Snow really was too big now.

His head was practically the size of a small room. But no matter how large Little Snow got, no matter how strong he became, he was always that adorable little fellow in front of Long Chen.

“Ok, go play for a bit over there. When I finish refining, I’ll call you back.” Long Chen patted Little Snow’s large head.

Only then did Little Snow run into the distance. Little Snow liked to run, and although his body was large, he was not the slightest bit clumsy. In fact, his speed had only gotten faster, and from a distance, he looked like a white bolt of lightning.

After dispatching Little Snow, Long Chen once more went carefully through over eighty medicinal powders, afraid to make any mistakes.

Whether it was the medicinal powders’ quality or quantity, not the slightest mistake could be allowed. That was because he was refining a medicinal pill that didn’t exist in his Pill Sovereign memories.

This was a crazy idea he had come up with on his own. As for whether or not it would succeed, even he wasn’t sure.

“Heavens, I’m begging you, you’ve been blind so many times, please be blind again and let me succeed!”

After praying, Long Chen took out a jar. The instant that jar was opened, a terrifying pressure shot out, causing all of Long Chen’s hair to stand on end. Heaven and earth were quivering slightly.

“It really is worthy of being a Xiantian expert’s blood. How powerful!” Long Chen was deeply moved.

Back in the Righteous and Corrupt path battle, a large hand had shot out of the spatial door Yin Luo had escaped from. But in the end, that hand had been forced back by Ling Yunzi’s sword, leaving behind only a drop of blood.

Even now, Long Chen had no idea what that large hand had been. If it was a real hand, then how was it so large? And if it was made from spiritual qi, how could it bleed?

But that wasn’t important right now. After carefully examining the blood, he exclaimed, “Hehe, experts really are experts! Even their blood is different. If it was chicken blood or duck blood, it would have long since solidified.[1]

If that Corrupt expert heard what Long Chen said, he would definitely be angered enough to cough up more fresh blood for Long Chen to use.

Long Chen took out a packet of medicinal powders and poured them into the jar. That calm Xiantian blood immediately began to roil, looking like it was boiling.

“What a reaction. Little Snow probably won’t be able to handle it like this… I need to increase the amount of Snaketongue Grass.” 

Long Chen’s expression changed slightly. The energy within this Xiantian blood had surpassed his expectations. Just now, he had used the method of the Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood to activate the blood, but as a result, the jar had almost exploded.

Snaketongue Grass might sound frightening, and its appearance was just like a sinister snake tongue, but its medicinal nature was actually extremely gentle. It could block the chaotic aspect of the blood so that when it was absorbed, it wouldn’t cause the body to explode.

Seeing how berserk this Xiantian blood was, Long Chen immediately adjusted the medicinal powders’ ratios several times before it calmed down.

Although he had never done this before, Long Chen was using some of the medicinal principles contained within his Pill Sovereign’s memories to do this, and he was sure there was at least some chance of him succeeding in refining this blood into a medicinal pill.

This decision of his had been inspired by Yin Luo. It had to be known that below the Xiantian realm, no one should have been able to contain Xiantian essence blood in their body. Not even one drop.

Even Meridian Opening experts would have their bodies explode if they tried merging with Xiantian essence blood.

That was like placing lava inside a water pipe. The water pipe was fundamentally incapable of holding lava and would explode.

And yet, somehow Yin Luo had been capable of doing so. Although he had no idea what method Yin Luo had used, just the fact that there was a precedent like him was enough for Long Chen.

Furthermore, Long Chen only had a small amount of Xiantian blood which was not at all the same as Yin Luo.

Back then, Yin Luo had only been capable of using a trace of natural energy. However, whether it was Long Chen or Mo Nian, they had both sensed that his body seemed to contain a huge volcano. Once he exploded, he wouldn’t just be releasing such small sparks.

From the energy they sensed from his body, it was very likely that Yin Luo’s body had merged with a Xiantian expert’s entire essence blood. That was the most chilling thing to Long Chen.

To raise a single disciple, they had sacrificed a Xiantian expert. Perhaps only the Corrupt path would do such a thing.

Compared to Yin Luo, Long Chen’s drop of blood was nothing. Yin Luo had used some sort of secret technique to merge with that Xiantian essence blood. Long Chen didn’t know what the technique was, but that didn’t stop him from testing out something himself.

One reason Long Chen dared to do this was because he only had a fraction of a Xiantian expert’s blood, and the other reason was that Long Chen was using that Xiantian blood to change Little Snow’s physical body, not to try to get him to absorb it.

Little Snow had received a blessing from that expert from the Spirit World, and he was no longer the same as ordinary Scarlet Flame Snow Wolves.

He had already reached the peak of the third rank and was already a match for a Favored. It could be said that Little Snow was already much stronger than ordinary Scarlet Flame Snow Wolves.

However, that was far from enough for Long Chen. Once he entered the secret realm, his enemies would all be on the Chosen-level. Letting Little Snow fight was too dangerous.

That was why Long Chen was planning on refining a specialized medicinal pill for Little Snow to break apart his innate shackles and let him advance to the fourth rank.

If other pill cultivators were to hear Long Chen’s thinking, they would definitely think he was crazy. A Magical Beast’s rank was determined by their bloodline.

Long Chen’s thinking was equivalent to wanting to feed a cat enough medicinal pills that it grew up into a tiger.

Long Chen took a deep breath and took out his Flame Salamander’s blue flame, beginning to warm his furnace. Once it reached the appropriate temperature, he began to pour in the Xiantian blood.

The instant it entered the furnace, the furnace began to shake as intensely as if a violent beast was struggling inside it.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was shocked. It was clearly just a drop of blood without any life, and yet it still possessed such shocking power.

Increasing his flame strength, an hour later, that blood began to shrink, causing Long Chen to sigh. 

“This beast flame is already unable to keep up with my needs. I’ll need to find a stronger flame.”

The speed at which his Flame Salamander’s blue flame refined the Xiantian blood was so slow that it was infuriating. Even after two hours, the blood had only shrunk slightly.

But there was no way around this. It took two days of refining for the blood to finally shrink to the size of a fist.

That was the essence of the Xiantian blood. Seeing that there was this much essence leftover, Long Chen was incredibly nervous.

He had underestimated a Xiantian expert’s blood. He had thought it wouldn’t be bad for there to be a longan-sized ball of essence left after refining it. If he had known it would be like this, he would have split it up into multiple pills.

The fact that there was still this much essence filled him with regret. But it was already too late. Once he removed this essence from his flame, the essence would instantly scatter. He had to completely refine it all now.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen poured the medicinal powders he had long since prepared into the pill furnace. But, of course, he increased their amounts in proportion to how much he had increased the Snaketongue Grass and the other powders.

This had already surpassed his expectations. He was no longer refining a furnace of pills but a ‘giant pill’ he had never refined before.

As the medicinal powders poured in, his pill furnace began to shake once more. As the enormous amount of medicinal energy and blood essence tried to merge, a terrifying energy exploded out.

The pill furnace was constantly trembling. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was attempting to stabilize the pill furnace while he also constantly added in more medicinal powders.

An hour later, all the medicinal powders had been added. Long Chen was a bit nervous because his pill furnace was shaking more and more intensely.

But there was no remedy for that at this point. He could only clench his teeth and continue forward.

As Long Chen was busy refining, Little Snow returned. But seeing how nervous Long Chen was, Little Snow just obediently lay down to the side.

Two hours passed, and Long Chen’s pill furnace was now shaking intensely. Small cracks had appeared on the furnace, causing his expression to change.

“Just a bit more…” Long Chen was extremely worried, as he knew refining a giant pill was something ordinary pill furnaces were incapable of handling. Right now, all he could do was pray for there not to be a furnace explosion.

Long Chen helplessly proceeded to urge on his Pill Flame, using his Spiritual Strength to tightly wrap around the pill furnace and keep it as stable as possible. However, his Spiritual Strength was limited and it didn’t have much of an effect. 


A light sound came from the pill furnace. Even more cracks appeared as the pill furnace trembled intensely.

His pill furnace had already reached its limit. As for the medicinal pill inside it, it was on the verge of forming. This was the most critical moment.

If the pill furnace was unable to endure and exploded at this time, then the medicinal pill’s essence would instantly scatter into the air. If that happened, this precious giant pill would have been wasted.

He didn’t care about the other medicinal ingredients, but he would probably not have another opportunity to gather Xiantian blood.

Long Chen didn’t hold back a single shred of his Spiritual Strength. It formed two transparent hands in the air, tightly locking onto the pill furnace.

But the pill furnace was shaking too violently. It was like a violent beast was trying to free itself from within. In less than a quarter hour, he was finally unable to endure.


His pill furnace exploded.

[1] Chicken and duck are slang for prostitutes.

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