Chapter 304 Wilde's Ancestral Mark

Ever since the thirty-sixth monastery had come to provoke them, only to end up running away dejectedly, the 108th monastery’s disciples had been incredibly excited.

Although the monastery had tried to keep this matter under wraps because they were afraid of causing their disciples to feel inferior due to being in the last rank monastery, there were still many disciples who had learned the truth.

However, their monastery’s ranking didn’t cause any sense of inferiority in those disciples. In fact, they were filled with confidence.

The fact that they, the last ranking monastery, were able to repel the thirty-sixth monastery, was an incredibly glorious thing.

That had actually ended up making their Dao-hearts even more solid. Cultivation had no shortcuts. No matter how many resources you had, without a firm Dao-heart, you would still be nothing.

In the beginning, they had pridefully claimed that they had managed to defeat a stronger enemy even though they had been weaker. But Long Chen had told them they were wrong. They had always been stronger.

Strength wasn’t necessarily just how high your cultivation base was, or what kind of background you had, or how powerful your Battle Skills were. It was more related to whether you had an expert’s heart.

Three days later, Tu Fang managed to bring back all of the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills he had exchanged for with the merit points, and each disciple was given one.

The Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill was a peak item amongst third tier medicinal pills. The monasteries ranked below fifty were unable to afford them.

Their disciples knew that they only managed to obtain one because of Long Chen’s consideration. Normally, such precious medicinal pills would be reserved for the core disciples.

When the disciples had brought up that they didn’t want the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills so that they could be given to the core disciples, Tu Fang had told them that this was Long Chen’s decision. Many disciples had teared up at that.

The fact that Long Chen was always looking out for them moved them incredibly. This was Long Chen. As long as there were some benefits, he would never forget about a single person beside him.

Geniuses like Long Chen were always arrogant and lofty, viewing everyone else as worthless. If you were to go to the thirty-sixth monastery, then probably every single one of their inner disciples would be like that.

But Long Chen never had any of that loftiness. He considered each of them his brother.

After obtaining a Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill, all the disciples returned to their immortal caves. They knew the only thing they could do was raise their own strength so as to not disappoint Long Chen.

As long as they weren’t thrown off too far by Long Chen, then they would still have more opportunities to battle side by side with Long Chen. For those opportunities, they had to go all-out to raise their strength.

Those disciples’ displays moved Tu Fang incredibly. Just how many people in this world weren’t selfish? The more members a group had, the harder it was to control. But Long Chen didn’t even need any tricks to make all these disciples loyal. 

During this time, all the monastery’s disciples were busy refining the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill in order to increase the toughness of their tendons and increase their combat strength.

The Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill was a rare medicinal pill that didn’t have any side effects. It could be continuously consumed in order to nourish the tendons until they reached their peak.

Tendon nourishing pills were originally extremely rare, and the majority all had unsavory side effects.

Most medicinal pills had side effects. One of those effects was that medicinal pills used to increase strength could only be used a total of three times.

The first time, the pill would be one hundred percent effective. But the second time, it would only be fifty percent effective. The third time, its effect would be halved once more, and by the fourth time, there would be very little effect.

And that was why the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill was so precious. It would stay effective no matter how many you consumed. Not only was its medicinal effect excellent, but it could also be consumed repeatedly without consequence until your tendons had reached their peak.

While all those disciples were refining the pill, Long Chen wasn’t just wasting his time. He was constantly refining Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills for the core disciples.

But Long Chen was somewhat helpless that his current Pill Flame was no longer able to keep up with his growth.

Using the Flame Salamander’s blue flame to refine a furnace of Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills would use up twelve hours, and it was extremely tedious. If he had a stronger beast flame, he would be able to refine them much faster.

Long Chen’s plan was extremely good. He would refine a whole bunch of Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills to turn all those beside him into experts.

Then when he wanted to show-off, he wouldn’t even need to personally take action. He could just wave his hand and have his brothers crush his enemies. That would be too delightful.

After half a month, Long Chen was completely exhausted from refining. However, it had been worth it. He had refined over two hundred Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills.

He gave each of the core disciples ten of them. Long Chen had utmost confidence in his medicinal pills. He was sure that their tendons would definitely reach their peak limits with those ten pills.

Long Chen was even more confident in his pill arts than his fighting skills. It was a pity his flame energy wasn’t good enough, or he would even be able to refine fourth tier medicinal pills.

Suddenly, he took out a tablet. Looking at that tablet, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

That was the tablet grandmaster Yun Qi had left behind for him. Whenever he thought of grandmaster Yun Qi, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel upset.

Although grandmaster Yun Qi’s pill arts were only average, he was definitely a senior worthy of his respect. He had even sacrificed his life for him.

Although Long Chen had managed to kill the white-robed man responsible, he had never felt any better about it.

“I really wonder just what that Pill Valley is. For it to be able to be considered a holy land in the eyes of pill cultivators, it must be amazing…”

Long Chen had always been interested in Pill Valley. If it really was as sacred as grandmaster Yun Qi had said, then Long Chen definitely had to make a trip there.

Putting away Pill Valley’s tablet, Long Chen thought about whether or not he should refine more Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills. 

The core disciples already didn’t need anymore. As for the outer and inner disciples, they didn’t need them right now. As long as they hadn’t reached Bone Forging, they could consume more Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills whenever.

Currently, Long Chen still had dozens of Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills. But he knew that once he entered the Tendon Transformation realm, such an amount would be nothing. With the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s abnormal cultivation difficulty, he would need hundreds, thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands of times as many medicinal pills as others.

Thinking of that terrifying consumption, Long Chen had a huge headache. He now suspected that the Pill Sovereign memories were actually a set with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

As his cultivation base increased, he would end up using countless numbers of precious medicinal ingredients and pills. That was money. He would need to find a way to get more money.

Glancing at his pill furnace, he felt a wave of revulsion. He didn’t mind refining pills, but it was really too boring to sit still for hours on end like this. That was especially true with Long Chen’s lazy temperament.

Now that he didn’t have to refine for anyone else, and it was just for himself, he felt all his motivation fly away.

“Brother Long, I’m back!”

Just as Long Chen was about to become lazy, a rough voice rang out. Long Chen felt his entire immortal cave shake.

He hastily ran out and saw Wilde rushing over. The heavy club on his back caused the ground to shake with each step.

But this time Wilde had learned how to control at least a bit of that force, and the rocks he stepped on didn’t all break.

“Aowu!” Suddenly, a huge figure rushed over at Long Chen. It was so quick that Long Chen hadn’t even reacted before he was knocked on the ground.

“Haha, Little Snow, you’re being naughty again!” After knocking Long Chen to the ground, Little Snow licked Long Chen’s face over and over again, causing Long Chen to be between laughter and tears.

Little Snow’s body was even more terrifying than before. He was almost thirty meters long now, and his claws were even larger than a table. The tips of those claws were like sharp steel, and surprisingly there were runes that had appeared on top of them.

Little Snow was now emitting a terrifying aura. That was a pressure that came from being a Wolf King. It was something that caused your soul to tremble.

“Little Snow, you’ve advanced to Wolf King?!” Long Chen stood and couldn’t help exclaiming his delight.

Little Snow had now reached the peak of the third rank, which was his innate limit. That was why that king pressure had become extremely obvious.

A Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was originally an overlord amongst third rank Magical Beasts, an unrivaled existence. Now, Little Snow had really reached his peak.

Little Snow’s previous combat strength had already been terrifying. In the previous battle, Little Snow had only been in the mid third rank, yet he was able to easily kill core disciples.

Most importantly, Little Snow’s attacks were extremely sharp, and his attack range was incredibly large. He was most proficient in group battles.

“Brother Long, I heard a fight occurred in the monastery! I didn’t make it back in time!” Wilde was a bit disappointed.

Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed Wilde had also become warlike. Back then, this fellow had been a good child who didn’t like fighting.

“Don’t worry about it. Once we enter the secret realm, there’ll be more than enough opponents. Wait, Wilde, you have an ancestral mark?!” Long Chen suddenly saw a faint red imprint that looked like a birthmark in the space between Wilde’s eyebrows.

That imprint was an octagon. It looked extremely odd, and it was like there was something inside it.

But it was impossible to see the thing clearly. When Long Chen tried to probe it, a powerful aura immediately destroyed his divine sense.

Long Chen was incredibly startled and involuntarily took a few steps back. That aura was terrifying. It was like he was seeing the scene of an ancient monster tearing apart the dome of the heavens.

“What is it brother Long?” asked Wilde.

“It’s nothing.”

Long Chen shook his head. Wilde’s body seemed to be hiding many secrets. But Long Chen trusted that Wilde didn’t even know what those secrets were.

Although that aura was incredibly terrifying, Long Chen hadn’t sensed any hostility from it, which relieved him.

Long Chen asked Wilde about how he had been. Wilde said the old man had brought him and Little Snow somewhere far away with countless powerful Magical Beasts. He and Little Snow had eaten their fill every day.

As for what those Magical Beasts’ cultivation bases were, Wilde didn’t remember. All he knew was that those Magical Beasts’ meat was extremely tough and hard to eat, but they allowed him to grow much stronger.

Most importantly, with last time’s experience, Cang Ming had prepared a huge amount of rations for Wilde.

Long Chen nodded. There seemed to be something sleeping within Wilde’s body. Perhaps it had something to do with the powerful state he had entered when fighting that Favored back then.

But no matter what, it was still a good thing. After giving Wilde multiple warnings about what not to do here, Long Chen brought Little Snow out of the monastery.

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