Chapter 303 The First Monastery

The Xuantian Supermonastery had a total of 108 monasteries, ranking from first to 108th. Those rankings were all decided with a fighting competition once every three years.

The ranking a monastery managed to gain would determine how many resources the supermonastery would send down. Those resources included secret techniques, medicinal pills, weapons, etc.

This kind of distribution was extremely beneficial for the monasteries. It made them work harder and increased the competition between them. However, that was only true for the middle ranking monasteries. The monasteries ranked at the top and bottom were exceptions to that beneficial effect.

That was because the strong only became stronger, while the weak only became weaker. With the strong occupying the top positions, they ended up gaining an extremely sturdy foundation.

As for Long Chen’s 108th monastery, it had been so many years, yet no one had ever appeared who could change their last place ranking.

As a result, the supermonastery only sent them scant resources. Without enough resources, then no matter how good their disciples were, it would still be difficult to raise them properly.

The poor were starving to death, while the rich were almost bursting. But those were the rules. There was nothing the 108th monastery could do about that.

If you wanted to eat your fill, then you would have to work hard to increase your ranking. Only by increasing your ranking could you gain more resources.

Millions of miles from Long Chen’s 108th monastery was a winding mountain range. Ancient trees reached for the sky, and there were huge beasts that occasionally appeared.

Atop a certain, tall mountain, there was a large palace that covered the entire mountaintop.

This was the Xuantian Supermonastery’s first monastery. The mountains for thousands of miles were covered by a spirit gathering formation.

If the 108th monastery’s disciples came here, they would be stunned to sense that the spiritual qi here was even denser than the inside of their immortal caves when their spirit stone formations were activated to their max.

At the top of this extremely luxurious monastery was a tall tower. And at the top of the tower, there were a couple of people looking at the images on a wall.

One of them was Luo Bing. Beside Luo Bing was a man who appeared to be around his forties and looked somewhat similar to Luo Bing. That was her brother, the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader, Luo Feng.

In front of Luo Bing was another person with a slightly gloomy face. His eyes were as sharp as two blades, making it so others wouldn’t dare look at him directly.

That person was clearly standing there, and yet it was as if he wasn’t there. It was as if he had merged with the entire world.

That man was precisely the first monastery’s sect leader, Sha Qitian. His cultivation base was in the late Xiantian realm.

Sha Qitian had an incredibly high and majestic status as the first monastery’s sect leader. Not just anyone could manage to get a glance at him.

But today, Luo Feng had brought along an extremely precious recording that was now playing on the wall in front of them.

That recording was Long Chen’s battle with Jiang Yifan. When they saw the divine ring appear behind Long Chen and his combat ability suddenly soar, even they were shocked. 

When the recording finally ended, Luo Feng hastily said, “Sect leader Sha, this Long Chen can’t be left alive. He will definitely cause a disaster.”

Luo Bing had brought a group of disciples to humiliate the 108th monastery, the result of which was that their Chosen was almost crippled and two of their Favored were half-dead. When he had learned that, Luo Feng had almost gone crazy with rage.

But once he listened to Luo Bing explain the whole story, Luo Feng had immediately brought her to the first monastery.

This matter had essentially occurred because of the first monastery. Their losses were extremely heavy, and it would definitely count for something in terms of pulling their relationship closer.

Jiang Yifan, as well as those twin Favored, all had extremely heavy injuries. They would need experts from the supermonastery to heal them.

And even if the supermonastery’s experts helped, that would still cost a great deal. After all, they had no obligation to heal them.

Luo Bing’s hatred of Long Chen had already sunk into her bones. She wished she could tear him apart piece by piece. Luo Feng wasn’t any better. Neither of them were good people. If he was really a good person, how could he have allowed his sister to be so abusive and arrogant?

However, Luo Feng’s vision was definitely farther reaching than Luo Bing’s. This Long Chen was definitely a terrifying genius, and they definitely couldn’t let him mature.

Now the two of them could borrow the first monastery’s power to get rid of him.

“How could disciples from the same sect kill each other? The fact that the 108th monastery could gain a genius like Long Chen should make you excited. You can’t feel jealous.” Sha Qitian shook his head.

Both Luo Bing and Luo Feng’s expressions changed. This was their first time seeing the first monastery’s sect leader. But his attitude caused the two of them to be at a loss.

Furthermore, inside they became even more disgusted. They had ended up suffering a huge loss because they had been helping his monastery, but he was still able to say something so clearly sarcastic. Was he even human?

But although they were dissatisfied inside, they didn’t dare display it on the outside. 

“Disciples from the same sect should support and encourage each other. It is a taboo for them to kill each other. I heard you had disciples who ended up injured while exchanging pointers. Due to our close relationship, we will take your place to heal your disciples,” said Sha Qitian.

Luo Feng immediately became delighted. He was much smarter than his idiot sister, and he immediately realized what Sha Qitian was really saying.

“Thank you, sect leader Sha,” said Luo Feng respectfully.

“But that Long Chen…” Luo Bing was still confused and worried. After all, she wanted Long Chen dead. She was unwilling to let him off.

“Long Chen is a genius of a monastery and will be a core member of the Righteous path in the future. He will be a powerful force when facing off against the Corrupt path. A genius like that can’t die because of internal struggles,” said Sha Qitian.


Luo Bing was just about to say something when Luo Feng stopped her. “Sect leader Sha’s heart really is magnanimous. I admire your constant concern for the entire Righteous path. Our sect still has some matters to attend to, so we won’t bother you anymore.”

After saying goodbye to Sha Qitian, Luo Feng pulled an unwilling Luo Bing out of the first monastery.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you let me ask about Long Chen? We paid such a heavy price! Are you ok with ending it like this?” raged Luo Bing.

Luo Feng cursed her for being so stupid. “Last time you admitted you were a pig, and now I find that you really might just be a pig! You really grew a pig head! Didn’t you hear Sha Qitian’s implicit meaning?”

“What implicit meaning?”

“He already said to leave the matters of our disciples to them. In other words, he already accepts our new relationship and the favor we did for him. He’ll handle the rest,” said Luo Feng.

“I didn’t hear anything about that…”

“That’s because you’re a pig!” raged Luo Feng. “All day, all you know how to do is stir up trouble, bullying and mocking weaklings! When are you going to grow a brain?”

“But... he should have at least said what he was going to do to Long Chen.”

“You idiot, didn’t he already say it clearly?” cursed Luo Feng.

“How did he say it? I didn’t hear anything.”

Luo Feng really did want to curse her some more, but in the end, he stopped himself. “He already clearly said: Long Chen is a genius of a monastery and will be a core member of the Righteous path in the future. He will be a powerful force when facing off against the Corrupt path. A genius like that can’t die because of internal struggles.”

“I don’t understand.”

“How did I end up with such a stupid sister? If you didn’t grow up with me, I really would suspect you’re a pig! His meaning is extremely obvious. A genius like Long Chen absolutely can’t die because of internal struggles. In other words, he can only die in a fight outside the sect. Do you understand?”

Looking at the confused Luo Bing, Luo Feng knew he had wasted his words. He stopped trying to explain it to her and just brought her back to their monastery.

Once the two of them had left, Sha Qitian and four Elders were left atop that tower.

It went without saying that the first monastery was incredibly strong. Those four Elders were all mid Xiantian experts.

“What do you all think?” asked Sha Qitian.

“Very strong.”

One of the white-haired Elders said, “However, that Jiang Yifan is only half a Chosen. He absolutely wouldn’t be able to last even fifty exchanges with our Chosen. If the supermonastery hadn’t seen that it had been three thousand years since their last Chosen as well as how stubbornly he tried, they absolutely wouldn’t have given him that status.”

“Although Jiang Yifan is just a second-rate Chosen, Long Chen is still extremely strong. Furthermore, he was clearly holding back while fighting Jiang Yifan.” 

“You’re right. Most frightening of all is that he is only at the peak of Blood Condensation. Perhaps in the entire supermonastery, only Tianyu would have had that kind of ability.”

“It’s too bad a photographic jade is only able to record sound and image. We don’t know how strong Long Chen’s will is. It’s very difficult to say just what level he has reached.”

That first white-haired Elder nodded. “That’s true. Without seeing him truly fighting, it’d be difficult to say anything. According to Luo Bing, Long Chen’s will is extremely powerful, capable of even causing her to feel a threat and an urge to submit. Although she was purposely exaggerating it so that we would kill Long Chen, it’s definitely true that Long Chen is a threat. We should definitely treat this with utmost importance.”

The other Elders all nodded. Other than Tianyu, there was no one else who had had such abilities at that level. That raised their guard.

The reason why the first monastery was able to remain number one was all because of how precisely they controlled information. As soon as they caught a whiff of a threat, no matter how small, they would handle it immediately.

Whenever a genius that could threaten their position arose, they would either pull them into their camp if they could, or they would make them disappear if they couldn’t.

However, the top ten monasteries were all extremely on guard against them. They did their best to hide their top geniuses, waiting to reveal them at the Monastery Competition.

But of course, that kind of conduct wasn’t suitable for the 108th monastery. As the last ranking monastery, they had to show off their strongest geniuses in hopes of getting more resources from the supermonastery.

So, Long Chen was immediately revealed to the Xuantian Supermonastery and the various monasteries under its control.

After a long while, Sha Qitian nodded. “Then we’ve decided. Long Chen will forever disappear within the Jiuli secret realm.”

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