Chapter 301 Recovering His Unyielding Character

“Blood Ignition Art!”

Jiang Yifan’s body violently shook. His huge bestial body deflated, becoming extremely wizened in just an instant. He now appeared like he was just skin and bones, appearing even more horrifying than before. In that instant, his strength also exploded to an unprecedented level.

Luo Bing’s face immediately turned deathly pale. That Blood Ignition Art was a self-harming secret technique that burned away your essence blood in order to temporarily increase your strength.

No genius would easily use it, as the sequelae were far too terrifying. If you were unlucky, your cultivation base would forever freeze.

The higher-ups had harshly warned all core disciples and above that unless it was a life and death juncture, they were not to ignite their essence blood, or the consequences would be severe.

But at this time, Jiang Yifan had already lost his reasoning.

Long Chen instantly felt his opponent’s staff erupt with power, and he was sent flying hundreds of meters away.

“DIE!” Jiang Yifan roared and charged out. The Blood Ignition Art was only effective for a short period of time. So, he had to rapidly dispose of Long Chen.

Long Chen took a deep breath. Raising his saber to point at the heavens, he slowly closed his eyes. When they once more opened, a star had appeared within them.

“FengFu Battle Armor!”

A terrifying aura shot out high into the sky, parting the clouds and shaking the heavens.

In front of that aura, even Luo Bing, a Xiantian expert, felt her heart trembling and had an urge to kneel down.

That shocked her. Long Chen was releasing a will that wished to annihilate the heavens, one that wished to kill gods and slaughter devils. In front of that will, she felt herself to be just an ant.

That will was extremely profound and mysterious. It was something unrelated to cultivation base. Compared to Luo Bing, Tu Fang and the others actually were much better off.

That was because they were still in the Houtian realm and didn’t have her perceptive senses. As for those ordinary disciples, they were far from being capable of sensing what Long Chen’s will was. All they could sense was that the current Long Chen seemed just like a god.

Long Chen roared, his voice like a raging god’s, shaking the entire world. Devil Decapitator slashed out.

Long Chen’s saber directly cut apart Jiang Yifan’s staff which was also a spirit weapon. Terrifying qi waves sent Jiang Yifan flying.

Jiang Yifan vomited a mouthful of blood. But everyone saw that he actually spat out very little blood. The majority of it was broken pieces of his organs.

Due to losing his senses and igniting over half of his essence blood for greater strength, there was very little blood left within him.

After coughing up that blood, he immediately entered a weakened state. His power quickly faded and he returned to his original form.

Suddenly, a cold saber slashed towards his neck with dense killing intent.

“NOO!” Jiang Yifan was horrified. He didn’t want to die. Although he was a genius, he had never thought that death would befall him like this.

With his death impending, he instinctively shivered in terror.


Just as Long Chen’s saber was about to cut off Jiang Yifan’s head, a figure shot out from nowhere, a palm slamming into Long Chen’s saber.

Long Chen felt a huge force hit him. Devil Decapitator was knocked out of his hand, and he was sent flying.

He felt as if his body was about to explode. Vomiting out blood, he saw that it was Luo Bing who had attacked him.

“Such a young age, but you’ve already fallen into the Devil’s path! To be so vicious to the members of your own sect, kneel in repentance!”

Just as Long Chen stabilized, he heard Luo Bing’s angry shout. He suddenly felt powerful natural energy lock him in place.

It was as if space had frozen around him. The natural energy was mercilessly crushing him, causing his body to shudder incessantly.

It was as though the very heavens were attempting to crush him. His bones were emitting creaking sounds, and they might all break at any moment.

Long Chen’s fury soared. This vicious woman not only acted shamelessly to save Jiang Yifan, but she was even trying to humiliate him, attempting to shatter his Dao-heart!

If Long Chen really did kneel, his undefeatable will would be contaminated. In the future, when he tried to advance, it would form a heart-devil. Long Chen would essentially be crippled, unable to ever advance through his bottleneck.

Killing intent soared out of Long Chen. But his entire body was being locked and crushed by the natural energy, and it felt as if his body was about to explode. He couldn’t even speak.

He tightly clenched his fists, and ground his teeth so hard that blood came out. He stubbornly denied that power, swearing to himself: If I, Long Chen, don’t kill this slut, I won’t be human!

Everything had happened too quickly. No one would have imagined that a prideful Xiantian expert would go attack a disciple in Blood Condensation.

By the time Tu Fang and the others sensed something was wrong, they realized they were unable to move anymore. In front of a Xiantian expert’s natural energy, they didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

Long Chen was finally becoming unable to resist. His legs were about to snap in two. Just then, space suddenly twisted and a figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Do you think this is your home?” An icy voice rang out. Ling Yunzi suddenly appeared in front of Luo Bing, and in that instant, Luo Bing realized she was unable to move.

She could only watch as a large hand slapped her hard across the face.


She was directly sent flying. Ling Yunzi was also a Xiantian expert, so even just a random slap of his was backed by natural energy.

Luo Bing shot out like a cannonball. Since they were in the middle of a crater, she dug a hole straight into the earth.

Others saw a wave of dirt pass over the ground like a torpedo, stopping hundreds of miles away when it met a mountain.

That mountain was thousands of meters tall, but it directly shattered to pieces, filling the sky with dust.

The pressure on everyone was instantly released. Long Chen was gasping for breath, pain wracking his body, feeling as if he might collapse at any moment.

“How regretful. If sect leader’s face-slapping technique was at my level, he definitely would have slapped that bitch to death with a single blow. But that’s also good. Leave this enmity for me to avenge!” Long Chen sighed.

The ground exploded and an extremely disheveled Luo Bing flew out of the ground, rushing straight at Ling Yunzi.

“Ling Yunzi, you dare hit me!” Her voice was extremely mournful, sounding just like an evil shrew.

Just as Luo Bing was about to start a fight with Ling Yunzi, she suddenly didn’t dare move at all. An icy blade pressed against her throat.

“You… you’ve advanced to the mid Xiantian realm?!”

Ling Yunzi had only just advanced to the Xiantian realm a hundred years ago.

Once in the Xiantian realm, each advancement was extremely painstaking, especially if your talent wasn’t high enough. Luo Bing had broken through to the Xiantian realm years ago, but she had still yet to even solidify her own realm, which caused her aura to leak out.

Originally, she had thought that Ling Yunzi wouldn’t be much stronger than she was. That was why she dared to make a ruckus here. However, Ling Yunzi hadn’t just broken through to the early Xiantian realm, but the mid stage. He completely suppressed her.

Even in her dreams, she would never have guessed that Ling Yunzi had broken through to the mid stage less than an hour ago.

“This place isn’t your thirty-sixth monastery, but my territory. By humiliating my disciples, are you saying you think I don’t dare do anything to you?” Ling Yunzi icily said.

“Hmph, I don’t believe you’ll do anything to me!” Although Ling Yunzi had subdued her, she was still extremely arrogant.

Ling Yunzi’s cultivation base might be higher than hers, but his monastery was ranked far, far below hers. She wasn’t afraid of him.

After all, Ling Yunzi’s monastery was ranked 108th, the last place of all the monasteries.

But her thirty-sixth monastery wasn’t the same. There were actually many lower-ranking monasteries that fawned over them and listened to their orders. Furthermore, they even had relationships with the higher ranking monasteries as well. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have brazenly barged their way in here.

“Long Chen, you can decide. If you want, I will immediately cut off her head,” said Ling Yunzi lightly.

His voice was completely calm, but it was filled with unquestionable determination.

Long Chen had never imagined Ling Yunzi would be so heroic and dare kill Luo Bing. She was a Xiantian expert, and if she was killed, then Ling Yunzi would have caused a calamity for himself. The supermonastery would immediately send down their punishment, and Ling Yunzi wouldn’t even be able to run.

And yet, Long Chen could sense Ling Yunzi’s determination. He knew that as long as he nodded, Luo Bing’s head would fall to the ground.

The entire crowd was deathly silent, looking in horror at Ling Yunzi, Luo Bing, and occasionally Long Chen. They felt as if huge rocks were crushing their hearts, making it hard for them to breathe.

None of them had thought that a battle between two disciples would incite two Xiantian experts to interfere. If Long Chen really did nod his head, then that really would be an enormous matter.

Tu Fang was panicking inside. He had no idea how his wise and farsighted sect leader, who always did his work calmly and steadily, had suddenly become like this.

He didn’t know that the current Ling Yunzi had already recovered his original unyielding character. He wouldn’t even care about his death, so why would he care about the consequences?

“Let it be. A grand sect leader killing this bitch would ruin your image.” Long Chen shook his head.

Long Chen wanted to nod his head. This vicious woman had tried forcing him to kneel and to destroy his Dao-heart.

But he knew that doing so would cause a disaster for Ling Yunzi. It would be better for him to handle it himself.

Long Chen slowly walked over to Jiang Yifan. The current Jiang Yifan was already completely broken and unable to move.

Long Chen slapped him across the face, sending him flying to where the thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples were.

“You dared threaten my family. The fact that I won’t kill you today is your luck,” said Long Chen icily.

He then turned to Luo Bing. “How worthy of a Xiantian expert. Were all those years of cultivating spent on thickening your face? This was clearly a life and death battle, with the life and death contract already signed. Your excuse of me being vicious really was excellent! Someone with your level of intelligence could reach the Xiantian realm? The heavens really have been blind!”

Long Chen spat on the ground before continuing, “Now that I’ve won, pay up on our original bet. Admit that you’re a pig.”

Luo Bing’s face turned chilly, and killing intent flowed out of her as she glared at Long Chen.

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