Chapter 300 Blood Ignition Art

“Beast Image Merges With the Body!”

Following Jiang Yifan’s roar, the huge image behind him slowly merged with his body, and an incredibly savage aura soared out.

Long Chen was shocked. He felt an extremely ancient aura lock him in place.

What horrified everyone was that Jiang Yifan’s body was releasing loud cracking sounds now.

“Heavens, what is going on?” Guo Ran was looking in horror at Jiang Yifan. As that beast image merged into his body, his body began to transform in an incredibly horrifying manner.

His face changed shape, the two tusks on his mouth growing longer. His head enlarged, his two eyes spread to his temples, and a horn grew out of his forehead.

His body was also blowing up like a balloon. His limbs became covered in black fur and became as thick as a person’s waist.

And most shocking of all, a long tail appeared at Jiang Yifan’s butt. It was a three-meter-long snake which was covered in dense scales.

Now Jiang Yifan didn’t even look human. He was more like a monster. His terrifying aura caused the ground beneath him to tremble.

Everyone present, whether it was friend or foe, was stunned by this form. Such a technique was absolutely terrifying.

Only Luo Bing was sighing a breath of relief. In truth, Long Chen had been right. Jiang Yifan didn’t actually have the qualifications to be a Chosen.

His strength was still one level weaker than true Chosen.

But in the end, Jiang Yifan had used this beast image merging technique to obtain the supermonastery’s approval. With this technique, he had the ability to at least fight with a Chosen for a long period of time, so in the end, they had still bestowed a Chosen status to him.

But in the thirty-sixth monastery, only the sect leader and Luo Bing knew that using this technique would pose a huge burden to Jiang Yifan’s body and mind.

Jiang Yifan’s family was extremely old. Although they had already declined, there had been an amazing figure that had appeared amongst them back then.

That person had actually ended up fusing with a powerful beast, leaving behind an extremely powerful bloodline. That bloodline had finally been awakened in Jiang Yifan.

However, using this beast image merging technique of his not only brought with it a beast’s power, but also a Magical Beast’s berserk will. Someone who overused this technique would become incredibly savage, most likely turning into a bloodthirsty madman in the end.

That ancestor of his had precisely brought about people to kill him because he had been too berserk. In the end, a top expert had killed him.

But no matter how many negatives there were, once he used this technique, Jiang Yifan’s strength would increase by dozens of times.

Without this technique, Jiang Yifan didn’t truly possess the qualifications to be a Chosen. This was his strongest state.

However, after using this technique, Jiang Yifan would be bedridden for at least half a month before recovering from the sequelae of this technique. This was essentially a self-harming technique.

“Long Chen, now you should know the difference between us! You can die at ease!” Jiang Yifan’s physical body had explosively grown in size, and his voice didn’t even sound human. That rasping, bestial voice caused people’s blood to turn cold.

“Does your face hurt?” Long Chen was too lazy to change his line.

His response was a staff smashing down on him like lightning. Before it even arrived, the ground beneath him began to crack.

When the staff smashed into Long Chen’s saber, the ground beneath his feet completely collapsed, and Long Chen involuntarily flew back.

“How powerful!” Long Chen felt a burst of pain in his abdomen as if his internal organs were flipping around inside of him. A trace of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth. The current Jiang Yifan was extremely powerful. His Chosen title wasn’t undeserved.

After sending Long Chen flying, Jiang Yifan stamped on the ground and charged. Holding his staff with both hands, he ferociously smashed it down, wanting to crush Long Chen to pulp.

Long Chen smiled. Now it was a real battle.

“Divine ring!”

The instant Jiang Yifan’s staff smashed down, the ground of the entire monastery trembled. A wave of dust filled the sky, along with a wave of qi.

“Senior apprentice-brother Jiang is so strong!”

“Hehe, this time Long Chen’s definitely dead.”

“How could a group of poor pigs compare to our monastery?”

Seeing that aura surging into the heavens, all of them assumed that there was no way Long Chen could have survived such a powerful blow.

“Wait, something’s wrong!”

Just as the dust began to scatter, they saw one odd thing. A three hundred meter divine ring had appeared in the sky, lighting up the world.

“What?!” The thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples were suddenly filled with disbelief.

They saw Long Chen still standing there with his saber, his black hair dancing in the wind. His clothes fluttered as his aura incessantly climbed. With that divine ring behind him, he looked just like a divinity arrogantly looking down on the nine heavens.

He and Jiang Yifan still had their weapons locked together as they icily glared at each other. Jiang Yifan’s body had completely morphed so his expression couldn’t be seen, but it was obvious he was also filled with complete disbelief.

“Impossible! I don’t believe this! Die!” Jiang Yifan roared and all his energy poured crazily into his staff.

Countless runes lit up on his staff, and a violent energy surged out at Long Chen.

Long Chen snorted and his FengFu Star quickly circulated. He didn’t hold back his energy either, pouring it into Devil Decapitator.

After being supplied with so much of Long Chen’s spiritual qi, Devil Decapitator suddenly rumbled, and the lines on top of it lit up like it was a beast that had awakened.

Terrifying energy caused the earth to subside, and a huge whirlpool appeared around them, rapidly spreading out. The ground around them was crushed to smithereens.

The distant disciples were all shocked. When that whirlpool began to reach them, they felt the scent of death appear and quickly fled.

Even the Elders were also retreating with them. Jiang Yifan and Long Chen’s power had reached a level that even they were unable to completely block, and there was no need for them to act arrogantly.

Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and the others all finally realized just how terrifying Long Chen was. Back when he had fought Yin Luo, he had been too far for them to sense his power.

But now just their shockwaves were able to easily obliterate outer disciples. That was practically a heaven-defying strength.

These were Chosen. They could easily crush those in the same generation, looking down disdainfully on them all.

Both of their powers were constantly rising, and the ground was continuing to cave in. Luckily, this place was spacious enough and there were no buildings.

The spot where the martial stage had been was now a crater over a mile deep and dozens of miles wide.

At the center, Long Chen and Jiang Yifan were still crazily facing each other. That was a competition lacking any technique, a competition of pure power.

Jiang Yifan was crazily roaring, the veins of his face bulging out. His entire body was blood-colored now, appearing extremely dreadful.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t overpower Long Chen. The ground beneath them was sinking at a visible rate.

“Boss Long Chen really is my idol. He’s too powerful!” Guo Ran excitedly cried out.

The disciples on his side were all looking at Long Chen with an indescribable passion. Long Chen was always an undefeatable war god to them, their sole spiritual pillar.

When Tang Wan-er saw those worshipful expressions, the tender side of her heart felt a bit of pride.

Although Long Chen liked to joke around and was normally never serious, even occasionally irritating her with his teasing, he had never let anyone down during critical moments. He was definitely a man worthy of everyone’s confidence.

Even after being with Long Chen for so long, Tang Wan-er’s feelings for Long Chen had never been expressed, and he had never expressed his emotions to her. But in her heart, her emotions were extremely clear.

Sometimes it was better to not explicitly say everything. Chu Yao had already purposely told her to look after Long Chen. That already said everything that needed to be said.

Now looking at Long Chen, who seemed like an arrogant god, with his natural heroism and pride, his glory was her glory as well.

Hundreds of miles away, Ling Yunzi was also watching that figure, his eyes filled with a cold sharpness.

“Could it be that the heavens sent him to enlighten me? Back then, I was the same as him, prideful and free.

“But ever since I stepped into the Xiantian realm, I started to have more and more misgivings. I was never able to be free like this again.

“What happened to me? What am I afraid of? Did that old Ling Yunzi, the one who massacred all his enemies while laughing indifferently in the face of death, die?”

Looking at Long Chen, Ling Yunzi felt as if he were looking at himself back when he was younger. In his eyes, those two figures superimposed.

Ling Yunzi’s mind shook, and it was as if many shackles were being broken open. He was like a completely new person, instantly appearing many years younger.

“Thank you, Long Chen. I, Ling Yunzi, owe you a debt.”

In that instant, Ling Yunzi had broken through the shackles of his heart and his realm advanced a huge step.

When someone’s cultivation base reached his level, it wasn’t so simple to advance realms. It needed comprehension and realizations of your own mental state.

Ling Yunzi, after spending years trying to cast off the last place name of his monastery, had ended up unconsciously losing his way. That had developed into a heart-devil without him even knowing it.

Originally, Ling Yunzi was his generation’s top genius, and now with this sudden comprehension, he finally saw an unprecedented sky for him to soar into.

All of that had been just from watching this youth. It was Long Chen that allowed him to find his old self.

No matter how Jiang Yifan tried, he was always suppressed just slightly by Long Chen, causing him to become crazy. “Impossible, impossible, impossible…AH!”

His beast merging technique already made it easy for him to become berserk, so at this point, Jiang Yifan lost all his reasoning.

“Blood Ignition Art!”

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