Chapter 298 Beast Merging Art

This time, Jiang Yifan was truly infuriated. He no longer had any thoughts of toying with Long Chen. This smash of his staff was aiming to kill.

In all his years, he had never been humiliated like this. This slap in the face made him feel worse than if he were killed.

His staff shook the heavens, and the air around it seemed to explode. This was Jiang Yifan’s true strength.

Long Chen snorted and extended his hand.

Space shook and constantly rumbled as terrifying thunderforce condensed in Long Chen’s hand, turning into a spear.

That spear was condensed from thunderforce, but due to the runes covering it, it was just like a real spear and was filled with an explosive strength that caused space to twist around it.

Long Chen’s lightning spear slammed into Jiang Yifan’s staff. The martial stage finally was unable to endure their force anymore and completely exploded.

That martial stage was made of steel, and the instant it exploded, the entire sky was filled with whistling steel fragments.

If it was just a few pieces, everyone would still be able to dodge, but now they definitely weren’t able to dodge this many.

And most terrifying of all was that some of those fragments were the size of a table. If one of those spectators was struck, they’d be crippled if not dead.

Elder Tu Fang’s expression changed. He had been too focused on Long Chen’s battle and had forgotten about the disciples. Now it was already too late for him to shield them.

Suddenly, Tang Wan-er appeared in front of everyone. Forming a hand seal, a sky full of wind blades once more appeared in front of those steel fragments.

Those fragments were instantly cut apart by Tang Wan-er’s wind blades. But there were still a couple of finer pieces that managed to sneak through the small cracks between the wind blades.

Suddenly, a huge ice wall appeared in front of everyone. That thick ice wall shattered when those fragments collided with it, but those fragments also lost all their force and fell to the ground. Only now did all those disciples have a moment to wipe off their cold sweat.

After hesitating for a moment, they all retreated even further. Even this distance was too dangerous.

They saw that after the martial stage had exploded, Jiang Yifan and Long Chen were now standing a hundred meters from each other.

Long Chen was a holding a lightning spear that caused space to constantly twist. He looked like a divinity descended from the heavens, appearing incredibly imposing.

“Hehe, I finally have a good weapon.” Long Chen was smiling. Although Devil Decapitator was stronger, it was too heavy. It was too much of a burden to his body, and it wasn’t suitable for long fights.

As for the flame blades he had condensed before, they were only able to handle core disciples.

Even in front of Favored, they would collapse after a single collision, let alone a Chosen. Now Long Chen’s Pill Flame was only useful for refining pills.

However, after two months of collecting lightning, his thunderforce runes had become even stronger, and the lightning weapons they condensed were even more terrifying than before. It was actually able to block Jiang Yifan’s attack. That pleased Long Chen greatly.

He could fight for three straight days with this lightning spear without tiring. 

Jiang Yifan looked at Long Chen’s spear in shock and disbelief. He had never imagined Long Chen possessed thunderforce, which was usually extremely rare.

That previous exchange had caused his arm to turn a bit numb. Long Chen’s explosive thunderforce had tried to crazily destroy his body. He had been forced to exhaust a huge amount of spiritual qi to eradicate that thunderforce.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter that you possess thunderforce. It won’t change your fate. You’ll still die today!” Jiang Yifan charged back at Long Chen with his staff.

Long Chen sneered and shook his head. “You keep on repeating that others are pigs, but in truth, you’re the pig. You’re a typical pig that only remembers to eat and doesn’t remember beatings. Does your face hurt?”

Long Chen’s lightning spear blocked Jiang Yifan’s staff and then stabbed at his stomach. Although Long Chen hadn’t used spears before, he knew long weapons were most suited to keeping the enemy at bay through attacking.

Hearing Long Chen’s words, Jiang Yifan immediately felt a burning pain on his face. Long Chen’s slap had been too vicious.

“DIE!” Jiang Yifan roared and began to truly brandish his staff, sending out a fierce barrage of attacks.

Long Chen didn’t waste any more words. His spear also attacked fiercely. The two of their weapons repeatedly collided, causing dust to fly and releasing powerful qi waves.

“Boss really is boss. No matter what time, seeing him fight is still so amazing!” praised Guo Ran.

The other disciples nodded. Seeing Long Chen fight was even more satisfying to them than personally going out to kill their enemies. Each attack of his would make their blood boil.

Tu Fang couldn’t help being moved when he saw Long Chen fight Jiang Yifan without losing out at all. He thought to himself, Divergents really are Divergents. This kind of combat ability is too abnormal. To be able to fight a Tendon Transformation Chosen in the Blood Condensation realm, he’s practically a monster.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s fighting was always extremely inspirational. His fighting style was extremely clean and decisive.

It was as if he was born with unrivaled confidence. Each one of his moves was brimming with it. That kind of fighting style was delightful to watch and made people’s blood involuntarily heat up.

The two of them crazily fought. No matter how Jiang Yifan attempted to attack, he was unable to force Long Chen into a disadvantage.

That shocked all the thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples. Jiang Yifan was the strongest disciple in the thirty-sixth monastery.

But now he was helpless against a Blood Condensation brat. That was too shocking. Just who was this brat?

Even Luo Bing’s expression was extremely dark and she regretted coming here.

Long Chen’s strength was undeniable. Even if Long Chen couldn’t be classified as a Chosen, he would definitely receive special nurturing.

If they were to kill Long Chen, then even with the life and death contract, that would still vex the supermonastery. Although they wouldn’t make things hard for them openly, there were all sorts of ways to make life hard for them behind their backs.

And yet, if they didn’t kill Long Chen, they wouldn’t be able to give an explanation to the first monastery. They had helped them out, and if they didn’t repay that, their good relationship would immediately end.

Luo Bing might be regretful, but now that the matter had reached this point, regret was useless.

Compared to irritating a part of the supermonastery, she still felt like satisfying the first monastery was more important. That was because many of the higher-ups in the supermonastery were related to the first monastery.

As long as they could form a good relationship with the first monastery, this would still be worth it. And the best way to form a good relationship would be for Long Chen to die.

BOOM! The two of them once more retreated. Jiang Yifan icily glared at Long Chen. “You might have a few skills, but it’s still far from enough. It won’t change the fact that you’ll die.”

Long Chen rested his lightning spear on his shoulder and looked at Jiang Yifan oddly. “Have you forgotten the pain on your face?”

“DIE!” Jiang Yifan had only just provoked Long Chen to make him fly into a fury when a single line from Long Chen made him want to explode with fury instead.

Jiang Yifan roared, and lines appeared on his forehead. The instant those lines appeared, a terrifying energy surged out of his body.

Those lines formed a bizarre image. Carefully looking at it, it seemed to be some kind of beast with a tiger’s body and a snake’s tail. 

As that image became brighter, some people were horrified to see two of Jiang Yifan’s teeth rapidly growing longer, becoming tusks three inches long.

At the same time, his eyes also changed. His pupils turned a demonic red and became vertical.

Most vertical eyes came from cold-blooded Magical Beasts. For them to appear on a human was extremely chilling.

“Beast Transformation?” Long Chen was surprised. He had run into two people who had used Beast Transformation. One was Huang Chang in the Phoenix Cry Empire, while the other was Zhao Wu who he had encountered during the monastery’s disciple selection. The two of them had both been killed by him.

Although he had managed to kill the two of them, he had no choice but to admit that after undergoing Beast Transformation, their combat strength had soared by a terrifying degree.

Long Chen had also once gone through a tome explaining this technique. It said that Beast Transformation was an extremely savage cultivation method.

You had to refine Magical Beast essence blood and then merge that essence blood into your body in order to gain that Magical Beast’s bloodline strength.

But human blood didn’t mix with Magical Beast blood. They rejected each other strongly. Magical Beast blood was too powerful, and the slightest carelessness would cause your body to explode.

That was why Beast Transformation was not considered a high-level Battle Skill. Only a couple of second-rate sects would practice it.

The fact that a grand Chosen would use Beast Transformation was inconceivable to Long Chen.

“Beast Transformation? Hehe, you really are ignorant. This is my Beast Merging Art. How could it compare to that trash technique? Although this is only half of my strength, it’s still enough to kill you! To be able to die under my Beast Merging Art, you should feel proud!”

Jiang Yifan’s voice was extremely hoarse and unpleasant to listen to now.

Long Chen looked at Jiang Yifan and indifferently said a single sentence: “Does your face hurt?”

Jiang Yifan immediately let out a bestial roar and charged at Long Chen. He was much faster than before, and he arrived in front of Long Chen in an instant, his staff smashing down at Long Chen’s head.

Long Chen was startled by that shocking speed and hastily raised his lightning spear to block.

BANG! Everyone was shocked to see Long Chen being sent flying by Jiang Yifan. His lightning spear had been destroyed by the impact.

“DIE!” Jiang Yifan malevolently laughed and once more charged at Long Chen. His staff lit up and a terrifying aura locked Long Chen in place. That staff smashed down on him once more.

Long Chen took a deep breath. It seemed his thunderforce was still not strong enough. It was time to switch weapons.

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