Chapter 295 Fledgling Chosen

“Torrential Rain Slash!”

Following Tang Wan-er’s shout, that huge wind blade behind her slashed down on the ball, looking as if it was a heavenly blade cutting through space.

The instant Tang Wan-er’s attack was condensed to its peak, Luo Bing and the man behind her were shocked.

Even Tu Fang was shocked. Long Chen had also stood up from his chair, pleasantly surprised.


Long Chen’s heart pounded. He was certain that this attack of Tang Wan-er’s contained her will.

That so-called will was a very profound and mysterious word. It was an even higher realm than just imposingness or confidence.

Attacks containing will were practically alive. They contained the attacker’s entire mind and spirit.

The reason Long Chen was so shocked was because the only two people he knew of whose attacks contained will were Mo Nian and Yin Luo.

Those people who could use will like this were generally all Chosen. He hadn’t expected Tang Wan-er to have unconsciously advanced to this level.

BOOM! That huge blade smashed heavily onto that sphere.

That sphere, which had yet to break even after all her previous attacks, instantly burst apart, two figures shooting out like cannonballs.

Although those two had been inside the sphere, they were able to sense what had been happening outside. Seeing Tang Wan-er become infuriated, they had actually been celebrating.

Their hope was for Tang Wan-er to strike them in her fury and send them flying out of the martial arena. Then they could emerge from their shields with an ‘unwilling and dejected’ expression, sighing that they had ‘lost slightly due to luck’.

They had been completely confident in their shields. But the instant Tang Wan-er’s attack, which shockingly contained her terrifying will, had struck them, they had immediately become terrified.

At first, they had been worried about whether their shield would be able to hold out against her attack, but then the impact from her powerful attack might shake them inside their ball so hard that they became imbeciles. However, they had clearly been worried for nothing.

Tang Wan-er’s one attack immediately shattered their shields, and the two of them were smashed to pulp.

With that kind of powerful impact, their bodies had literally changed shape, becoming two formless lumps that tumbled across the martial arena.

With two final bangs, the two of them landed outside the martial arena. They were vomiting out blood, and the blood was filled with broken pieces of their organs. Their auras were quickly fading.

Luo Bing’s expression changed, and she quickly rushed over to them. They were paper-white and about to stop breathing. She saw their Dao-marks appear on their foreheads.

Those innate Dao-marks could only be kept with those possessing strong enough karmic luck. But when Favored were about to die, their Dao-marks would automatically respond by leaving.

They would either go find another owner, or they would disappear back into heaven and earth. Seeing her two Favored about to breathe their last breaths, Luo Bing was terrified.

She placed her hands atop their foreheads, and her enormous Spiritual Strength poured into their souls, helping to stabilize their souls that were about to leave their bodies.

With Luo Bing’s assistance, their Dao-marks gradually faded back into their bodies, allowing Luo Bing to relax.

If two Favored had died here, she would be done for. Her big brother, the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader, would definitely curse her to death.

Once their souls stabilized, she also fed them spirit pills. Now the two of them definitely wouldn’t die. But their injuries were too severe. Most likely, it would require at least three months before they could even get out of bed.

She had no assurance that the two of them would be recovered in time for the opening of the Jiuli secret realm. Thinking of that, Luo Bing’s expression became icy, and her eyes were like two sharp swords that glared at Tang Wan-er:

“What a vicious girl.”

Tang Wan-er didn’t even bother glancing at Luo Bing. She was neither overly obedient nor overbearing as she said, “Compared to senior, this junior still needs to properly cultivate much more.”

Although her words didn’t contain the slightest curse word, the ridicule in them could not be more clear: no matter how vicious she was, it was much better than how despicable they were.

Tang Wan-er didn’t even glance at Luo Bing before jumping off the martial stage and returning to Long Chen’s side.

Long Chen was incredibly excited. If there weren’t too many people, he probably would have hugged Tang Wan-er tightly.

“Old boss is mighty!”

Long Chen stood up straight and gave her an extremely deliberate salute.

The other monastery disciple also followed along with Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er was blushing. This scoundrel was also doing things outside people’s expectations, and she had no idea how to reply.

“Wan-er, congratulations, you’ve become a fledgling Chosen-level expert! As long as you can continue to remain undefeated and maintain a steady Dao-heart, you’ll definitely become a true Chosen in the future!” said Tu Fang excitedly.

Tang Wan-er didn’t actually know what had happened, but seeing him worshipfully looking at her, she really felt too awkward

Luo Bing’s expression was extremely ugly as she watched Tu Fang celebrate. Her goal had been to display a show of strength to the 108th monastery and humiliate them in order to make a good show for the first monastery.

But now the ones being humiliated were their thirty-sixth monastery. Of nine rounds, they had only won two, and furthermore, one of them had only been won shamefully with a despicable action at the end.

Additionally, because of their provocation, the 108th monastery had somehow managed to give birth to a fledgling Chosen. Luo Bing had practically asked to be humiliated, causing her both resentment and fury.

Seeing Tu Fang and them surrounding Tang Wan-er, she was incredibly vexed. She directly threw her badge to Tu Fang.

Tu Fang received it and once more drew out eighty thousand merit points.

In total, they had gained a total of four hundred thousand merit points. However, Gu Yang had also lost his precious golden spear. This victory wasn’t that perfect.

“Leave the final round to me.”

Following that indifferent voice, a man lightly jumped onto the martial stage.

That man appeared to be just over twenty years old. His face was average, but his eyes were eagle-like, almost looking like sharp blades.

That person hadn’t drawn any attention before this. But as soon as he jumped onto the martial stage, he became like an unsheathed sword, and it was as if he was an entirely different person.

An extremely odd aura came from that person’s body. It was as if he were a grand emperor looking down on them all. And yet, no one could form any desire to resist him.

Even Tu Fang’s expression changed slightly. He had actually made an oversight. Originally, he had thought that this person was just an ordinary Favored.

But now that he jumped onto the martial stage, just from his arrogant will, he could immediately see the shocking truth.

“Chosen-level disciple!”

It was obvious that this person was a powerful Chosen, or there was no way he would possess such a powerful aura.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Jiang Yifan, a Chosen. You should properly remember my name, as just knowing it will be your greatest honor in the future.”

His voice was extremely indifferent. Somehow it didn’t seem to contain any contempt or ridicule, yet still gave him a grand and high feeling that made them feel even more uncomfortable.

“I must admit that you are a bit stronger than I thought. But that still won’t change the reality.

“Although one of you has just awoken a Chosen’s power, it’s still just an initial stage. It’s still far too early to be considered a true Chosen.

“Within my monastery, I heard a certain joke. When I heard it, I laughed so hard I half died. I heard that some person made up some phony lies to try to gain a Chosen disciple position. What a laughable joke. What do you think, mister Long Chen?”

The 108th monastery’s disciples’ expressions sank. Although they didn’t know about the matter of the first monastery blocking Long Chen’s Chosen disciple position, they could clearly tell that this person was targeting Long Chen.

“First of all, don’t call me mister, as I’ve never taught you how to read and write. Second of all, I’m very regretful you didn’t laugh yourself completely to death. If you had, we wouldn’t have to see your pretentious little act here today.” Long Chen shook his head.

This person was definitely strong. But it seemed that his show-off abilities were even stronger.

However, Long Chen could guess his goal, and so he deliberately mocked him back tit for tat. You want to stand out? Big bro will accompany you.

“A trash cultivation base but a pretty savage mouth. Could it be that your entire cultivation is focused on your mouth? With me standing here already, how long are you planning on refusing to face reality?” Jiang Yifan finally looked at Long Chen with a trace of contempt.

“Did you run out without taking your medication? Or did you take the wrong drugs? You, a mid stage Tendon Transformation Chosen, have the face to challenge me, someone at the Blood Condensation realm? I really wonder, just how did you manage to make your skin so thick?

“Then according to what you say, let me tell you that our sect leader is standing on the mountain, challenging you to battle. Go on and fight him. Do you believe me when I say our sect leader can crush you with a single fart?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“Long Chen, don’t talk drivel.” Tang Wan-er stealthily pulled on Long Chen. This scoundrel really never had any misgivings.

Ling Yunzi, who was observing from a hundred miles away, shook his head. How did this little fellow end up so cheeky?

Jiang Yifan was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to turn down his provocation and still retort so incisively. For a moment, he had no idea what to say.

“So you don’t dare to come up to this stage? I hadn’t expected that you, Long Chen, someone who dared try to trick the supermonastery into giving him a Chosen’s resources, would not have the courage to just have a simple duel with me. As expected, the rumors are true. Your 108th monastery is just a pack of destitute cheats,” sneered Jiang Yifan.

“You can put away this little act of yours. Previously it was said that these ten rounds would be fought by people on the same level. Do you think I’m an idiot on the same level as you?” Long Chen didn’t even bother with him and just left him standing on the martial arena. You like showing off? Then this stage should be big enough for you to keep acting.

“Then fine, if you don’t want to, I won’t make it hard on you. That girl who just became a fledgling Chosen, I’ll challenge you. I won’t make it hard on you either. As long as you can receive ten of my blows, you’ll win. But if you lose, you’ll leave with me. How’s that?” Jiang Yifan directly set his intentions on Tang Wan-er when he saw Long Chen refuse to fight.

Tang Wan-er’s expression was icy cold. She was just about to reply when Long Chen pulled her back and looked at Jiang Yifan carefully.

“Do you really want to have a decisive battle with me? If we do, someone will die. Think about it carefully!”

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