Chapter 294 Wind Blades Fill the Sky


Tang Wan-er furiously shouted, and she formed a hand seal. Space began to shudder as the sky full of wind blades went straight for the two of them. Those millions of wind blades were like a huge flood.

The terrifying wind blades cut through space, causing heaven and earth to tremble. An ear-piercing sound rang out from them that sounded like scraping iron, and the observers all felt a chill inside.

Even Long Chen was shocked. Tang Wan-er’s wind blades had already been condensed to an incredibly solid state. The chilliness coming from them was incredibly terrifying.

Tang Wan-er’s old wind blades had usually been several feet long. But now these wind blades were only an inch or two long, looking like tiny crescent blades. However, these tiny wind blades were at least ten times stronger than her old wind blades. Just looking at them caused a person to feel numb.

Those two brothers hadn’t placed Tang Wan-er in their eyes before, and that was why they dared to be so mocking.

But the instant they saw this sky-full of wind blades, they both let out a scream of fright. They both took out a strange shield at the same time.

Those shields looked like iron cooking pots. Standing back to back, the two of them looked like an iron ball.

Tang Wan-er’s wind blades caused sparks to fly when they struck that iron ball. It was as if that iron ball was struck by a giant wave, and it was sent flying.

“Not good!”

Tang Wan-er’s wind blades were too terrifying, almost like a flood. Although they were unable to break through that iron ball, they did send it flying almost out of the martial stage.

Suddenly, that ball split open and two flying claws shot out at Tang Wan-er.[1] 

Those flying claws were between five to six feet long, like huge hands with exceptionally sharp fingers. Iron chains were attached behind them.

The two flying claws flew out in an extremely crafty manner. The instant those flying claws were about to reach Tang Wan-er, the claws suddenly opened up, appearing as if they had come to life.

Although both claws had shot out at the same time, one was ahead while the other was behind. Their cooperation was perfect. If she dodged one, she wouldn’t have the time to dodge the other.

Tang Wan-er’s expression didn’t change at all.

“Storm Shield.”

Dense wind blades enveloped Tang Wan-er. Those two flying claws smashed onto her defense.

Her two opponents were actually delighted by her actions. With a loud shout, their auras erupted.

Amongst Favored, those two were actually much weaker individually.

However, their minds were connected, and their cooperation skills had reached perfection.

Due to that, the monastery had given them a special set of weapons to make their attacks bizarre and incredibly incisive.

Those two flying claws had been created by a powerful Forging Master. There were many profound ways to use them, and they hid powerful runes.

Once those runes were activated, those two claws would become incredibly powerful, easily capable of crushing steel.

The two of them activated those runes when their claws struck Tang Wan-er’s defenses.

BANG! The sky of wind blades burst apart.

“What?” The monastery’s disciples were appalled. The space Tang Wan-er had been in was empty? She had died without a corpse under their two claws?!


Those two people had been celebrating that they had killed Tang Wan-er when Luo Bing’s shout rang out.

The two of them suddenly felt a sensation of deathly crisis, and they felt a breeze behind them.

The two of them quickly raised their shields to block.


Their hasty defense blocked a powerful attack, but the two of them were sent tumbling through the air.

One of them only just barely got up and still had no idea what had happened when a silent wind blade slashed across his waist.

That person screamed miserably. Blood flew out, followed along with some of his innards.

Long Chen sighed in relief. Tang Wan-er had finally learned the true meaning of battle. Her attacks were no longer the same as before.

Of the people present, only Tu Fang, Luo Bing, and Long Chen knew what had happened.

As soon as those two flying claws had appeared, Tang Wan-er had realized those weapons were extremely bizarre and most likely weren’t easy to handle. There was no reason for her to take them head-on.

She had only summoned out that huge shield of wind blades to cover up everyone’s line of sight.

In reality, the area behind the shield was completely empty. Tang Wan-er had long since slipped away stealthily, using wind blades to screen herself before arriving behind the two of them.

Just as the two of them thought they had killed her, she suddenly struck. Were it not for Luo Bing’s interference, the two of them would already be dead.

But even so, after her first attack hadn’t struck, she had immediately targeted one of them who had already lost his head out of fear, directly sending a wind blade out with her Spiritual Strength.

The wind blades that filled the sky all had Tang Wan-er’s spiritual imprint on them. She could send them out for sudden attacks at any time.

Of course, such an attack was rather weak. Previously, such an attack was unable to cause injuries to Favored.

But now Tang Wan-er’s wind blades had changed, and they had become incredibly powerful. Just one random attack was able to slice open that Favored’s abdomen.

In fact, if he had been one step slower, he would have been directly cut in half.

In any case, he was now screaming, blood overflowing from his wound. He quickly went to run off the martial stage, holding his injury closed as best as he could.

“If you want to run, then leave your life behind!” Tang Wan-er’s icy shout rang out. Her hatred of these two had already reached a pinnacle. They had humiliated and insulted her comrades, and then they had attempted to kill her just now. She naturally wouldn’t be merciful.

The entire martial stage was surrounded by her wind blades. This region was her domain. She didn’t even need to personally raise a hand. With just her Spiritual Strength, hundreds of wind blades surged over to that man.

That person’s soul almost fled his body in fright. He hastily raised his shield. But that shield could only block one side. 

Just as he was about to be cut to pieces, his twin rushed over, and the two of them tightly merged their shields again.

These wind blades were once again not able to pierce through these special shields formed by a Forging Master.

But this was only defending. The instant they had attempted to launch a sudden attack on Tang Wan-er, she had almost cut them to pieces.

Now they were in an extremely awkward position. Tang Wan-er had already been sneak attacked once, so she definitely wouldn’t fall for it at all if they tried it again.

All the wind blades Tang Wan-er had condensed were now crashing onto their shields. As soon as they split apart, they would immediately be hit.

Currently, they were like a tortoise that had shrunk back into its shell, not daring to peek its head out. If they were to peek their heads out, their heads would be cut off instantly.

The two of them were already completely terrified. Tang Wan-er’s attack had completely restrained them. They had no way to defeat her anymore.

With their shields forming a sphere around them, they began to roll over at Tang Wan-er in an ‘attack’. They hoped she would strike their sphere and send them rolling out of the martial stage.

That way, even though they would lose, they could at least have an excuse that they had accidentally rolled out and hadn’t really lost.

But Tang Wan-er already predicted that intention of theirs. How could she let them do as they pleased?

No matter how that ball tried to roll, her wind blades would force them back. After all, within that sphere, they were unable to bring out much strength.

Everyone’s expressions were strange as they watched this scene. A ball of metal was rolling around continuously on the martial stage. Everyone’s gazes were all glued to that ball.

Luo Bing was frowning slightly. She didn’t know that much about these two twins since most of their time was spent in seclusion as they familiarized themselves with their bizarre weapons.

But there was one thing that she knew. Their cooperative strength was incredible, and in a group battle, the two of them working together were capable of blocking four or even five Favored at once.

In a two vs two, the two of them had always been unbeatable within the same realm.

Other than a certain disciple, these two were the highest ranked disciples in their monastery. The monastery had placed high hopes on them for the upcoming opening of the Jiuli secret realm.

At first, seeing them rolling around defensively in that ball without attacking, she had thought they were just adjusting themselves or perhaps thinking of a plan to use against these attacks.

But after an hour, even the people watching the battle were getting tired.

Guo Ran finally sighed. “This pair of brothers were foreordained to have a tragic end. This is all the will of the heavens!”

Song Mingyuan didn’t understand what he was talking about. “Why?”

“Do you remember what those two brothers were called?”

“I think one was called Bo Shidong, and the other was called Bo Shixi.”

“Correct. One called Bo Shidong, one called Bo Shixi! Combine them together and you get: worthless good-for-nothing[2]. Don’t you see them rolling left and right without going anywhere? Could it be that their parents had predicted this day would come? As expected, experts are everywhere.” Guo Ran explained with admiration.

Everyone: “...”

That ball continued to roll around. The people outside were fine, but the two inside were already completely dizzy.

As for the one whose abdomen had been split open, although he was doing his best to hold his wound closed, some of his intestines had already spilled out. That kind of scent was disgusting for both of them. Then adding on the spinning, they were both ready to puke.

Both of them knew that just continuing like this wasn’t a solution. But they also didn’t dare to leave their defense. Now they were both thinking of ways to concede.

If they directly conceded, their endings would definitely not be good. If they dared to do so, then with Luo Bing’s vicious nature, she would definitely make the two of them eat their own crap.

The two of them began to wildly curse as viciously as they could. They wanted to infuriate Tang Wan-er. In any case, they had absolute confidence in their defense. Only if Tang Wan-er lost control of her fury would they have a chance of being launched out of the martial stage.

In the beginning, Tang Wan-er hadn’t really cared to try to cut open their defense. But as soon as they began to curse her crazily, she was completely infuriated. 

Forming a hand seal, the wind blades behind her congregated into a single body, forming a huge wind blade that had to be over three hundred meters long.

As soon as that wind blade appeared, it was as if space had completely frozen. A terrifying pressure shot out in all directions.

A certain man, who had remained at Luo Bing’s side this entire time with his eyes completely closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

A trace of shock appeared in his originally apathetic face. He stared tightly at Tang Wan-er’s huge wind blade.

“Torrential Rain Slash!”

[1] A ‘flying claw’ is a real weapon similar to a chained sickle with multiple blades.

[2] Of course, this is a play on words. Their names Bos Shidong and Bo Shixi sound like Bu Shi Dong Xi, meaning good for nothing. In case you want, here’s the Chinese for reference. 


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