Chapter 293 Despicably Shameless

As soon as Long Chen finished speaking, everyone saw Gu Yang suddenly erupt with power, his strength capable of shaking mountains and rivers.

“Mountain Destruction Spear!”

Gu Yang had concentrated all his energy into his spear. This one attack contained all of his heart and soul.

It turned out this entire time, Gu Yang had been storing energy, waiting to release his peak attack.

Gu Yang was someone who was extremely powerful, the person who had awakened his ancestral mark the earliest amongst the monastery’s disciples.

His skill at using his ancestral mark was extremely refined and other than Long Chen and Tang Wan-er, he was the strongest disciple in the monastery.

To him, this battle was extremely important. If he won, his Dao-heart would become incredibly steady, and it would be easier for him to break through bottlenecks.

But if he lost, that would have a grave impact on him. To Gu Yang, this was an extremely risky gamble, and so he couldn’t lose.

The instant Gu Yang started his attack, that Favored’s expression changed. He realized that he had been duped. During that intense battle, Gu Yang had actually been storing energy the entire time, and he hadn’t realized!

There was no need for him to face off against Gu Yang directly. Gu Yang was extremely powerful, and so he had been doing his best to dodge and just defend this entire time.

His greatest advantages were his defense and endurance. The instant he had seen Gu Yang begin to crazily attack, he had actually sneered inside.

By attacking like that, there was no way he would be able to endure for long. The instant Gu Yang became tired, he would be able to easily kill him.

But he had never imagined that Gu Yang had been secretly accumulating energy this entire time. Now that the energy he had accumulated had erupted, Gu Yang’s speed had reached its peak. There was no way he could dodge.

Gu Yang’s power completely locked him in place. He could only take it head-on.

That Favored solemnly formed an extremely bizarre hand seal, and a rune lit up over his forehead. A shield of rock around a foot thick appeared in front of him. “Rock Essence Shield.”

Countless lines were shining on that shield, and it almost looked like it was made of steel. It appeared incredibly sturdy.


However, the instant Gu Yang’s golden spear collided with that huge rock shield, that incredibly sturdy shield completely broke apart.

The golden spear continued forward, slamming into him and sending him flying.

While flying through the air, he also vomited out a mouthful of blood. He was shocked that his strongest defense had been broken.

And not only had his shield been broken, but his internal organs were also acutely shaken by the leftover force of that spear. He was practically unable to believe this.

He had absolute confidence in his defense. That was why Luo Bing had depended on him and sent him out first.

He should have had a high chance of victory even against Tang Wan-er. But now he had just been defeated by a core disciple who wasn’t even a Favored.

He was still filled with disbelief. As he coughed out more blood, he hastily stabilized himself.

However, a golden spear had already reached him, stopping just before his forehead. Gu Yang icily said, “You’ve lost.”

Gu Yang was currently extremely pale and gasping for breath. Obviously, that last attack had used up all his energy. If this attack hadn’t worked, he would have lost.

But he had won. If Gu Yang hadn’t stopped his spear right now, that Favored would already be a corpse.

That Favored couldn’t help being both startled and furious, as well as unwilling. He had lost?

Seeing how pale and exhausted Gu Yang was, a ferocious light suddenly shined in that Favored’s eyes, and he grabbed Gu Yang’s spear.

“Idiot, you’re the one who’s lost!”

That Favored roared and pushed the spear into Gu Yang. Being already exhausted, Gu Yang couldn’t even resist.

The bottom of his spear smashed into his stomach, and the sounds of bones cracking rang out. Gu Yang flew back, vomiting out blood, landing outside the martial arena.

“Bastard, you’re asking for death! We’ll kill you all!”

That Favored had clearly lost and then despicably attacked even though he had lost. That immediately ignited the fury of all the 108th monastery’s disciples.

“Hmph, I never conceded, so how can you say I lost? Since he didn’t even dare follow through, all that proves is he really is a pig. Courage is also a part of strength, or did you not know that?” That Favored sneered at them.

Even Long Chen had stood up now, veins bulging on his hands. He was about to charge forward and tear apart this shameless bastard.

“Luo Whatever, these are your monastery’s disciples?” said Long Chen icily.

“Hmph, atop the martial stage, how could you possibly be soft-hearted and lenient? For victory, you can’t possibly be too afraid to be rough. All that can be said is that this proves you’re all idiots. Why aren’t you hurrying up and handing over the merit points?” sneered Luo Bing.

Tu Fang’s expression was dark. “Long Chen, what do you say?”

His meaning was obvious. This was too much. As long as Long Chen gave the order, they would immediately start fighting. In any case, if a fight started, Ling Yunzi definitely wouldn’t just watch.

“Give them to her.” Long Chen shook his head. Now wasn’t the time for that.

Tu Fang could only hand over eighty thousand merit points back to Luo Bing. Seeing their expressions, Luo Bing was delighted.

Seeing those kinds of expressions was what she delighted in the most. Only then could she feel refreshed. Her temperament was simply twisted that way.

And when she saw that Long Chen, who had always been as calm as water, also released such a furious expression, she was especially delighted.

Gu Yang was ‘defeated’, and even his golden spear had been taken away by his opponent. According to the martial stage’s unwritten customs, martial arts who couldn’t even keep a hold of their weapons didn’t have the face to take them back.

Gu Yang walked over to Long Chen while being supported by a member of the Healing Hall.

“Sorry, Long Chen, I lost.” Gu Yang surprisingly bent his knees, kneeling down. He felt so ashamed that he might die.

Long Chen had given him a precious opportunity, but in the end, he had really been too lenient, throwing away his chance at victory. He felt so ashamed that he was unable to even show his own face.

Just as Gu Yang’s knees were about to hit the ground, Long Chen grabbed his collar.

“Are you even a man? Isn’t it just a loss? It’s nothing big. Furthermore, even if it counts as your loss, their victory was also not earned. You didn’t lose any face,” raged Long Chen. “When the Jiuli secret realm opens, that fellow will definitely also enter. If you want to wipe away your shame, then just kill him in the secret realm and take your weapon back.”

Long Chen didn’t bother keeping his words private. All of them heard it extremely clearly.

Tu Fang’s heart shook. It was a grave crime to kill members of the same sect within the Jiuli secret realm. But in the end, he didn’t say anything. Later, he would have to give Long Chen a reminder in private.

“Kill me? Ha, keep dreaming. If you dare try to attack me in the Jiuli secret realm, I’ll definitely kill you.” That Favored had already returned amongst his disciples and had been excitedly examining his new spear. He couldn’t help but mock Long Chen when he heard his words.

“I’ll listen to you, Long Chen. This time I swear that I’ll never disappoint you again in this lifetime.” Gu Yang took a deep breath. He was extremely solemn.

Long Chen nodded. He icily glanced at Luo Bing and her disciples’ mocking sneers. Good, since you want to make this game bigger, I’ll make it bigger.

“In the next round, let’s switch it up a bit and have a fight between pairs.” Luo Bing smiled sinisterly.

Two men jumped onto the stage. The two of their auras were extremely dark and cold, causing people to feel a chill. They were both Favored.

And surprisingly, the two of them looked the exact same. They were twins.

Twins who were both Favored. That really was shocking.

“I am Bo Shidong.”

“I am Bo Shixi.”

The two of them spoke at the same time. One of them glanced at the other and that person immediately shut his mouth.

The other continued, “Us two brothers would like to exchange pointers with you country bumpkins. If you feel like it’s not fair, you can also send two Favored to fight us. Us brothers won’t refuse any comers.”

Both their gazes immediately fell on Tang Wan-er and Long Chen, their gazes filled with provocation.

“Long Chen, leave the two of them to me,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen hesitated. “Then you have to promise me to use your killer moves. You can’t show any leniency.” Long Chen knew Tang Wan-er’s character. 

He could tell these two were a bit odd. They in all likelihood had their own extremely powerful attacks, which were most likely combined techniques.

Long Chen was sure that Tang Wan-er was shockingly powerful. After merging with that Dao-mark, Tang Wan-er’s strength had reached a terrifying level. Even he was unable to tell just what level she had reached.

But there was one thing he was sure of. Tang Wan-er’s real strength should not be at all inferior to his own. That was because he could sense the pressure that the current Tang Wan-er gave him.

“I promise you, I will definitely be going all-out,” said Tang Wan-er seriously.

After seeing what had happened to Gu Yang, all the monastery’s disciples were furious. They were really too hateful.

Gu Yang had clearly won, but he had been lenient in the end, not taking his opponent’s life. But then that opponent had been absolutely shameful and despicable, launching a sneak attack and even snatching Gu Yang’s weapon. Tang Wan-er, who normally didn’t like fighting, was now filled with killing intent.

Even if Long Chen hadn’t warned her, she would definitely not make the same mistake as Gu Yang. If she had the chance, she would kill.

When those two brothers saw that only Tang Wan-er came up and that Long Chen hadn’t moved, they mocked, “Little fellow, are you afraid of death and don’t dare come up?”

“Ah, so he was a coward, I see, I see.”

“You two should shut up. For just you two, I am more than enough,” said Tang Wan-er icily.

These two brothers both smiled lewdly. “Hehe, with a beauty like you attending to us brothers, that really is more than enough.”


Suddenly, heaven and earth changed. Millions of wind blades appeared behind Tang Wan-er, covering up the very sun and sky.


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