Chapter 292 Gu Yang Battles a Favored

Following that person’s shout, Long Chen’s expression became slightly colder. 

When it came to controlling his emotions, Long Chen was definitely an expert. But the instant that man’s gaze fell on Tang Wan-er, his killing intent was ignited.

If others insulted him, Long Chen would just smile. But if someone touched one of his taboos, he would be unable to control his feelings.

Tang Wan-er’s expression was icy cold, and killing intent surfaced in her eyes as well. She was just about to jump onto the stage when a voice rang out:

“Long Chen, let me battle.” That voice came from Gu Yang.

Both Long Chen and Tang Wan-er were startled. Although Gu Yang was powerful, he wasn’t a Favored. The odds of losing were too high.

Long Chen thought about it for a while before nodding. “You can go.”

Gu Yang was delighted. He knew that this was extremely risky, but he was unable to suppress his battle intent. He was looking forward to having a one on one fight with a Favored.

According to common sense, Long Chen should not have accepted. Gu Yang might be strong, but his chances of victory were low. That was something that involved eighty thousand merit points.

But Long Chen could understand Gu Yang’s thirst. In Gu Yang’s eyes, this battle wasn’t in order to gamble for resources, but a way for him to see what level he had reached.

As for that Favored, seeing that it wasn’t Tang Wan-er, but a random core disciple, who had come to face him, he was infuriated.

This was clearly their attempt at humiliating him. He icily glared at them.

“Good, since you want to court death, don’t blame me!”

Gu Yang got on the martial stage and glared at that Favored. “I hope that when you die, you also won’t blame me!”

“Hahaha!” That Favored’s fury somehow turned into laughter. “Someone like you dares to be arrogant? Die you little pig!”

That Favored suddenly roared, and his aura exploded out. The berserk energy caused his feet to leave behind two footprints on the martial arena as he suddenly charged out at Gu Yang, smashing out with his fist.

Gu Yang had long since circulated his spiritual qi to its peak. With a harsh shout, runes lit up on his body and a vast aura shot out of him as well. He punched out.


The instant their two fists met, the entire martial stage shook. Powerful gales shot out in every direction, causing everyone’s clothes to blow back.

The both of them then instantly retreated a couple of steps. The Favored couldn’t help being astonished.

“So you have a few tricks. But let me see just how many of my fists you can receive!” The Favored snorted, and his fists began to smash at Gu Yang.

This was the first time Gu Yang had an opportunity to fight a Favored one against one. Battle intent soared off him. He repeatedly roared, facing off against him with his own fists.




The two of them were both brute strength style fighters. Each time their fists connected, the entire martial arena would shake, and powerful gales would explode out, chilling everyone.

“Gu Yang is so powerful! He can actually withstand a Favored,” exclaimed Tang Wan-er.

Favored were all supposed to be incomparably powerful. The fact that he could exchange over ten blows without losing was already out of everyone’s expectations.

“This is still just the warm-up, so it’s still too early to say.” Long Chen shook his head. How could a Favored only have this little skill?

And as he expected, after over a hundred intense collisions, they once more separated.

“Not bad. It’s been a while since I’ve exercised my body. But if you think this the limit of my power, you would be gravely mistaken. Now I’ll let you see what true strength is! Earthen Armor!”

A mark appeared over his forehead, and a powerful energy exploded out, causing the land to tremble.

That Favored’s clothes burst off his upper body, revealing his skin that looked like it was made of rock. In fact, his entire body grew taller, and the lines covering his arms were very rock-like.

He roared, and stamping on the ground, he charged at Gu Yang with a fist. “Rock Fist!”

Gu Yang used his full strength to block, but he was still sent flying dozens of meters away. Even once he landed on the ground, he still stumbled back several steps before stabilizing.

In the end, he even coughed up a mouthful of blood, causing Tang Wan-er’s expression to change. Gu Yang had finally been injured.

“Crap!” Song Mingyuan and the others were all shocked. If he was wounded with just one blow, how could he fight?

“Don’t worry about it. Gu Yang still has moves,” consoled Long Chen.

Long Chen had exchanged blows with Gu Yang before, and he knew his physical body was extremely powerful. This little injury was unable to affect his strength.

“Looks like you’re quite stubborn. That’s good. I’ll just have to smash you to mincemeat.” That Favored once more charged at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s blood was roiling inside, but his battle intent was still soaring. Seeing that person charge at him, Gu Yang smiled coldly.

His spatial ring shook, and a golden spear appeared in his hands. Gu Yang’s feet sank down slightly.

“Ancestral blood support!” A rune lit up atop Gu Yang’s forehead. His runes had originally just been covering his four limbs, but now they spread to cover his entire body, even densely covering his face. He appeared very frightening now.

This was one of Gu Yang’s trump cards. By activating his ancestral blood support, his strength would explode to an unprecedented level.

He viciously smashed that spear straight at the charging Favored.

BOOM! The instant that spear collided with the fist that was covered in earthen lines, a metallic explosion rang out. The martial stage beneath their feet caved in from their impact.

That Favored’s arm shook intensely, and a force he couldn’t block sent him flying. He hastily stabilized himself, appalled.

Gu Yang’s golden spear had been snatched from the Corrupt path’s genius, Yin Luo. Its weight was alarming, and that Favored was knocked back almost three hundred meters before just barely managing to stabilize himself.

When he finally stabilized, Luo Bing’s disciples all breathed a sigh of relief. As for the disciples on Long Chen’s side, they all sighed that it was a pity.

That Favored was just a couple inches from the edge of the martial stage. If he had just been pushed back slightly more, then according to the rules, he would have lost.

Turning back to look behind him, that Favored sighed in relief at his close call. Turning to look at Gu Yang’s spear, greed sparked in his heart.

“Your weapon. I want it.”

That Favored could instantly tell that Gu Yang’s spear was a treasure and immediately wanted to take it for himself. It seemed he had already forgotten that this wasn’t the thirty-sixth monastery.

“You want it? Come take it.” Gu Yang roared, his spear attacking that Favored.

In response, that Favored didn’t hold back any of his spiritual qi, and his fist smashed into Gu Yang’s spear.

With another loud metallic ringing, everyone was shocked to see sparks flying the instant that fist and spear met. It was as if that fist was made of steel.

“A rare earth cultivator!” Tu Fang exclaimed. 

This Favored had been someone born with an innate earth energy. But because he was a Favored, that earth energy had transformed, becoming more like rock energy.

Not only did that increase his physical strength, but it also made his physical body incredibly hard. In other words, both his attack and defense had been sharply improved.

Gu Yang’s spear continuously collided with his fists over and over again. Gu Yang’s blows were incomparably valiant, and he surprisingly was forcing back that Favored step by step.

“Excellent! If this continues, Gu Yang should win!” Luo Cang’s blood was boiling just from watching this.

“You’re wrong. If this continues, Gu Yang will lose.” Long Chen shook his head.

“What? Gu Yang has clearly taken the advantage.” Luo Cang didn’t understand.

“I’ve heard that earth cultivators are specialized in battles of attrition just like wood cultivators.

“Looking at Gu Yang right now, his attacks are like a torrent of rain, and it looks extremely impressive as if he has taken the advantage. But in reality, this is extremely unfavorable for him.

“That golden spear is too heavy, and it’s using up too much of his physical energy. He won’t be able to continue attacking like that for long.

“I estimate that he’ll only be able to keep this up for a quarter hour before he’s exhausted and his strength declines. At that time, the final result is that he’ll be defeated.”

“Then what should we do? Should we give him a reminder?”

Long Chen shook his head. “Don’t. A loss is a loss. It’s not something bad. This way, he’ll be able to get a better understanding of himself. He’ll realize what his strong points and what his weak points are. The benefits more than make up for the loss.

“As for the lost merit points, hehe, this is just a game. The fact that there will be winners and losers isn’t anything major.

“If a person wants to become an expert, first they have to understand themselves. That’s something no one else can do for them. This is his battle. Let him understand it himself.”

But then Long Chen’s tone became angry. “But this bastard Favored really is repulsive. I almost wanted to go up myself and crush him. He wants to take liberties with my Heaven Earth Faction’s old boss? Hmph, he really doesn’t know what death is. If this had happened back when I was young, I would have long since made him kneel in front of me.”

Long Chen words immediately caused Tu Fang and the other Elders to not know whether to laugh or cry. But Tang Wan-er did appear a bit gratified.

Guo Ran immediately did some boot-licking. “Exactly, exactly! Even if someone has to take liberties with a woman, only boss has the qualifications to do that! Who does he think he is?”

“Nice!” Long Chen nodded, giving Guo Ran a thumbs-up.

“Both of you shut up,” raged Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen and Guo Ran obediently stopped talking, focusing back on the stage. Gu Yang’s imposingness had reached its peak, his spear repeatedly forced his opponent back.

But their hearts sank when they saw that it really was just as Long Chen had said. That Favored was purposely drawing out the battle. Once Gu Yang was out of energy, he would immediately counterattack.

“Haha, that little fellow Gu Yang really is not bad. He’s actually seen through his opponent’s strategy!” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened.

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