Chapter 29 Long Chen's Shock

There were around seven or eight people in that group, and Long Chen could clearly see that the Grand Xia’s prince Xia Changfeng was amongst them. But what shocked Long Chen the most was that familiar face beside him.

That woman was very slender and fair, but her face always had a faint arrogance on it. It was the crazy woman Long Chen had encountered at the alchemist guild.

Why was she there? And why did she seem so familiar with the Grand Xia’s prince? Long Chen simply couldn’t figure it out.

Their group entered an expensive teahouse just after he noticed them.

“One of those people is the fourth prince.” Chu Yao warned Long Chen as she had also seen those people.

“The fourth prince?” He was supposed to be the most low-key prince. He never participated in the internal fights of the princes. But then why was he with the Grand Xia’s prince?

“He has also changed his appearance, but his finger has a ring mark on it that he forgot to hide. He normally wears a dragon ring with a very distinctive pattern, so I easily recognize it,” said Chu Yao.

As a princess, she might have to act arrogant every day, but she was also very perceptive to the everyday habits of each prince; thus, she was easily able to see through the fourth prince’s disguise.

Long Chen felt a headache coming. Why would the fourth prince disguise himself? He wanted to sneak in and use his divine sense to secretly eavesdrop.

However, the door was guarded by a dozen of the Grand Xia’s elite troops. Doing so would simply be too difficult. It was in the middle of the day, and trying to sneak in would be basically impossible. He gave up on that idea.

“Chu Yao, I’m going to go back and prepare some ingredients that will resolve the foreign spiritual energies in your Dantain,” said Long Chen.

Despite being reluctant to part, she still obediently nodded her head.

Long Chen went directly home. As soon as he walked past the gate, a happy shout rang out.

“Brother Long!”

Wilde was a small giant now, and he excitedly looked at Long Chen.

The current Wilde had become much livelier, and the thing that pleased Long Chen the most was that he was no longer as thin as he had been before.

His bare arms were clearly bigger, and some indistinct veins could be seen beneath the skin.

“Haha, have you been eating properly Wilde?” Long Chen patted his sturdy arm.

“Brother Long, I eat until I’m full every day. I feel like I’ve become very strong now; thus, I want to be with brother Long so that I can protect you.” Wilde slapped his chest confidently, emitting a sound like a thunderous drum.

Long Chen nodded and brought Wilde into his own room. He then used his divine sense to examine Wilde’s body.


Despite nourishing them all this time and feeding them so much, still less than ten percent of Wilde’s cells were active.

And when he examined his four meridians, he noticed they had expanded a little. But most shocking of all was that there was what seemed to be a trace of spiritual qi within his Dantian.

“You learned how to cultivate?” asked Long Chen.

“Brother Long, what is this ‘cultivating’?” asked Wilde with wide eyes.

“Uh, nevermind.”

Long Chen also didn’t feel like trying to explain such a thing. Continuing his examination, he noticed that Wilde’s Dantian was deathly still, but there was still a steady flow of the world’s spiritual qi that was flowing into his Dantian.

“What an abnormal constitution; even without cultivating, it just automatically absorbs energy on its own.”

Long Chen sucked in a breath of cold air; this was something he had never encountered before. Wilde’s Dantian held a huge amount of spiritual qi, which meant that once his body was strong enough, he would be able to automatically absorb spiritual qi from heaven and earth to use.

If other martial artists were to learn of this, they would definitely go crazy. This meant that even when Wilde was sleeping or eating, he would still be incessantly cultivating.

“Wilde, I’m going to teach you a few simple cultivation methods and how to use your Dantian’s qi.”

Due to how unique Wilde’s Dantian was, Long Chen decided not to teach him any Battle Skills. Wilde only had four meridians, which meant that he wouldn’t be able to use any Battle Skills for now.

So Long Chen only taught him how to circulate his spiritual qi to his arms and legs, passively increasing their strength.

But Long Chen had still overestimated Wilde’s ability and comprehension skills. Even something as simple as linking to his Dantian required six hours of Long Chen’s time to explain. Despite having Long Chen’s throat turn raw, Wilde was still mystified.

Long Chen knew he couldn’t get angry. Wilde was listening to him completely innocently, so his belly full of anger was never released.

“Ok, how about this. Until you learn this, I’ll work you to death.” Long Chen helplessly sighed.

“I’m sorry brother Long, I’m just too stupid. I could spend a lifetime without figuring this out.” Wilde dejectedly hung his head.

Wilde truly was too incompetent; he was unable to immerse himself even slightly within his Dantian. He couldn’t even find where his Dantian was.

Long Chen was unwilling to resign himself to this result. Wilde’s physique was so powerful that it was frightening. If he had the assistance of his spiritual qi, the power which he could explode out with would be absolutely terrifying.

Long Chen felt that it was such a waste. He felt like a beggar who had a mountain of gold, yet still relied on begging to pass each day.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s eyes brightened. Placing his hand on Wilde’s back, he said, “Let me help you find your Dantian.”

His Spiritual Strength poured into Wilde’s Dantian. Since Wilde trusted Long Chen completely, there wasn’t the slightest resistance. Long Chen easily merged his Spiritual Strength into Wilde’s Dantian.

Furthermore, even if Wilde had wanted to resist, he didn’t know how to. But at least now Wilde had found the position of his Dantian.

“Now that you’ve found your Dantian, the next step is to immerse into it.”


“Use your intent to hook yourself into your Dantian.”


Long Chen sighed. But he still patiently controlled his temper. “Focus your entire mind onto your Dantian.”

“Oh, then what?”

“Try to make it revolve.”

“Clockwise or counterclockwise?”


Long Chen was practically speechless. “It doesn’t matter. As long as it circulates, it’s fine.”

Now that he had found its position, Wilde slowly tried to control his Dantian. However, it was as if the Dantian weren’t even his and he was unable to move it at all.

“You’re not focused enough. Close your eyes and try again.”

Finally, under Long Chen’s great expectations, Wilde’s Dantian moved slightly. Although doing just that wasn’t exactly using his Dantian, at least, he had found it and opened the path. Long Chen relaxed slightly.

“Good, next I’ll use my Spiritual Strength to guide your Dantian’s qi for one cycle. Remember how I’m doing this.”

After saying this, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength circulated into Wilde’s Dantian. When Wilde’s Dantian felt Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength, it was as if it had been provoked and it immediately exploded out.

The originally completely calm Dantian was immediately like an erupting volcano, like angry waves trying to swallow the sky.

“Wilde, can you control your Dantian?” Long Chen started to celebrate, but…

“No, I don’t know what happened.” Wilde was completely shocked at the uprising of the spiritual qi within him.

“Don’t be afraid, remember the path I’m taking.”

Long Chen didn’t feel like telling him the position of each one of his acupuncture points. He wouldn’t be able to remember them anyways, so he skipped that. Having him remember the feeling of where they were was good enough.

Long Chen used his Spiritual Strength to draw Wilde’s Dantian’s qi into his arm. Long Chen wanted to go slowly and circulate it.

How could he have predicted that as soon as Wilde’s qi reached his arm, it became like a wild horse and refused to be controlled by Long Chen anymore? Wild energy surged out.

Wilde felt a great power pass through his arm, so he instinctively punched out.


The entire roof was shaken to pieces; smoke and dust exploded out, revealing the starry sky above.

“What a berserk energy!”

Long Chen was extremely alarmed. All this had just been caused by the wind from Wilde’s fist, but it was already so frightening! If someone was hit by the actual fist, wouldn’t they be smashed into pulp?

Wilde was also stupefied at his own power. He had never thought he would have such strength.

Long Chen once more examined Wilde’s Dantian and found that the spiritual qi within had basically all been depleted.

“Wilde, go back and rest. Remember what I’ve taught you and train every day. Don’t goof off,” ordered Long Chen solemnly.

Wilde’s comprehension skills were already extremely low. If he was lazy as well, then even a divine immortal would be unable to teach him.

“Don’t worry brother Long, I’ll train like my life depends on it!” Wilde was filled with excitement now.

After Wilde left, Long Chen speechlessly looked at the roofless room. Just what secret was hidden within Wilde’s body?

That fist had even shocked Long Chen. If that long-eyebrowed Blood Condensation expert was hit by it, it was doubtless that he would die.

But right now, ninety percent of Wilde’s cells were still dormant. If they were all awoken, even Long Chen would feel tremendous fear.

But thinking about Wilde’s simple and honest nature, Long Chen shook his head. Wilde was his brother, and the stronger he was, the better. There was no need to worry.

Taking out a piece of paper, he wrote down a list of forty-eight names of medicinal ingredients.

“Starfusing Pill, a second tier medicinal pill. Right now, I have no way of refining an upper grade second tier medicinal pill. Looks like I can only go to grandmaster Yun Qi. But first I need to collect all the medicinal ingredients.”

According to Long Chen’s recollections, the Starfusing Pill should be able to resolve the foreign spiritual energies within Chu Yao’s body, but it had to be an upper grade pill.

The current Long Chen’s Pill Flame was too weak; despite how much talent he had in that regard, it was impossible for him to refine a high grade second tier pill with such a Pill Flame.

The next day, Long Chen left his house. Arriving at the alchemist guild’s storeroom, he handed his list over.

What was outside Long Chen’s expectations was that all the ingredients could be found here except one of the main ingredients, the Starfusing Grass.

Starfusing Grass was an extremely precious treasure. It was something that could be used to refine many second tier pills, and in fact, most second tier pills actually required it in their pill formula, making it always in short supply.

Long Chen nodded. Only missing one ingredient was already better than what Long Chen had expected.

Collecting his ingredients and leaving the alchemist guild, Long Chen suddenly saw a certain figure. A slightly cruel smile appeared on his mouth.

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