Chapter 288 Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill

Long Chen’s one sentence immediately ignited Luo Bing’s suppressed anger. Her hand trembled as she pointed at Long Chen. “You…”

Seeing a Xiantian expert be angered to the point that her body was involuntarily quivering, Tu Fang’s mood greatly improved.

If those people Luo Bing had offended could see this scene, they would definitely bestow a medal of honor to Long Chen.

Although Luo Bing wasn’t the most evil person in the supermonastery, she was definitely the most hated. There was basically no one who wasn’t fed up with her, and many people wished to kill her as soon as they saw her.

That was because her mouth was just too vicious. Those Elders within the supermonastery who ranked near the back essentially all hated her.

“You? What you? I said you have an illness, and all you can say is you? You think we’ll fight just because you want us to? Do you think we’re just performing monkeys? If you don’t put in a little incentive, who would just play around with you? Do you think we’re as bored as you all?” Long Chen said disdainfully.

Luo Bing was actually relieved when she heard this. Long Chen wasn’t necessarily declining. He wanted to gamble? That was good too. She was completely confident in her disciples.

Their disciples were elites amongst elites. They had definitely spent over ten times the amount of resources on their disciples compared to what Long Chen and the others got.

Here, the disciples had to be sparing and save up their spirit stones. But in the thirty-sixth monastery, all disciples could activate their spirit stone formations all day and night without a care.

As for medicinal pills and weapons, any outstanding disciple could obtain them just by stretching out their hand. And so the majority of the thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples had already reached the mid stage, and their auras were extremely sturdy.

Just their auras were a whole level ahead of Long Chen and his friends. And so Luo Bing didn’t place them in her eyes.

And now that she heard Long Chen actually wanted to bet, she smiled mockingly. “What can a remote and desolate place like this possibly have to gamble? If it’s just a bunch of rotting clothes, then just forget about it. We wouldn’t be able to find any trash like that in our monastery!”

The disciples behind her also began to laugh.

“A bunch of poor ghosts. I guess you’ve been driven crazy by how poor you are! You want to bet?”

“Just a month of our resources is greater than a year of your resources. What can you possibly take out to bet?”

“What are you talking about? Elder Luo has already said that they’re a bunch of wasteful pigs. They can just take out some pork to bet.”

Hearing that ridicule, Gu Yang and the others were completely infuriated. Luo Bing’s ridicule was one thing. After all, she was a Xiantian expert, someone on the same level as a sect leader. They could only endure it if she were to ridicule them. In front of a Xiantian expert, they were less than ants.

But being ridiculed by disciples in the same realm as them was definitely unacceptable. They were grinding their teeth in anger.

Long Chen smiled slightly. He didn’t get angry. This kind of little trick was not worth him getting angry about. If he did get angry, wouldn’t they have succeeded in their goal?

Long Chen could sum up his experiences in a single sentence: if an enemy wanted you to become angry, you absolutely could not get angry. At the very least, you couldn’t show that expression outside, or you would have fallen into your enemy’s trap.

The calmer and more indifferent he was, the more his opponents would feel like their fists had only hit air. The ones to feel unwell would be them.

“You’re right, in a remote and desolate place like this, we really don’t have anything good. I guess let’s just bet with these little things.”

Long Chen took out a jade bottle from his spatial ring. Pouring out a medicinal pill, with a flick of a finger, he sent it flying at Luo Bing.

Receiving that medicinal pill, Luo Bing was filled with ridicule. Medicinal pills were nothing to her thirty-sixth monastery. Apparently, she thought that they were treated as treasures here.

Glancing disdainfully at the medicinal pill, Luo Bing’s expression suddenly changed. Thinking she had seen wrongly, she even smelled it and carefully examined it again.

“Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill?” she exclaimed with disbelief.

This pill was extremely precious amongst medicinal pills. Its main ingredient, the Three Connecting Flowers, was exceptionally rare.

Even in the supermonastery, that kind of medicinal ingredient was extremely precious.

That kind of mysterious plant would have three flowers on a single branch. When those three flowers finally joined together, their colors would all be different from each other. It was something that only grew within frigid ice lands.

Furthermore, the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills required the Three Connecting Flowers to be at least a hundred years of age.

But the thing that made this pill so precious was that refining it was extremely time-consuming and the difficulty was extremely high. Even for Long Chen, refining a single furnace of Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills required twelve hours.

There was no way around it. This pill required four different intervals and five different kinds of flame control changes. The odds of failure were extremely high.

And so ordinary Pill Masters hated refining the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill the most. For most Pill Masters, refining a single furnace of them would require at least three days.

And the failure rate was shockingly high, almost reaching eighty percent. After bitterly working for three full days, only to have the furnace of pills be trashed at the end, many Pill Masters would almost have an urge to kill themselves.

That made this pill extremely rare. Long Chen had only refined a couple furnaces of them before stopping, as it was just too exhausting.

But although it was exhausting, at least its value was shockingly high. It possessed an extremely powerful nourishment effect for the tendons.

Tendon Transformation was all about strengthening a person’s tendons. Tendons were what linked the bones to the muscles. If you only had strong muscles but weak tendons, you would probably end up tearing yourself apart the instant you applied any force.

The first realm of cultivation was Qi Condensation, and the second was Blood Condensation. These two used qi to nourish the blood, using the blood to nourish the muscles such that their strength could reach the peak.

But if just the muscles were strong, that was useless. Muscles could only release as much strength as the tendons could bear.

Without tendons, powerful muscles were just dead muscles. And so Tendon Transformation was the third cultivation realm, a heavenly chasm that blocked people’s cultivation paths.

Tendon Transformation was an extremely important juncture for cultivators. Only through strengthening the tendons could you release the full potential of your muscles.

As for the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill, it wasn’t used to raise the cultivation base, but to nourish the tendons. It was practically a divine medicine to Tendon Transformation experts.

However, it was extremely rare. Even in the thirty-sixth monastery, a core disciple could only receive ten of them a month. Inner disciples would only get one a month.

As for outer disciples, they were essentially unable to obtain such a good medicinal pill. They could only substitute it with other medicinal pills. 

This kind of rare medicinal pill was something that only monasteries in the top fifty should be able to possess. In fact, Long Chen should have never even heard of it.

Let alone Luo Bing, even Tu Fang and the other Elders felt this was inconceivable. Although Tu Fang had seen Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills before, he had no idea where Long Chen could have obtained one.

Although he had heard Long Chen could refine pills, he didn't believe that this Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill was refined by him. Even experienced Pill Masters would find it difficult to refine high grade Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills.

“Yes, it’s the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill. In this remote and desolate place, there really is nothing good. I can only bring out this little snack to bet.”

Long Chen then took out a couple more of Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills and threw them all into his mouth.

Long Chen ate them like they were candy. His act was so good that even Tu Fang’s face twitched.

Those Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills required other medicinal pills to be swallowed with them in order to draw out their full effect. 

By eating them like this, Long Chen wouldn’t even be able to absorb half of their medicinal strength. And so Tu Fang and the other Elders immediately felt some pain.

In truth, even Long Chen felt some pain at this. He had exhausted himself just to refine these pills. Most importantly, he had yet to even reach Tendon Transformation.

Eating these Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills like they were candy had no effect. Well, it had one effect at the moment: showing off.

“Well? Are we betting or not? Isn’t it just betting some snacks? You don’t need to look so aggrieved, like your man has just died and you’ve become a widow or something. If you don’t want to bet, then scram!” At this time, Guo Ran stood up by Long Chen and snuck in some words.

To ridicule a Xiantian expert like this… that was a huge opportunity for him.

In the future, he would be able to tell his companions a story: Back when I was in Tendon Transformation, I cursed and scolded right at the face of a Xiantian expert, and she didn’t dare say a word back to me!

Luo Bing mocked, “Hmph, the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill might be a treasure in your monastery, but in my monastery, it’s absolutely nothing. How do you want to bet?”

Long Chen shook his head. “Hmm? What do you mean it’s a treasure? I’ve already said we’re just betting snacks.” He then took out three jade bottles over a foot long. Once the cork was unplugged, a dense pill scent wafted out, causing everyone’s expression to change.

That scent was clearly the scent of the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill. Long Chen rattled the bottle, showing that it was completely full. He then poured a couple of pills from inside to show everyone that they were all Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills that had pill halos, marking them as high grade.

In reality, even before Luo Bing had brought up her challenge, Long Chen had already expected it. He had split up his Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills into different bottles.

But in truth, those bottles were actually mostly packed with other medicinal pills that only had similar effects and scents as the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill. It was just that the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills were put in at the top. It would have been possible to tell the truth from seeing through a few small clues.

However, everyone had already been misled by Long Chen’s previous show-off display of using real Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills as snacks. That caused them to fall for this easier.

After showing off the proof, Long Chen put the medicinal pills away. To the stunned Luo Bing, he said, “In truth, I was just showing off just now. I hope you don’t mind. Unfortunately, I only have eight hundred Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills.”

Eight hundred pills!

Even Luo Bing, a Xiantian expert, had her heart jump at that. She looked at Long Chen in disbelief.

“Since we’re having ten rounds, then I’d say we should do eighty pills a round. How’s that?” said Long Chen grandly.

“Uh…” Luo Bing hesitated.

Long Chen frowned and sneered, “Who was it just now who said something about being remote and desolate, something about the trash you couldn’t possibly have? My memory isn’t so good, so I’ve forgotten just who it was who said that. I’d like to trouble senior to remind me.”

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